Anthuarreen, formally known as The Anthuarrian Dominance (Anthuarrian: Karanthar Anthuarreen), is an interstellar empire spanning much of the Ignotum segmentum of the Andromeda Galaxy. Anthuarreen is known throughout that segmentum as a force of tyranny and oppression, and is not above using advanced brainwashing technologies to ensure all citizens' absolute devotion to the state.

Anthuarreen is ruled not by a single person but by a bureaucracy. The government is divided into many separate ministries, such as the Ministry of Production or the Ministry of Intelligence. Employment in the government is determined by a set of civil service examinations. Anthuarreen's governing body is the Convention of Ministers, comprised of the High Ministers of all the ministries. The Convention of Ministers decides on national direction ands on decisions of utmost importance that involve the nation as a whole. Members of the Convention are also part of the National Congress, Anthuarreen's legislature.

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