Arritzia Dar'Aehl is a male Jenossian Gul in service of the Jenassian Regency. A brutal, cruel and utterly without mercy, Arritzia Dar'Aehl knows how to break his enemies as he loves torturing them for information and intelligence. Though having a brutal reputation, Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl is known to be a cunning, dangerous and tested battle commander who is ambitious.

He became involved with Rambo Nation in 08 AQF with the outbreak of the Tertius Bellum, and became a notorious person for it and gained a reputation as a dangerous and cunning individual.


Early LifeEdit


Attacking the Union

Arritzia Dar'Aehl is born in an unspecified year at the Jenassian homeworld, Jenassio in a military family. Ever since childhood, his father pushed Arritzia to join the Jenassian military, a great honor for his family and the ensured safety of the Regency. Rising through the ranks Arritzia eventually became a Gul and recieved command of his own ship, the Praxu-class battlecruiser Renassia. As an ambitious Gul, he was well aware of the danger that the Great Cyrannus War caused and eventually saw action against the invading Basileus, a species he grew to resent after witnissing the atrocities done against his kin. When the United Republic of Cyrannus send aid to the Jenassian, Arritzia was part of the task force that attacked the Venator-class Star Destroyer Union and drove it away.

Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl lost his brother when his ship was destroyed by an Icolian attack after the Great Cyrannus War ended. Upon the signing of the Rihanae Pact in 03 NE, Arritzia was wary of the Regellis Star Empire and believed them to be unworthy of their trust, as the Regellis had dealings with the Icolian.

To get him out of the way, Gul Dar'Aehl was send to the Jenassian colonial sector in the Quadrant Galaxies, patrolling their borders and ensuring Rambo Nation remained blind of their quiet and secret expansion south of the Badlands Colonial Sector. As such Arritzia did not face the New Cyrannian Republic in battle and instead was left in the Quadrants to protect their new colonial sector.

Tertius BellumEdit


USS Grissom encounters a Jenassian cruiser near an astroid

Main article: Tertius Bellum

At third of january in 08 AQF, Arritzia onboard his cruiser engaged the Rambo Nation Oberth-Class, the USS Grissom under command of captain S'aur on charges of trespassing sovereign Jenassian territory. The Grissom was investigating an astroid within Jenassian territories unasked and without permission. Within four shots he disabled the shields and boarded the Rambo vessel, taking all captive and towing back the vessel to the nearest Jenassian space station.


Arritzia and Venullius meet

When the Venatioa officer, captain Venullius of the USS Brittain arrived at the space station, Arritzia was forced to meet with the captain in person as his actions against the Grissom were unauthorized.


Arritzia arrives at the building site of the Tevada

Granting Venullius access to the station, he was rather puzzled to meet the reptillian captain, the two talked for a while and came to a mutual agreement and a first step to a diplomatic relation were made after Venullius offered the Jenassian use of the Ramsoria Run for trade purposes. As a gesture of good will (-and at behalf of the Jenassian Government), the USS Grissom was released and Arritzia was forced to allow the two Rambo vessels to leave Jenassian space unharmed. It would not be the last time he would be in disagreement with the central government in Cyrannus. Unimpressed by the wishes of Central Command and fearing for his position after his unauthorized attack at the Grissom, Arritizia travelled to a remote system to take command over his experimental ship, a Tevada-class. After taking command, he set course to prevent a diplomatic meeting between Rambo Nation and the Jenassian Regency. He failed to prevent it due to delays of his ships.


Coming to the aid of the damaged USS Brittain

Arritzia resurfaced around July of 08 AQF, when the Hutter Kingdom crossed the borders of Jenassian Colonial Space, much to his dismay. At the 5th of July, he responded to a distress call send by the USS Brittain where he met with captain Venullius again and crossed into Rambo borders.


Meeting Corva and Tironus Manition

Meeting the Venatioa captain onboard his new prized ship, he informed his mutual "friend" about Hutters attacking Jenassian convoys around a planet called Arcaniox.

Five days later, he met with the crew of the Falcon, send by Rambo Command to do a covert operation at behalf of Rambo Nation and the Jenassian Colonial Government (-or so Arritzia claimed). He was surprised to see that crew was a true Cyrandia crew, though grew soon annoyed by the bold behavior of the female Alavar, Corva who dared to call him Mr. Seagull. None the less he gave the information and send them on their way, certain that the Rambo woud play well into his hands. His participation and willingness to aid the Rambo would eventually result in the Torments where the crew of the Falcon made a stand against the evil entity known as the Tormentor.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Arritzia onboard the Renassia

Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl is a Jenassian in his prime, physically in top condition and a clever and test battle commander. Ambitious with wishes to rise to a position of true power, Arritzia will do anything to achieve his goals and chances of glory. Over the years he gained a brutal reputation, know to have pleasure with torturing victims and utterly without mercy for traitors. Many within the navy respect his reputation and achievements, but often find him to ambitious. He has a fierce hatred for Icolian and Regellis.

Upon his time in the Quadrants, Arritzia began enjoying some Quadrantia culinair delicacies, including Sepheria Whisky, Huttergut and Karpraid Fish Dish. He also enjoys art both from Cyrannian and the Quadrants.



Blue faceFor the Regency!

  • Tironus Manition - Don't know what kind of species he belongs too, but he seems honorable and fierce

Orange faceI look forward to breaking you!

  • Corva - Next time, I am going to enjoy your company!
  • Venullius - a vile Rambo officer



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