The Arkulysian Domain are a nation of Arachnid-like entities born from the trickery of the Colossus Xitannoth. They originate from the Western Forests. Their forms were wrought by the toxic powers of Xitannoth, and they are bound to this shape forever, a "gift" from the Colossus they now worship for power.

Only recently have the Domain revealed themselves from their isolation, hesitant to enter the world once again given their history with being outcasts and discriminated against. The Domain, has begun to expand rapidly, taking up miles of territory to fill their ever growing population of Warriors, Priests and other members.



The Arkulysians were never native to the surface of Koldenwelt, and the workings of the Colossus Xitannoth, saw to their creation. Originally normal everyday humans that survived in the Tropical lands of the planet. These people, were common folk, content to go about their ordinary lives without changing a thing, but their primitive and uninteresting ways soon caught the eye of the Colossus and he poisoned their crops, and then presented himself as a savior, offering his help for a small meager tithe. The humans, with no where else to turn, no civilization nearing their borders, agreed to the terms of the hulking beast's servants and thus were betrayed.

Their bodies were corrupted, reformed for a different purpose and goal, mixing the horrors and abilities of a spider with the shell of a human, the Arkulysians were born, a malformed race to those who did not understand. They were banished to the Western Forests, destined never to again see their homes and old lives. The species moved into the deepest reaches of the western forests, and isolated themselves, building up their strength until they could rise up to those who they had once hoped to be. They eventually turned to the dark power that had turned them to such beasts, and spun their web of life around him, gaining the powers of magic imbued in them after their transformation, along with increased sensitivity thanks to their devotion. This worship had a key influence in the domain, forming a Cult around the Colossus, and even organizing the government around it, electing six "Bane Priests" to understand Xitannoth's wishes and to correlate them into governing the Domain.

Uncertain Times

As the Arkulysians reveal themselves to the rest of Koldenwelt, they face an uncertain future, one that may be prosperous and joyous, or once bloody and wrought with conflict. All of this may lie within the next movements of the Domain, as they cross the slipper web to future dominance, or fall to their death...



The Domain is led by a Oligarchy of the six Bane Pontiffs, effectively connecting church and state into a single union. Each pontiff, is given a sector of the Domain to watch over and govern (including the understanding of Xitannoth and his demands) in order for the growingly complex nation to function. From this, a sort of hierarchy is formed. The Priests, selected via ceremony, then choose 4 Zealots, generals directed to defend and/or lead armies against the Domain's rivals.


The Domain is based off of a single species alone, but one with varying archetypes among them. The Arkulysians have dimorphism between the genders, and multiple variants of those depending on a set of variables.


After their transformation into their current state, the Arkulysians had no god to pray to, no one to worship in order to lift this curse from their ill bodies. Instead, in their most dire time, they turned to the very entity that transformed them into their state, Xitannoth, and began to worship the being and his powers. Soon they began to change their outlook upon their curse, seeing it as a gateway to greater power. Soon they erected a cult, led by the Bane Priests, to carry out prayers and ceremonies in various fashions and ways. Such actions are carried out in a very specific fashion, and any error requires a repeat to the prayer. The "temples" that are used by the Domain to worship are considered sacred, and thus no business may be preformed inside the temple's grounds. The structures themselves involve an open roof (covered by Arkulysian Silk in case of bad weathered) to allow for the sacrifices to reach the open air for Xitannoth to claim.



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