From the Dark
Arises the Light
Defender of Knowledge
Keeper of Life
They who would stand
Against the Night
Will find strength through the will of Eternal Starlight.

- Annals of Valin'uvalyë, 1:233

Apolithanatár is an Oikoumene of such power that even amongst his fellow Ultraterrestrials he was regarded as a near mythical being, known only as the Lord of Light. The origins of Apolithanatár are ultimately unknown, though according to the Avaleryan—Oikoumene philosophers—he had a crucial role in the origins of the Oikoumene during the Lost Aeons, the period prior to the formation of the Onuris universe. In this capacity, Oikoumene scribes—most notably the Annals of Valin'uvalyë—describe Apolithanatár as "imparter of life and knowledge, lord and master of the golden age, passer of judgement to the destructive and the champion of the good".

At some unknown point in the eternal lost history of the Oikoumene, Apolithanatár secluded himself in a pocket dimension reachable only through the inner core of the Cyrannian planet of Aldár. In his absence, the Vectors of Chaos and Order rose to prominence, slowly causing the Oikoumene to veer from the path of Valin'uvalyë which the Lord of Light initially set forth. The Vectors made war upon themselves and though Order emerged victorious, a great rift had developed in the cosmos. Guided by a mysterious entity known as a messenger, the First Elda Libraé travelled to Aldár, where she met with Apolithanatár in the hopes that he might restore balance and light to the galaxy.

Upon the culmination of the events of the Apotheosis, Apolithanatár's name once more became lost, fading away much like his Oikoumene kin. Eons would pass before the two Vectors would rise again, with their return and subsequent conflict heralding for those who can perceive, the return of the Lord of the Light. In 13 NE, by Cyrannian reckoning, the young Aldárae Sentinel Aoirtae Valaeris slipped the bonds of Aldár and travelled to the Lord of Light's domain. There, she convinced him to return to face down the threat posed by the Vector of Order.

Throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War, Apolithanatár served as a wise adviser and guide for the followers of the Aldárae Order, though due to his firm belief that the time of the Oikoumene was coming to an end, rarely took direct action against the Empire. Instead, he worked behind the scenes to limit the spread of Darkness, culminating in the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, during which he fought alongside Libraé, Kara and Aoirtae and ultimately sacrificed his physical form to defeat Tyrómairon. Nevertheless, his spirit remains potent, and the wise old Apolithanatár was content to spend the rest of living time at rest.


Lost Eons[]

The Lord of Light wrought the seeds of the life song, molding that which he bestowed sentience in his own image, imparter of life and knowledge. Lord and master of the golden age. Passer of judgement to the destructive and the champion of the good.

- Annals of Valin'uvalyë, 2:833

Apolithanatár is believed to be the First Born of the Oikoumene, arising from the nothingness as the Lord of Light in a time before the formation of the Onuris Universe. The precise details of his creation are known only to him, though it is often claimed by those who know of his existence that he was formed with the Light Eternal, an esoteric concept detailing his apparent ability to spark existence from nothingness. In this period before the universe, known to the Oikoumene as the Lost Aeons, Apolithanatár shaped and moulded Oikoumene society in accordance with the philosophy of Valin'uvalyë, the Creator God known as the True Order.

Apolithanatár remained active in this capacity in parallel to the birth of the universe, during which time the Oikoumene became settled in a fixed position on the temporal planes of existence; the Cyrannus Galaxy. Under his watchful and benevolent eye, the Oikoumene and all life under their protection prospered, with Apolithanatár gaining the title Lord of the Light, despite his protestations. A wise and benevolent being, Apolithanatár utilised his abilities to paternally watch over life, acting with a deft hand; particularly in comparison to Oikoumene under the leadership of the diatomic Vectors.

For countless eons, the Lord of Light would seed the universe with life and in some instances, influence the evolution of species which may be developing along unduly destructive paths. Apolithanatár, though an inherently merciful and amiable being, would also stand in judgement on species which committed atrocities against others. These species would be moulded to forfeit murderous and despotic tenancies, though unlike the punishment wrought by Tyrómairon and the Primercer, these species would not be cauterised, but rather guided toward a more peaceful path.

Under unknown circumstances, Apolithanatár saw fit to seclude himself from the cosmos in order to meditate on the teachings of Valin'uvalyë. Prior to this seclusion, he used his powers to remove memories of him from other Oikoumene in the hopes that they would continue along--and improve--the path of Valin'uvalyë without him. Almost instantaneously, memories and records specifically relating to Apolithanatár vanished, with the only references being ancient myths regarding the "Lord of Light", who led the Oikoumene to enlightenment.

