Aquua (AH • kwah) are a species of saurian theropod-like dragons commonly known for their vibrant blue scale colour. With their height averaging around 2.36 metres (7'9"), they are considered by others one of the more intimidating species on their home planet.

Name originEdit

Aquua seem to have developed their own language, with characters very similar to English but pronunciations more like Japanese. Texts currently being studied refer to the rest of the species as a name that roughly translates to "Aquua", hence the current species name.


Surprisingly, Aquua gained control of their home planet approx. 15 years ago. The ruling empire consisted of a currently unnamed smaller, weaker species.


Contrary to popular belief, most Aquua have more dull scales than for what they were named, ranging from medium teal to extremely vibrant blue. Some believe that scale colour indicates rank in society, with brighter, more vibrant shades of blue being of much higher ranks rather than rather dark teal.

Aquua's lower jaws consist of several darker coloured teeth-like protrusions.

A full-grown Aquua can reach approx. 2.72 metres (8'11"), however, their height ranges greatly, the shortest being approx. 2.03 metres (6'8"). Aquua's tails can reach 2 times the length of their bodies, often posing issues to sitting down.

Aquua also have surprisingly light skin, which may explain why their scales are so heavy in areas with major blood vessels.

Eye colour may range anywhere from dark crimson to icy blue.


Aquua have a mostly peaceful society, although wars may break out in order to conserve peace among states; they claim that their constant desire and pursuit of peace compels them to do it.

They consider themselves equal to all other species on their home planet, as they believe that all creatures share feelings.

Trivial notesEdit

  • Usually only male Aquua have frills on the bottoms of their jaws. Females can have them, but they are much shorter if they are even there.
  • It may be guessed that Aquua are missing teeth on the inside of their mouths, but an additional row can be found inside their mouths.
  • Aquua may weakly radiate heat depending on their mood; more heat will be radiated when they're content or angry rather than when depressed.
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