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In times of woe, they will return.
In war of darkness, all shall burn.

- An ancient Andromedan prophecy.

Entering the gates[]

The small but powerful fleet of DCP, Draconid, Divinarium and Brood ships landed on a strange world. Iovera, who left first, had taken a look at the strange world. It was bizzare, similar to the ancient ecumenopolis of some sort, abandoned and forgotten by all. Ruined and rusted Grox buildings were everywhere - it was a mystery how did they survive the ages. The world was dotted by tunnels and pipes, leading into the core.

Iovera - It is so strange.
Uriel - The Grox were indeed masterful engineers...
Tyraz - That else do you expect from them? They're Grox.
Matheoward - According to what our scientists said, this world was where the cure to the Mechovirus was developed. The last key to the artifacts might also be there.
Uriel - Let us hope that age has not taken its toll.
Corteus - What is the strategy?
Iovera - According to what the DCP has gathered, the Grox's centre of operations was closer to the planetary core. They say that by now, it has turned to crystal and thus save. The pipes lead there...
Tyraz - Hmph, are the pipes able to take us down there without collapsing?
Matheoward - It matters not. Let's go and smash all the opposition, swiftly and deadly!

Matheoward slammed his fist.

Kilnok - They are a series of megastructure complexes that reach down to the crystalline core of Cathemera.
Tyraz - Matheoward, you will be eating those words when you fall through the floor.
Corteus - You might want to save your punches for the enemy, War Predictor.
Matheoward - Don't tell me what to do, soldier.

The AGC strike team followed into the pipe, and it eventually grew larger, becoming a full-fledged tunnel.

Uriel - As long as the Grox are occupied in orbit this won't be impossible...
Iovera - It feels strange. It looks like this place is not completely abandoned.
Uriel - Tunnels... wonderful.
Kilnok - The core has no more remnant heat. Cathemera was once a gas giant, that got inexorably close to it's parent star. The star entered planetary nebula phase, solar wind stripping the gas giant of its atmosphere, leaving a behind a core. The white dwarf is 12.5 billion years of age.
Tyraz - Zazane evolved in the tunnels, and emerged into the light shortly after to begin civilization. It discomforts me that an advanced civilization such as the Grox would construct tunnels here.
Corteus - That's...old.
Kilnok - It is mostly an iceball. We should be able to melt through any regions blocked from us.
Iovera - Oh. You know, we Radeons did always consider ourself to be the elder race, and that was often true...

Suddenly Uriel felt somewhat discomforted.

Uriel - Roughly a century ago I was leading fire-teams into tunnels to destroy a threat ot the Imperium. How time repeats itself...
Kilnok - I advise we use our glasma cannons to make short work of the defenses.
Kilnok - Watching generations live and die for 700 years makes you see natural selection, and repetive cycles at play in society and evolution.
Matheoward - Wait! Here it comes. The tunnel- it ends there. It is a complex of some sort.

Suddenly the doors closed and an ancient cybernetic voice ringed in the room.

Grox AI - Infestation. Infestation. Purification in process.
Uriel - This could be a problem...

Ancient Grox droids attack.

Walls of the complex sprang to activity and an army of Grox ancient droids emerged.

Iovera - Oh... no...
Tyraz - Hmph. It's only robots.
Uriel - Only robots, Tyraz? *smirks*

Iovera raised her hands as electricity sparked in her hands, while Matheoward readied his hammer. Uriel grabbed his disruptor rifle and Tyraz prepared his Firesword, getting ready for a huge battle. Finally, Corteus raised his arms which folded out into two tripple-barrel gatling plasma cannons.

Matheoward - Come. Come! I will show you what the Dei'Ar Warriors are made of.
Tyraz - Not before I display the might of the Zazane!
Matheoward - Bleh.
Corteus - Let's get this done.

The droids attacked. Their look was baroque and ancient; rusted and covered in dust, they were powerful none the less due to the sheer technological potential. While some had their weaponry broken, they still fought with great strength tearing the AGC soldiers apart. The battle began.

