Venhokwe, the Grox, Tertamians, Vartekians. All of these empires ruled Andromeda before. Now, it is time for our home galaxy to unite once again. Let the Commonwealth rise!

- Iovera IX proposing the foundation of Commonwealth

The Galactic Commonwealth of Andromeda, also known as New Confederation, AGC or The Commonwealth, is the newly founded allied confederate goverment formed from Draconid Imperium, The Divinarium and the Brood of War to fight the threat of Andromedan Grox Empire and the other common enemies of these three empires in Andromeda War.

The Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth is not a united empire but is essentially a confederacy of various civilisations united by the same goals. These civilisations are allowed to have their own goverments, laws and everything else, but also submit to the common law of the whole Commonwealth and help it with their military forces and resources, in exchange for protection and economic help.

The Commonwealth is currently controlling the core regions of the Andromeda Galaxy - save for the Core itself, of course. Its power lies within Segmentum Draco and Segmentum Crepusculum but it expands rapidly due to the war and its influence may soon expand over other parts of Andromeda. In addition to this, AGC controls territories in Borealis Galaxy and Plazith Rim, as well as the small colonies in the Quadrant 21.


Iovera proposes the creation of the Commonwealth.

The Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth traces its origins back into the ancient times, similar organisations existing in the Andromeda during the times of the Four and before the Confederacy of Andromeda; the modern Commonwealth has absorbed and adapted many of titles and symbolics of its precedessors, as well as the most ancient rulers of the galaxy: the Venhokwe Oligarchy.

The modern Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth was originally a coaltion formed shortly after the battle for Alcanti and was officially established in light of the march of the Andromedan Grox Empire against the Starmaster Alliance and other civilisations, proposed by the ruler of the Divinarium, Iovera IX. Approved by Paragon Uriel Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium and Emperor Tyraz of the Brood of War, the Commonwealth immediately started its functions on creating a single force to stand against the enemy for the prosperity of Andromeda.

Since its foundation the Commonwealth has expanded and rapidly grown in influence, accepting new members and protections along with expanding in unison within the Borealis Galaxy and holding against the wave of threats inhabiting it.

In 2791 the commonwealth was temporarily thrown into turmoil when the Drakodominatus Tyranny engaged in a covert operation that resulted in stealing the Deep Core installation from under the commonwealth's noses. Four months later, tired of the Tyranny's abuse of the site as well as their general attitude by their goverment led ot a lightning strike on Deep Core by en-masse Andromedan forces, eventually driving the Tyranny from Segmentum Mechanicum and dealing severe losses to both sides in the process. Angrus Mortarius was taken prisoner and in August 2791 was placed before a tribunal that eventualyl sparked one of the most infamous court cases in Andromeda; where he attempted to blackmail the judges into letting him go under the penalty of the death of Maxios Telvenum.

Defiant to the accused's threat, the highlords at the trial refused and ordered Angrus's on-the-spot execution. Maxios's death however was a ruse and he had returned to Alcanti within a day a changed man.


Governing Body[]

The governing body of Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth is called the Andromedan Light, after the ancient Light of Versyon. It consists of the Highlords of Andromeda, the leaders of the most important AGC empires, as well as other rulers of the realms of the Commonwealth.


Each Highlord (a unisex title within the commonwealth and typically head of state) represents the commonwealth and during delegations are expected to speak on its behalf. Their status influence gives them political sway over other member states and while Highlords requests and suggestions to other memebr states are accepted, orders and demands are seen as detrimental to the stability of the commonwealth (unless agreed by other highlords) and are discouraged to prevent the abuse of power.

Lords of the Commonwealth

Below the highlords are the lords of the Commonwealth, representing the AGC member empires; depending on the empire in question, they may be their actual heads of state or representatives chosen by them. While they do not hold as much influence as the highlords, each leader still has a say in the governance and politics of the commonwealth and make up most of the Andromedan Light.

Regional governors

In addition to the AGC's territory in its home galaxy, the Commonwealth also has many colonies all over the First Gigaquadrant. While control over them generally remains in the hands of the Commonwealth's member states, the Highlords also send regional governors to maintain order in its outer realms; two for each galaxy. First, the High Commissioner, resolves disputes between the Commonwealth's realms and acts as a supreme judicial authority, while the second, the Military Executor, commands the colonies' navies and armies in case of a crisis.


