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"I don't know why my ancestors decided that I should be Ikuyu. Whatever they see in me, I do not. But my people are in need of heroes. If that has to be me, then I won't question it."


Arborus, the Viridian Protector, is a Bio Genetic Hero from Verdanth. After the Darkspore attacked, he was appointed by his people to the role of Ikuyu, one of their spiritual leaders, and by Crogenitor Astra as a Genetic Hero in the Crogenitor Insurgency.

History Edit

Arborus was originally born in a large island nation in Verdanth's southern ocean. He was raised on a religion known as "Ikuyu." The name translates to "Gods of the Infinite Green," and references the religion's spiritual leaders, who lead the nation's political and social affairs and, according to dogma, are responsible for regulating the biosphere and perpetuating the future of their culture.

The onslaught of Darkspore ravaged Arborus's homeland, and his people were sent fleeing across the ocean to the mainland after all incumbent Ikuyu were killed. Desperate, his people sought the aid of the mysterious being called Astra, who offered to grant worthy members of their tribes great power to defend against the Darkspore. Reluctantly, Arborus accepted the offer, and to his surprise, he was found to be eligible for mutation into a Genetic Hero. He and his peers interpreted this as his ancestors choosing him to become Ikuyu, and his people accepted this notion when he demonstrated his newfound power as he defended them from Darkspore. Arborus then joined the Insurgency, followed by faithful warriors of his tribe.

Biology Edit

Arborus's otherwise humanoid frame is offset by a second pair of arms beneath his larger forearms. His wrists and ankles are covered in a bark-like sheath, and his toes resemble a tree's roots. He sports a short, thick beard beneath his wide mouth, and his large, yellow eyes are set beneath a pair of branch-like eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Arborus is more suited to tranquil spirituality rather than the throng of battle, but shows no hesitation in defense of his kin. Among his peers, he is jolly, but reserved, and is known for his storytelling skills.

Relationships Edit

Arborus respects and appreciates all of the Genetic Heroes, even when he disagrees with them, but is most compatible with Savage, and shares his philosophies on the natural world and the obligations sapient people have to it. He also gets along very well with Goliath and Seraph.

Arborus finds himself uneased by Magnos and Skar's enthusiasm for combat, and finds the former's boisterousness to be a source of headaches.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Arborus is possessed of incredible strength, which he can use to split the crust of whatever planet he happens to be on, even being able to topple small mountains in the rare instances that his weapon survives the abuse. He also has limited control over plantlife, and can summon roots to ensnare enemies in close range. His thick hide enables him to withstand greater blows than most other heroes, and aggressors often experience severe recoil after attacking him.

Trivia Edit

-Arborus is one of the few Genetic Heroes who was able to guarantee the survival of his immediate family after the Darkspore invaded his homeworld.

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