Corteus positioned hismelf and revved up his cannons, which fired volleys of plasma at the droids. Their armour was strong, but no their shields were not strong enough, having been deprived of energy after many years of lying disabled. As the droids were distracted, Tyraz slashed his sword in different angles, sending energy waves in multiple directions. Unable to withstand the essence attacks, they bursted in pieces. Corteus bared his teeth as he continued firing, moving his arms to spread out his shots across the room.

At the other side of the room, Uriel, Matheoward and Iovera fought a different group of droids, smaller and more numerous. Arcs of electricity that Iovera unleashed at them were bolstered by Matheoward's mighty blows, but they did not intend to die and continued to approach, being programmed to do so. The blasts impacted Uriel's personal shield as he fired pulses of quagma, and as droids approached he pulled out and activated an enormous gleaming greatsword from his back.

Iovera - There are... so many...
Matheoward - I don't care. Give me more!

Matheoward faced a larger battledroid with four legs, apparently covered with spikes and blades to further damage its victims. It let a metallic roar of some sort and leaped at the War Predictor, who fell on the ground, losing his favourite weapon, As the metal creature continued to attack him, however, the Radeon commander managed to get his hammer back and activated its firing mode. What was usually a melee weapon fired a powerful burst of energy, scaring the Grox droid off, and Matheoward restored his superiority, smashing its head viciously. The remaining droids looked around and were confused - strange images of DCP soldiers flashed in the complex, making short FTL jumps to send false images into their past.

Matheoward - ...what was that?!
Kilnok - False images. Anything capable of FTL is capable of time travel. Don't they teach you this in school?
Iovera - Wait! There seem to be... more of them!

Matheoward turned his head to his mistress after smashing yet another droid, while Kilnok fired quagma cannons at other machines.

Corteus - More?
Matheoward - Perhaps there's more of them coming out of something. We have to get out of there quickly!
Uriel - Agreed, the faster we move the less they can pin us down.
Iovera - There is a portal there or something. Quickly, get in there!

Corteus aimed his cannons and fired pulses to protect the team's flanks as they head towards the portal. The whole strike team proceeded to a large red portal, similar to Radeon wormhole gates, and appeared in a large room filled with strange technology and ancient relics. Grox statues were everywhere, as well as baroque scientific equipment. Uriel's jaw dropped.

Uriel - Wh... What is this place?
Tyraz - This is all very impressive...
Corteus - ...I don't like the look of those Grox statues.
Iovera - I think this is what we searched for. The ancient scientific complex... or something like that. The cure is there.
Kilnok - Journey ends... Wait! Before we touch it...Near the core of the planet, gravity drops to zero-g. Keep this in mind.
Grochius - Indeed it does. As does your life.

Everybody was blinded for a second by a flash of energy as the Grox legion appeared, the blood red eyes of their battlesuits shining in the twilit room.

Grochius - I am afraid I cannot allow you to reach the cure.

In the lair of darkness[]

Grochius is engaged.

Grochius - You have come long, but your journey ends there! You cannot stop the old times from returning!
Matheoward - Mistress, allow me to smash this Grox in a battlesuit to pieces...
Uriel - *readies his greatsword* We all have plans for glory, and they all involve you not stopping us.
Tyraz - *smirks and draws his Firesword* Didn't I kill you once already?
Kilnok - There is little I have to say to you. Kilnok drew his blades.

Grochius' voice rumbled from his battlesuit.

Grochius - Thanks to this new body, I live. Unlike you lowlifes.

Grochius readied his blade and an army of Grox battlesuits poured from the shadows.

Tyraz - Hmph, is this all you have? An army of cowards dressed in tin-foil?

Corteus spoined his gatling cannons.

Corteus - More targets.
DCP Soldier - You realise you are only adding extra seconds to your life while we slaughter these mere cadets at us.
Grochius - Hmph. You lowlifes talk a lot, but unlike you, we Grox know our enemies. That's why we used your commanders and turned them into our own. Ixxan, unleash the projects!
Uriel - What...

Among the smaller battlesuits, three large robotic warriors appeared, screaming with disturbed voices. There were apparently not Grox locked inside their shells.

Grochius - I don't remember how were they named. One was... Taleera, yes. The second one was, Yarik, I guess. The third one... Ah, I forgot it. All your lowlife names sound the same to me.

