The Antein empire is a newly burgeoning empire run in the Milky Way Galaxy. Even though they are quite new to the system, they are very strong in numbers, being able to take down an unarmed ship in a matter of minutes. Using their power, they were able to capture the 27 systems all surrounding them, and are still yet to fully max out their power.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Antein are somewhat weak in terms of military strength, but their ships move significantly faster than anyone around their level and, in large amounts, can down a carrier ship in a matter of minutes. Their ships have little variety, both being very alike sometimes.

Swarmer - The least common out of the two ships. It spits out saboteurs who have weapons powerful enough to break through any shields, armor, etc. It then enters the ship, and kills off all the crew on the ship. Sometimes, they can take control over it. The trade-off is that the process can take up to 2-8 hours, depending on the number of saboteurs shot and the defense of the ship.

Scout - These units are about 80% of a fleet. They rush in at speeds faster than light and barb an unsuspecting ship to death. Some ships can actually keep up with Scouts however, which is their trade-off.

Mainship - The Mainship is mostly used for first contacts. They have frag rocket launchers on their side, allowing them to ward off most attackers. They have decent defense, and even though they are still quite lackluster in terms of other ships of their prime, they still put up quite a fight.

More details on ships are on the Fition:AnteinMilitary page.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Drakodominatus Tyranny[edit | edit source]

The Antein came into contact with Mortrig of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. He was escorted to the capital, the Ant Hill, where he offered to set up diplomatic contact with them, but soon a ship disguised as one of the DTM ships started to attack the capital. Mortrig destroyed it with all available weapons, and told the Queen that the DTM is trying to capture their empire. He shortly left... but ended up leaving a corruption as he left.

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