...As we look for guidance, father, light for us the way towards victory with the death of stars and flames of the flat earth. For we are your hand and we are your fingers, and such will be the way of your will until all lie in awe of your might or lay dead in eternal ignorance...

- Arthadana Theruskrayathini 4:226-227

The Argent Dominion is a despotic, fundamentalist and militaristic regime originating from the Schism of the Tuuros Galaxy. The largest of the therusist sects within the Tuuros Galaxy, the Argent Dominion is an advanced and aggressive threat in the Tuuros Galaxy that, through to the mid 2820s has seen a surge of activity and reported atrocities on the fringe of the Frontier. The Argent Dominion is a vanguard state of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, an intergalactic and interdimensional hyperpower that presents itself as the one of the greatest threats to the First Gigaquadrant. It is headed by the Tandava Xhodocto known as Sethzak; one of the only Xhodocto to have direct influence in the First Gigaquadrant altogether.


The Argent Dominion's inception was relatively quick in comparison to the larger Dominion of the Xhodocto; with the death of Lord Zhuleshxi and the rapid dissolution of The Congregation, the vast populace of the Tuuros territory soon found themselves in disarray. Whilst Hez'Kalka was somewhat instrumental to the inception of the Dominion of the Xhodocto from 2759 onwards, banding together the populace of the Argent Dominion underneath Hez'Kalka's influence was largely mitigated by the arrival of Sethzak; an incarnate recessive thought of Angazhar who was also present during the Tigris War. The mere presence of the Xhodocto alone had almost immediately swayed the disengaged populace of the dissolved Congregation government. As a result, Hez'Kalka's influence over the Tuuros Galaxy was largely stunted.

Sethzak's coming in 2760 had also been simultaneous with immense Gigaquadrantic strife; the Samut'angar re-emergence following the end of the Tigris War was in its most virulent stages, and the First Gigaquadrant was in its highest state of disarray in living memory. In the midst of having banded the Argent Dominion together, Sethzak was detached from its affairs between 2765 and 2766; primarily engaging himself almost directly against the Seven Starr Alliance. Although the Samut'angar uprising was quashed in 2766, the dimensional openings in Tuuros remained intact. As they were not closed, Sethzak in turn had harnessed these openings and further increased his numbers with Samut'angar. As the First Gigaquadrant entered a state of relative peace and repair, Sethzak further called many races from the Schism to his cause, most notably the Qua'anji.

Though powerful, Sethzak was not successful in acquiring the totality of the former Congregation, and his numbers and assets remained available to challenge if he were to venture outside of the Frontier. Until 2791, Sethzak's power and growth was challenged by the presence of the Kal-Xhalunesk; as was with the Congregation's efforts, the Argent Dominion's efforts proved ineffective against the Xhalunesk's almost identical technology. Words of invasions and atrocities reached the Frontier although with no substantial evidence; the Argent Dominion had multiple aggressive engagements with the Antiquarian Collective surrounding areas of interest to both parties. By 2791, Hez'Kalka's efforts to unite Xhodocto loyalists into one great power had officially succeeded; the Dominion of the Xhodocto eclipsed the Argent Dominion's power several times over, although soon the Argent Dominion had naturalised itself into a vanguard state of the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

The affiliation of the Argent Dominion with the Dominion of the Xhodocto had gone unnoticed by the Gigaquadrant. Now a vanguard state, the Argent Dominion had secretly amplified its capabilities beyond what the Tuuros Galaxy could cope with, although Sethzak had little intention to merge his assets with that of Hez'Kalka's; as a virtually independent being in himself, Sethzak believed that whilst Hez'Kalka was well intentioned in amassing a power without rival, only one with a mind like Sethzak could truly succeed in achieving his own, and in extension Angazhar's goal. Nearing towards the 2820s, more rumours surrounding greater threats in the Schism have resurfaced - the Frontier now alive with anticipation of a possible re-emergence of another extreme danger.



The Argent Dominion is under the absolute rule of Sethzak, a Tandava Xhodocto of near immeasurable power. However, he does not speak directly to the masses under most circumstances, instead using a figure known as the Hierarch, hand-picked by him, to be his mortal representative and champion - the title currently falling to the Qua'anji named Vulusc N'naluk. To aid in administrative affairs, Sethzak and the Hierarch are assisted by a number of advisors known as Lord-Scions, who are primarily made up of high-ranking Qua'anji, Sphagarzi and Solurscuris trusted enough to such important tasks. Due to his nature as an aspect of Angazhar, Sethzak is highly intolerant to failure and has no attachment to any of his subjects, threatening to annihilate them should they fail his expectations; while the Hierarch and Lord-Scions hold great power and influence, they are all under the constant threat of being destroyed due to somehow displeasing their Tandava master.

While objectively an extension of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, the Circle of Divine Eyes holds little to no influence in the Argent Dominion due to Sethzak's presence and active leading role within it. As a Xhodocto, his authority goes beyond that of any being in the Dominion and he is inclined to do as he pleases, though the Circle makes an effort to appeal to him so they may follow similar goals - which the Tandava is often unconcerned with.

Lords of the Dominion[]

  • Name - Aleskelkimtani
  • Role - Overlord of the Argent Dominion
  • In Office - N/A

Sethzak is one of the Tandava Xhodocto, an incarnate recessive thought of Angazhar who has haunted the First Gigaquadrant since the War of Ages. Under his rule, the Argent Dominion was created from the remnants of The Congregation, with the goal of eventually enslaving all of the Tuuros Galaxy so that all of its inhabitants may become an engine of eternal warfare across the cosmos. Unlike with the hierarchy of the larger Dominion of the Xhodocto, Sethzak keeps a close tab of its internal affairs - believing his mortals servants to be too incompetent to rule the Dominion without his guidance -, though he is largely unconcerned with non-military affairs, leaving these for the advisors of the Dominion to take care of.


Perpetual War






Yellow face.pngOne truth.



Red face.pngYou exist to serve the will of Aleskelkimtani. There is no alternative.

At War

Crossed Swords.pngThe ignorant will know war; the ignorant will not know peace. Not even in death.



The Tuuros Galaxy, and all within it, are mine.

- Sethzak
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II
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