Sundering of the Oikoumene[]


Aldár has been one of the most important worlds for the Oikoumene since its formation. It houses the sanctuary of your forgotten leader, he who would restore light to the Oikoumene, he who would heal the rift caused by the Vectors of Chaos and Order.

- Libraé's Messenger

In his absence, two Oikoumene would rise in Apolithanatár's stead. The first was the Primercer, a corrupt and incomprehensible being who assumed control over the Tribunal of the Oikoumene in order to further the quest for greater personal power. Hiding his true nature well, the Primercer was referred to by some as the Vector of Chaos. Rising against the Primercer came Tyrómairon, the leader of the Mornûnenduran and the most powerful amongst the First Kin. Tyrómairon, the husband of Libraé, possessed a mind of incomprehensible wonders, within which plots to ensure Oikoumene supremacy reigned. To some, he was the Vector of Order.

Diametrically opposed, Tyrómairon and the Primercer fought to destroy the other and in so doing, gravely damaged the fabrics of the cosmos. As their bout intensified, so to did chaos and discontent amongst the patronois of the Oikoumene, which ultimately came to a head upon Tyrómairon's victory over the Primercer. Over the subsequent eons, the Oikoumene would regain their benevolent role under the leadership of the First Elda Libraé, who would use her wisdom in an attempt to heal old wounds and breath new life into the cosmos. However, her husband Tyrómairon would descend further and further into darkness, becoming known as the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur. Forging a perversion of Apolithanatár's Light, Tyrómairon would become a phantom threat to all who would defy his vision of the future.

The First Apotheosis[]

Apolithanatár is awakened by Libraé.

Tyrómairon: "You cannot contain me forever."
Apolithanatár: "I cannot. Until we meet again, Tyrómairon."
―Tyrómairon and Apolithanatár during their confrontation at Erúmaethran

Thus, Libraé was guided by her mysterious Messenger to Aldár, where he informed her that she needed to return Apolithanatár to the physical realm in order to restore balance. Travelling to Apolithanatár's realm, Libraé met with the mythical Oikoumene and relayed to him the events which had transpired in his absence. Returning to the Oikoumene once more, Apolithanatár rallied much of his kind in opposition to Tyrómairon's growing power, ultimately culminating in a massive clash between the two forces at the Oikoumene Capital Erúmaethran, where countless Mornûnendur and Estëmentári alike had fallen.

Standing alongside Libraé, Apolithanatár attempted to reason with Tyrómairon, and when that failed, was forced to do battle, unleashing the power of the Light against the malevolence of Tyrómairon's Darkness. Though Apolithanatár proved strong, he was unable to subdue the Dark Lord alone, prompting Libraé to heed the words of her messenger and give up her physical form, becoming one with Valin'uvalyë and prompting all those loyal to the ideas of the Lord of Light to follow suit, increasing his power and allowing him to finally subdue Tyrómairon. With the battle over, Apolithanatár gave up his physical form once more, joining the other Oikoumene in the First Apotheosis, and allowing the power of Valin'uvalyë to wash over the entire galaxy.

Isolating himself in a pocket dimension on the planet Aldár, Apolithanatár ruminated on his failure to permanently end the threat of Tyrómairon, predicting that it would only be a matter of time before the Dark Lord rose again.

The Return[]

An Eternal Problem[]

My "wisdom" loosed damnation upon the cosmos. A Pyrrhic solution to an eternal problem. All I had in the quiet of my eternal slumber was my dream of those we left behind, those I abandoned should the Vectors of Chaos and Order rise again. The time of the Oikoumene has ended. Ad Infisacyran should belong to you all. I regret that not all of my kin see it that way.

- Apolithanatár

Millions of years after the events of the Apotheosis had passed, Apolithanatár once again found himself in his realm of seclusion, where he watched in dismay that the Vectors of Chaos and Order had risen again to interfere with the beings of the Cyrandia Cluster. Nevertheless, while incapable of directly influencing events in Cyrannus, he used his power over Light to guide select individuals toward certain eventualities, including Du'utahrovin and Aoirtae Valaeris. Guiding the young Ortella through her training on Aldár, Apolithanatár waited for her eventual arrival to his realm. Upon vanquishing the dark Morgandaûr, Aoirtae utilised the power of the Zevian Skull to travel to Apolithanatár, where she was surprised—as Librae had been—with the Lord of Light's kindness and humour.

