The Ark'hazar Union is an empire in the Yin Sector of the Selten Galaxy.

Government Edit

The Ark'hazar Union is a democratic federation. Its territory is divided between its member species, with the central species being the Eskadron.

Akavic Council Edit

The central authority of the Union is the Akavic Council. This council consists of six councilors from each member species, and the president.

The Akavic Council can propose laws, which have to be passed with a two-thirds majority. Then, the law is signed by the president.

President Edit

The official head of state is the president. However, the president has more of a ceremonial role. The president mostly has to pass laws, though in some cases the president can refuse to do so.

Presidential elections are held every five years. There is no term limit for presidents.

The current president is Skaldor Raldivis.

Law and Order Edit

Despite the complete absence of prisons, the Ark'hazar Union has low crime rates.

While petty crimes are simply fined, more severe crimes are punished by sending the criminal to a scientific facility as a test subject.



Green faceOur goals are shared, and so is our glory!

Good relationshipEdit

Blue faceYou and us, we have the same goals.

  • None so far


Yellow faceI hope you don't mind being studied?

Bad relationshipEdit

Orange faceYou have one more chance to change your ways... one more chance...


Red faceYou stand in our way to wisdom and glory. Now, you shall face obliteration.

  • None so far

Quotes from others Edit

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The Republic is sure that our Intergalactic Alliance shall not be shattered!

- Gin Lu Dern of the Republic of Trade

The Federation is proud to welcome you to the alliance.

- Thena Wei of the Federation of Free Empires

You’re the new ally? We’ll start trade as soon as possible!

- Jerna Lokk of the Drena Republic

Oh, the Ark’hazar, probably the largest problem we’ll face besides the URH. You will fall to us just like the rest of your alliance shall.. You shall desperately struggle to protect your cities from our wrath, for we shall always be a step ahead of you. Your fleets shall make good target practice for the dreadnoughts and your citizens shall all have to bow before us as we threaten to torch their measly cities and towns.... Okay, in all reality though, we would not threaten to harm citizenry nor their property. But, that still leaves us to threaten your military.

- Lucari Gin of the Coalition

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