Someday you will realize that everyone is always trying to take advantage from the others. People always try to sacrifice their equals in order to obtain more power, but only who is enough wise knows that everybody is waiting to sacrifice him to take advantage for themselves... It is natural selection, the one who is smarter and is willing to do what is considered incorrect will achieve more than who is bothered by ethical conflicts...

- Ardir Kogac to Yasela

Ardir Kogac is a prominent Tarkan military and political leader, one of Gran Beyvik Etzan V'klor oldest friends and allies, and the current holder of the title of "Beyvik of Sudol."



Ardir Kogac was born from a warrior's family between the less important spheres of power of the Grand Tarkan Empire. In the early years of his life he was sent to an uncivilized planet to learn about survival skills and combat arts, where met who eventually became his best, and only truly, friend, the scion of the V'klor Dynasty, Etzan V'klor. Ardir and Etzan quickly became the most prominent "students" of their time, being Etzan the strongest while Ardir was the smarter and most manipulative young Tarkan alive.

Rise to Power Edit

During his teenage years he acted as the right hand of Etzan, a shadow that never left his side. Taking advantage of the position to create the "organization of interesting people", a sort of secret organization where he teach the arts of plotting and stealth to Tarkans who were rejected and saved by him. He quickly started to use this secretive organization to recruit servants and create his own personal army.

In 2796, he and Etzan personally stormed the walls of the Beyvik of Arkheer's citadel, an act that left a lasting impression. When Etzan ascended to the Beyvikerie of Arkheer later that year, he named Ardir his master at arms, in charge of maintaining and training his personal forces and organizing the levies of his realm in a time of war. He served him faithfully for many years as they fought the enemies of the V'klor family. Since Etzan's father was no longer fit to lead his forces into battle, Etzan took on that responsibility, and Ardir was right by his side.

Great Tyranny WarEdit

In the final days of 2792, Ardir participated in the successful Tarkan Invasion of Miperiors, leading Etzan's personal forces into battle. He was then granted the title Beyvik of Sudol and large portions of Amphibibot space with instructions to fortify the region and use the local resources to build from scratch the largest force possible.

Lightning WarEdit

The information will arrive as predicted...

Personality and TraitsEdit

Martial SkillsEdit

Ardir strategies are very different from the Tarkan's orthodox combat tactics. Instead of the traditional idea of direct confrontation, Ardir generally prefers the use of some trickery and strategy for take advantage over his foes, especially when the a war isn't very one-sided in his favor. He also is very keen on using spying as a way to obtain information and doing sabotage to the enemy. As he has shown in numerous times on his way to the power, the manipulation is his most common and favorite tactic at the hour of plotting. He normally use his huge number of secret servants to keep his plans in absolute secrecy, avoiding the public eye at any cost, most of times blaming his less useful servants of such plots, in order to maintain his reputation between the warlike Tarkan.


Ardir is possible the most smart and intelligent Tarkan alive, being manipulative, cruel and deadly cold-minded. He usually is known for being a very dark and introvert person, and generally he doesn't talk to nobody, with the exception of his close friend, Etzan V'klor, and some of his closest and most loyal servants. Someone who knows him could say that he is very ambiguous, even insane, but everything is just part of his facade, his true personality is a mystery for everyone who is not Etzan. Actually, the fact that his personality isn't very clear is a logical way to ensure that nobody could understand his plots, and nobody could plot against him.



Sword&ShieldFor the Empire we stand!

  • Green faceEtzan V'klor - My friend, my emperor, the only one who deserves my loyalty
  • Yellow faceAbanan V'klor - He has to learn about subtleness
  • Blue faceYasela - My dear Yasela...


Talk fast, my time is precious

  • Yellow faceA-000001-M1 - Why? Why don't you accept my rule? Am I not a good Beyvik?


Crossed SwordsThere are rubbish in this universe, rubbish that I will clean

  • Orange faceCaptain Viran - Let's see how much you can take before you... break.
  • Yellow faceKage - A worthy adversary... I will enjoy breaking him...


Remember that I had predicted everything what is happening.

- Ardir Kogan to Yasela Linkard, Lightning War

You would do well to grant that man a title, or he will grant it to himself.

I know.

- Manial Ukalor to Etzan V'klor, 2786




  • Ardir was originally created by Angrybirds and appeared briefly in the Fall of Miperiors. The character was then handed to The Buldier during the Lightning War to do with what he wished, and is now considered his.
  • Ardir's personality and traits are based on Light Yagami of Death Note and Lelouch vi Britannia of Code Geass: Lelouch of Revolution.

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