The First Great Army of Angels, or otherwise known as the Angel Army or Exercitus Angelorum, is a militaristic human faction that worship God as their deity, as they are neo-Christians who have adapted to the way of war in order to fight against their archenemies, the Y'Naki. They are humanity's last hope of purity and defence against the destructive race. The Angels are led by Lord Metatron, son of the previous Lord, Dante. They are the most feared military force of good and are strategically placed and commanded by Principalities, who are all led by a single Lord, the top authority. In total, there are about 13 million military units, including Principalities and Angels. Through selective training, they are always physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for battle.


The Angel Army was formed in 2300, the same time that the Y'Naki appeared as a major threat. They were equipped with weapons that were considered useless by the Y'Naki, as the Y'Naki didn't need them. During the Battle of Forordia, the Angel Army lost the battle due to the Y'Naki being operative on a much larger scale. In 2328, the Angel Army managed to bless their weapons with Light, allowing them to win against the Y'Naki in the Battle of Darus, who were not expecting this advancement in the Angels' weapons.

Near the middle of the First Great Conflict, the Angels discovered a spaceship that stored the godly technology of the Ancient Ones, age-old aliens that had visited the Egyptians and helped build their structures and were worshipped as gods. They considered this technology unholy, but still of use. At the Battle of Coronia, the spaceship was placed in the centre of the battlefield and was set to self-destruct.

Eventually, several years later, there was betrayel within the Angels from Principality Draven, who turned against the Angels in favour of the Y'Naki. This was a blow to the Angels, but finally managed to kill Draven and his forces during the Battle of Gia.

The Angels are now feared on an interstellar scale, but are still no match for races such as the Arnudati or the Elders.


The Angels are led by Principalities, who make a third of the Angel Army. These Principalities are ruled only by Lords, of which there can only be one Lord. Lords also rule in political strength, considering that now most of humanity is Christian. The Lord must select a Principality to join in battle each time violence occurs. Principalities, when the Lord is not in battle with them, are allowed to do what they like so long as it benefits mankind.

King's TemplarEdit

The King's Templar, or Templari Regis, are a group of elites that consists of soldiers that almost rank militarily equal to the Lord, but are instead known as Archangels. The King's Templar was built in case there was a threat to big to handle for a Principality, and Archangels are the answer. They are trained in martial arts, ballistic weaponry, stealth, etc. They are disrespected by Principalities because they lose respect from their Angels, whose respect goes towards the Archangels.


Spore 2011-04-10 15-18-06

A fleet of Cones in the vacuum of space. In several minutes, they shall activate their FTL drives.

The Angels' primary military weapon is the Type-101 Assault Rifle, which is blessed with Light and uses Light as its ammunition and has a magazine size of 32 rounds that can reach as far as 300 metres. The most common primary weapon is the Type-125 Pistol, which also uses Light as ammo and can fire eight rounds which reach up to 50 metres. Another secondary weapon is the modernized military variant of the Katzbalger, which has a blade and hilt of foreign metal and has an aura of Light. This weapon is only wielded by Principalities, Archangels and Lords.

The Angel Army uses several different forms of transportation. The most used form is by car or land vehicle, but they also often travel by air. Their spaceships are primitive compared to some alien races, and are not armed. They are equipped with FTL drives, however.

Recruitment & TrainingEdit

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An Angel in full armour. Most Angels have lighter armour than the one shown.

Angels are selected from the healthiest, strongest (both physically and mentally), and most determined humans. They also teach humans who are athiest about God and Christianity, and why ignorant aliens or individuals must be destroyed, as not only do they pose a threat to humanity, but commit sin to God. Those who are recruited first swear an oath to God in front of a Principality and are then taught how to fight.

During training, Angels are given only bread to eat and live off, which provides some boredom for those who have trained for a long time. Drinking alcohol is prohibited for recruits, and drinking alcohol recklessly is prohibited for Angels and other ranks. All Angels are taught in martial arts and gun skills, and are thus dangerous to anger. During training, considerable muscle is put on and athletic skills are increased. They are also taught to kill ignorant alien soldiers without mercy, but must always beg forgiveness after killing alien civillians.

Cowardice and malevolent friendly fire is considered sin and shows they are not willing to die for God, and are thus put on trial and the worst case scenario is death, with lesser punishments being whipping of the back or several years in military prison. To prevent this, Angels are taught that the greatest honour is to die for God and his loyal people.


  • They are based on the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k
  • This is NOT intended to represent Christians as extremists or depict Christianity as a form of extremism
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