The Apalarchy is a civilisation originating from and occupying the Girdo Galaxy, a dwarf spiral galaxy orbiting the Plazith Rim. Little is known about the Apalarchy, as they are a secretive group and refuse to divulge much information about themselves.

History Edit

Origins Edit

For most of its history, the Girdo Galaxy was considered to be an unusual dwarf spiral of little more than academic interest and no strategic value, as it had only 3.2 million stars, and a high proportion of these (over 84%) were brown dwarfs. It was known as a minor base of operations for the Grox up until the early 17th millennium of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony (16 170 HR), when the Grox presence apparently vanished and Girdo was once again regarded as an interesting but worthless curiosity.

It seems, however, that the Girdo Grox had been subverted by a pre-spacefaring civilisation, the Tentekh, after inviting them to join their society. Little did they realise that their biological implants would cause a vast increase in the abilities of the Tentekh group mind, enabling it to take control over the entire galaxy. It is unknown why the Tentekh did not expand its influence to other galaxies, but the intergalactic communication relays connecting Girdo to the rest of the universe were destroyed around this time, most likely by an act of sabotage conducted specifically to prevent this. Presumably to escape the expansion of the group mind, many inhabitants of Girdo fled to the Simhaslaeo Galaxy, where they were forced to remain in hiding from the Neraida Gigamatrix until the Neraida were defeated by the Hegemony and the Simhaslaeo Province was formed.

Secrecy Edit

Over six millennia later, in 22 769 HR, activity appeared in Girdo once more, as hyperluminal missiles, launched from eight stations, destroyed all of the galaxy's brown dwarfs with subspace compression waves. The few starships that attempted to enter the galaxy were disabled by ion missiles launched from the same stations and ordered to turn away by a 3-kilometre vessel under the command of "Commander Tokzhalat", whose voice was clearly synthesised and appearance shielded due to the lack of a video feed. Further transgressions were to be punished with deadly force, and the galaxy was left alone once more. However, it had attracted the interest of the upper ranks of military intelligence forces across the nearby universe, particularly the Shadow Force, and information on the "Tokzhalat Event" was generally classified and made available only on a need-to-know basis.

Space Force Edit

Three classes of starship are known to be in operation within the Girdo Galaxy. The names given to them by the Apalarchy are unknown.

  • Type: Drone starfighter
  • Length: 50 metres
  • Armament:
    • 1 light beam turret
    • 1 tractor beam generator
    • 2 light missile launchers

Apalarchy Starfighters, around 50 metres in length, are the most numerous starships in the Apalarchy, often being released in groups from larger vessels in order to surround enemy vessels. The fighters are always observed in groups organised around a base-6 system, which have been given the following names:

  • Squadrons: 6 Starfighters
  • Flotillas: 36 Starfigters (6 Squadrons)
  • Fleets: 216 Starfighters (6 Flotillas)
  • Swarms: 46 646 Starfighters (216 Fleets)

Only Squadrons and Flotillas have been seen outside of Girdo, escorting Star Destroyers and being used to intimidate trespassers. The existence of larger formations has been inferred by use of subspace scanners watching naval movements within Girdo from afar. Swarms appear to be planetary defence forces, and associated with Worldships, while the significance of Fleets is not yet known.

  • Type: Star Destroyer
  • Length: 3 kilometres
  • Armament:
    • 12 heavy beam turrets
    • 12 tractor beam generators
    • 4 heavy missile launchers
    • 1 coaxial missile launcher

Apalarchy Star Destroyers are capital ships, three kilometres in length. Unlike the Star Destroyer designs of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, those used by the Apalarchy are nearly radially symmetric around a central axis, rather than being purely bilaterally symmetric like seafaring warships. However, they still share enough features to be classed as Star Destroyers, namely a form tapering to a point that is clearly designed for (although not limited to) forwards-directed firepower.

  • Type: Worldship
  • Length: 44.5 kilometres
  • Armament:
    • 6 multipurpose weapons systems
    • 40 multipurpose point-defence systems

Apalarchy Worldships have only been observed via subspace scans of the Girdo Galaxy. They are disc-shaped craft, nearly 44.5 kilometres in diameter, and seem to be few in number (at present, only eight have been detected). They have been known to act as defence stations, launching hyperluminal missiles at intruders. It is unknown if they have other purposes; speculated functions of Worldships include mobile cities, military training locations, support bases, mass transportation of cargo and smaller warships, abducting enemy starships for study and reverse-engineering/assimilation, and spearheading invasion forces. Such speculation has been predominantly focused on applications in warfare due to paranoia about the Apalarchy's secrecy and their intentions.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Blue face - Well done. For now.

None known.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face - Hmm.

Enemies Edit

Orange face - Good luck. You'll need it.

None known.

Quotes Edit

Secret empire? There are not secrets for the Shadow Force.

- Commandant Aliankanv

Intelligence anomaly. Information must be accumulated in order to draw conclusions based on further analysis. Priority: moderate.

- Scorpio

We are not native to Simhaslaeo, and our species all have myths of monsters called "Apalarchs". Why is that, I wonder?

- Unknown, Simhaslaeo Province
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