Tired of waiting, Kilnok appeared on Grochius' mech and attacked him. Uriel bared his teeth and growled.

Kilnok - Enough with these games. Fight like a man.
Uriel - What have you done...''
Tyraz - Yarik...How dare you! Yarik was my finest battlesuit commander...This scum has him at his hand.
Yarik/Project II - Subject: Yarik. Status: Dead. Project II. Status: Alive. Grox superiority shall be ensured.

The largest of the Projects, II, black and bladed, did strike the AGC soldiers, impaling them on his mechanical claws.

Uriel - Taleera... Yarik, so the third must be.... Oh lifefather waht have they done to him!
Grochius - The Battle on As Radan was glorious.

The Grox king laughed.

Uriel - Rumubarus, may your memory live on in paradise...

Tyraz growled and started at Project II.

Tyraz - I shall free your tortured soul!
Kilnok - There is nothing left of Yarrik. His name is all that is left of him. Killing him is the only way to honour his name.

Uriel lifted his greatsword and charged towards the third project. As he bounded towards project III he swung his greatsword to cleave through the smaller battlesuits, a beastial rear echoed throughout the room. Clashing in combat, the machine that was once a Draconis general screeched and threw Uriel, attempting then to shoot him with his superlaser. Uriel hit a wall and looked up to see project III aiming, he ducked and the shot hit the wall, barely missing his head. As the shot missed, Uriel pulled out a fusion pistol and charged once again, firing quagma pulses in III's direction.

Uriel - I shall grand you peace!

Uriel leaped at III and plunged his sword into its chest he twisted in an attempt to kill it. The meachine screamed, and Uriel felt relief in this scream. The Draconis within was glad to be freed of this miserable fate. Uriel continued twisting his sword, leaping upwards and pulling the sword with him, slicing III's body in half.

Meanwhile, Tyraz fought what was once Commander Yarrik, clenching his fist as he got closer and closer. The Zazane leader leaped up and punched into II's stomach area, leaving the machine disabled for a while. As this battle continued, on the highest platform, Matheoward fought the leanest battlesuit, which was armed with a huge plasma cannon, in a mockery of its original weapon. Project I used its telekinetic abilities to throw the Radeon to the wall and then attempted to choke him. Two fought for a long time, with neither side being able to win fo

As the three battlesuits were disabled by fighting and the remaining AGC and DCP soldiers distracted the battlesuits, Kilnok engaged Grochius in a duel. Emerging from the shadows, he grabbed the Grimbolsaurian warlord, laughing.

Grochius - Ah, the Grimbolsaurians. I did not have the honour of fighting you like my Plazith Rim brethren, but at least I can have the satisfaction of tearing you apart! Or, perhaps, there can always be... project four.

The two cybernetic battlesuits whiired as they fight for the dominance of strength.

Kilnok - We did not even grant your species honour. We killed every one of your Plazith Rim bretheren to the last man, woman and child.

Grochius' battlesuit's massive size was a disadvantage for him at this point. Even if he was extremely strong, Kilnok was quite agile. He roared and attempted to stomp him, but with no success.


Grochius roared and aimed his blade, crushing the floor with a massive earthquake, but Kilnok used advantage of his emotional breakdown slipping free of his grasp, using the lack of gravity in the core of Cathemera.

Kilnok - Feeling cumbersome in zero-g with that battlesuit?

Grochius stared at piles of dead AGC warriors lying or floating in zero gravity.

Kilnok - And yet here we are. Like it or not, you are cornered between planes of gravity.

Grochius's battlesuit started to shine with energy as he empowered the corpses of dead AGC warriors with life. Arising to life through the Mechovirus, they attacked.
Kilnok - I do wonder what the Meta-Emperor has to say to you...

Kilnok sent an enforced link from the Meta-Emperor to the mind of Grochius. He felt the immortal rage coursing within it.

Grochius - What is this... arrrgh...
Kilnok - He does not like failure.
Grochius - I will win. No matter what do you bring...
Kilnok - The Meta Emperor thinks not so, will you argue with his computation capacity?

Even as he lost his stability in zero gravity, Grochius continued his vicious retaliation, firing upon Kilnok and everyone else.


