"Each sect is an empire in on itself. Each gives a benefit to the greater good of the Alliance as a whole. Not just Arken themselves, but all of our allied species and comrades in arms."

-Pui'or News Interview

In the Arken Alliance, a sect ranges from one world to a group of usually five other planets with one world held as a sort of capital. Each sect is in charge of a specific asset in the Arken Alliance. These assets range from troop suppliers for the Arken Breed of War to technological advancement. All sects vary in age, some have been around when the Arken Alliance was still referred to as the "Arken Empire."


While many do not explicitly refer to the Arken homeworld as a sect, it is listed as such in Arken Alliance data files. Each breed of Arken is represented equally and Ark is attributed to a luxurious standard of living and a massive amount of history behind the Arken Alliance.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Ark


Ark'n Prime was the first offworld colony ever set up by the early Arken Empire. Eventually, as colonization permits were given to individuals, Ark'n Prime became the first sect of the early Arken Empire. The individuals of Ark'n are seen as pioneers, and are the most often to be drawn for new colonization programs.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Ark'n Prime

● Ya'oin

● Had'i

● Pi'shan


D'med is often seen as the industrial capital of the Arken Alliance. While many would think that industrial worlds would be horrible polluted places, the worlds in this sect are surprisingly clean and unspoiled by the marks of industry. The Arken Breed of Toil is the most dominant here.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● D'med Prime

● Tel'shi


P'ka'i is the academic center of the Arken Alliance. On the five worlds of the P'ka'i sect, almost every building is dedicated to scientific research or academies training scholars to spread the knowledge of the Arken Alliance to other colonies or newly inducted alien races.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● P'ka'i Prime

● Ash'ti

● N'dral

● T'il'a


Var'pi is one of the most important sects in the Arken Alliance, as it serves a great purpose. That purpose is the constant supply of well-disciplined War Broodsmen for the Arken Breed of War. The surface of Var'pi Prime is an ecumenopolis, and the most populated world in the Arken Alliance. Obviously, the Arken Breed of War is the most dominant on this sect. A drawback of this sect is that it only contains one world.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Var'pi Prime


Much like the Var'pi sect, Kai'ta'ran is renowned for it's scientific facilities and academia. However, this sect has also been responsible for a majority of the recent technological advancements the Arken Alliance has enjoyed. Both recovered and alien technologies are sent to this sect for study and reverse engineering. Individuals from this sect are held high due to their excellent skills of problem solving and calm.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Kai'ta'ran Prime

● Ar'at


The Mis'O'Ni sect is one of the most unusual in the Arken Alliance. The capital is actually not a planet, but a massive space station. This sect is famed for the massive number of Flight Broodsmen which have often become some of the best in the Alliance. There are planets in this sect, and they are some of the top starship producers in the Alliance.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Mis'O'Ni Prime (Space station)

● Sai'ku

● Fa'kit

● Shi'i'em

● Fa'rua


Philosophy, poetry, art, and creativeness reign supreme on this sect. A great number of authors and artists have come from this sect, only to become famous across the Arken Alliance. To the eyes, the worlds in this sect aesthetically pleasing, as they are often chosen for their beauty and splendor. Despite having three planets, this sect retains the smallest population in the Alliance.

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Sha'ut'i Prime

● Zar'ar

● Be'tui


Aslo'dal is a one-world sect, and for good reason. On the planet of Aslo'dal Prime, are massive temples dedicated to the deeds of the Breed of Leadership. Because of these massive temples, a large number of Leadership Broodsmen are from this world and receive great tutelage from some of the greatest broodsmen of the Arken Alliance. It also serves as another purpose, mainly diplomacy. Ambassadors from soon-to-be annexed (or at least allied) races are brought here to learn the history of the Arken Alliance,

World(s) in the SectEdit

● Aslo'dal

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