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The Fleet of Ruin[]

Tyraz was on board the Ghost of the Warrior, his personal Talzaan-Class Ship. His crew of several thousand were all willing to die for him. Tyraz looked out into space, observing the passing stars and systems, and also the rest of the fleet. Tyraz then turned his head to face SpecOps Commander, Tanaris Kodos.

Tyraz - Tanaris, we are going up a very skilled enemy. The Divinarium are not as weak as you think. They are strong warriors, their technology is very advanced.
Tanaris - You think I am scared of some pathetic rats?
Tyraz - No, it's just that we have not fought them before. I fear that you may...underestimate them.
Tanaris - If anything, you overestimate them, my lord. They will be an easy task to attend to.
Tyraz - Do not make them suffer!
Tanaris - They will not have the chance to! Their deaths will be swift and quick, to match the skill of the Niddan Ho!

With these words, Tyraz looked away. The Fleet of Ruin progressed forwards, trekking deeper into Andromeda space. On board the ship next to them were a large amount of Hetii, the insect warriors of the Brood. They would be deployed for planetary attacks and for ship raids, seeing that due to their technology, they can breath in space for an hour. The Hetii were starving, and their neutron blasters were ready for combat. They were dangerous enemies to fight on the battlefield.

As the fleet progressed, they came in contact with a small Divinarium squad of ships. Tyraz instantly took charge of the situation.

Tyraz - My brothers! Members and races of the Brood of War! Show this pathetic squad the power of the Fleet of Ruin!

And so, the attack began. The Hetii were deployed, neutron blasters firing and swiftly avoiding enemy fire. The Brood ships were also firing, so the Hetii had to be extremely careful. However, they were skilled like this, naturally knowing where things are coming from in all directions.

Tyraz turned to Tanaris.

Tyraz - Tanaris, it seems we near the Divinarium. You have better prepare your troops for battle, I can sense that a planet will be coming soon with Divinarium presence.
Tanaris - Do not worry, my lord Tyraz. The Niddan Ho are equipped for specialist ground conflict. In fact, they are better than most of your warriors!
Tyraz - Careful with your words, Tanaris. Just because the Niddan Ho are more skilled than my warriors, does not mean they will always win against them. My warriors are more numerous, yours are scarce compared! Now, begone! I wish not to see your face until we reach the planet.

Tanaris grunted and turned away, disgusted. Tyraz was known for his temper, but then again, so was Tanaris. However, he could not afford to be slaughtered by the councilor before the battle. He bit his tongue and let it go. He then walked past a Cyrodi warrior, and slammed his head against the wall out of anger. The Cyrodi was left surprised and confused about the sudden outburst, but they had great respect for Zazane, so whatever it was about, he should probably not get involved. He then carried on to see the councilor.

Tyraz - Ah, Kra'Lo'Kan. Nice to see you again.
Kra'Lo'Kan - Great Leader Tyraz, my Cyrod horde is waiting for your command to strike.
Tyraz - Tell your horde to wait. You and your kin will feast soon, just be patient.
Kra'Lo'Kan - But they get restless, Great Leader!
Tyraz - I said they must wait! Grr...Have we not any food on board this ship?
Kra'Lo'Kan - I am not so sure, Great Leader Tyraz. May I try and beg your royal chefs for food for my horde?
Tyraz - *growls* Fine. I will get them to cook for your horde. However, if they refuse to fight on the battlefield because of it, I will decimate them!

Kra'Lo'Kan noded and bowed before walking away. Tyraz huffed and spoke through his communicator.

Tyraz - Royal chefs, I want you to try and cook something for Horde Kra'Lo'Kan. His horde grows restless, and they will start consuming each other if need be! I cannot have rebellion or cannibalism on my ship!

The Dragon Awakes[]

Within Alcanti's royal palace Uriel was still brooding in his chambers. While he had not forgiven Iovera for the attack on the fleet, he grew uneasy of the partnership. In his opinion the war effort was darkening by the day and the arrival of the Legion did not improve things. As he stood looking out of the balcony he heard a knock on the door.

Uriel - Who is it?
Larnus - It's me, i need to talk to you
Uriel - Larnus? Shouldn't you be in the field?
Larnus - Would i really leave the paragon alone when he's like this?


uriel walks inside. Larnus enters and finds Uriel is sitting slumped on a sofa in an alcove of his room, his face bearing a grim expression. As Uriel looks at him his face drops, fearful of whatever bad news his mentor had.

Uriel - What's happened now?
Larnus - We received word from the colonies. The Divinarium is under attack, what scouts we had in the vicinity didn't last long.

As he hears this Uriel tightens his claws, his face drops and his eyes narrow before leaping out of his chair in rage with a bellowing roar. He marches up to larnus who stands straight with his hands in front. Uriel gives him a cold stare before turning away. he continued to burn with rage

Uriel - Damnation Larnus! For the past month I have had nothing but bad news! First Iovera backstabs us, then we lose a fleet to them, then we lose another fleet to a third party - losing a second artifact in the process - and now you're telling me another invader has attacked. The Talons are stretched enough as it is. Leave me be unless you have some good news for a change
Larnus - Look at yourself Uriel! A century ago I knew a man who couldn't wait to get his claws around the throat of the empire's enemies. And here you have been sitting, sulking. That's not the man I knew during the wars, during the patrols, hunting pirates. Eighty years of being a leader have made you soft. This damned dream of yours has turned you into a pacifist!
Uriel - I grew tired of war, of destruction. I would rather have en empire of peace than one of war. I will not lower myself to the Khaxvis!
Larnus - Is this what it's about? proving you're nothing like the pretenders? There's a time for peace and a time for war. A good leader knows when to get the balance right.

Uriel's grim expression slowly changed to a smile, he was almost amused by Larnus' statement.

Uriel - I hate it when you're always right. Contact the Divinarium and tell them the dragons will emerge from the dark. It is time for this warrior to serve his line once again.
Larnus - Glad to hear it


Uriel calmed down before moving over to the armor case in his chambers. Stored within was the very same gilded armor he wore during his many years of service. Still in fine condition and polished until reflective. he smiled as he looked at each segment before gazing at the longsword housed with it. After examining it and smiling he gave a quick glance in Larnus' direction. A glint of ambition shone in his eyes, and within his heart a fire of passion ignited that had been out for many long years: His passion for combat.

Uriel - Do we know who the attackers are?
Larnus - They call themselves the 'brood of war' apparently. What our scouts did find is that they have a bizarre obsession with an unknown element
Uriel - Then its time these barbarians experienced warfare at it's finest.

Larnus nods with delight. Since the Divinarium attack Uriel had been sulking in his chambers and now he knew what was coming. Nothing less than retribution would come for the Zazane and their allies; The Empire would prepare to field its full might into the Twilight Sector...

Choices.... Choices[]

