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We may not see eye to eye with our intergalactic brothers and sisters, yet we are all united in life!

- High Priestess Shayia

The Holy Ankoran Empire is a theocratic nation found within regions of the Carina Nebula within the Milky Way Galaxy and the GTE-occupied regions Andromeda Galaxy. They are famed as a primary example of Harmonite Spodism, and for their extremely peaceful adaptation of the larger Spodist faith. Although the state religion is not legally enforced on the populace by the government, Imperial culture self-imposes the religion on itself, shunning the non-religious or 'heretical' minorities.

The Ankoran Empire serves as part of the Muaran Resistance against The Grand Teyan Empire, supplying vast naval forces in the Teyan Subjugation War in which they partake.


Early HistoryEdit

First ContactEdit

First contact for the Ankoran came as a surprise for the reptilian race, unsure what to expect upon first meeting alien life - but certainly not expecting another species so similar to themselves. The Teyan Imperium of Andromeda had crash-landed on the Ankoran homeworld, beginning an initially shaky, though ultimately prosperous alliance between the two races. The Ankoran aided the Teyan in returning their cruiser to a space-worthy state, and the Teyan in turn provided the technologies the Ankoran required for interstellar flight, causing immediate mass-colonisation efforts across the local sectors, beginning the Ankoran Empire in earnest.


As the Post-Contact Ankoran prospered, they kept expanding and expanding... until the encountered a gravitational anomaly, which they deciphered as a wormhole. This allowed the Ankoran to become a multi-galaxy state despite being minuscule in comparison to the galactic hyper-powers they didn't even know existed yet. Building a large complex around this wormhole, the Vana-Lyrx Gate was established, creating an easy method for the two halves of the empire to trade and communicate without issue, sending communications through the gate.

Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran WarEdit

Upon establishing allies and territories in the Andromeda galaxy, war quickly broke out over territorial concerns with other non-local empires, in which the Ankoran sided with their new Mithadorn allies, and the Teyan. Though the war was costly, the Ankoran came out of the conflict profitable, annexing several planets during the conflict.

Post-War EmpireEdit

Once the war ended, peace, it seemed, would finally come... Though it was short lived. The invasion of The Grand Teyan Empire fell upon the Andromedan colonies within a year, sending countless refugees through the Vana-Lyrx Gate, and marked the Ankoran becoming members of the Muaran Resistance.


Ankoran society is generally a spiritual one. Across many of its subcultures and many of its demographics is a general idea that the individual's purpose is to offer their talents to benefitting the community.

There is a high respect for engineers and designers among Ankorans. While engineers are highly respected, Ankorans generally prefer tried-and-true methods. They do not shun new ideas, instead preferring to only accept new designs once they have been stress tested and refined to a comfortable degree. What is developed by Ankoran designers is often carefully-designed, but effective to produce and maintain.

A further ideal exists within the Ankoran Empire, being the idea that all life created by Spode, that is, all life native to realspace, is sacred, and to unneccesarily kill is a heinous sacrilage. This cultural ideal can be seen in the general abhorrance Ankoran display towards bloodsports, such as seen in the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda, and Draconid Imperium's more violent sports.

The Ankoran also enjoy lucrative, if somewhat complicated to obtain technology from the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, such as domestic droids and entertainment systems.

Faith and HeresyEdit

Ankoran religion is based upon the holy teachings of the Scrolls of Faith, teaching the words of Spode, and the spreading of the religious order. Despite this, notable holes in the Scrolls can be found, such as major changes to the fifth and ninth scrolls, eliminating segments preaching hostility to other religious organisations, and non-religious individuals.

Temples to deities worshipped by the Ankoran are a common sight in their cities, with the largest often acting as the centrepoint of the city. Planetary leadership typically holds office within the largest central temples, who hold council as both adminsitrators and religious leadership for the planet. The districts these temples are contructed in will typically be the most wealthy in the town or city, lavishly decorated by gold and jewels donated by the common citizen, in supplement to riches provided to the local church or cathedral through the plants taxes.

