Preservation and Restoration of Endangered and Extinct Species

- The Empire's policy.

The Arkit Council of Empire (Or known as Arkit Suialoa K'Qiawiu in Rationalised Naedhrlyun) was a relatively small Empire situated in the Milky Way Galaxy's Scutum-Crux Arm. The Empire was ruled by Emperor: King Drake Syliss III and the Leonation Preservation Empire's Council. Under the Empire were three star systems, all a mere few Light Years away from their homestar; Enriroa. The Empire was based on Leonation, homeworld and origin of the Arkit species as a whole. The Empire has since been destroyed by unknown forces and the Empire's rule is guarded by automated attack drones.

The Empire, before its annihilation was a member of the Just Alliance - a banding of civilizations created to oppose the Zarbania Alliance. However, now, the Empire has been destroyed by unknown forces and all high-ranking members are dead - with only a few individuals surviving in Cyroships.

History Edit

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Leonation Edit

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Leonation is the Homeworld and Origin of the Arkit Council Empire and is where the Council for which the Empire is named can be found. Leonation is a separated planet, meaning that the planet is not under the rule of one government. Leonation is composed primarily by member states of the Leonation Preservation Empire whom form the Arkit Council located in Axel City. The Leonation Preservation Empire often claims leadership over the smaller Empires that exist on the planet, resulting in considerable tension between the Empires along borders.

Leonation acts as the centre of the Empire's economy and military, being where the majority of companies and military bases are situated. The planet also acts as the homeworld for many Arkit, who would lose their homes and morale should the planet be taken over by foreign forces who exile the residents.

Technology Edit

The Empire's main source of power is derived from solar and wind farms as well as Geothermal Plants. Despite having the technological capabilities of Nuclear Fusion and Fission, the Empire avoids using any form of Nuclear Power because of fears of their effects on the planet. Any Nuclear Power Plant the Empire has plans to construct is on planets with no ecosystem or in the vacuum of space. Construction on a Space Elevator to the Empire's Space Station began in 2,091SP with plans for completion in 2,100SP. The Empire's military is primarily fitted with cannons that fire electronic charges at enemy units and crafts, killing personnel and soldiers or immobilizing ships.

The Empire has a simple FTL Drive, gifted to them by the SOTC which has been advanced greatly by scientists focused on the project. Work into opening forms of "gates" in the Universe has begun to connect two distant places together. Called Inter-Universal gates, this Wormhole project intends to bend the Universe and connect two distant places with only a distance of a few metres. However, this project is very experimental and any tests performed will not include gates in civilian inhabited areas for fear of malfunction. This project does not have a set date for completion nor is it likely to be risk-free.

Religion Edit

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The Arkit do have a religion, but not one that they intently follow or believe in. The Arkit believe that a being of Nature, called Na'ltius, exists, but as a being higher than mortal creatures. Na'ltius is believed to have being the very being that created living organisms in the Universe. This imposes Na'ltius as the very creator of all Life within the Universe but many Arkit tend to degrade her image to only being the creator of the Arkit as a specie, and not any other form of life. This Religion is called the "Na'ltius Fellowship" by outsiders as the religion was never given a true name.


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Na'ltius (pronounced; nat-lit-E-us) is often portrayed and referred to as Female despite being of no gender. It is believed that she was once as mortal being, most probably Arkit or a look-alike of one, but ascended unto Godhood when she showed great power over the command of Nature. Many Arkit believe that Na'ltius can change her form at will and looked after the Arkit as they evolved. It is believed that Na'ltius created the Arkit as her final act as a mortal before ascending. Despite scientific research declares the probability of Na'ltius to be ever weakening, the common belief is that the Arkit were destined from cellular form to look like Na'ltius. Arkit believe that Na'ltius will return to Leonation only when the Arkit would be danger of extinction.

While belief in Na'ltius is very strong, many Arkit dismiss her with a passive attitude, believing that, although she is a Goddess, she was once mortal and did not create Leonation or any other specie besides the Arkit.

Language Edit

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The primary language of the Arkit Council of Empire is Naedhrlyun (however, other languages are also present). Many Arkit begin to comprehend the language at around the age of 3 or 4. However, Arkit are very quick to learn other languages, to ensure that they never miss a chance for diplomatic relations between any two species or civilizations.

Relationships Edit

Green face Registered Access Permitted Edit


  • The States Of The Cow (Allied With) - These people are a very beneficial ally, I can see a bright future between us.
  • Zecky Cloning Micro Brand (Allied With) - A well-versed people, but we are unsure how they will turn out.
  • The Borlord Republic (Allied With) - These people seem very friendly, I'm sure our alliance will last a long time!
  • Drodo Empire (Allied With) - We have been in little contact so far, but I'm sure that we can trust them.

Blue face Registered AllyEdit


  • Rambo Nation (Allied With) - Stories told of these people are near legendary, it is more than a wonderful thought, knowing we are allied with them.
  • Ciniade Coalition of Sentients (Allied With) - These people are, understandably, cautious of our political position. However, we wish to solve this.
  • Altran Republic (Trading Partners) - The trade route we have with these people is highly beneficial to our Empire.

Yellow face Unregistered Edit


  • The Xhodocto (Not Contacted) - While others may fear these omnipotents, we see them as a part of life. When it has to end, they'll see it does.
  • The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (Not Contacted) - This Empire seems to be causing a stir in other parts of the Universe. We don't have any problems with them, however.
  • Wentals (Lost Contact) - We haven't heard from these people in a while and it appears that standard methods of contact are failing...

Anyone not listed in other sections

Orange face Registered Foe Edit


Red face Registered Nemesis Edit


  • Grux Empire (At War) - An offshoot of the Grox. Though more peaceful, they are still as brash.
  • Grox and Grox Subspecies (Are Cyborgs) - These, things, are against life! No thing like that should exist in our Universe!

Anyone who has committed crimes against Nature.

Wars Edit

These are the wars that the Empire is included in.

  • Fisozoian War - Vs. Grux Empire, Sci'matakar and the Zarbania Alliance. (Conflict Ended - A.C.E destroyed by external forces.)
  • United Leonation Rebellion - Vs. United Leonation Enforcement. (Conflict Ended - A.C.E destroyed by external forces.)

Quotes Edit

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Our trade route is really beneficial. Thanks Arkit Council Empire.

- The Borlord Republic

You should fear us Pirates,The Others are laughable really.

- gridlock of the Zarbania Alliance.

A kind and noble species, we are glad to be allies of them!

- Rambo Nation

Trivia Edit

  • The Arkit Council of Empire is based on Button966's in-game Empire, the Arkit Empire.
  • The in-game Arkit Empire is actually a Shaman Empire. Button966 just chose Ecologist because he thought it suited them better.
  • In-game, the Arkit Empire has Allied with the The Grox, but would never be so evil in the Fiction Universe.
  • [1] - Button966 considers this theme to be that to represent the Empire (And not just because of its name...).
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