Offending the Empire is like engaging warp drive while approaching a star.

- Captain Corin, IAS Vigilant

The Antarian Empire was once one of the dominant powers in its home quadrant. Controlled by a race called the Rythor and centered around its capital planet Antares Prime, it was infamous for its aggressive and territorial nature. The Empire was destroyed by the Grox.


Conflict with the LimobertEdit

Two sentient species developed on the second planet from Antares: the Rythor and the Limobert. Though the two species were able to coexist for thousands of years, by the time the two races had reached a late Civilization stage, the Rythor had become more aggressive toward the Limobert. Finally, a civil war erupted between the two, which the Rythor won. The new Rythor president, Otha Ular, declared the Limobert an inferior species and ordered them completely exterminated. Within two years, over four billion Limobert had been killed. However, a few hundred of them managed to survive by hiding in the planet's numerous swamps (being a reptilian species has its advantages). As Ular's government was preparing to launch the first manned spacecraft equipped with an Interstellar Drive, the planet's entire population of Limobert stormed the shipyard and commandeered the ship, using it to escape the system. Ular vowed revenge and declared that from then on, their race would be known to all as simply the Antarians.

By the time the Antarians had rebuilt a new interstellar vessel, the Limobert had colonized a moon almost five thousand light-years away.


About a hundred years later, the Antarians had colonized six star systems and wiped out two sentient species, one tribal and one civilized (though the latter was able to inflict significant damage to the invasion force using nuclear weapons).

The Empire first came into contact with a space-faring species, the Braxoid Empire, after an accident destroyed the ecosystem of a planet in Braxoid space. About a month later the two powers went to war. Initially the Braxoids were more successful, but two years later the Antarians launched their new flagship, the first of their new Ular-class cruisers, the IAS Pursuit. Before long they had manufactured enough to bring the Braxoids to their knees. They offered to spare Braxis Prime, on the condition that the Braxoids give them control of all seven of their colonies. The Braxoids had no choice but to accept.

Eight years after the Braxoid War, the number of Antarian colonies doubled. They were attacked many times, both from victims of their attacks and those who feared for their race. The Antarians prevailed in nearly every battle.

Dealings with the Merophian FederationEdit

The influence of the Empire soon reached another power in the quadrant: the Merophian Federation. Unlike the totalitarian Antarians, this alliance of nine different species was all about freedom and personal rights. The Empire saw the Federation as the ultimate prize, and began a series of attacks against Shriig and Tyrendian colonies along the border. Unlike the Braxoids, however, the Federation was more than prepared to defend itself, and the resulting conflict decimated entire worlds and killed hundreds of billions of people. This all changed, however, when the secondary star in the Antares system (Antares-B) went supernova and devastated the system. Things only got worse for the Antarians when it was discovered that the newly-formed wormhole led deep into the heart of the galaxy.

An Antarian Tykarso-class scientific vessel, the IAS Frontier, made the mistake of entering the wormhole. Upon its arrival on the other side, the Grox destroyed the Frontier and used the wormhole as a shortcut to Antarian space. Dozens of ships swarmed the region, and the Empire was forced to collapse their side of the wormhole to prevent reinforcements from coming through. The ships that had come through wreaked so much havok in Antarian space, the Empire was forced to appeal to the Merophian Federation for aid. In addition to helping the Antarians hunt down the renegade Grox ships, the Federation assisted in relief efforts to Antares Prime, the ecosystem of which had been badly damaged by the supernova. The Antarians then used a powerful tractor beam to collapse the end of the wormhole leading into the Antares system. Relations between the Federation and the Empire improved, but the powers maintained a mutual distrust of each other.

Alliance with the GroxEdit

Not long afterward, the Empire decided to reopen the wormhole to allow a small armada of Ular-class warships to pass through. Rather than attack the Grox, however, they opened negotiations with them. After a few weeks of shaky diplomacy with the Grox ambassador, a Murglbrg defector named Turgeongo, the Antarians allied with the Grox. Immediately the allies began a series of offences against the Merophian Federation. Equipped with Grox technology, Antarian ships became nearly invincible in combat--during the Battle of Tylish, the Pursuit was able to annihilate an entire convoy of Federation ships and their escorts single-handedly. However, a Polarian officer escaped the carnage and revealed the alliance to the entire galaxy.

The Federation immediately ordered a retallitory strike, attacking a heavily fortified Grox colony near the Antarian side of the wormhole, located on the planet Pyria. Though both sides suffered many casualties - both the Pursuit and the Federation flagship, the Valient, were lost with all hands aboard - the colony was destroyed and the wormhole collapsed for good.


Barely a week after the Battle of Pyria, the Grox began a massive offensive that became known as the Purge of Organics. In addition to heavily fortifying their existing colonies, they began expanding outward, destroying all life they encountered. The Antarians were not spared and within three months, Grox forces had bombarded Antares Prime with enough antimatter bombs to render it uninhabitable forever. The rest of the Empire fell shortly afterward, though many Antarians escaped with their lives . . . including President Mosumn.

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