Dylan - We must do something about Masuri immediately! His actions threaten out entire existence!
Nampt - He took initiative, something most here only do when annoyed at him.
Dylan - Shut it Nampt, we all know you worship him!
Hinata - Dylan, calm down. Yes, my father worships Masuri, but he also speaks the truth. We have rarely taken the initiative unless absolutely required to.
Titrit - Speak for yourself, pink one.
Arukas - Yes, some of us don't waste time idling.
Uma - Nampt DOES speak true though. How many of us have actually gone out of our way to stop Masuri. How many of us have actually paid attention to the outside universe beyond possible threats to our existence?
Dylan - Regardless of what we have done, Masuri has destroyed everything! I honestly can't say whether or not the Draconis will remain our allies after this incident, and to be honest if I were them I wouldn't remain our allies! How can anyone expect others to trust us when we can't even trust ourselves?
Clank - Personally, I think what Masuri did was a good thing. He went ahead with his plans, and hasn't actually denied committing the actions. However, he did break an alliance and treaty, an alliance and treaty of which we only recently made. He damages our reliability, and if we want a positive future with the outside universe, we need to be reliable.
Remlap - Clank is right. Masuri has broken the law, he must be punished for it. The Draconis are the ones who he victimized, at least, they are the ones who's anger we must sate. I say we throw him to them and see what happens.
Dylan - I hate Masuri as much as anyone here, but handing him over to the Draconis would cause no end of civil disrest and possible rebellion. At the least it would cause rioting across the Wentals.
First Spark - This is a situation with no right choices. Masuri has broken the law, thus he should be punished. However, he has a large following, and if we punish him it will not end well. We need to decide which we fear more: the Draconis or the Wentals?
Clank - I couldn't have said it better myself. I personally fear the Draconis more then the Wentals among us. They aren't afraid to destroy us, but we cannot destroy ourselves.
Uma - I have seen civil war, it is not something I want to see again. I fear civil war more then interempire warfare. I think we should let Masuri rot in prison, but nothing more.
Dylan - I fear both, but I fear the Draconis more. And it would be nice to get Masuri out of my fur, he's been a claw in my side for far to long. I say we give him to the Draconis and crack down on anyone who tries to stop it.
Jasmine - I know I'm the newest one here, even including Hinata, but I do have equal say. Masuri is lost, confused, angry, and hurt. He lost everything more times then any of us, and he doesn't know how to deal with it. His entire life has be based on warfare and battle. I think he has forgotten that there is more to the universe then war. He needs medical help. The Draconis will not give him that.
Kuhera - While I am no Council Member, I do wish to speak. These are difficult times for us. We have not recovered from the Mechanization yet, we are far from war-ready. We cannot afford a war with the Draconis, a powerful empire with few weaknesses. If we choose war with them, it must be complete and total warfare. We cannot allow them to survive, at all, if we do not we will be destroyed.
Hinata - I do not dislike Masuri personally, but his actions are unacceptable. He should be given to the Draconis and left for them to deal with. He needs to learn that his actions will have consequences.
First Spark - Civil War is the worst kind of War. I will risk war with the Draconis over war with ourselves.
Nampt - I like war. Civil War less then interempire war. I say we keep our angry friend Masuri and let him wage his war against the universe. And then we should embrace it.
Titrit - Those damned lizards are slavemasters and slavers. I think Masuri is in the right, and will support him against them. He shouldn't even be in trouble!
Remlap - Masuri may have his heart in the right place, but his mind is not. I think he should be given the Draconis with the condition that they do not harm him.
Arukas - Masuri is.... unpleasant. I do not like his methods or his intent. I think he should be thrown into the deepest and most unpleasant pit in the Wentals. However, he should be punished by his own kind, not by some others who won't respect his past. He should remain a prisoner of the Wentals.
Dylan - Very well. As much as I dislike this, Masuri can stay. Harip aw ru pleos. (May We Be Protected) On to diplomacy. What will we tell the Draconis?
Remlap - That we have decided in a 4 to 6 vote that Masuri will remain among us but a prisoner. We should not lie to them.
Nampt - They will be angry already, may as well just make them think we have no idea where he is.
Hinata - And if they find out we have them?
Nampt - We war! Ha ha!
Dylan - We cannot afford war. Not now.
Jasmine - Well, I'm no good at diplomacy and whatnot, so I'll just be leaving.
Clank - Same.
Kuhera - My advice is not needed here. You probably wouldn't listen anyway.

Clank, Kuhera, Jasmine, First Spark, Uma, and Arukas leave Nampt, Hinata, Dylan, Remlap and Titrit to argue the subject.

Titrit - We should just side fully with Masuri. The Draconis will enslave us all if we don't.
Dylan - Despite your feelings, the are not entirely evil.
Titrit - Hmph! You've never been a slave.
Hinata - Stop it! We aren't going to attack our ally, Titrit, no matter how much you want to.
Titrit - But you have to have seen their eyes. How they look at us with such contempt. As if we are already their inferiors.
Hinata - They do have a tendency to act superior to others who they are really not so different from. They weren't very friendly when I first spoke with them.
Dylan - Think what they must see when they see us. A bunch of misfits who can't even control their own people.
Nampt - I think that war would be fun, but ill advised. They outnumber us, and no matter how good you are, numbers can tip the scale. We should wait for our strength to grow before we do anything bold.
Hinata - Wow, I am really shocked! You actually advising AGAINST war? Who are you and what did you do to my father?
Nampt - Ha ha ha, very funny. I use my head too you know, you aren't the only one who can think.
Dylan - So, against war is myself, Hinata, and Nampt. Titrit, you've lost. I don't think any of the Wentals would actually want war, except for Masuri's followers, and we all know they don't care who the war is with.
Hinata - Which brings up yet another problem. What are we to do with them? Masuri being imprisoned won't please them, we may still have rioting on the streets.
Nampt - This is where I come in with a few dozen stun-guns and EMPs... •chuckles•
Titrit - I think they have every right to be angry, but we should protect trade and infrastructure. We should place a curfew while they cool down, and be ready for violence and rioting.
Dylan - I agree. If they get out of hand this could end badly.
Hinata - They are still our citizens, we cannot kill them. Do you understand that father? No deaths.
Nampt - Aww, not even one? I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Sheesh, can't take a joke...
Dylan - Nampt, you're one of the few here who's used to this kind of thing, we don't have many willing to lead people against their own. You'd better not screw this up, got it?
Nampt - Yes. I'm good at what I do, no one will be harmed.
Dylan - Now... what about Masuri's punishment? He needs it badly, he thinks he can get away with anything.
Titrit - You know my opinion on that. At the worst, some mental rehab and a nice vacation.
Nampt - Masuri needs to be placed under solitary confinement for a few years at the least... no way we can let him plan anything with his followers.
Dylan - But what if his followers are among those guarding him?
Hinata - We can use all Meta, right? That way you know if they are following him.
Dylan - But then it will look like I'm the one imprisoning him, not the Council. We need a good mix, but people we trust.
Hinata - Well in that case we should have more Meta then all the others combined. Maybe... 50 peoples, 26 of which are Meta?
Nampt - That would work.... but 50 may not be enough.
Dylan - 50 is all we can spare right now, what with the reconstruction and other measures taken to prevent disrest.
Titrit - All this could be avoided if we simply cut relations with the Draconis and attack them...
Dylan - Give it up already, do we need to put you under house arrest again?
Nampt - So, I'll go and organize the night watches and curfews. Dylan, you should handle Masuri, but take someone with you. He's not stable, he may try to hurt you.

Nampt leaves the three other Councilors behind to do his job. He knows what he needs to do, and nothing will slow him or halt him now.

Dylan - Nampt is right. I should set up the new guard now.

Dylan leaves as well, first heading to Masuri's cell and alerting him to the news, then moving on to tell the new guards what must be done and how. Hinata looks out over the city. She is joined by an unexpected individual, another Kwaad who her father assigned to be her personal guard.

Hinata - There is no reason for you to be here, Guardskaan.
Guardskaan - You father wants to ensure your survive. He does care for you, in his own way.
Hinata - I know. So, did you hear everything that was said?
Guardskaan - Yes, mlady.
Hinata - And what do you think? Is keeping Masuri among us at the risk of war with the Draconis a good choice?
Guardskaan - It is not my place to say. However, you asked, so I shall. I think that the choice is proper for the time being. Masuri is a Wental, the Draconis are not. That alone is the biggest difference.
Hinata - I know. I remember when we said the same thing about each other though. The Meta are Meta and Kwaad are Kwaad. I remember those times, though I was younger. I hope I can live to see when we are the same with others again. Now please, leave me be for now.

The Guardskaan leaves and Hinata looks over the city. She notices the cracks in most of buildings, the plants growing up them. From a distance, the city looks alive and well, but up close it's obvious that only three of the hundred or so buildings are used, and many of the unused ones are falling apart. Nanotech doesn't work so well anymore, so the buildings no longer self repair.

Hinata - The city is rotting and falling apart. I really hope this isn't some sort of foreshadowing...

New Reign of the Monarchy[]

On board the King's Ascendant the Zaretian Capital ship, location unknown. In the bridge Admiral Helios the head of the invasion of the Andromeda Galaxy was having a meeting with his aggregation of under-lings; Ganos, Thea, Bore'Ock, Tales, and Cytos.

With Admiral Helios looking out of the window of the ship, he says calmly "My loyal team, what have you gathered about this galaxy? Now, don't be stingy with the details, if we're going to bring this galaxy down to it's knees and harvest it for sheer might, in hopes that we can calm our home galaxy... the Telios Frontier."

