This is the place where regular mortals can make their own living, without Ultraterrestrials, essence users, or weird demons messing us up.

- Unknown

The Arcane Sector is a sector within the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. It was the territory limits of the Arcane empire, however when that collapsed it became a lawless, chaotic place, the breeding ground of organized crime, though none larger than the Enklima force. It is unusual for it's lack of Essence users, Ultraterrestrials, or :Essentials. The reason is currently unknown.

Reign of the Arcane EmpireEdit

The Arcane Empire was once a strong galactic hyperpower within the Cyrannus Galaxy. However, a Grox attack lead to an event known as the 50 decade war. The Arcannites (the official term for inhabitants of the Arcane Empire) where able to repel the Grox, the economic damage resulted in a great depression. With the combined effects of a deteriorating economy, increased crime and terrorism, and raids from smaller empires, the Arcane Empire fell.

Chaos TimesEdit

Chaos Times is the current state of the Arcane sector. The Enklima force is currently dueling with their mortal enemies CAAON for control over the sector.


The Arcane Sector is divided into four subsectors.

CAAON influence=Strong Enklima influence=Weak

The populous subsector is the biggest of the subsectors. As it's name implies, it has the most amount of races in it. It held the largest amount of Arcane Empire planets, and that is still the case with CAAON.

CAAON influence=Medium Enklima influence=Strong

The mineral subsector is the second largest of the subsectors. it was famed for it's abundance of mineral rich planets, although many species also originated there.

CAAON influence=None Enklima influence=Strong Empire influence=Medium

This is the smallest of the subsectors. It has no influence from CAAON, and the Enklima force run rampant there. It is often suggested that the Enklima capitol is there, though no member of CAAON has been able to explore it well enough to prove it.

The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is believed to have established colonies in this subsector in recent years.

CAAON Influence=Medium Enkima Influence=Medium

This subsector was the territory limits of another empire called the Aigardi Empire. The Aigardir where conquered by the Arcane Empire, and have become part of their territory. It is the second smallest of the subsectors.




Enklima force


Galactic Empire of Cyrannus


The Arcane Sector is home to many races, whether native or imported.

We will restore order!


The Avilian race is the founding member of CAAON. They are a dutiful race who will stop a nothing to restore their beloved sector.

We are the backbone of CAAON.

Archetype:A bit of everything

The Panchriop is a mammalian race resembling humanoid bats. They originated in the same system as the Avilian, and their alliance formed the beggingings of The Arcane Empire. They are an adaptable race that is found in every part of CAAON society.

Move along, nothing to see here.


The Aigardi are a bad tempered race of terrestrial fish. They had an Empire before, but where conquered by the Arcane.

we own the Arcane our freedom.


The Merkrypt are an aquatic race artificially made by the Aigardi. They are a reclusive species, with long term planning skills that make them excellent economists.

Who wants pot roast? We've got extra SPRINKLES!


The Stomachio are an artificial race. They are cheerful and ubeat, with a distinct love of food .

We thank the Arcane for granting us knowledge


The Frog Monster are a race previouly up lifted by the Arcane Empire. They are an analytical race with a desire to study their surroundings.

Template:I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement...


The Keigel are a race of long tounged, crab clawed reptilians. A sneaky race with a love of money, they are the most populous race in the Enklima force.

Template:Let's go explore stuff!


The Walce are a freespirited race. They often are captains of ships, and make up a bulk ofthe space fleet.


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