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Introduction Edit


The Antonio Nation is a powerful Empire in the Spore Galaxy, with plans to expand to Andromeda. Their flag is red, with symbols all over. The symbols are in fact a form of Antonian language, the second most spoken under English. They pursue a prospering life, and perform cheating and stealing from big empires.

Government Edit

The Antonio Nation follow a strict governmental system called Antism, which strictly treats all citizens and follows a 'real' policy. Despite this, the government is quite flexible and they are democratic, so their citizens can vote and decide what happens most of the time. The government is ruled by a great leader named Dave Ingrash, and has had wealthy years because of it.

History Edit

The Antonio Nation started as a tribe called the Antino Tribe. They lived basic lives as tribal villagers, and eventually decided to evolve into a powerful Nation. They followed times of wars, and poverty, until a leader named Fernando Ulo came into power. Fernando built up a huge army and defeated the other Nations. The Antino Nation had had a terrible history, but came into power eventually. Fernando's son, Dave Ingrash, was just as powerful and turned the Nation into a powerful space faring Empire, keeping the name Nation, but changing Antino to Antonio Nation. This happened over a series of meetings, where Dave Ingrash encouraged the governmental agents to upgrade to an Empire.The Empire was attacked by the Rambo Nation when the meetings ended, and started various wars, with the Antonio Nation overcoming the Rambo with insane power.


Homesystem Edit

The Antonio Nation's homesystem is called Delkau, with the homeplanet being called Nulo. Nulo is a big economic trading area, which is guarded by 100,000 ships circling the planet. The homeplanet has a large electrical ring, which is a landline for the citizens to talk through.

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