Ganos said to him in a sardonic manner "We already know why we're here Helios, you don't have to remind us over and over again, heh" Helios gave him a sharp look in response and said "Commander Ganos, would I need to remind you that we need to speak in a kind manner to each other, so we can have great morals and to... lower the chances of betrayal that some of your predecessors in the Frontier have fallen to. Such pity, that us Zaretian don't believe in keeping dogs like them alive" Thea spoke saying "Enough small talk, we need to tell Helios about the events of this galaxy" Bore'Ock replied "Yes, Helios, we have been using the very few stealth ships the 18th fleet carried with. And I you're gon' love this... there's a big war brewing between the habitats over some rocks of some sort, I don't know"

Tales added on by saying "My theory is that the habitants of this world believe possessions have some sort of spiritual energy around them, or else they might have a high value on this world's market. But I am very curious about them, if maybe you can acquire one of them maybe I can examine it and see what it can do, and maybe see if... we can get some info about them out of some of the other empires of this world. Then we ca-" Bore'Ock cut him off by saying "What my brother is trying to say... in short. He wants want of these artifacts so he can look at it." Helios turned towards the group and said "We've barely been here for a few months, I'd say I can spare a few fleets. But make sure that this doesn't come back to us. We have zero information about these empires and the last thing we need is a premature war" Cytos said "Helios. If Tales gets his hands on one of these rocks maybe we can start our conquest of this galaxy alot earlier than expected. We have little to fear about these foes getting to our Home Galaxy.... so far"

Helios shouted "Meeting dismissed." and as his crew left the bridge for the other areas of the ship he turned towards the window of the ship again, staring into it.

Battle of Solvani III[]

In order to maximise their coverage the armada spread out to reach the border - over 200 fleets had been dispatched to defend the Divinarium. On the edge of their space a raiding party from the 360th Fleet of Ruin was examining the Solvani system for any signs of the relics. As they searched several hundred ships came into view: Under command of Admiral Usuros was the 220th Imperial Talon Fleet - one of the vanguard for the armada. As the Four vessels came into view the lead ship - TNSS Colonies, captained by Arnas Volkamen - was contacted by the Zazane general on board.

Shindra - I am guessing you are the Draconis, correct?
Arnas - I am elmidladrus Arnas Volkamen of the Imperial Talon Navy's 220th fleet. Your vessels' signature is unrecognized so identify yourself.
Shindra - I am Skorda Shindra Lowik of the Fleet of Ruin's 360th fleet, which belongs under the ownership of the Brood of War.

Unsure what to say next, Arnas turned to her bridge crew. One of them nodded - this was the enemy she and the rest of the armada had been informed of. More confident she turned to return her view on the general.

Arnas - Why are you in this system? Our sensors detect recent weapons fire.
Shindra - We have been alerted of several objects within this galaxy, and so we search for them. And we have reason to believe that you have claimed one or two for yourself. We demand you tell us more!
Arnas - That is Axah-grade classification I cannot tell you. Our duty in this region is to ensure those relics are kept safe. If that means we must fight for our lives then so be it.
Shindra - So they are relics? Relics of what kind?
Arnas - That is classified! Even if i had clearance I wouldn't be telling you.
Shindra - They are classified for a reason! And if you refuse to tell, even out of your own moral code, then they are obviously of importance! We are Zazane, we will not back down like cowards until we discover what relics you have claimed!
Arnas - I'm afraid that will have to be the case. Even if i was following my morals I wouldn't be telling you anything.
Shindra - Then prepare to face the wrath of the Brood, Elmiladrus Arnas. I hope you have fun trying to fend off our Hetii soldiers...Officer - Captain, we're detecting weapons fire at the planet nearby, unknown energy readings.
Arnas - Very well. If that is how you want to approach things.
Shindra - I will die before you do battle with Lord Tyraz's fleet!
Arsac - Seeking a fight is such an ugly pleasure

Over the comm the admiral, who had been listening, smiled at Arnas' level of tact. He opened communications with the rest of the fleet, ordering a fierce broadside at the 360th. Meanwhile Shindra ordered for the Hetii shock troops to be deployed through space onto the enemy vessels. The 220th fleet was aware of this development.

Officer - Sensors detecting several minute mass signatures sir. Too slow to be charges
Admiral - Deploy all fighters, swat them from the stars.

Hundreds of strike craft were launched to shoot down the incoming Hetii, many where hit by turbolasers however some took advantage and fired their weapons at the incoming strike craft, killing several pilots in the process but it was not enough. Some of the soldiers finally reached the hull and after planting and detonating the charges some of the vessels, particularly the TNSS Alamis. The explosion tore the hull plating from two levels, exploding the interior to the vacuum of space. marines sent to combat the attackers sealed there suits and activated the magnetic pads on their boots. Within the depths of the hull both factions fought, gaining little ground either way

Sergeant - Units target bear LivArm. Focus.

The marines refrained from using plasma grenades in order to keep the ship intact but the hetii pushed through. As the bodies mount up some of the heti resort to using their rifles clubs, which were little match for the combat knives and energized swords used by the marines. Eventually the Hetii began using the corpses piling up as living shields

Sergeant - You monsters should respect the dead!
Hetii - We are not like our Zazane masters. We do not see meat shields as dishonorable or immoral. We have no culture as pathetic as that.

In one section a captain ordered for his men to fall back, closing the door behind him and throwing inside a plasma grenade before it completely shut. As the Hetii looked down the grenade exploded, knocking some out of the air and exposing all to the intense heat and explosive shockwave, turning the corridor into an oven. Arnas plotted for a counterattack - ordering three wings of Gangplank-class cruisers to bombard the ships with boarding pods. The wings flew close and Arnas watched as the pods punched through the shidium hull panels with force. As the pods rested they filled the corridors they entered with clusters of plasma grenades. Once the plasma subsided the marines emerged to secure the ship.

Within the main fleet Tyraz Breek received word of the events transpiring

Zealot - Lord Tyraz, we have received reports of conflict from the 360th fleet!
Tyraz - Conflict?
Zealot - From the Imperial Talon Navy!
Tyraz - Grr...Prepare our ships for war! Deploy the Hetii and Haskar!

Tyraz was furious at the navy's unexpected arrival. He ordered for the Haskar, space warriors who excelled with a sniper rifle, to be deployed. back on board the Colonis Arnas tried calling for reinforcements from the fillet, contacting Commodre Thanus in vain. Meanwhile back within the main fleet

Vorta - Reports of breaching in several hulls of our ships, Lord Tyraz.
Tyraz - Get them to reinforce! Time to unleash the Cyrod Hordes!

On board some of the 360th's vessels Marines, who had been gaining the upper hand, stopped to hear a thundering down the corridor, realizing that the Zazane had released the savage Cyrod they fought to hold the line. They used plasma grenades more liberally inside the four vessels. In a desperate move Arnas ordered for the fleet to continue firing on important components of the enemy ships' hulls. Inside the ships the marines were becoming increasingly overwhelmed. Beserkers were eventually seen charging down the hallway, crushing whatever marines challenged him.

Shadows in the Dark[]

the 470th marine unit was one of the squads sent to detonate the reactor within the bowels of one of the hips. As they marched through with the 473rd unit the doors close behind them. Sealed inside the 473rd began getting cut down and eventually all that remained was half of the 470th unit - 8 soldiers against an unknown foe. Chanting filled the room and on top of a pile of bodies stood a thin figure, revealing herself under the camouflage was a Jorta Zazane - stealth experts and assassins.

Sergeant - Vision: Infra or ultra, Don't let that Alien scum out of your sight

The marines fired their rifles and watched helplessly as the Zazane swiftly dodged them. Those that scraped her armor soften and corroded, pulling off the impacted plates as they melted. Underneath she ware robes and cloth that flowed with her movements.

marine 3 - That's a Zazane? They're smaller than I thought...
Jorda - *growls* You underestimate the Zazane
Sergeant - Take this alien scum down

The Zazane continued to dodge many of the shots.

Sergeant - Keep still and die with honor!
Jorda - *growls* Jorda are not known for honor! Why do you think there is only one of me here?
Sergeant - Just shut up and die, your horns will make a good trophy for my unit.
Jorda - You invade my ship and tell me to shut up and die?! I thought males would have more manners than that!

As she speaks she runs towards the Sergeant and leaps into the air, landing in front of him. As she soars the sergeant draws his longsword

Sergeant - Duty comes first and right now killing you is my duty.

Every swing he made the Jorda simply dodged it. First bending backwards for his upward spring, then shifting sideways to avoid his plunge. Swinging herself around the sergeant's body she rested a set of sharp claws on his neck

Sergent - The moment you even nick my neck, and my men blast you until you're nothing but pus!
Jorda - Then I guess we are stuck here until reinforcements arrive...
Sergent - Nope...

With a subtle movement the marines try to grab her, she simply leaps out of the way; leaping over and kick him in the in the chin, biting the head of a second after leaping over his arm, plunges a pair of twin knives in the sides of another and slashing the mouth of another. The Sergeant rolled his eyes before drawing his fusion pistol and fired at her in an attempt to anticipate her moves. he scored a lucky shot on the leg. The Jorda, now numb in the leg, turned to face the Sergeant, who ordered surviving marines to hold her down. he smiled as he heard her heart racing.