Tyraz pulled a cluster of wires and looked around.-

Tyraz - How dare you make corpses of our people you shyrak eater!
Iovera - Ow, my ears hurt from all this shouting.

The force of impact slams Kilnok at high speed against the cavity wall.

Iovera - If the Mechovirus does sustain him, we must use its power against him! Quickly, use the machinery!

Kilnok clambered up, the non-phasic shields barely protecting him.

Kilnok - Remember, we can fight him in three dimensions now.

Iovera flew and launched a burst of lightning at Grochius, leaving him stunned.

Iovera - Quickly... while I do leave him occupied...
Kilnok - If we all use our drive systems, we can all push Grochius at high speed against the cavity!

Kilnok jumped at Grochius, pushing him forward.

Kilnok - I need more momentum!

Uriel and Tyraz leaped from ther combatants and launch themselves at Grochius to hit him forward. Matheoward continued fighting Project I, which used psychic powers to keep him occupied. Finally when Grochius' damage distracted it for a second, he used his hammer's ranged mode to unleash a ferocious plasma barrage at the machine, burning it into nothingness.

Matheoward - Rest in peace...

Free at last, Matheoward leaped at Grochius and prepared his hammer. The combined effort of Kilnok and AGC warriors slammed Grochius against the cavity wall, penetrating several layers of rock. Kilnok began to use his glasma cannon to melt the metallic rock, welding it together.

Kilnok - We can seal him in!

Tyraz lifted his Firesword to melt the rock.

Tyraz - Good riddance.

Even when trapped, Grochius continued to fight, using his weaponry to break the rocks while smashing aimlessly.

Coteus - That probably won't hold him forever so we had better keep moving.
Kilnok - You were all those things, you reigned terror for 6 billion years. But now the universe has caught up with you.

Kilnok placed a shield at Grochius, slowing him even more.

Iovera - We still have problems. We have to use the liquid from Cathemera quickly or we are going to stay in this dungeon forever.

Iovera pointed at the mechovirus victims floating through the gravityless air. Corteus revved up his arm cannons and fired a hail of plasma at them. Some of them burned in the explosion while others survived.

Kilnok - It seems I've lossed some of my regiment.

Kilnok promptly fired at his fallen comrades.

Corteus - Get going, we will hold them back!

As Corteus drifted to the floor, sharp talons emerged form his feet and planted him fimrly onto the floor. As he looked at the horde, he saw former DCP soldiers warping behind Kilnok.

Kilnok - We will have to fight them back to back. I shoudn't have equipped them with FTL technology.

The battle continued and chaos ensued, with mechovirus victims only succumbing to the most dire fire. The last DCP soldier, surrounded by his zombified comrades, used his gluon plasma cannon to throw them aside. Being thrown into the air from the explosion as well, he saw the coagulating ball of fluid slightly bent due to the imperfect gravity of Cathemera, coloured brown from the mix of colours, slowly clotting.

Last DCP soldier - Look over there, I think I can see our destination.
Uriel - That looks... unpleasant.
Iovera - Quickly, use it! This is our only hope!
Tyraz - Hmph, so our cure is inside that ball of blood?
Uriel - It looks that way. Soemone needs to brave the interior.

Kilnok returned with Corteus battered and bruised.

Kilnok - Call it gravity.

Tyraz - Hmph. It looks as if it is beginning to clot. Soon it will be a giant scab.

As they were speaking, Grochius slowly started to reemerge from the rock.


Uriel turned to the opening and inhaled.

Uriel - I... I am willing to brave this...
Tyraz - No, Uriel! Leave it to me, I wouldn't like to imagine you covered in such. If it clots, you have no way out.
Last DCP soldier - We could try blasting the blood, but I fear we will damage our prize.
Uriel - What about cutting an opening?
Tyraz - Uriel...I would rather have you keep your dignity. Let me do this.
Kilnok - Grochius will soon be here. We must get it before it completely solidifies

Uriel's eyes darted for a moment in thought as helooked back at Tyraz.

Uriel - Hm, if you wish. Go. We will occupy the Grox.

Tyraz smiled and patted his shoulder, turning and flying towards the blood ball.