Heresy, the act of non-subscription to Spodist doctrine and beliefs, while not illegal in the Empire, is culturally frowned upon heavily. To this end, an accusation of heresy in the gravest of insults an Ankoran can give. Unsurprisingly, accusations of heresy are often used as a weapon by those wishing to gain power over another Ankoran, effectively rendering the accused as an outcast. This can occur at multiple levels; A reasoned debate between brother Cardinals can be brought to an immediate end should one of the two hint at accusing the other of heresy, or an Imperial governor that has proven tardy in the raising of tithes can be brought into line by the merest hint of the word.

Honour DuelsEdit

In Imperial society, honour is valued with extreme reverence, just as with Faith, and they are often intertwined. To call one a Heretic is to call them Honourless in a sense, and such an accusation can lead to Honour Duels. These duels are highly sacred, though the idea of killing in them in considered an obscene perversion of the purpose of such duels.

The Rules of such duels are as follows:

  • Weapons are forbidden. This includes both physical weapons, such as guns or swords, and Essence-based magic.
  • Body armour of any kind is forbidden; typically both participants will fight naked or near-naked, as to prove no armour is concealed under their clothes.
  • Both participants must have at least one witness to validate the duel.
  • Nobody may interfere with the duel.


Main Article - Ankoran Military
The Ankoran military is a technological marvel in comparison to some of their other technologies, though it is not particularly advanced in comparison to the larger powers in Andromeda. Given their area of civilization is often home to pirate gangs, the Ankoran forces are expansive as much as powerful, costing nearly 5% of all Ankoran taxes, across their entire empire.

The Ankoran ArmyEdit

We stand united, to preserve peace and unity, to protect the innocent, to guard the weak! May Spode shine on our cause!

- Commander Kruelzan

Perceived as a holy and righteous organisation by the zealous Ankoran, Ankoran Templars are bio-enhanced super soldiers that form the mainstay of the holy army. Clad in agonizingly heavy, encumbering power armor and generally regarded as the toughest warriors to ever serve the Ankoran Empire. Averaging approximately six feet tall, and possessing a variety of unusual bio-mechanical enhancements. The process in which an Ankoran becomes one of these super-soldiers in descriptively hellish, with volunteers undergoing the agonising procedure having only a 30% survival rate, despite all attempts to lessen the pain, and increase the chances of survival.

Over a series of several years, adolescents of both genders, dubbed aspirants, are selected through a rigorous process. Hypnotic conditioning is used to hone their responses. By the time they're done, the subject has few impulses beyond fighting and killing in the name of Spode, and their Ankoran kin, and most of their memories of their earlier lives are all but forgotten. The only mental frailties remaining are a "fear" of failure and experiencing notable stress when severely injured or crippled, as they are no longer able to fulfill their holy function.

Not all who do not pass the screening process are denied service in the field however. Those accompanying these Templars into battle are known as Warriors of the Light, whom are given weapons, armour and training to support their righteous peers as fire support on the battlefield. Many of these Warriors are conscripted into the local Planetary Defense Forces, and serve as a supplment to the primary Templar Order. During invasion, many of these umaugmented soldiers will hold the front line, waiting for the elite soldiers to arrive and reinforce them.

An additional Special Operatives forces, known at the Ghost Corps also exists, trained as highly skilled assassins, spies, and commandos.

The Ankoran NavyEdit

A good captain never goes down with his ship - His ship never falls. Our Holy Lord will protect us, like it will this fleet.

- Sky-Captain Kaulas

In the present-day, almost all Ankoran technology in both their Milky Way and Andromeda territories utilise technologies of their allies in the later regions, armed with Teyan weapon systems and Mithadorn propulsion methods, such as Antimatter Hyper-Reactors to jump into Hyperspace to achieve FTL speeds.


Serving as the standard ship in the navy, the Cleanser-Class Cruisers serves as vessels to carry troops onto the surface of alien planets for ground-invasion. Armed with rapid-fire cannons for defense, the crew on board each cruiser will hold large command over areas of the fleet, organizing battle-tactics and fleet movements.

Cleanser-Class Cruisers will often serve as command vessels for a naval fleet, and as battleships. A variety of 'sub-classes' exist for the Cleanser-Class, with a variety of modifications depending on the scenario the ship is expected to enter.


The Consecration-Class Battleship is a newer vessel in the Ankoran Navy, first deployed during the Teyan Subjugation War. Serving specifically as ship-to-ship combat specialists and support vessels, the Consecration-Class bristles with guns, designed for the sole purpose of battering enemy fleets into submission.