Sergent - You're exhausting yourself, your heart is racing... you know what's coming don't you?
Jorda - I do not fear the killer, but instead I should compliment him.
Sergent - You may not fear the killer, but i know you fear dying, as all creatures do.
Jorda - *laughs* I do not fear death. All Zazane are expected to die in battle. I am just surprised my time has come so soon. Have I failed the Brood?
Sergent - Hm, contemplate that as you take in your last breath

Pressing the pistol against her cranium, he pulls the trigger and watches as she collapses in a pool of her own blood. On her face was a smile. relieved, the sergeant contacted the fleet "Elmitharis, we cannot win here. Once we return to the pod I request you to hit these wrecks with everything you have." As he was speaking the surviving three marines around him stood in horror, they gasped within the captain's presence. As he looked at them he wondered what was going on before a deep, almost demonic voice echoed behind him

Tanaris - You are not going anywhere...

The sergeant inhaled deeply before slowly turning around. His eyes turned to the stomach of a rather large Zazane, as he looked up he saw the creature's face - towering almost a meter above him was Tanaris - One of Tyraz' most fearful lieutenants. Out of a sense of duty a marine called out and charged. Tanaris simply picked him up by the neck and crushed it, blood everywhere. After holding it for a split second he threw the corpse aside like a ragdoll. The sergeant, both horrified and infuriated, lifted his blade ready to strike the man.

Sergeant - Damnation soldier... If you want to spill blood take mine.
Tanaris - You are next
Sergeant - Let's hope you took whatever sick pleasure you could from his honorless death. It will be the last time...

The sergeant swings his sword in an attempt to cut the Zazane's legs but he just stepped backward and, like the marine before him, was grasped and lifted high into the air. He dropped his sword in an attempt to pull apart the Zazane's grip but it was no good. The two remaining marines fired at Tanaris but the pulses simply reflected off (a rare thing with fusion pulses). Tanaris was seemingly sympathetic, not wanting the sergeant to suffer decided for his death to be quick and painless. The marines gasped, questioning what he was.

Tanaris - Niddan Ho, get rid of these pathetic aliens

Emerging from the shadows were Zazane towering over. Dashing towards the two surviving marines. Being all that was left they discharged their rifles, deep down knowing that what they were doing was futile. In their last few minutes they began chanting:

"We fear no enemy, for We are the Pargon's fist. Our might will shake the heavens, our skill is bar none, we are the fist of the Empire. All shall fear our might for we fear none. Drakon protect us as we perform our duties, for in life or death he smiles upon us. In life, in death, the lifefather frees us from pain..."

As they chanted the Nidden Ho knocked them down. On the ground as they uttered the final sentence the warriors fired at point-blank. By the sergeant's corpse was a communicator, Tanaris looked at it before picking it up.

"Whoever is on the end of this line....Your attack has failed."

Beware the Treasures of Dragons[]

Arnas was listening carefully. She had heard and recorded the marines' chants, the banter between the squad and the Jaros, the encounter with Tanaris, all of it. She saw it as an opportunity to prove just how cruel the Zazane were. She gave in to temptation, giving Tanaris the satisfaction of a response.

Arnas - My crew heard the whole thing... Savages, prepare to meet whatever dark god you worship. All ships open fire! Pound these barbarians with everything you have; Drakon grant us vengeance for the fallen!

The 220th fleet fired what they had but it wasn't enough, despite the numerical advantage they had no choice to retreat. As they did they deployed dozens of unassuming dark grey cannisters that slowly drifted towards the 360th. These capsules Peeked Tyraz' interest and he ordered the Hetii to investigate. At the back of his mind something was not right and ordered his warriors to be extremely cautious and he was right to be. Arnas watched closely as the Hetii examined them, waiting for the right moment. Eventually Tyraz decided to place them in one of the smaller ships, a Kiirith-Class cruiser. As they entered the hold the capsules activated, gravity pulses were being emitted form the capsules that warped and compressed anything within a 5km radius of the capsule. Tyraz was furious, falling for such an old and simple trick. he watched in anger as the cruiser fractured and crumpled under the force. Out of rage he contacted Arnas, who we very pleased with herself.

Arnas - I take it you received our parting gift.
Tyraz - Indeed I did. A cowardly act it was
Arnas - I prefer to see it as retribution. I heard what vile acts you promote amongst your member cultures so I suppose that makes us even.
Tyraz - The Cyrod Hordes and Hetii Swarm. We have allowed them to keep their own culture!
Arnas - Under the empire's authority they would have abandoned such vile behavior. Such acts only promote violent and savage behavior.
Tyraz - Your acts of violence against us called for such action.
Arsac - I would never consider responding to murder with cannibalism! The bodies of sapients deserve more respect than that. And next time you had better inform your captains not to stick their snouts in matters that are beyond their understanding.
Tyraz - You contacted her first! *He slams his fist in anger* And you murdered her!
Arnas - She demanded information that she knew I would never hand over. You may have won over others like that but the Empire does not respond to threats of intimidation! I highly suggest you inform your superiors of what I just said.
Tyraz - You are a fool! I am a superior! A member of the Council of the Brood! You speak to one of the few who have complete command over the entire Brood!
Arnas - ...Then inform your peers. And consider the captain's death a fair warning - The Empire will not answer to intimidation or to unreasonable demands. Do I make myself clear?
Tyraz - You dare try to intimidate me?
Arnas - Of course not, I am not stupid enough to lower myself to a barbarian, I am making just making sure you understand.
Tyraz -
Tell your superiors or peers that the Brood has survived hundreds of thousands of years of despair and war, and that we have erased many a foolish foe from history. You should consider the death of your marines and sergeant a warning not to tangle with Brood forces.
Arnas - Don't worry, your message was perfectly clear... Anything else?
Tyraz - Yes. Thank you for those capsules. Now we have gained another weapon.
Arnas - Check your stock: A fusion canister was opened inside once the pulse had run its course; All internal components, of all the capsules, would have melted to unrecognizable gel by now.

As arnas said this with a smug look, Tyraz burst into a fit of rage.

Tyraz - Damn it....Grr, then I guess that is all. I hope to meet you on the battlefield...
Arnas -
We don't like having our weapons fall into the wrong hands. And it would be an honor *ends communication* Helmsman, we rejoin the armada.

As the 220th rejoined the armada Arnas was pleased with herself. Despite the losses she was smug in the fact she managed to irritate Tyraz into a fury, along with providing him with a few reasons for why the empire had survived. She wondered to herself if this would be the last time. Meanwhile on board his flagship, Tyraz wondered about the young captain himself. he seemed almost pleased that he had faced an enemy that wasn't constantly shouting down the comm or replying with simple insults, a woman he would consider a worthy opponent.

Tyraz - She is a strong one. It will be an honor when I tear her wretched throat from her neck....

The ground battle[]

At the same time as the Brood was fighting Draconis in space, they were also pushing the Divinarium's forces on the planet itself. From the Fleet of Ruin's flagship, Tyraz was overseeing the small world inhabited only by a handful of the miners and workers. However, one of the greatest warriors of the Divinarium was here...

The massive Cyrodi hordes were sent to overrun the planet, led by general Horik Rokl and the master of the Cyrod Horde, Gor'Un'Wa. The air stood still on the world, as it was getting ready for all that bloodshed that would happen on this small mining world. Gor'Un'Wa has detected the movement of the Radeon forces in the distance:

Gor'Un'Wa - Skorda Horik, I detect enemy movement from afar.
Horik - Good! I cannot wait to see what those pathetic rat people have in store!

At the same time, the Divinarium's forces were getting ready. Realizing the sheer mass of the enemy armies, the governors of the planet and the commanders of the military were now discussing what will they do now. The small planetary defense force was now bolstered by the arrived Divinarium Battleship led by Admiral Jahric, who has brought some soldiers with him as well. The leader of the PDF, Archon Altharu, has spoken first:

Altharu - These forces are massive, and we cannot win. However, what can we do is to hold these blasted Zazane down so they will reach our capital later. We will now arm all the remaining civilians and will sacrifice our lives for the glory of the Divi-

Altharu was rudely interrupted by Jahric. He seemed to be angry now:

Jahric - "Sacrifice our lives for the glory of the Divinarium"? Is it the best idea you can come up with, Archon? Do you care so little for your subjects? What we must do is to evacuate the civilians as quickly as possible and then leave the planet, to warn the Clericarch.
Altharu - Cowardice!
Jahric - Not cowardice, but logic. As a supreme Admiral, I therefore take command of this world's PDF. Order all workers and civilians to move to the battleship. Then, we shall buy time for them. I or you may die, but... anyway. Our death is nothing compared to the death of thousands or even millions of the sentient beings which would happen otherwise.

