Antonio Tennant is a male Libertus born in the Quadrant Galaxies and an officer within Rambo Command. After serving on various star ships he was assigned and promoted to serve as second in command of starbase 30, a starbase along the infamous Gorge.


Antonio Tennant was born in 02 AQF in the Quadrant Galaxies in a common family of farmers. Having a youth of plenty and peace, Antonio decided to serve his Nation and the Royal Dynasty of Rambo Nation. He applied at the Rambo Academy and soon proved himself to be a clever and capable science officer with a special talent and interesst in stellar cartography and anomalies.


Solena and Tennant visiting Thelliria in February 2820

After serving two tours onboard a starship Antonio quickly ascended to the ranks and in 18 AQF was promoted to lt. commander and followed a special program at the Rambo Academy that prepared non-captain ranks for command.

In 2818 (20 AQF), Antonio assumed command of starbase 30, a starbase along the infamous Gorge. By 2819 (21 AQF), during the Escalation stage of the Second Great Cyrannus War Antanio Tennant was startled by the arrival of Imperial Inquisitor Akagêlth and his battalion of troopers. Overruled by his authority the Inquisitor led his troops towards the Aldaraé temple to arrest its occupants. Refusing to allow the Inquisitor to harm Rambo citizens he contact Commodore Malegras who supported Antonio's dismay. Together they travelled towards the temple where Antonio was present when the Commodore killed the Inquisitor in a sabre fight. Later on in February-March 2820 he oversaw the second internship of cadet Solana Cholia Stefani and took her to a visit at Thelliria.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Antonio Tennant is a promising and clever officer within Rambo Command. Specialised in the science department and with a keen nose for stellar cartography and anomalies.

Antonio loves to listen to music, has a keen nose and love for art, poetry and loves to have diners with luxerous food.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!



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