The Seat of Light, outside of Ketallus, Alcanti

Officially, the Commonwealth does not have one location to consider as its de jure capital, with an unoffical capital (and official seat of assembly) being on the double-ringworld of Elysion. For a time Alcanti was considered the headquarters of the Andromedan Light due to it being the planet where it was formed as well as being the site of the Seat of Light outside of Ketallis (a city on the southern coast of Miminas, Alcanti's northern continent. The Andromedan Light now resides in a much larger building on the megastructure of Elysion, located in the fringe region between Segmentum Draco and Segmentum Crepusculum. Since its initial completion, Elysion itself has acted as the political and cultural heart of the Entire commonwealth, populated by numerous spacious embassies and sprawling shopping and entertainment precincts located within commercial hubs across the structure. Despite the Andromedan Light's denial on the matter of a capital of Andromeda, it is universally agreed that Elysion is the centre of not just COmmonwealth, but also Andromedan politics. Making it a de-facto capital


While several members of the commonwealth are post-scarcity, trade within the commonwealth is lucrative. The core worlds of each member pump large quantities of goods into the others. Superstates like the Draconid Imperium and the Divinarium provide much-desired materials to other members. The Post-scarcity members often offer neccessary materials and goods with little-to-no cost to all other AGC members

The wealth and influence of the major members makes the commonwealth an incredibly powerful civilization and even the poorest ciizens live relatively comfortable and self-assured lives, living off the generosity of their neighbours.


The Commonwealth's main territories include Andromeda's inner-rim - primarily segementums Draco, Crepusculum and Mechanicum - which is considered the core territory. In-part due to it's members the commonwealth controls small regions of several other galaxies; particularly Kraw, the Milky Way and Borealis and encompass some three million colonised systems with hundreds of thousands of automated systems.

The extent of the commonwealth is a combination of the colonies owned by member empires but control of them is left to each member rather than a single governing body. Because of the extent of the founding states the commonwealth also holds extragalactic colonies under the same principle. Each member still holds soveriegn control over it's colonies and the Andromedan Light will rarely intervene. There are, however, some zones in Andromeda and beyond that, while belonging to the Commonwealth, aren't considered to be a part of its member states; their governors answer to the Light directly. Such zones include large patches of former Coalition space which Reta'nyan had to give to the Commonwealth as a part of the peace agreement between the two, or Andromeda's core worlds, which are loosely governed by the Core Worlds Company.

The Inner-Rim is home to quadrillions of citizens and the economic might means the main territories are heavily defended by large fleets and advanced technology, some of which has not been seen in the Inner-Rim outside the hands of the Grox or the precursors. Connecting the colonies together are a series of "hyperlanes" within 4D Hyperspace that connect up the main homeworlds, an extension of the gateway network devised by the Draconid Imperium and the Divinarium's portal network making travel across the AGC is very rapid and it can take merely a few days or even hours to cross from one end of Andromeda's the inner-rim to the other. Inter-member communication is acheived by a wormhole-boosted subspace transmission netowrk allowing for near realtime communication from across the galaxy and even into the intergalactic.


Highlord's council
The leaders of each of these empires is considered a Highlord of Androemda, they are considered the greatest members of the commonwealth.

Not all of the AGC's members call Andromeda home, these empires have territory in Andromeda that is under the AGC's protection, however they do not get a seat in the Andromedan Light.


The age and the level of advancement found within the founding three powers, along with reverse-engineered Grox and precursor technology, has made the Commonwealth a very powerful technological enity. Most of the more influential memebrs have large networks of dedicated laboratories and universities for scientific development and as a result there are few competitors. Most of the more mundane technology is shared amongst members while more advanced technology is restricted to memebrs the Androemdan Light deems responsible enough for its use. Hawking, stellar and hypermatter radiation, nuclear fusion and matter-antimatter annihilation are the main sources of energy used within the commonwealth although Hawking ans hypermatter ratiation collection is more commonly used by the Highlord Council members.

Technology has made several leaps-and-bounds since the Andromedan Grox Empire's invasion as the AGC's members worked to reverse-engineer and understand recovered salvage, archives and data matrices left from Grox incursions into the various member states. Militaries accross the commonwealth have greatly benefitted from the recent innovations with ships being retrofitted across the board to combat future incursions.