Aoirtae introduces Ryen and Kara to Apolithanatár.

Agreeing to travel with her to Aldár, Apolithanatár was introduced the Aldárae Order, including Master Ryen, who almost collapsed upon seeing the Oikoumene for the first time. Speaking to the Ethelnór Aldaráe, Apolithanatár spoke of his deep regret for his role in allowing the Vectors to rise again, claiming that it was his inaction which doomed the galaxy to their plots. Thanking Aoirtae for the chance to atone for his mistake, Apolithanatár became one with the energies of Aldár, to watch over the nascent Aldárae Order as it struggled to gain a foothold in the Cyrannian Cold War.

After Aoirtae and her friends rescued Senator Apollo from the machinations of the Imperial Inquisition, Apolithanatár appeared before her, warning her that the agents of the Dark Lord would likely retaliate against his arrival, though asked her to promise him that no matter how dark things may seem, that there will always be hope.

Battle of Ambar[]

Apolithanatár and Thaurlathrón face off against one another.

It was foolish of you to come here, Thaurlathrón. Your intelligence cannot avail you of your hubris. It is a weakness shared by your Dark Lord, for your arrogance has diminished irrevocably your once great wisdom.

- Apolithanatár, speaking with Thaurlathrón

A few years later, Apolithanatár revealed the next stage in his plan to combat Tyrómairon—freeing the graceful Miluiel from his dark clutches. Revealing to the Aldárae that the Miluiel could be liberated by eliciting the aide of the ancient Oikoumene AI known as Radiant-of-Stars-Eternal, who was trapped on Ambar by the Phaedric Order. Watching from afar as Aoirtae, Kara Inviá and a team of Knights and Resistance operatives fought against the Empire, Apolithanatár only intervened when the Imperial Overseer Thaurlathrón appeared.

Confronting his fellow Oikoumene, Apolithanatár accused him and his dark master of swaying from the path of wisdom and dooming the galaxy to an eternity of submission. When Thaurlathrón abandoned Ambar alongside his Phaedric minions, the Lord of Light expressed his pride in his Aldárae allies before warning them of the dark times to come.

War of Light and Dark[]

Guide of the Aldárae[]

It is a foolish master who believes he can learn nothing more, that he has all the answers

- Apolithanatár

For the next three years, Apolithanatár remained on Aldár, travelling the woods and offering advice to the members of the Aldárae Order. There, he would soon be joined by the Oikoumene Chaneonix, though the two differed on how to treat the non-Oikoumene, with Apolithanatár urging the phoenix to regard them as equals, and not as mere mortals. To Apolithanatár, hubris became the mortal wound which doomed the Oikoumene to fall from the path of the Light, and that in reality, all things, from the greatest Oikoumene, to the lowliest beast, are united under starlight. Faced with the darkness of Tyrómairon, and the incursion of Mar-Júun, Apolithanatár used his power to render Aldár unplottable to all her foes, preventing the Empire from capturing it—thus protecting it against the same fate as Capricaerón.

Apolithanatár chats with Kara and Aoirtae.

After the defeat of Mar-Júun and the Corruptus, Apolithanatár met with Aoirtae and Kara Inviá as they relaxed in the forests near the Aldárae Temple. Appearing in brown, humble robes, Apolithanatár sat next to the fire, bolstering Aoirtae's confidence, which had been shattered during the recent battle of Vasuband. He went on to reveal the ancient history of the Oikoumene, of the Apotheosis, and of the relationship between Tyrómairon and Libraé—noting that even the Darkness once had a shade of the Light.

The Final Battle[]

All of this has happened before, but it need not happen again.

- Apolithanatár during the final battle

As the Second Great Cyrannus War progressed, Apolithanatár knew that he would be forced to emerge from the shadows of Aldár and do battle with Tyrómairon, for what he hoped would be the final time. The opportunity presented itself during the Great Battle of Orbispira, during which Tyrómairon captured Aoirtae, Kara and President Apollo, prompting Libraé to return to physical form in an effort to save them. Revealing that she was not alone, Apolithanatár and Chaneonix appeared at her side, and together with the Aldárae, battled against and ultimately defeated Tyrómairon's remaining Mornûnendur.

Apolithanatár joins his allies in the final battle against Tyrómairon.

