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We came to Aoshtai to escape the persecution of our brothers in the Milky Way... We wanted independence - and we will fight for it if we must.

- Chancellor Kuuruan

The Ankoran Confederation is the group of Ankoran governors and organisations that fled from the Milky Way Galaxy to the Aoshtai galaxy approximately seven thousand years ago via unknown means. Largely divorced from it's better known kin in the Xeoni Cluster, they are a highly scientific culture, contrasting the Ankoran Empire's faith-based society.

Noted as one of the few non-native species in the Aoshtai galaxy holding influence in galactic politics, they have rapidly expanded their territory and power-base over the seven thousand years since arriving, spreading across a politically isolated area of the galaxy to establish a significant production capability.



Following the Ankoran Dark Wars approximately seven-thousand years in the past, the Ankoran of the Confederacy, seeking to escape Alliance - now the Ankoran Empire - annexation, fled the Milky Way Galaxy to the Aoshtai Galaxy, settling in an area of politically isolated territory where they could rebuild their society in peace, without fear of discovery and destruction at the hands of their zealous kin.

Declaring themselves independent of their kin forevermore, the Confederacy began quick expansion, building itself a large power-base in its isolated territories. Mistrustful of local species, but willing to co-operate, the Confederacy soon began trade with its neighbouring nations, though has always stood back in face of the "Great Game" ongoing in the galaxy.



Comprised of multiple states, the Confederate Armed Forces not a unified military force, but a series of smaller state-owned armies donated to the Confederacy for mutual benefits. Comprised of Ankoran men and women with loyalties to their state rather than the Confederacy as a whole, the main military bulk is actually comprised of mechanical soldiers, rather than the Ankoran itself.

Machines are easier to control, do not fall to petty infighting between states, and most importantly answer to not to any state senator, but the Chancellor of the Confederacy itself, and the senate.

Confederate ArmyEdit

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As a Confederation - union of sovereign states - the politics of the Ankoran Confederacy is one of internal debate just as much as it is external. Since the member states of a confederation retain their sovereignty, they have an implicit right of secession, and must be kept satisfied enough to not call for withdrawal from the confederacy.

The Confederacy's view on the other species of Aoshtai is one of particular disdain and disinterest. Uncaring for the 'Great Game' ongoing between major powers in the galaxy, the unified Ankoran factions comprising the Confederacy instead opt to watch from the side, selling technologies, equipment, and vehicles to all sides for profit.


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