Tyraz - I shall not be long.

Grochius continued to attempt freeing himself, his mech's hands crushing everything.

Kilnok - We have the advantage. You cannot fire on us, but we can fire on you!

Rocks started to crumble and a group of Grox and Dronox warriors led by Commander Ixxan appeared.


Ixxan turned to Grochius and looked at his broken, half-sealed state, then at the corpses, analysing his maddened voice, then looking at Tyraz who flew faster and faster to the ball, looking dead ahead while his scales darkened, and yellow scars lighted up on his body.

Tyraz - In this state...I can do this quicker!
Ixxan - ...Supreme Leader: King Grochius II. Sanity level: dangerously low. Madness level reached. A change in leadership: in order. New Supreme Leader: Commander Ixxan.
Iovera - Wait... what? They surrender?

Grochius, infuriated and enraged, crushed the rock and attempted to claw his enemies with his mech's bladed hands. Ixxan's soldiers remained still and watched, and Grox Meta-Emperor screamed down Grochius's ear in rage.


Unfortunately for the Grox king, his efforts to change the tide of battle were for naught. Tyraz splashed into the ball of blood, and the group's image of him faded as he delved in. Breaking out of the rock, Grochius started his last stand against the AGC, trying to reach Tyraz as soon as he could.

Kilnok - Fire at will!

Uriel and what remained of his blood dragons, some berserk from the loss of their partners fired on Grochius, who shouted with an ear-piercing mechanical howl.

Kilnok - His suit is weakening!

Grochius was flying to the orb of blood and while he was still living, he was slowed. The sheer fury and pain made him lose his touch with reality, and his thoughts became broken and lost, his movements addled. Snarling ferociously, Uriel lifted his greatsword and leaped towards Grochius intent on plunging the blade into him.

Grochius - YOU...DIE...DIE..DIE!

As Grochius fought, minutes passed and the ball solidified, with no sign of Tyraz exiting as of yet.

Uriel snarled as he tore into the armour while Matheoward hammered it, their weapons creating sparks of energy that dented his shields.

Uriel - You. you threaten my allies, slaughter my kin, turn my admirals against me and almost kill my daughter! You. Will. Pay!
Kilnok - This is for the Jovar!

Kilnok stabbed his blades into weakened spots on the armour.

Matheoward - Taleera was one of our greatest generals. In your death, she will find salvation!
Iovera - I will not let you harm Andromeda. I will not let the apocalypse repeat again. I will protect my subjects - from you!
Meta Emperor - I will consume and recycle the tattered remains of your failed empire.

Time passed but Tyraz still hadn't exited the ball, however the AGC leaders and soldiers could see a bright yellow light within its centre as it solidifies, along with hearing a muffled roar... Ball's skin quivered, bursting in places. Bleeding out. Grochius looked at the orb and was infuriated even more. This momentary distracion allowed Iovera to throw a ball of lightning at Grochius, making him feel immense pain, magnified even more by the Meta Emperor's words.

Grochius - I... WILL... NOT... FAIL!

Suddenly, Tyraz's arm flinged itself out of the ball, grabbing ahold of Grochius' armour. Grochius let a diabolical roar and literally bursted with blue alien energy, preparing for his final stand.
Grochius - AAAARGH!
Uriel - *smiles* Tyraz!
Iovera - There is something... in Grochius... He is empowered by mechovirus and... something else! Use the device, Tyraz, this is the only way you can defeat Grochius!

Demon Tyraz's head slipped out of the ball, cackling in a demonic undertone as his scales were now completely black, covered in glowing yellow scara. He shows the device, and slammed it right into Grochius' armour, before activating it. Kilnok projected his shield around the ball as Grochius resumes to a mortal being, sealing him in.

Kilnok - Born in blood, dies in blood.

The Cathemera machine shimmered and Grochius let a final roar, its purifying energies purging him and making him feel extreme pain. He was drowning in blood.


Uriel smiled and leaped off the body, yanking his sword with hom. Grochius' body bursted in a blast of blue energy with a loud explosion, the last sound he heard was the Meta Emperor's insidious laughter. Without no will to command, his broken mech fell on the ground. Demonic Tyraz stood and watched, panting in an almost unnatural tone, as he smirked and then cackled quietly.