Travel and communication is typically done by the combined extension of the Divinarium's portal network and the Draconid Imperium's gateway network. Both rely on the use of wormholes to provide instantaneous travel between two locations. Due to technical limitations, the latter method is more restrictive than the former. Communication relies on subspace (and sometimes tachyonic) transmission via confined beams connecting to various rely stations built around the territories to re-confine transmission beams and serve as junctions. To reduce of lag, transmissions are sent through artificial wormhole whenever one is available on the beam's journey.

Weapon technology is varied. While magnetically-propelled slogthrowers still find a use, other militaries prefer particle cannons, palsma cannons and sometimes more exotic methods of damage. In most cases the rounds used are small, high-velocity slugs or shards making it possible to fit hundreds of shots into a magasine. When combined with high-efficiency heat-sinks most Commonwealth-issue anti-personnel weapons can fire hundreds of shots or beams before ammunition depletion or overheating occurs. Again, this depends on the member state using the technology as the Highlord's Council is cautious of offering out its more advanced technology.

The pinnacle of the Commonwealth's technological prowess is Project: Deep Core, a multipurpose magastructure which consists of a sea of nanomachines harvesting resources from the accretion disk of Andromeda's central supermassive black hole. The nanoomachines collect accretion disk material and transport it to adjacant refineries where it is used for both energy productionand industry. Deep Core is connected to the rest of the commonwealth through a network of Divinarium portals which not only provides the commonwealth nations with an enormous suply of energy and material, but the portals allow for safe transit through the galaxy's deep core region. Plans exist to further industrialise the core region with industrial replication facilities already under construction.


The Commonwealth was born in the flames of war, where to survive against the Grox one needed to abandon one's own desires to prevail, and even though it is now a peaceful organisation, the current structure of the AGC is still based on this ideology. Each member of the Commonwealth is not as strong as other, greater forces in the galaxy, but together, they form an empire much greater than a sum of its parts; each species and each world plays a certain role, does a certain thing for the good of all, like a cog in a huge engine.

While the Commonwealth was founded as a military and economical alliance, with time it also started to serve a role of a cultural melting pot; as the borders were opened for trade, so they were opened for arts and ideologies. Not even the most enclosed societies of the AGC, like the Divinarium, were left unaffected, and important Commonwealth worlds like Alcanti or Elysium now house thousands of species from all segmentums of Andromeda, and each brings their own culture into them. The important move towards the unification of the AGC was the creation of the Andromedan Virtual Network (AVN), which was made from merging countless similar information networks like the Imperium ExoNet and the Divinarian Global Link. Essentially a full-fledged virtual reality (although more convenient forms of using AVN exist as too), it can be accessed from most of the planets within the Commonwealth, and provides news, information and entertainment for all of them. Some individuals in the AGC even chose to abandon reality altogether, turning into digital beings of pure information. Among these individuals are the Quaesitors, the species that was instrumental in the AVN's foundation and is now responsible for its protection and monitoring.

While there is no official language in the AGC, High Dracid, Radessic and Zan'tai are used widely for political purposes, while Dran'va, an ancient Andromedan pidgin based on Low Dracid, Millenix, Varteik and Khastai is often used as a trading lingua franca. However, with the introduction of the telepathic translator technology into the galaxy by the Divinarium, it seems that Dran'va will soon be rendered obsolete.

Guardians of Light[]

The guardians are recognised by their stark white and gold armour.

Formed in 2789 after a widespread decision by the Andromedan Light, the guardians are a multispecies military force using the most advanced equipment, technology and techniques available to the Commonwealth. Recognised by their white laminated armour, the purpose of the Guardians is to protect the entire commonwealth and its protections. Instead of acting as a unified standing army for conquest, the primary goal of the Gurdians is to devend the holdings of any and all Andromedans under the Commonwealth and would only consider marching on an offensive campaign if the entire commmonwealth came under threat.

Led by Tyraz Breek - who assumed the title of Grandmaster upon the organisation's foundation - and considering the mantra "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts", most of their technology and training is a mix of the technological prowess of each commonwealth member along iwth reverse-engineered Grox technology. They represent the Commonwealth's tactical and technological might as a whole and are established to answer to only the Andromedan Light itself and not individual members.

