Ap'She is a hybrid Libertus/Rambo Serindia created by genetic experiments by Judge Magister Ramhis. Using genes of Apollo and Ramashe, he has a stunning appearance with traits of both of them. Kept hidden at Umbrax, his watcher Ramhis believes the boy is innocent though an abomination of life. Unknown to him, Ap'She took himself the title of Rex, a cunning and clever individual he knows quite a lot and waits for his time!


Umbrax Watch Fortress

Ap'She was created during the Second Galactic War at orders of Judge Magister Ramhis, his foster father to explore the possibility if Empress Ramashe and the Libertus diplomat Apollo could mate and be with child. Shocked at the result, Ramhis decided to hide the young hybrid to fear for the repurcusions if the Royal Dynasty and Rambo Command would find out about this illegal experiment. His rapid growth allowed Ap'She to gain tremendous knowledge when he in secret studied the national database of Rambo Nation and the Quadrantia HoloNet.

During the Great Cyrannus War, he was brought in 04 AQF by Ramhis to the recently conquered planet Umbrax where he remained locked up in a tower until his foster father saw fit to train him in tactical matters and swords fights. As such, he gave him the honor to command the Watch Fortress near the Velocitar village, unknown to him it also acted as his new "prison". Unknown to those at the fortress, he actually befriended the Velocitar when sneaking away at night and took the title of "Rex", a title that meant power among the Sauriens with whom he found himself more at ease with.

Personality & Traits[]

Ap'She is cunning and clever person, dangerous in his ambitions and his hunger for knowledge. Liven a shelter life, Ap'She searches a way to fit in society, from who his foster father shelters him so much.

Ap'She has a strong and sleak build, is in physical top condition and is physically stronger and faster than original Libertus and even has the eye sight and feeling with nature of the Serindia though lacks any feathers or wings, showing the dominence of the Libertus DNA, in this case that of Apollo whom he resembles physically the most. He dreams of the moment he can meet his "parents" and gain their affection.

During his sheltered life, he is a fanatic follower of the Rambo Pantheon and believes strongly in sacrifice by fire to gain the blessing of Ka'Zâniûlaris.


Make me proud! Show the world you are more than just an abomination!

- Ramhis


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