Iovera - And so it... ends... Now that we have the device and the cure, the Grox threat shall be dealt with...

Kilnok returned to his fallen comrades, and began to bury them in walls of the cavity. Tyraz slowly turned to the group and flinged his arms back, letting out a loud, horrifying cackle for all to hear. Uriel, somewhat disturbed, panted.

Ixxan - Andromedan Grox Empire surrenders now, under the command of Supreme Leader Ixxan.
Iovera - The victory is ours... but I feel that something isn't right... yet...
Corteus - I'm keen to know why these things are so eager to surrender.
Ixxan - King Grochius II: Insanity level: reached. Logical path for the Grox: Surrender and survival.
Kilnok - The Meta Emperor may have cut his ties with the Andromedan Grox. Given the chance he'll recycle them.

Tyraz stopped cackling, standing silently, though still in his demonic form.

Kilnok - We'll leave them in the juristiction of the grand master.
Iovera - The energy that surrounded Grochius.... it wasn't just the mechovirus... it was... AAAAH...
Uriel - Iovera?

Tyraz looked at Iovera and began to scream as well. Reality cracked and blue light appeared in the sky, accompanied by a low-pitched laughter. The survivors soon found themselves in a warped environment that looked like a twisted mockery of Cathemera's surface...

Br'klakkon - Hahahahahaha...

Star of Disdain[]

Quendor and Jahric meet.

Meanwhile, in the core space...

Jahric looked at his fleet emerging from the wormholes and smiled when he saw a similar fleet appearing to meet him. However, when Coalition fleets started coming, his eyes opened wide - he was quite, quite surprised. Soon he opened a holographic communication with Executor Quendor.

Quendor - Eh, hi, dad.
Jahric - Hello. What are these Artharons doing with you?
Quendor - ...haven't I told you about that?
Jahric - Ah, yes. I thought I misheard you.
Abal'nyan - This alliance is of convenience, Radeon, and only convenience.
??? - ...'

A fish-like figure appeared on the holographic channel.

Jahric - Who is that?!
Quendor - I bet that's another Grox or something.
??? - Call me Disdain.

With an ear-shattering howl, a Grox flagship appeared, surrounded by swarms of smaller fighters, who have immediately started to surround the AGC-aligned fleet.

Quendor - Dammit.

Disdain's image vanished.

Jahric - The Grox are attempting to cut our forced on Cathemera from reinforcements...
Quendor - Okay, so let's fight!.. I mean, eh, requesting permission to engage the enemy.
Jahric - Affirmative.

Jahric fired his ship's electrolasers and seared the Grox ships attacking him. They appeared to be small drones and their size and sheer numbers made them a major threat. His rag-tag fleet and Quendor's Coalition allies seemed to deal with the enemies, with UNO Omega Commander unleashing its deadly weapons to destroy them in thousands, but the drone attack did not seem to stop. Jahric and Quendor contacted the UNO ship in attempt to find the fleet's weakness.

Jahric - There are more of them coming?
Tralkik Commander - Indeed; according to our scan of the Grox fleet, they are produced on the flagship itself - and controlled from it. Destroying the flagship would destroy the whole fleet.
Quendor - Then attack now!

Quendor attempted to attack the flagship, but with no success. Its shields shrugged off everything he was throwing at it.

Quendor - The darn thing is invulnerable!
Tralkik Commander - The flagship has highly advanced shields; it cannot be destroyed from the outside with our weaponry; only from the inside.
Quendor - Ah. Been there, seen that. Beam on the ship, throw some explosives, voila, ship dead.
Tralkik Commander - Unfortunately, the Grox know about that and nothing can beam on the ship as long as it is not within its closest proximity. And even then, you have to overcome the shields first. And we do not have the weapons to do so.

Quendor sighed and prepared his weapons for another wave of drones, who continued to attack.

Quendor - At least I gonna die with a bang.

The Radeon captain casually fought off the machine onslaught, with mixed success. Minutes came and the battle was only becoming wilder. Sooner or later, they would have fallen. Quendor, tired and desperate, looked at the glass of the captain bridge, on the brink of being broken, and noticed a strange flash of light in space.