Although in its infancy, the Andromedan Light has pledged entire generations of scientific development to accomodate their needs. Along with armour and weapons, the organisation's primary principle extends to dedicated warships, vehicles and aircraft, making it one of the most advanced and diverse militaries in the Andromeda Galaxy. Because commanders and soldiers are hand-picked form the most elite soldiers of the commonwealth, many guardians are veterens of the Andromeda War and Second Borealis Galactic War along with veterens from several more minor campaigns.

Unified Andromedan Navy[]

Although the AGC generally relies on its member empires' fleets for protection, it became evident that sometimes, their power is not enough; as such, the Commonwealth keeps a (relatively) small fleet of its own, the Unified Andromedan Navy; as with the Guardians of Light, this fleet uses the combined technologies of all AGC species and as such is much more advanced; even a few ships of the UAN can turn the tides of battle. While most UAN ships function as a rapid reaction force, some of them, like the New Dawn, are instead used for peaceful purposes and are now traversing Andromeda and beyond, going boldly where no man has gone before and colonising new worlds for the Commonwealth.

Military vessels

  • Length - 5,100 metres
  • Weapons - Singularity catapults, meson superlaser lance batteries, shidium torpedoes, hyperspace cannon

Considered by many to be the most powerful Commonwealth ship class ever constructed, the Victoria-class is different in function to other UAN starships; it is used for defense rather than offense. More similar to a space station than a starship, there are only a dozen of these massive vessels in the whole Commonwealth: six in Andromeda and one for each galaxy it has colonised, and their purpose is to defend entire galactic sectors against intruders.

As one would expect from such a large vessel, the Victoria-class is armed to the brim with the most advanced armaments known to the inhabitants of Andromeda: meson superlasers, Divinarian singularity catapults, Brood Shidium missiles. All these weapons, however, pale in comparison to the hyperspace cannon, the pinnacle of the AGC's military technology: harnessing the power of several dimensions, it can bypass normal deflector shields and destroy even the most powerful starships belonging to less advanced civilisations with its awe-inspiring might.

  • Length - 1,300 metres
  • Weapons - Singularity catapults, turbolaser lance batteries, plasma torpedoes

A relatively old design which traces its origins back to the Andromeda War, the Visterra-class is neverthless widely used in the UAN thanks to its great firepower and superb maneuvrability; having been constructed during the war when resources were scarce, it is also quite easy to mass-produce.

One of Visterra-class' most notable characteristics is its ability to pass through different dimensions to move across the universe swiftly (the technology developed by the Divinarium using reversed engineered Radeon technology used to escape the Xhodocto during the Tigris War's conclusion). While this may sometimes result in accidents, it allows the UAN to be literally omnipresent, arriving in minutes to destroy any enemy of the Commonwealth before its member fleets arrive.

  • Length - 900 metres
  • Weapons - Turbolasers, plasma torpedoes

Commonwealth Frigate.png
  • Length - 100 metres
  • Weapons - Turbolasers, plasma torpedoes

  • Length - 300 metres
  • Weapons - None

  • Length - 300 metres
  • Weapons - Turbolasers, plasma torpedoes


While being a confederate goverment, all nations of the Commonwealth have some shared allies and enemies those are officially stated. They are listed here.


Green face.pngSupporters to the commonwealth's cause.

In good terms[]

Blue face.pngOur relationships remain good so far.


Yellow face.pngWe neither like or hate them.

In bad terms[]

Orange face.pngPerhaps a diplomatic solution could be made?


Red face.pngThey stand in the way of progress.


The commonwealth's foundation[]

DrakGenericMini01.png His esteemed majesty, Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium
Welcome all. The Imperium has taken the liberty of integrating it's exonet network with other intragalactic communication channels within Andromeda. This serves the primary purpose of creating a galaxywide communication network and the required frequencies have been sent to all members. Not only does this network make regular communal contact easier but at this present time it serves more esoteric purposes than the UDB:
  • We can discuss in peace without fear of the empire listening on a more public channel.
  • Members can use this as a sanctuary away from the ignorant rantings of emperor Kies.
This is serious: His comments are everywhere and now that he knows the Imperium and the Brood are allies it is very likely he is going to lash out at the entire commonwealth... And if the Royal Intelligence Agency reports correctly he now has the Cult of the Deathmarch doing his work, as evidenced by the attack on the Brood planet of Dargul. Regardless, it seems the Mercuris Federation has become interested and wishes for it's Andromeda colonies to join. I personally hope for the commonewalth to last for many years to come.

