The Angar empire is the Nation of the Angars, an insectoid Race. The Angars are a very Aggressive Empire known for their Fighting skills.


The Angar empire was founded near the end of The last world war of Angar By Emperor Jhoun VI After the end of the war Jhoun orders Construction on a Spaceship The first ship was Made and Launched It Went Out and found a Alien Empire The hogoraptors The captain went back To Apeaceon and was rewarded some more ships were being Made and Launched They soon had 12 colonies the Most famous captain Yovan was Rich for placing All those colony's But Emperor Jhoun VI grew old and had no children So he chose His nephew Saylac to be his heir

Bad timesEdit

Emperor Saylac III was a different Angar he Thought that Diplomacy was the only way he soon started trusting Aliens to guard the colonies At one point he trusted the first empire they met (which they were not very friendly with) To guard a colony and the empire almost Destroyed it But Thankfully a Milltary task force was their and took care of it Captain Yovan came too dislike Saylac and more people started dislike him to they were ready for revolution


The Angar are ruled by a Emperor It it a Military Dictatorship/Monarchy Their are basic laws

1.Do not kill another loyal Angar

2.Do not Trust Aliens To Give you something in exchange for alliance

3.Of all things do not trust those stupid zealots


The Angar believe in the god of Fighting Angan City's have atleast 50 Temples


Found day is Celebrating The day The empire was founded

Worship day is the day that every one goes to a Festival known as saga Angan

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