Artmyris is one of the Atlantica and an Aininyë by origin that ascended to his current state of power. Throughout the entire Quadrant Galaxies, Artmyris is considered the Evil God and the one that stands against the Atlantica. Every sentient inhabitant within the Quadrants believe him to be the ruler of the Chaos Realm, a place where those evil and bad are send to be punished by Artmyris and his minions for eternity.



Artmyris is believed to be the evil God within the Quadrants, the one that stands against the Atlantica who rules over the Choas Realm and that keeps the demons in check. Many believe Artmyris hails a place called Spode to do evil in the Quadrants. Not able to create any living beings that do good, Artmyris was send to watch over the fallen ones within the Chaos Realm and act as it's keeper. Jealous upon his other Atlantica brothers and sisters, Artmyris began a quest of evil and doom with hopes to take down the Ultimate One and to become the next Ultimate One.


defeated during the Clash of the Gods

Upon the coming of the Atlantica, Artmyris at first aided his brothers and sisters in constructing their cities. Not able to create living beings, Artmyris proved to be a keen designer and together with others laid the foundations of Aecor. When the Atlantica left for the Realms of the Gods, Artmyris was assigned by Indris to be the guard keeper of the Choas Realm, the evil and bad of the Quadrants would be send here to be punished and to overthink their sins. Once there, Artmyris continued his job without questioning, but upon being seduced by Liloth he began hatching plans to overthrow the Atlantica and began a quest of evil again them, eventually resulting in the Clash of the Gods. One of his first actions were to unify the various demonic individuals and creatures of the Choas Realm under his banner. When that was completed he influanced in secret the Red Serindia to do his bidding and as such he was responsible for the Serindia Civil War. When that failed he ordered his most trusted servant, Morgandaûr to form the Imperial Alliance, which would be powerful enough to conquer all of the Quadrant Galaxies. Yet all of his plans were thwarthed and Artmyris was eventually defeated when he launched failed invasion of the Atlantica realms. As punishment, Artmyris was sealed away, never to be seen again. Yet with the rise of the Mornûnendur the Atlantica fear that the evil creatures will try to free Artmyris from his prison to use him for their own plans against the Atlantica.

Personality and Traits[]

Artmyris was once a noble and clever Atlantica, using his powers and wisdom to do good. Over time, due to the seduction by Liloth and the sorrow he has seen in his own Choas Realm, Artmyris turned from noble into a vicious and mean being. Though still retaining a lot of honor in his actions, he doesn't hesistate to execute demons who failed him, nor to punish does who stand against him. With his plotting and planning, Artmyris is slowly slipping away as his mind is taken over by the Choas Energies, what was once a proud and powerful Atlantica he now slowly turns into an evil and fallen person.



Blue face.pngSubmit to me! Glorify me!


Orange face.pngHmm, they seem unsensative to my looks?



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