Altharu was enraged, but Jahric was a superior commander to him, and so he was forced to obey. Immediately, the small population of the world has started to move to the battleship, their last way to salvation. At the same time, however, The Brood has attacked.

Radeon and Fyrvrtha soldiers have entered the trenches and have started to fire at the marching enemies, trying to buy time for the civilians to escape. However, the relentless Holy Scion was not stopping.

Horik - Fire your weapons, my loyal warriors! We must keep our ground!

The Zazane forces have answered the plasma fire with their shidium weaponry as the hordes of Cyrodi have charged towards the Divinarium PDF.

Gor'Un'Wa - Devour what you find! If you find anything...."inedible", kill it immediately!

Radeons have brought the large plasma cannon in the trenches, firing at the warriors of the Brood. However, Zazane soldiers have immediately anwswered by destroying the cannon, causing a large explosion which resulted in the soldiers in trenches being killed or trapped under the dirt. Neverthless, warriors of the Divinarium who managed to escape the destroyed trenches were not giving up. The master of the Cyrod Horde was not pleased with this.

Gor'Un'Wa - They attempt to resist?! Bring the Berserkers!

After these words, a gigantic monster has entered the battlefield herded by the Cyrod warriors, reminiscent of the Cyrodi themselves but larger and more brutal. It has jumped at the Divinarium's soldiers, ripping them in pieces as if they were paper. Enraged by this, Jahric has immediately answered to the beast's mighty blows by jumping at the Berserker's back and firing at his head from the point blank range. The head of the monster exploded immediately and Jahric has jumped back to the battle. Another Cyrodi warrior has tried to overpower Jahric and wrestled with him, but he was immediately stabbed in the heart by the Jahric's chainsword.

Gur'On'Wa - That rat person looks like a promising foe...

Suddenly, using his sword to slash away at enemy soldiers, the Cyrod leader ran into the conflict, fast and agile, . At the same time, warriors of the Brood have engaged in the bloody melee with the Divinarium forces, Cyrodi and their Berserkers charging with their curved wristblades clashing the Radeon bayonets.

Gur'Un'Wa has slashed through the Radeons in order to deal with Jahric personally and has clashed his blades with Jahric, Zautul rifle pointed at him. Jahric has answered by stabbing Gur'Un'Wa with his chainsword, cutting through him. The Cyrod leader has grabbed his wound and fell to his knees.

Cyrodi Warrior - The Horde Master is injured! Avenge him! Devour whatever you can find!
Jahric - Everyone, flee to the ships! I will hold them! Remember... my single death means... uh...nothing...

As the last ship of the fleet has escaped the planet, Jahric fell to the ground lifeless, his body consumed by the ravenous Cyrodi. However, after some moments, his he has vanished in a flash of light, confusing the warriors of the Brood.

Gur'On'Wa - They have escaped?
Horik - They have fled in their metal boxes? The cowards! The fools! We... we should follow them. Move to Crepusculum and prepare to the invasion of their blasted capital...


Jahric has found himself in a black room lit by the white lights. Where was he? Was it afterlife? What fate has he deserved for his deeds? He was confused and scared. Suddenly, a door has opened, with a Radeon woman entering the room. Was she a Messenger?

Jahric - ...who are you?

For a second Jahric saw a vision of his dead wife, Geroniel, but then the fog of delusion vanished and what appeared to be his love turned into a vision of a Divinarium medic surrounded with mechanical servants.

??? - Doctor Altherniel Venthari. We have recovered your body and healed it back to activity... generally. You will get used to these cybernetics, I assume.
Jahric - Good. Now, you should... tell the Clericarch! The Zazane are going to invade Crepusculum! They-

As Jahric looked to the window, henoticed the Fleet of Ruin landing on the Radeon capital, laying waste with the Shidium lasers.

Jahric - It seems that I am too late...


The Artifacts must be protected'.'

Br'klakkon was pleased with the results of his plans. Now, the Divinarium and Draconis were busy fighting the new foe, and he was now able to retrieve the artifacts without interruption. The Lorons have landed on the planet where another artifact was located as their Tekkas were unearthing it. Br'klakkon has walked to the position of the relic and felt joy. The puzzle box was opening. The artifacts were revealing their secrets.

As he came close to the artifact, however, it has started to glow with the white light. Suddenly, the ground has started to shake as the eldritch machines have started to pop out of it, gleaming white in contrast to the ground where they came from. Cold and emotionless, they have uttered one sentence together:

Inheritance Robot - The Artifacts must be protected.

With these words, the machines have fired the blue bolts of light at the Lorons, turning them into nothing but skeletons. One by one, the warriors of the Legion fell to the ground as the remaining ones escaped the planet quickly in fear. Worst of all, Br'klakkon has felt as his elemental powers were weakening as the machines attacked. In an attempt to escape, he concentrated all his powers to teleport from the planet.

Br'klakkon was angry. Someone was protecting the artifacts, and he wanted to know who.

Battle of Crepusculum[]

The Fleet of Ruin was relentless in its approach, and now they had reached the very heart of the Divinarium - Crepusculum. As they emerged in orbit admiral Jahric, fully recovered from his ordeal was commanding the orbiting fleet and PDF. He watched as the Brood's guns tore the crystal spires of the homeworld apart, shattering and crumbling. Smiling with eagerness, Tyraz ordered for the full deployment of ground forces before shortly joining them himself, eager to face the Clericarch in battle. He drew his firesword shortly before charging into the ranks of Dei'Ar Guard's soldiers, who had gathered for the defense of the planetary capital. Tyraz - Members of the Brood of War, show no mercy! Eradicate them all!.

"Do not fight them in melee! Run! Fyrvrtha, engage the Zazane!" - Jahric said as he knew full-well the Dei'Ar Radeon were no match. Jahric called for them to withdraw, ordering the Fyrvrtha warriors to the fray instead.

Jahric - You may be strong, but the Messengers and Spode are with us, and we shall prevail! For the Divinarium!

Meanwhile, above the planet, another fleet arrived, hundreds of vessels of the Draconis Empire had finally reached the planet and proceeded to fire a withering volley at the Brood's warships. At the head of the Armada was the Battlemaster-class TNSS Dominax, Larnus Vontarion's personal flagship. Upon his arrival he swiftly contacted the Admiral.

Larnus - Admiral Jahric, this is Lord Admiral Larnus Vontarion. We are at your service
Jahric - Excellent. We shall deal with their military forces on the ground while you shall take care of the fleet.

Larnus nodded before closing communication.

Larnus - Understood. By the way, we have a passenger who would like to speak with your Clericarch personally.

Deep in the bowels of the Dominax, Uriel was making his way to the shuttle with the intent to talk with Iovera. Accompanying him was Asac, High Inquisitor of the Cult of Drakon.

Arsac - You had better know what you are doing, your majesty.
Uriel - Trust me, the sooner we sort everything out the better. What of you?
Arsac - I want that savage's head...

The Dei'Ar Guardsmen make their last stand against the Zazane forces.

In battle, Tyraz was a deadly force. "Fools! Try to stop me?" - he yelled as Radeon armour outmached for the Xhodocto warblade and outmaneuvered by his ease of teleportation. One of the Dei'Ar was desperate enough to order the singularity catapults to fire. However, Tyraz simply teleported out of the way, along with kicking some of the Dei'Ar into the paths of each pulse for good measure. His desire for battle against Iovera only intensified with each step. Outside, a shuttle carrying Arsac and four other inquisitors flew into view. As Tyraz entered the central chamber, Arsac leapt from an opening, landing right behind the warlord.

Arsac - Not so fast, brute!

Tyraz stalled upon hearing the Inquisitor. Tyring around, he quickly grasped her neck and muttered: "Not a smart move...." before throwing her with great strength. Her body flew several meters before rolling against a wall. As she settled, the other inquisitors joined her, one of them helping her up while the others stand defensively around Tyraz. As she stood up, Iovera entered the room, glaring angrily at Tyraz for the intrusion.

Iovera - Who is that Zazane? Call yourself, call your name so I could know who was that fool who dared to attack the Spode's Finest!
Tyraz - Councillor Tyraz Breek of the Brood of War!

Tyraz proceeded to swing his blade in a circular motion, slicing through the barriers and faces of two of the inquisitors with ease.

Iovera - Then cower, Councilor, as you will see the darkest horrors of your future days!

