The international relations of Apalos involve several galaxies, although they tend to be of minor effect. Apalos holds a viewpoint superficially similar to that of one its predecessors, the Girdo Empire, as far as alliances are concerned, although their perception of it is different. Some other civilisations treat their "operational relationship" concept as being identical to official alliance, although application of this interpretation is inconsistent. For example, while most consider Apalos to be a member of the Seven Starr Alliance and therefore allied with its fellow member states, few if any consider them to be an ally of the Vi'Navitum.

Apalos does not appear to hold a particularly high opinion of any organisations or empires, regardless of their relative power or influence, mainly considering them in terms of how "useful" they are. They are assigned threat levels based on how Apalos perceives them:

  • Indeterminate - threat level varies
  • N/A - no threat; effectively incapable of war against Apalos
  • None - a war would most likely only result in relatively minor losses for Apalos
  • Potential - a war may result in major losses for Apalos
  • Potentially major - a war may result in the destruction of Apalos

Operational Relationships Edit

Civilisations and organisations that Apalos willingly works with, somewhat analogous to what other nations view as being "allies" or "friends". A few nations are noteworthy as having present or past operational relationships with Apalos independently of mutual membership in international organisations.

AI Netspace Edit

  • Threat: Indeterminate

Currently controlled. Useful.

United Gigaquadrantic Alliance Edit

  • Threat: N/A

Intergovernmental bridge. Under control. Useful.

Universal Trading Union Edit

UTU Emblem-MushrumKing
  • Threat: N/A

Intergovernmental bridge. Under control. Useful.

Delpha Coalition of Planets Edit

Coalition Jack
  • Member of: UGA

Long-term military allies and research collaborators. Very useful.

Ectobiomality Edit

  • Member of: UTU

Research collaborators and major supporter of the Biosphere Preserves.

Indoctrinate Collective Edit

  • Member of: UGA, UTU

Research collaborators. Project Exodus was a noteworthy shared endeavour.

Milky Way Cooperative Edit

  • Member of: UGA

Under control. Useful.

New Cyrannian Republic Edit

  • Member of: UGA, UTU

Cyrannus Galaxy galactic government. Currently annexed by Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Polar Crystal Alliance Edit

PCA Emblem
  • Member of: UGA, UTU

Borealis Galaxy intergovernmental bridge. Operational relationships are technically maintained due to UTU. Presence of Kormacvar Legacy renders further Apalos intervention unnecessary.

Salsetthe Republic Edit

Salsetthe Flag
  • Threat: None

Major sub-network of the Agency. Fond of intrigue. Useful.

Ultraterrestrials and Essentials Edit

  • Threat: Potentially major

Generally disunited. Some are aligned with the Dominion of the Xhodocto or are otherwise hostile; these are not ones that we have an operational relationship with. Vyro'Narza and Vi'Navitum have worked with us in the past. Xyanxes owe us one. "First Ones" still call from time to time, but not the Draconians.

Neutral Relationships Edit

Apalos is neutral with all empires that are not in either other category, but rarely to never consider themselves to be in an official "neutral relationship" with another civilisation. It has historically had some thoughts about the most powerful or influential groups that it has no operational or hostile relationship with, although since the mid-2800s few such nations exist, having either joined various international organisations, become hostile, or seemingly vanished.

Allied Bunsen Galaxy Edit

  • Threat: None

Bunsen Galaxy primary galactic organisation. Not currently UGA-aligned. Possibly useful.

Hostile Relationships Edit

Also known as "enemies".

Bisistar Domain Edit

  • Threat: Potential

Little information available.

Dominion of the Xhodocto Edit

  • Threat: Potentially major

Obsessive. Useless.

Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Edit

  • Threat: Potential

Cyrannus Galaxy galactic rival to UGA-aligned New Cyrannian Republic. Suspected association with non-aligned Ultraterrestrials. No longer useful.

Da Rogue Boyz Edit


Useless. Their end has made the universe a better place.

Drakodominatus Tyranny Edit

Tyranny Flag

Unwilling research partners.

Grox Meta-Empire Edit


Successfully brought under the control of the AI Netspace, for the most part. Very useful.

Neraida Gigamatrix Edit


Resembling the Grox Meta-Empire at their height, but without the weakness of relying on a Grox Meta-Emperor. Could have been useful. No trace remains.

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