Anessa Ravencrow is a female Carnthuendi Aelfe from Carnthedain, granddaughter of Lord General Jar'Dris Ravencrow and descends from nobility. Fierce, quick to anger and willing to prove herself she served as a corporal within the Rambo Loyalist and later on served her people during the subjugation of Carnthedain by the Legatus.


Anenessa Ravencrow was born in 2802 within the noble house of Ravencrow. During the destruction of Carnthedain by the Legatus Finduilica, she fled with her family into space and eventually found refuge within the Purpura Nebula. There the remainder of her race eventually joined the Rambo Loyalist Resistance faction and Anessa gained the rank of corporal and became an expert in tracking and scouting.

Dawn of Divina[]

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During the siege of Isle Blue at the start of 2820, Anessa served under her grandfather General Jar'Dris Ravencrow since their landing on the 2nd of January.

"Raven Team" does a shocking discovery

By the 5th she was part of the forces that lifted the situation of sergeant Thalyssaera and her troops that were pinned down at a hill, halting the entire advance of the upholders at Isle Blue. Swearing and complaining she made a rude comment about the half-elven sergeant and in turn she was assigned by her grandfather to serve under her. Later that day, Anessa was disgusted when she, Yvenne and Yosh discovered the remains of the Bluedion race in a valley nearby their location. Disgusted, they were soon pinned down again by advancing Imperial forces that were taking up their positions up the hill. During the initial fighting Yosh gave their team the call sign "Raven Team" and the timely arrival of captain Komamuka Sajin prevented their demise. She later participated in the final assault to take the main Imperial Facility.

Anessa arrives on Impaerusqiantia and meets with S'aur

By March 2820 while on Plerax Base, Anessa met with the Creckel warrior Creckagni Shatterhorn who introduced her to the other new members of Raven Team: corporal Oakster, private medic Phoebe Barask and the druid Amdír Windrunner. In April 2820, Phoebe participated in the successful battle of Umbrax when Raven Team arrived to reinforce the Loyalist forces under command of the Watcher cousins. During the battle Raven Team deployed guerillia tactics that eventually ensured the liberation of Umbrax with aid of the native Velocitar and the seventh legion under command of Judge Magister Ramhis.

By mid-May Anessa infiltrated Impaerusqiantia with the help of captain S'aur who provided her with a mount and the schematics of the ShadowForge. Evading guards and disposing a few, Anessa planted the various charges and upon leaving the forge set them off. The resulting explosives destroyed various exhaust towers, causing the Forge to shut down and be disabled until repairs were complete. In addition it thwarted any further shipments by the Saurien Sector Corporation.

Subjugation of Carthedain[]

Shortly after the formation of the Legatus, Carnthedain was one of the first planets conquered and place under subjugation. Tired of fighting, Anessa returned to her homeworld and served her people that provided hope, guidance and treated the injured while leading a silent opposition against Mandator Tavira Earthbound.

Personality and Traits[]

Anessa is a fierce warrior, quick to give her opinion and due to her noble heritage is often demeaning of in her eyes lesser beings. Struggling with the loss of her homeworld and always being on the run, she gained a wicked sense of humor.

She is skilled in scouting and tracking, with her (very limited) light armor she is almost soundless while moving around. Her armor features classical markings known to House Ravencrow. Her grandfather teached her personnaly to wield the Elven sword, which Anessa uses with deadly precision and without remorse, wreaking havoc amongst her enemies. Shortly after he return to Carnthedain, Anessa donned a different kind of light armour. It featured decorated armored lower-leg plating, right shoulder armour with the Ravencrow insignia while her left shoulder remained bare.


Don't stray of the Light my dear child. Listen to Nature and you will always find your way home

- Jar'Dris Ravencrow


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