The Demagogue-Class Carrier's are the ships that serve as transport for dog-fighting ships and land-based assault vehicles. Heavily armored, but lightly armed, they hang at the back of the fleet to wait for an opening to move planet-side.

Given their primary role as landing craft, the Demagogue posses thousands of medical bays, crew quarters, and an unmistakably large internal supply of firearms for personnel.

Victory-Class Carrier

More expensive, and more heavily armed, than the Demagogue, the Victory-Class Carrier trades defence for offence. Possessing additional weaponry in the form of heavy anti-matter missiles, the Victory-Class has thinner armour to make room for the additional ammunition and dog-fighting craft. They're scantily found in most fleets, though popular in the Carina Nebula.


The purpose of the Revelation-Class Battleship is simple; assault. Heavily armed, heavily armored, and always at the front of the fleet, the battleships sole role is to punch a hole through the enemy lines and to cripple or kill crucial targets before they can cause serious damage to the Ankoran fleet.

As an added bonus, its simplicity of design makes it easier to produce and one can be built within a decade. The only negative (if you can call it a negative), is that it's not really useful for anything except war.


Inquisitor-Class Frigate's are substantially smaller than their counterpart ships, but oftentimes number in the hundreds. Armed with defensive and offensive weaponry, they support and protect other ships, vital to a mission, using their numbers and maneuverability to their advantage.

Of course, being a mere frigate leaves an Inquisitor with just enough guns to claim it has them; lance batteries and a couple of torpedoes. It's an all in one with not much of any particular thing. It is considered the most forgettable Ankoran ship design, though has been instrumental in every major victory the Ankoran have ever won.

Retribution-Class Frigate

Possesing comparable armor to cruisers. They're built to sally forth ahead of the main fleet and win skirmishes against enemy scouting forces and vanguard elements. They've garnered a reputation for being lucky; they've contributed to many glorious victories and survived catastrophes that other ship classes have not. Their only downside is that they have rather antiquated communication equipment, probably equipped for durability, not ease of use.

Though it is not considered a battleship or light-cruiser, Retribution-Class ships often serve in this role when the fleet is lacking in purpose-built vessels. As such, the Retribution-Class Frigate has been nicknamed the 'Little Battleship' by Ankoran naval personnel.


In Andromeda, with the Teyan Imperium having gone into hiding, and the Mithadorn Republic being officially declared destroyed by the Grand Teyan Empire, the Ankoran economy has completely crashed. Without their primary trading partners, the price of Ankoran goods fell drastically, entering a state similar to that of the surviving Mithadorn colonies; a deflationary cycle that all efforts to reverse have been ineffective in solving.

Those Ankoran living in the Milky Way have a far better time with their money, however; The currency of the Ankoran Empire, the Ankoran Chit, is currently working as a strong reserve currency; though still struggles to compete with the currencies of local hyperpowers.

The Ankoran economy is largely controlled through the Holy Treasury within the Milky Way, and the Ankoran Economics sector of government in Andromeda. Both are responsible for setting interest rates, quantitative easing, and forward guidance in the galaxies which they are based.



The governmental system of the Ankoran Empire is based on a flexible, unwritten constitution where the three former Ankoran civilisations prior to the species unifying effectively balanced each others power. Competition between these original states kept them strong individually, though none of them were strong enough to domineer the others. In the modern day, these states still exist as sub-entities within the federal system, held together by a constitution which checks and balances each entity, but allowed the national government uncertain powers which, over time, have allowed nationalists the ability to intervene and rope together a state for the protection and continuation of the union.



Muaran Resistance

Wartime ally since 2825 · Member State · Fellow Progenic state



Teyan Imperium of Andromeda

Longstanding Military Partner · Fellow Progenic State · Allied Cause

Teyan Flag


Mithadorn Remnants

Longstanding Military Partner · Strong Trade Ties · Allied Cause



Draconid Imperium

Wartime ally

DIFlag New

Crossed Swords

The Grand Teyan Empire

Aggressive expansionist · Attacks on civilian ships · Open Warfare



  • Most Ankoran are actually more fond of their allied governments than their own.
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