Tyraz' mind was overcome with distorted images, as they became clearer what they saw confused both of them. Flashing in their minds were images of Iovera and Tyraz kissing while two kids, apparently looking like bizzare hybrids of Zazane and Radeons, played around them. Both Iovera and Tyraz stumbled in confusion, while Arsac was oblivious. Tyraz clutched his head in his hands, overcome with the horrors of what he saw.

Tyraz - What trickery was that?!
Iovera - ...I... do not understand... Anyway, you shall fall!

Arsac, oblivious to what has happened, simply accepted 'something' happened and whatever it was, it was effective. Desperate, Iovera used telekineses to throw Tyraz at a wall. This only made Tyraz angerier, roaring with rage and inching towards her

Tyraz - You...will not....win....
Arsac - Hold your ground, Inquisitors, they deserve the right of single combat.

Iovera continued her assault while Arsac ordered her inquisitors with and signalled to encircle the pair.

Tyraz - Haha...You think I am s-scared to die? - he roared before plunging his sword into the ground, permeating as a shockwave resonates and cracks the floor in an attempt to make Iovera fall over. Tyraz stood up, walking over to her.

Tyraz - Your pathetic attempt to torture me has failed.
Iovera - What you do not know is that I hold power beyond your imagination...

Iovera has faded into an incorporeal form, her robes collapsing onto the floor. Her eyes shone with an ethereal purple light as she became a living shadow. Her voice resonated thought the minds of everyone in the room as she was surrounding herself by wrappings of pure darkness, her voice shifting from her normal, feminine tone to something confident, echoing and unearthly.

Iovera - Bow before Iovera of the ... ISIO'...NAR!

Arsac, a woman who had been fighting cultists for centuries stood and gaped in horror, frozen in place as Iovera's cries echoed in her mind. There could be only one thing she could say: "You. Have. Got. To Be . Deceiving. Me!". Tyraz growled and responded with a roar of defiance:

Tyraz - I bow before nobody!

Tyraz's skin began to shift from a dark crimson to a molten red as his veins started to glow with a burning yellow, his wings considerably expanding in size as his body exploded to resemble a living magma, suddenly towering above those around him. His eyes started to shine with an internal white light as his body was leaking with a mysterious black energy. The energy from his firesword, once a deep red now burns with a demonic black flame. He struggled in pain as Iovera did what she could to reverse it, but it was no good. As he grew, he spoke with a deep, demonic voice: "I FEAR NOT THE ISIO'NAR!"

Quickly realising they were the only mortals in the room, the Inquisition operatives looked in horror at what they faced. In the hundreds of millenia of the Inquisition's history they had always prevented such things.

Inquisitor -Mistress, which one are we supposed to denounce?

Arsac has opened communication with Paragon, trying to contact him.

Arsac - I have no idea... Uriel... you had better get here NOW!
Uriel - Something beyond your abilities?

The sound of gunfire could be heard on his end as the battle was raging.

Arsac - As a matter of fact ... yes.
Uriel - What?
Arsac - If I told you, you would not believe me. Just pull out and bring some of those dragons with you!

Uriel sighed.

Uriel - On my way.

In an effort to end Iovera's attack, Tyraz charged at her, their energies clashing and sending a shockwave that shattered the chamber's windows. Iovera teleported out of the room, leaving Tyraz alone with the inquisitors.

Tyraz - "ENOUGH OF THIS!!"

Brood councillor picked up Inquisitor Kalus and threw him across the room. The strength of the throw caused the inquisitor's body to explode as it hit a wall. Despite this burst of rage, Tyraz was still furious.


Tyraz gazed down at Arsac, overcoming her fear she readied herself for whatever he planned to throw at her. Iovera suddenly appeared behind him and he turned to face her.

Iovera - Settle? I think we could cooperate.

Both Iovera and Tyraz transformed back, their outfits returning to them. Arsac was bewildered; she had noticed the phenomenal auras both of them had, but what she had not realized they were ascended beings.

Tyraz - We could...But what would we gain?
Iovera - Are you there for the artifacts?

Arsac regained her composure, muttering to herself that under her authority they both should be executed for the power they held. The surviving inquisitor walked over to herbut she was in barely any mood for pleasantries.

Inquisitor - Mistress, are you alrigh-
Arsac - Get the hell away from me! You saw what they became, what they did to brother Kalus! They deserve nothing less than to be condemned.

In an act of rage, Arsac aimed and primed her fusion pistol at Tyraz, who turned around glaring.

Arsac - The relics are too dangerous to be used by anyone. I don't care what they are!
Tyraz - Liar! If you think that, why do you claim them for yourselves?
Arsac - We claim them so no-one else will find them. Why do you think they were buried underground on remote worlds?
Tyraz - If you think they are so dangerous, why not destroy them?
Iovera - I am aware of the power. This power should not be used by the unbound minds like that of Lorons or Wentals.
Arsac - We don't know what they'll do. They could be out-of-phase, they could destroy the surroundings.
Tyraz - We are not unbound. We could use them against such races.
Arsac - No-one uses the artifacts so long as I live! As long as there is a single draconis that breathes!
Tyraz - Do not challenge me. Zazane have wiped out races before, we can do it again!
Arsac - If I have to execute both of you to ensure this I...

She is interrupted as Uriel, accompanied by seven Blood Dragons enters the room. Clad in his gilded armour, he enters with a stern look on his face and was still sore against Iovera for what her fleets had done and completely unaware of the battle that had previously ensued.

Uriel - I apologise for the delay.
Arsac - Your arrogance sickens me, you do not deserve the power you wield!
Tyraz - Foolish creature. You believe you can execute me? The rat queen here knows that both of you are incapable of doing so...
Uriel - Inquisitor, stand down! Can someone enlighten me as to what is going on?
Tyraz - I, Tyraz Breek of the Brood of War, am trying to discuss with the rat queen...
Arsac - Paragon, your 'ally' the Clericarch is a demon along with this savage who stands with her. You are treading a dangerous line siding with them...
Tyraz - You dare call me a demon?
Arsac - I watched them unveil their true forms before my very eyes! We should not be consorting with demons, your majesty. And you, Tyraz, are a malignant being of extreme power, a demon in every sense of the word!
Tyraz - I think that you, here, are the antagonist! You dare call me malignant? You have not witnessed my step-brother!
Uriel - The High Inquisitor is presenting a very extreme accusation.

Uriel looked about the room; the windows were shattered, the floor was cracked and broken, and the bodies of two inquisitors laid on the floor while the remains of another stained a distant wall.

Uriel - What caused this?
Arsac - Inquisitors Asalia and Thaurne were cut by the Zazane's blade, Kalus was... thrown across the room by the same Zazane. He was helpless...
Tyraz - You called them in to attack me....Their deaths were your doing....
Arsac - I was doing my duty for Drakon and for the empire. You sought to spill the blood of the Clericarch and I could not allow that. But Kalus did not have to die in such a dishnonourable way!
Tyraz - Have I yet spilled the Clericarch's blood? Your Inquisitors approached me at your order! Stupid creature! *pushes Arsac back into a wall*
Iovera - Gentlemen, I assume that violence and discussion is not the only option in this discussion. We should cooperate.
Uriel - Agreed. But Arsac's duty involves prevention, that was all she was doing.

Tyraz turned to Iovera.

Tyraz - What did you have in mind, Mistress... I haven't caught your name. What shall I call you by?
Iovera - Clericarch Iovera of the Divinarium.
Tyraz - Alright, Mistress Iovera. What did you have in mind?
Iovera - Thing is that Lorons and Masuri's Wental loyalists are planning to get the artifacts. Giving that Lorons are, well, Lorons and Masuri as a xenocidal maniac, we should not allow the artifacts to fall in their hands.
Tyraz - Loron...Agh...I say that we will kill these foolish Draconis so the Brood has a path to the Artefacts!
Uriel - The artifacts we have found are currently held on an unmarked world. If you do that, a few of the artifacts could be lost forever. That and I don't think many of my people are keen on extinction.
Iovera - Agreed.
Tyraz - ...Fine.

Tyraz grabbed his firesword.

Tyraz - You make a good point... However....The Brood will obtain the Artifacts nonetheless.

As they were speaking, a Hetii Swarm Warrior flew onto the windowledge and prepared his gun before firing at the remaining Inquisitor. Arsac, in return, pulled out her fusion pistol and fired at a Hetii, wounding him.

Arsac - I suggest you call your drone off.

Tyraz growled at a Hetii, scaring him and causing him to flee.

Tyraz - Go and get back to the Swarm!