Warnings of Mali'Zane[]

DracInquisitEmblam1.png Arsac, High Mistress of Drakon's holy Inquisition
Recent events on the Outer Rim have come to my attention and the attention of all who would value life. The Draconid Imperium and the Brood of War have recently encountered Zazane-like creatures while in combat against the Tybusen. These entities - who the TIAF claim have dubbed themselves 'Mali'Zane' - turned a strategic battle into a body harvest. Soldiers from all sides were abducted. We may be able to predict their movements haowever: Captain Drayl for the Fleet of Ruin claims to have picked up signals that do not match known Commonwealth, Grox or Federation codes and it is my belief that the signals related directly to these creatures.
If these signals emerge on any planet in Andromeda, be prepared and contact the commonewalth Immediately, secure all civillians and use weapons designed to completely destroy organic bodies - nothing less. Rest assured the Inquisition will increase it's presence for support reasons the time being.

Lord Admiral Larnus Vontarion of the Draconid Imperium
I have been told that the TIAF will agree to a ceasefire in light of this incident. Captain Lorrelas, one of their public figureheads, has confessed the Federation had made an error in judgement regarding their invasion of the Imperium. As a gesture of goodwill the Paragon has agreed to lift all TIAF citizens captured on Avanti and other battlefields to protectorate rather than captive status and they are free to live as citizens of the Imperium. Let's hope the Federation Senate is wise enough to listen to their captain...
TIAF Flag.png TIAF Intergalactic Channel - Commander Lorrelas
In accordance with our pledge to improve relations in light of this incident, I apologize on behalf of the Grand Assembly and the entire Federation for the damages caused by our invasion. In hindsight, it was a mistake to have attacked an ally of our enemy simply for that reason. I assure you that we will strive to make sure no further incidents drive a wedge between the Commonwealth and the Federation again.

As for the matter of citizens captured during the events of the conflict, I will personally discuss that later with the Imperium's leaders at a later date. Now is not the time to worry about those kinds of things.

Signs of Expansion[]

DrakGenericMini01.png His Esteemeed Majesty, Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium
It has been decided by the Grand Senate of Alcanti that the citizens of the Imperium will be working very diligently to restore holdings that had once been lost in tensions with the Vartekain Empire and the events of the past two decades. There is also disheartening news that pressures from both the native Nivilum Ocrumos powers and the suggestion of delegates from the Cyrannian Empire has resulted us in giving up our holdings within that galaxy. In some respects it is a good thing that we no longer have to deal with those...natives. But I digress.
Since the Vartekians now primarily reside within Segmentum Exterioris and that the galaxy is finally calming; the Imperium will be expanding into areas within Segmentum Draco and beyond that it once previously held - perhaps a few other locations as well. All through diplomacy, of course.

Minutes of the Andromedan Light[]


Minutes of the Andromedan Light (2)[]


The Kuipevar Federation seeks to make contact[]

Um.. Hello? If any E.Ts. get this message, we are the Kuipevar Federation, a small empire located in the Andromeda Galaxy. I'm not entirely sure how to operate this transmitter, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Osmann Reuvar signing out.


What an interessting turn of events. Who would have thought such empires could ever unite? They must be watched

- Morgandaûr

Just what this universe needs. An alliance of several un-alike species to unite to reach a common goal.

- Emperor Mercuris XXI

Huh, interesting... We will need to keep a close eye on them. There's no telling which way this will go.

- Captain Lorrelas of the TIAF

Yes, join forces, so I may destroy all of you at the same time!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

I'm coming for you Andromeda, you Wastes of flesh, with your unholy inter-species romances! What disgusting things I see. I shall bring order, for Grochius' memory, for under the Grox, there would no arrogance, no passion, simply existence. My friend in the shadows will help. Enjoy your unclean ways, for I shall clean it all, and remove all obstacles!

- High Prophet of Disdain.

A new Dawn arises in Andromeda, a beacon of hope and prosperity for the Andromedans the Commenwealth is!

- Empress Ramashe

There is much to admire about the Andromedan Commonwealth. It shows us that unity within the Gigaquadrant is always possible, even with the most unlikely of friends. Together, they have stood steadfast against any and all threats and I'm sure that they will continue to do so into the future.

- Proconsul Apollo

A successful system of galactic governance thus far. However, will it last? I believe that a more centralised authority would be more efficient in bringing order to Andromeda.

- Deoclet Caesarius
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