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The Aquilian empire is a small and fairly weak empire even tho its small size they have an impressive talent often travelling around to empires Singing and Displaying their artistic beauty In form of musical operates in fact there beauty is also why no one has attacked them yet. Even tho they are a peaceful harmonic music and art loving society they are often visited by there Protectors the Koalians. The Aquilians as a species are the only known species to have been invited to the Koalian council of 5000 and that is a huge step forward since the Koalian council is the most secretive place in the galaxy very little is known about it, and the rules for a species to enter it is a trail that can often lead to the downfall of an empire. The Aquilians where offered a place in the council due to their long alliance with the koalians.

Floating and underwater cities[edit | edit source]

The Aquilians are extremely picky when it comes to building their cities and colonies due to their Fish like biology they often seem to only colonize planets that are 85-100% water and then there is the water temperature and sea bottom stability that is also counted for but when they are done beautiful cities are formed often with plant's and towers sticking up out of the water this due to there need of dihydrogen oxide(H2O) to survive but also mostly because of there underwater culture of underwater agriculture and their vegetarian diet of mostly oceanic-plants and this is what has kept them alive for extremely long.

Biology[edit | edit source]

As seen in many shots the Aqillians have a very strange biology and relationship to nature but the thing that has kept them safe is thanks to there biological singing voice they have travelled Mirus and held beautiful operas and concerts of music that they have gathered a few minor allies along the way but still all there ships and technology is taught to them by the koalian.

AN Aquillian can become up to 1000 years and the Banshee breed of the Aquillian lives up to 2500 years

military[edit | edit source]

After being annexed by the Koalians and Accepted into the empire The Aquilians now share the same military as the Koalians But with an extra squad of Banshee units

Banshee Units are specialists Killers They don't use guns nor swords they use sound and with a bone-chilling scream you will see your Comrades heads explode into blood and gore as these spirits Stalk you from the depths and strike when you least expect them but they are easy to make out from the rest they sport more Distinct tentacles and more human looking faces and with a more greyish white skin.

well known Aquilians[edit | edit source]

CRE Andromeda(a)-1896d7c1 ful.png
  • Name-Asrinal
  • Age - 500
  • Position - monarch of the Aquillians and one of the 1000 Aquilians in the council of 5000
  • Location - Aquilian Throneworld
Asrinal is probably the most powerful Aquilian she has immense political power and this is all because of her royal blood. From an early age, she was trained in the many languages of Mirus and Diplomacy music and more. Asrinal was born during the Koalian Annexation of the Aquilians but the Royalty of the Aquilians was allowed to remain and most of there culture as well but the empire is now Governed by the Koalian Councill of 5000 which 1000 of them are Aquilians

Marie-is the one with green and Caylee is the one with blue

  • Names - Marie and Caylee
  • Age - Marie-500 Caylee-500
  • Position - Famous Aquilian Musicians
  • Location - Selten Galaxy

The two sisters Marie and Caylee are both of the Banshee breeds of Aquilians both a bit taller and more slender than the regular Aquilian but with a scream that can pop heads like balloons and thus makes it extremely risky to perform for them since if a note is too high they can accidentally murder there Entier audience but that has not happened in all of there many concerts around Mirus.

______________________________________________________ the early career of the sisters

The sisters are twins where Marie is around 1 minute older both born in the high districts of the Koalian planet of Eclilles a planet of high power where most of the more powerful Koalians are born golden cities clear crystalline water lush green forests and cities that never rest this is where the twins Marie and Caylee where born and spent there first 100 years of there lives here. Inseparable siblings, they did everything together and well, the only real difference between them was their looks and personality.

Marie was the taller one and she appeared to be extremely calm in all situation almost so calm she was on the brink of falling asleep and well she was also the one that people assume is extremely social in truth she hates it she hates meeting new people and enjoys being alone or with the few friends she has and her sister.

Caylee is the Younger more energetic version she can barely sit still at some occasions always looking for the highest mountain to climb and things like that. even tho how much she runs and runs she will never leave her sister it wonderful to see such a great sibling relation even tho one is high on caffeine 90% of the time _________________________________________________________________________________________ The start of there Carier and Friendship

well, the sisters always had a knack for singing and performing the social was not easy one of the few friends they had was found during the early scholar years they found one of there greatest friends the Daughter of the at that time soon to become high counsellor Koalaknightus. her name was Lantox, they had seen her around before a loner sad had a few friends but she did not talk much until Marie and Caylee approached her with friendship the other of the people looked at them strangely even to the class ad both aquilians and Koalians they where the only banshees, seen as freaks Lantox was just seen as a loner that did not know how to socialize so the outcasts became close friends fast and well the already existing friends of Lantox later went on to become the other chapter masters of the different Koalian military chapters.

Marie and Caylee's music career started when they won a young talent show and from that day they have just been reaching beyond the stars music spreading all over Mirus through Outsider relay stations and this has given them great fame but also great competiton by other Celeberties of Mirus.

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- Mrmji’ux, Singular Node


- Assailing Confluence, Singularity General
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