The Anti-Spode Alliance (ASA) is a coalition of scientifically-devoted galactic empires in dedication to "combating zealotry with science and technology".

Initial Formation Edit

The Alliance was initially formed as a military and scientific coalition of the Loxi Republic and the Trisoar Confederacy to protect their scientific and political interests, as well as nearby planetary rhenium mines from hostile zealot empires. Later, the Magisoar Empire joined the alliance.

Response by Zealot Empires Edit

In response to the formation of the alliance, several zealot empires formed a coalition of military troops under the name of Spode to be administrated by various Spodeist Archbishops, leading to a continuing conflict known as the The Spode Wars.

Advantages/Disadvantages versus the "Forces of Spode" Edit


  • Superior technological advancement
  • Primarily on the defensive
  • Divided leadership (in some situations)
  • Economy (the combined economy of the ASA is extremely strong, with a prosperous free market sector)


  • Numbers (the Forces of Spode outnumber the ASA in nearly every battle)
  • Experience (the ASA is a relative newcomer to the stage, while the FoS has more combat experience at a wide-range as a unit)
  • Divided Leadership (in some battles)
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