Arsac holstered her pistol.

Arsac - Better. The empire is the only entity here who wants to ensure these artifacts are not used against the other races. How can we trust either of you?
Iovera - ...The Divinarium will... uh... protect the relics.
Tyraz - The Brood will....umm....help...protect them.... Perhaps you could even give us one for safe keeping....

Arsac was not convinced by either of their words, she glared at both of them making her opinion known. True to her occupation, she was a paranoid sort, expecting deceit should either of them 'help'.

Uriel - Arsac, you have no authority in this discussion. What about storing the relics on a neutral world?
Iovera - For Lorons to take?
Tyraz - A neutral world? Sounds vulnerable! Exactly! A Brood world, such as Riveliata, would be the perfect place to hold these relics!
Uriel - It will be defended, but what we could do is ensure records of such a world remain erased.
Tyraz - It would not matter to Loron. They do not consider records as important. They would find it anyway!
Uriel - It would still make the world harder to find. We're talking one in a trillion stars.
Iovera - At the same time, gentlemen, you would like to see this video... Direct your eyes upon holopict.

Iovera activated a projector, showing footage recovered after the battle of Solvani III. It showed Loron soldiers recovering the relic from the world. Glistening white robots rose from the earth, their shots reducing the Loron present to skeletons. Everyone was stunned by the footage.

Hachiman> Tyraz - What are those?
Uriel - That's more defence than at other sites we have encountered.
Iovera - I do not know. We must be way of... THESE beings. Now, look at the transmission my astropaths have found.
Tyraz - We could clear those robots by attacking the planet with our Shidium weapons...
??? - Transmission: Imperious doklarade. Doklarade ms'garon ventrilo. Art'faktara i'larion gvardeo. Art'faktara i'larion gvardeo. Art'faktara finikaro drazh omnio vitri Ardenta! Art'faktara finikaro drazh omnio vitri Andromeda! Art'faktara zlobeni! Art'faktara zaary finikaro! ART'FAKTARA ZAARY FINIKARO! Eviling nekromanto vitri art'faktara! Eviling nekromanto vitri Elda! EVILING VLADONAAR NEKROMANTO! EVILING VLADONAAR NEKROMANTO!
Tyraz - I did not understand....
Iovera - Apalos machines have translated parts of this message. It seems that is the warning. A warning that artifacts shall be protected by... someone.
Uriel - That language escapes me... Empire... Andromeda?
Iovera - Unknown language. Although reminiscent of Radessic but... Still, untranslateable.
Tyraz - This someone should learn not to tangle with the Brood of War! If it is old, then obviously they will have no chance against Shidium weaponry!
Uriel - We can't be certain. For all we know they could be very ancient, perhaps as old as the galaxy.
Tyraz - Hmmm....Those machines could be a problem. We should use the Artefacts we have against them!
Uriel - How do we know that won't make things worse? If these come from the same race they could ahve designed a counter to their own weapons.

The bickering quickly stops as Iovera showed a different piece of footage. an image can be seen of a huge, mostrous Loron'Kikra trying to fire at the robot with a Propa Big Blasta, resulting in nothing but a small dent in the robot's hull which is swiftly healed, as though it was never hit. Arsac herself seemed to smile; for the past month the Zazane had been shouting to everyone that they fear nothing and yet thanks to her training she could tell from his aura, voice and body language: He was afraid.

Tyraz - Whoa....
Iovera - Shidium won't help there.
Tyraz - Ahem...Excuse me for that. I show no fear of these things!

Tyraz trembled slightly.

Uriel - Do we know what triggered their emergence? Lorons don't appear very clever.
Iovera - Nothing but walking into the artifact.
Tyraz - You will be surprised, riel. Loron are very intelligent creatures....They just process slower.
Iovera - Anyway, we must find a way to deal with THESE MACHINES and Lorons at the same time.
Tyraz - They certainly look tough...
Arsac - Finally, something even a demon is afraid of...
Uriel - If those machines activate when the relics are used then... *lowers his head as he remembers about the hidden research facility* Oh Drakon preserve them...

Tyraz stepped back.

Tyraz - W-What is your p-plan....?
Iovera - Do I look like I know?
Tyraz - You claim you are Isio'Nar! You should know!
Iovera - I can try to observe the timelines... Hope I will not see us kissing again...
Tyraz - Hmm? Excuse me?

Both Arsac and Uriel were shocked at the idea of Tyraz and Iovera kissing. Tyraz himself blushed black before shaking his head trying to shake the thought from his head.

Iovera - It is better for us to find where these machines come from. I feel like they could be negotiated.
Tyraz - Negotiate with machines? They are soulless!
Arsac - Agreed. They might have only been programmed for one purpose.
Iovera - You do not underrstand... I have tried to communicate with these machines, and I feel that at least one of them had some... mind. It looks like they have some goal they are wishing to achieve for some reason.
Tyraz - We should destroy them! I will not negotiate with machines! It is preposterous!
Iovera - Ahem. Should I repeat this holopic again?
Tyraz - Uh... You are right...
Iovera - Worst of all, these machines seem to have ability to nullify the Essence. It should be something dangerous.
Tyraz - Nullify Essence? This is madness!..

Tyraz stepped closer to Iovera.

Tyraz - How do you propose we...I mean, you negotiate with them?
Uriel - She will not be alone.
Arsac - Uriel...
Uriel - Enough!
Iovera - Wait... I feel like we are watched.
Tyraz - Hmm? Possibly a Hetii...

An ethereal bolt of blue lighting pierced the ceiling, and as it was collapsing, the Dragons pointed their rifles upward unsure, what to expect. As blocks tumbled, both Uriel and Iovera become endangered as chunks of the ceiling fell towards them. Tyraz jumped to save Iovera while a Blood Dragon leaps to save Uriel's life, the block narrowly missing his tail. Tyraz was not so fortunate as a large block landed on him. Dei'Ar warriors enter the room as a voice echoed before phasing out: "Artifacts shall not be taken by the younglings."

Arsac - Can someone tell me what in the void's name that was?

As Arsac has noticed the Dei'Ar, she told him that everything had been settled.

Tyraz struggled to lift himself out of the rocks, calling for help. Uriel gestured for the Blood Dragons to help him but he was more concerned with making sure Iovrea was okay than thanking the Draconis who saved him from the rubble. Tyraz helped her up and brushed some dust from her arm.

Tyraz - Clericarch, are you okay?
Iovera - ...Uh, yes. I assume.

Tyraz helped her to stand up and brushed dust off her arm.

Iovera - Uh... thanks... you, uh, unbeliever...

Eyes of Iovera have started to glow pink slightly, a sign of affection for her species. Tyraz, noticing it, blushed.

Tyraz - N-No problem...C-Clericharch...
Iovera - Yes. So, shall we cooperate for now?
Uriel - So it would seem.
Tyraz - We shall. However, the Brood will not do negotiating. We will be on call if you need us. That is...f-for attacking.
Iovera - ...y-yes.

Tyraz smiled slightly and blushed again.

Tyraz - S-So, what now? I assume that my ships... Oh SHYRAK!!

Tyraz pulled out and spoke into his communicator.

Tyraz - Ships of the Fleet of Ruin, stop the attack!
Iovera - We shall now try to find a way to prevent the Lorons from taking the artifacts. Uriel - Larnus, the opposing fleet has agreed to stand down. Inform all units to cease fire.

In space and on the ground, the fleets halted their fire and invading Brood warriors and Draconis marines returned to their ships.

Aftermath - Aboard the Dominax[]

Arsac was still shaken from her ordeal, as soon as she returned on board she transferred what she had recorded with her eye to Uriel's quarters before seeking quiet contemplation in the cargo bay. After the discussion the Armada had decided to send some supplies down to help the rebuilding efforts and it was a few hours before they left orbit.

Uriel was shocked at the footage. He watched as Tyraz and Iovera shed their true forms, he watched in horror as he picked up and threw the inquisitor without hesitation. After watching it for a third time and checking for any eerrors before slumping in contemplation away from the screen. He muttered his thoughts, unsure what to think. "She was right. Both sides are being led by gods, how are we supposed to fight back... Can i truly trust the Clericarch?" His train of thoughts were broken as Larnus entered, Uriel had the same depressed look on him that he had back in the palace.

Larnus - Damnation Uriel, are you going to spend this entire war sulking?
Uriel - Look at the recording. If Arsac had conformed after losing her eye I might never have seen that...

Larnus and Uriel discuss the revelation

Larnus walked over to the screen, watching with dismay at the footage.

