The Arconian Empire is a peaceful empire usually expanding through peaceful methods and colonization. The Arconian Empire is primarily made of the Arconian Species, though minorities do exist as the Arconian Empire conquered several other empires in its history. Though the Arconian Empire is Shamanic, they do not follow the Teachings of Spode.

The Arconian Empire was one of the founding empires of what is known as the Coalition of Species. This coalition has grown not only to consist of the sector that the Arconian Empire is in, but many empires in a neighboring sector as well.

Though the Arconian Empire is a peacefull civilization, history has taught them that war is sometimes unavoidable. The Arconians have had multiple wars in the past, the most recent (and still ongoing) war is the Arconian-Grox War.

Freedoms[edit | edit source]

The Arconian Empire grants freedoms to all of it's citizens. This was guaranteed by several laws passed by the 1st Grand Council. The rights protected by these first laws are:

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Press
Freedom of Petition
Freedom to Assemble Peacefully

Religion[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact that they are a Shamanic people, they do not worship Spode. The Arconian Religion is based upon the worship of gods, known as the Divine Spirits. The Arconian religion encourages peace and cooperation and makes an offensive war a sin if there is no valid reason behind the conflict, but allows defensive wars. The Arconian religion also considers remaining loyal to allies something that must be done. The sacred scriptures that the Arconians use are known as the Divine Scriptures, however the original copy of the scriptures was destroyed during a war that the Arconians fought before venturing into space.

The Homeworld[edit | edit source]

The Arconian Empires homeworld is the planet Aldebaran in the Audie system. The moon of Munyesthon orbits the homeworld. Other planets in the system are (descending from farthest from the Arconian Sun):

Krius-2 - A gas giant
Feustes - Thanks to Terraforming efforts now Terrascore 3
Aldebaran - Homeworld of the Arconians
Munyesthon - The Moon orbiting Aldebaran, now Terrascore 3 thanks to terraforming efforts
Eleopen - The only other planet naturally supporting life, is currently a wildlife refuge.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Arconian Empire is based on peaceful expansion but history has told them war is necessary at times. Thus the empire has a military sufficient to provide defence and starship captains take the war on the offensive at times. They have also conquered a few empires that dared keep a war up for a long time.

The Arconian Empire currently is in a coalition with all of the neighboring powers in that sector (which the Arconians call Sector 1) and the sector next to it (which the Arconians call Sector 2). This coalition, known as the Coalition of Empire's, is a relatively strong alliance between members. There was a period of destabilization that occurred when member empire's began attacking each other, sparking the War of the Coalition. The war of the Coalition was won by the Arconian Empire and it's allies.

Historic Wars[edit | edit source]

War of the Coalition
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