Both Libraé and Apolithanatár seemingly came close to convincing the Dark Lord of the error of his ways, though ultimately, the Darkness within him proved too powerful, prompting him to resume the battle, subduing Libraé and almost overcoming Apolithanatár. At that very moment, Aoirtae and Kara, strengthened by the power of their lost friends and allies joined their power with Apolithanatár, who enveloped Tyrómairon with his Light. Knowing what had to be done, Apolithanatár bid his friends farewell, before releasing his corporeality for the final time, binding Tyrómairon in place and causing his form to collapse in on itself, finally bringing the dark reign of Tyrómairon to an end.


Chaneonix: "What happened in there? What of Tyrómairon and the Lord of Light?"
Libraé: "They are gone, old friend, unable to take form. Apolithanatár knew that it was the only way, for there can be no darkness without the light."
―Chaneonix and Libraé, following the conclusion of the battle

Though Tyrómairon had been defeated, Apolithanatár's sacrifice was felt keenly by those who knew him, particularly Kara and Aoirtae. However, Libraé and Chaneonix reminded them that there was no other way, and that Apolithanatár would always be with them. Like the Dark Lord, Apolithanatár had not been truly destroyed, and his spirit continues to watch over the cosmos, content that his sacrifice would allow the people of Cyrannus to discover their own destiny, independent of Oikoumene influence.

Physical Appearance[]

Due to his origin as the First Born of the Oikoumene, Apolithanatár's appearance reflects his nature as a more ancient and perhaps a more powerful being. This power does not necessarily manifest in physical or mental superiority however, but rather a more subtle power that Apolithanatár sought to impart on his younger brethren. Like all Oikoumene, he is not a physical being, but rather an eternal manifestation of energy which can take whatever form he chooses. As such, Apolithanatár's most common form is that of a large Oikoumene bathed in golden light, with an appearance which conveys both power and humility, wisdom and strength, might and kindness.

Personality and Traits[]

Apolithanatár was the First Born of the Oikoumene.

The Lord of Light?"
"What a lofty title! Though I fear I have not given you good reason to use it. Such grandiose mantles are fatuous things and seldom reflect the qualities of the one so titled. My name will suffice, if you please!

- Libraé speaking with Apolithanatár

Apolithanatár is a being of great power, possessed of a mind incomprehensible and knowledge unfathomable. However, this power manifests itself in a considerably more subtle way in comparison to other mighty Oikoumene such as the Primercer and Tyrómairon. Indeed, while Apolithanatár can summon the inviolable power of light in order to defend those without the power to defend themselves, he is known for his great humility. This aspect of his personality translates into a deep understanding and care for all species, none of whom he views as being superior to the other—a notion quite distinct from the teachings of the two Vectors. From the lowliest animal to the most advanced Ultraterrestrial, Apolithanatár considers them all finite and precious.

When she first met Apolithanatár, Libraé could not help but to smile at the behaviour of the Lord of Light. Where she had expected to meet a migthy and fearsome warrior, she instead found a genially and good-humoured Oikoumene who despite being bathed in golden light exuded kindness and wisdom. Nevertheless, Apolithanatár can also be quite unpredictable. At one moment, he can be affectionate and affable while at a moment's notice he can be strict and brusque, unwilling to humour foolish behaviour or actions which danger the "life-song" of the cosmos. According to Apolithanatár he has little use for the title "Lord of Light", particularly when used by those who do not know him. In his words, "such grandiose mantles are fatuous things and seldom reflect the qualities of the one so titled", which reflects his humility despite the potency of his abilities.



Green face.pngAya, finë kulpa!


Blue face.pngYavánamahta?


Yellow face.pngAmda-bestá uentalë.

  • Unknown


Yellow face.pngÉ tyró man atár verin handóss.


The light is but a fleeting spark. The dark is eternal.

- Tyrómairon

The Lord of Light cometh.

- Chaneonix

This cannot be happening. Not again.

- Thaurlathrón

My... my Lord will defeat him!... I'm confident of it!

- Meketanor



Apolithanatar's downloadable PNG, requires the Dark Injection mod.

manauapolithanatám adroenaphesanuli''

- Annals of Valin'uvalyë, 1:233
Translated into Old Capricaé by an unknown linguist

  • Apolithanatár can be seen as the spiritual successor to the original leader of the Thirteenth Tribe, a figure who rather unimaginatively shared his name with Apollo. This character was later renamed "Apol'eus", a name which continues in modern fiction as a mythical figure in the Libertus pantheon. In-fiction, this mythical deity may originate with Apolithanatár.
  • OluapPlayer and Dinoman82 were both told about Apolithanatár months prior his introduction in February 2016.


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