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"Of all my...creations...Arakna is perhaps my favorite--and the most terrible. There's something about her I simply cannot describe, but it's delightfully chilling. Perhaps it is her silence, or perhaps it is the agony she subjects her victims to. Whatever it is, I cannot think of any such creature that so perfectly captures the nature of evolution: red in tooth and claw."

~Crogenitor Ingto

Arakna, the Soul Collector, is a Necro Genetic Hero from Nocturna. A former general of the Nocturni Legion, she was given her powers by Crogenitor Ingto at an unknown point for unknown reasons. She is now part of the Crogenitor Insurgency.

History Edit

Arakna has disclosed none of her biographical history. Even Ingto knows nothing of her background, save for the fact that he found her having been starved and dehydrated seemingly for weeks whilst pregnant. Impressed, Ingto allowed her to become a Genetic Hero, and repurposed her unborn spawn as a small army she could summon on a whim. At some point, she came into the Nocturni Legion, where her grisly powers and affinity for interrogation earned her a position as a general in the army.

Arakna's career was cut short when the Darkspore attacked. She, like her fellow generals Skar and Revenant, joined the Crogenitor Insurgency.

Biology Edit

Arakna's body superficially resembles a spider with certain insect-like characteristics. She has four glowing eyes situated above a pair of massive mandibles, and six long legs each ending in a sharpened spike. Behind her neck lies a set of spines, and the rear of her body turns upward before it terminates.

Personality Edit

Arakna's personality is almost entirely ambiguous, as she does not speak and, thus, never details her desires or preferences. However, her fellow Nocturni generals will attest to the ruthless, perhaps even sadistic manner in which she approaches battle or interrogation. She normally keeps to herself, but shows no sign of objecting to the company of others.

Relationships Edit

Of all the other Genetic Heroes, only Savage and Seraph have shown any desire to socialize with her. Whether she returns their feelings towards her is ambiguous. Skar in particular considers her a desirable peer, having served with her in the Legion, and Revenant holds a high opinion of her.

Wraith and Jinx are strongly distrusting of Arakna, given her history of slaughtering droves of enemies and torturing prisoners while serving in the Legion. Maldri is terrified of her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Arakna's "soul bolts"--energy projectiles hurled from her abdomen--enable her to lash out at the minds of her enemies, causing them to experience excruciating pain which often causes victims to die of shock. For those who survive this assault, Arakna reserves her ability to siphon her targets' neuro-intellectual identities, or "souls" as they are often called. After draining an enemy's "soul," Arakna may use it either to fuel her "soul bolts" or to feed her thousands of larvae, which may be deployed over short periods to attack other foes.

Trivia Edit

-It is not known why Arakna remains mute. Skar insists that it is by choice, but Meditron concludes that she lacks the physiology needed to produce speech.

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