Larnus - Remind me, you're siding with the purple one right?
Uriel - I don't even know anymore. I'm starting to woander if we're the only ones who know these relics are dangerous. But whoever designed those machines was thinking along the right lines.
Larnus - You shouldn't sulk, i'm sure she had a very good reason for hiding a secret like that. I can't believe i'm saying this to a bicentennial but... politicians always have something to hide for good reason, you yourself have a secret. Remember?
Uriel - Both of them are gods, the Wental are a race of machines, are the only traditional forms of life in this galaxy part of our empire?
Larnus - Define normal...
Uriel - One side is a race of machines, the other two are led by ascended beings. As far as I know the game of chance has been quiet for us.
Larnus - What about the Coalition?
Uriel - I would hardly call their cultural attitudes 'traditional'. I can't turn my back on her, not when things have come this far!
Larnus - Uriel. The Divinarium acted without warning when they destroyed our fleets. The reason we are here is because you decided this could help relations between us and them. Can you promise me to tread lightly on this matter?
Uriel - You're right, as always. It's just that Iovera didn't even try and contact us about this and prior to seeing that recording I had the impression we were the only ones who seemed to realise how dangerous the artifacts could be.
Larnus - Well then, I'll leave you to contemplate, we will be hunting for Loron in the meantime. Just... Try to be a bit more proactive in the effort okay, the marines want a paragon who gives them confidence.

Larnus proceeds towards the door of Uriel's quarters ,stopping as the doors open "One last thing: There's someone in the cargo hold who could do with talking to. I know she's not the social type, but she still has a soul... At least hear her out" Larnus leaves the room. Uriel decides to head down, in his mind the knew that if there was anyone who could give insight it would be her. Arsac was meditating in the centre of an empty chamber, her legs crossed and her arms on her knees. As Uriel entered she opened an eye and looked in Uriel's direction, smiling.

Arsac - She intrigues you doesn't she?
Uriel - Was it that obvious?
Arsac - It's my job to know what people are thinking. I know why you are intrigued and you are intrigued by her power. A mortal siding with a god is can bring only glory if you can keep them under control but I warn you this your majesty: Gods and demons are beyond any comprehension, they have motives you couldn't begin to understand and lay plans so complex they take a millenia to execute. People don't ally with gods, they become subservient to them. No exceptions!
Uriel - Is that what you think?
Arsac - I know this. I have dedicated my life to protecting people from those very traps, I will not stand by and watch as my paragon succumbs to the same weakness as countless others have.
Uriel - What do you suggest?
Arsac - Keep her at arm's reach and do not believe a word Tyraz says. Both of them desire only the fulfillment their own selfish goals, creatures like them don't care how many billions suffer for it.

Arsac's words hit deep inside him. He had no choice to respect her words because she had been an inquisitor for nearly 300 years and was fighting cultists and demonspawn before he was even born.

The Dragon Ponders[]

Tyraz sat on the personalized seat that was located on the Ghost of the Warrior. The Councilor wondred about the whole battle. What were those machines? Why do the Draconis bother to try and stop him? But more importantly, what about the image that Iovera showed him. The one where he and her was kissing while two, strange looking children played around them.

Tyraz - That couldn't be my future.....Could it?

His sharp claws began to dig into the chair's arms. Tyraz growled, but then heard footsteps behind him.

Tanaris - Lord Tyraz, why are you in such a state of panic?

Tyraz jumped a little. A first for him. He stood up and looked up at the huge Zazane.

Tyraz - Tanaris, please. Do not jump me like that...
Tanaris - I apologize, my Lord. However, why are you in such a state?
Tyraz - I do not know why, Tanaris....I am feeling rather not quite like myself at the moment.

At this point, Tyraz's voice became softer. He picked up a skull, which was relatively new by the looks of it, and sniffed it. To Zazane, the scent of skulls were like flowers. Tyraz sighed, and Tanaris grunted before walking off. Tyraz sat back in his chair, holding the scented skull. He thought more and more about the Clericarch.

Tyraz - Why would she show me such....images?

Now that he finally had some alone time, he sniffed the skull again as he watched as his fleet were starting to travel away from Crepusculum. Tyraz sighed, a feeling near his heart appeared. It is not very often Zazane get this feeling. It was a feeling of longing. He started to daze off, before suddenly realizing and slamming the skulls against his mighty horns. He let out a growl.

Tyraz - Those wretched machines! They will not make me weak!

He tried telling himself it was the sudden attack of the machines that was turning him vulnerable. Although, he blinked. No use trying to lie to himself. Deceit was not his style. He sat down and began to think again.

Tyraz - Why do I long to see that witch so much?!

He slammed his fist against the chair arm. He snarled. Tyraz was not use to this feeling of longing yet. He has not felt this since when he was a youngling...

Tyraz - Curse that wretched vermin! She has laid a curse on me!

Again he tried to lie to himself. And then, footsteps. He smiled and his eyes widened. He spun round.

Tyraz - Mistress Iovera?!

But to his disappointment, it was only Horde Master Kra'Lo'Kan. He sighed and growled quietly.

Tyraz - What do you want?
Kra'Lo'Kan - You like her....don't you?
Tyraz - What? What are you talking about?!
Kra'Lo'Kan - Do not act a fool, Great Leader...I may be Cyrod, but I know the urge to mate when I smell it...

Cyrod would release pheromones when ready to breed, and obviously Kra'Lo'Kan was a more intelligent member of the race. He knew how to tell a person's feelings just by the look on their face.

Tyraz - ....I am not sure. I am confused, Horde Master! She showed me images of me...and her....Rytikor.....
Kra'Lo'Kan - She was nudging you? Tyraz - No...she was within my personal space....*shudders* And she...had her face on mine....
Kra'Lo'Kan - *chuckles* Ahh....you mean that ritual...It is foreign to both you and I, Great Leader....But those hominid people will do it to show affection...
Tyraz - She knows about how hominid people show affection?
Kra'Lo'Kan - It is possible....She may even prefer that ritual! And if she is showing you images of you and her...

Tyraz felt sickened. He could not imagine anybody getting that close into his personal space outside of battle, let alone somebody else's face on his. He gagged.

Kra'Lo'Kan - Great Leader...The Rat Queen may show signs of affection towards you...
Tyraz - Do not be ridiculous! She is a religious fanatical leader!
Kra'Lo'Kan - And you are a powerful warrior king! She is obviously attracted....
Tyraz - Enough of this! Get back to your Horde, now!

The Horde Master did as he was commanded. Tyraz panted angrily, his tail swishing side to side. Then, he started to slow. He banished the bizarre thoughts from his head, and focussed on the currengt problem at hand: The machines.

Upon the throne of thoughts[]

After the battle, Iovera secluded herself to the sanctity of her throne room, thinking about the strange threads of future that she has seen. Her and this Zazane leader... kissing? What was this blasphemy?

Iovera knew, however, that threads of fate could not be evaded, but also she knew that she has only seen into one of many, many possibilities. This future, however, was one of the most possible ones. She was horrified and disgusted at the same time. A queen of a million of worlds... became a lover of Zazane emperor? Iovera has looked into the future again, to see the same scene. She has realised she has found the Zazane... handsome? Her eyes flashed pink again, a sign of passion for Radeons.

Iovera shook her head to make the vision vanish. At the same time, the door of the throne room opened, two Radons entering the room. These were two advisors of her, War Predictor Matheoward and Exarch Selytorah.

Matheoward - My lady, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the fate of the Divinarium?
Iovera - Not really, War Predictor. I am thinking about this... Zazane leader. Tyraz Breek. This vision I saw... Of us kissing...

Matheoward was disgusted with the very idea of this, as was Selytorah.

Matheoward - This is blasphemy! A heretical vision sent by the darkness itself to stray you from one true path!
Iovera - This is not that simple. I feel some kind of link between us. It cannot be denied. This, uh, Tyraz...
Matheoward - Is a fiend whose step-brother destroyed our old empire and murdered my mentor - and Selytorah's father - , Tadjamad!
Selytorah - War Predictor, do not judge one by the doings of his relatives. Tyraz may be a good person and he proved it by-
Matheoward - Anyway, the very idea of Clericarch falling in love with a Zazane is blasphemy! Heresy! How can you think of this, my lady?
Iovera - ...Yes, I agree with you, War Predictor. The very idea is blasphemy. Although... time will show whether you are right or not.
Selytorah - There are more important things at the moment than arguing. The machines are rising and the Coalition becomes active once more. We must march now.

After Selytorah's words, the three have left the throne room. They had an empire to rule...

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