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He goes by many names and is feared across the Gigaquadrant by the forces of Chaos, for his might and presence resonate nothing more than his past deeds—how he handled entire armies of demons, heretic cults, and horrors indescribable, how he fought alone against the epitome of evil in the Tigris War and sacrificed so much so that the universe might draw breath for a trillion years more. For these things and more, he is our master, our savior, our protector. He is Anur'Ctar, the God of Power.A Pilgrim's Poem

Anur'Ctar, also known as Master Kroc when in his Civatron form, is the God of Power, of Life, Discipline, and Protection. He is often looked up, followed and feared in equal terms across the Gigaquadrant, and he is the most famous psionic deity in the universe, as his deeds while living as Master Kroc are nothing short of legendary, even mythical.

He is one of the leaders of the Iluvii Pantheon alognside the God of Balance and his best friend Singul'Aren and the Goddess of Death Ynur'Vae, whom together encompass the Trinity. It is said that his power goes beyond all the gods, capable enough of challenging even the Allfather and defeating him. Part of these theories include the fact that, from a genetic standpoint, he holds Vi'Navitum blood, thus earning him the title of God of Life among the Psionic Pantheon. Due to his mixed origin as a Civatron and a Life Essential demi-god, Anur'Ctar is also the official face of the Pantheon before the affairs of the universe with other Essentials, either forging alliances or fighting the horrors of the dark ones. Anur'Ctar is often busy with the constant harrasment from the forces of Chaos.

However, Anur'Ctar's ubiquitous presence is felt through his leadership in the Singularim Pact, where he directs it as a Commissary-General through his semi-mortal Civatron alias, Master Kroc. Of all the gods in the Pantheon apart from Val'Dir and Fery'a, Anur'Ctar is the most present in mortal affairs.


Born as a Civatron whose name is lost to records, Anur'Ctar adopted the surname of the tribe that soon took him in among the Tribes, the Kroc. Rising within its ranks, he became the master and soon Chief Paramount of his extended family, and eventually rose to become the official executive leader and face of the old Cianju Alliance of the Krassio. It was during the fated Tigris War, where psionics and demons clashed in the epic conflict that tore reality apart and brought down Tigris, that Kroc began to show signs of godhood. Foremost among these indications was his true heritage—The young leader had not been born solely of Civatron blood; his father, a demi-god of Life Essence, scion of the powerful Vi'Navitum, had fathered him alongside his mother (who raised him alone). Kroc embraced his mixed heritage and used his newfound identity in favor of the universe during the universal war known as the War of Ages.

When the hordes of demons, cultists and followers of the Dominion of the Xhodocto retreated, and the flames of chaotic dimensions dissipated, Kroc returned with his forces and followers back to Chandras to heal from the brutality of the war, only to be betrayed by the very spirits that had once taken him into the Chandras Galaxy. The Xol'Etra usurped his leadership and forced him to use his last strength to protect the fleeing and torn Krassio as they were banished beyond the Space in Between. Kroc remained with a single armada of faithful followers to hold the wave of rampant spirits thirsting for Krassio blood. He and his warriors thus fell into a dream as they traversed the core of the galaxy, away from the treacherous hands of the new Psionic Lords, and unfortunately, away from any sort of help.

From the solitude of his hybernation, Kroc resolved to let go of his pain, of his losses, the countless dead by his command and the scores more he could not even save, he tapped into the Iluvii Realm again and it filled him like never before. The Life Essence within him sparked a power never seen in the history of psionics before, some say even a new essence only for him to use. Kroc wished to embody power, so that he could willingly grant it to those seeking to be protectors, like himself—and thus it came true. No god in the Iluvii Pantheon, perhaps not even the Allfather himself hold as much psionic might as he does. So great is his power that when he ascended to godhood upon his release from hybernation he hurled himself and his powerful Ibil Katarn upon the enemies that had betrayed him. They tried to stand against this renewed foe, but Kroc was already too powerful for them to handle. He tipped the balance of the Great Psionic War in favor of Singul'Aren's revolution, and thus he ushered a new age for his Civatron people, for the Krassio, and for all psionics.

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Anur'Ctar usually convenes with the respective leaders of the Dream, Chronoscopic and Life Essentials.

Not only did he break the yoke of oppression from the Xol'Etra, but he also became the Commissary-General of a great alliance in Chandras, a military Pact that fielded countless troops across Chandras. Whilst Singul'Aren retreated to his own devices and Ynur'Vae ascended to the death trone, Kroc, now as Anur'Ctar, took the mortal plane's throne, as he sought to guide and lead people under his wing to a new age of prosperity. As a god, Anur'Ctar is also the Warden of Psionic Essence, its protector and face before the other Essentials, especially the big four that fought in the War of Ages.

When he administrates the Singularim Pact from the high board of the Grand Council, he manifests as his old self, a face of heroism and unparallel courage, might and determination. For mortal eyes, he is still Master Kroc, master of the Civatron race.

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