Admiral Kaios - Arrr!

A fleet of famous Andromedan pirates appeared firing at the Grox drones. Their leader, Admiral Kaios himself, fired a massive burst of energy from his flagship, Reaver, upon the flagship. It shook. Kaios hailed the AGC-aligned commanders for a talk.

Jahric - Pirates! Halt.
Admiral Kaios - Don't worry, we are here to save you. I was looking for loot but I found your transmissions, and I don't like the Grox either. So we have a deal, don't we?
Jahric - ...fine then.

Quendor and Jahric looked at the flagship. The shields around him were sparking, breaking, as it was weakened somehow.

Jahric - How could you-
Kaios - I have very rare weapons, boy. Quendor - Are its shields destroyed?
Tralkik Commander - No. Only weakened. But this gives us the opportunity to weaken it even more and break it - although we still do not have weapons to do so. For disrupting its shields for even a second, it would require the firepower equivalent to around seven spaceship cores' explosions.
Quendor - Did you say... seven cores?

Quendor looked at Divinarium ships. There were around seven left.

Jahric - ...No, no, no! I won't allow you to waste lives like this. It is against all of my principles.
Quendor - But father, this is our only hope!
Jahric - There are no fathers in the fleet! I am your superior and you have to comply!
Quendor - ...Predictor Advisor Telnhao, I request you to consider my tactic.

Jahric pondered for a few seconds, memories of the past appearing in his mind. He heard ghosts whispering to him, his soldiers who got killed.

Tralkik Commander - Keep in mind that the flagship will soon restore its shields. You have to think fast.
Tuolog - If you will attack, I protect you with my Gyronic powers.

Jahric banished his memories and returned back to his post.

Jahric - To all captains of the Dei'Ar fleet, prepare for ramming the Grox flagship. When the self-destruction mechanism will activate, beam down to the ship immediately.

Jahric led his ship and Quendor's fleet into the flagship. He knew he would most likely die, and that he might kill his subordinates, but this time, he chose to forget it. He decided to listen to his son, and he hoped it will work.

Jahric - Goodbye, Silvermoon...

As the explosion devoured his own ship - and the Grox flagship - the Divinarium captains quickly used his personal teleportation devices to beam down on Disdain's vessel to end with him, once and for all.

Jahric found himself inside the Grox flagship, steel grey inside, built for cold utility. Quendor was lying next to him, next to the corpses of other Divinarium captains. Jahric's heart sank but as he saw Quendor breathing, he was relieved - somewhat. The Predictor Advisor helped his son stand and they prepared for their final assault.

Quendor - It seems that only we two managed to beam successfully.
Jahric - Why are you so calm? It was your plan that killed them!
Quendor - I don't care - we're here, after all. Let's go to the ship and blow it quickly.

The Radeon duo crawled in the Grox ship's tunnels, reminding Quendor of the similar encounter during the battle with the Coalition - this time, however, there were only them two, and the Grox were far more ruthless. As they reached a large room, which appeared to be a weaponry store, they saw four large, fish-like warriors walking, similar to Disdain himself, walking through the large pits with green, toxic acid. Jahric and Quendor quickly hid under a crate in fear.

Jahric - Grox Followers... I heard of them, but never though they look so intimidating.

One of the Followers noticed captains speaking and looked at the crate with suspicion.

Quendor - We're caught! Fighting time!

Quendor jumped from his hideout and leaped with great speed at one the Followers, the sheer momentum throwing him on the ground. Acting quickly, Quendor grabbed his power sword and pierced it into the Follower's chest, sundering his black, heavy armour that covered most of his body. The fishlike creature screeched and Quendor threw him into the pits.

Seeing their comrade dead, other Followers roared and fired their blasters at Quendor. Noticing the noise, he quickly turned and dodged the energy projectiles with great agility and made a gesture with his hand unleashing his psychic powers; suddenly, the Followers were thrown into the air, and one of them fell from the bridge.

Jahric - ...son, I'm proud.

As two remaining Followers continued to fight Quendor, Jahric appeared from his cover to fire a charged bolt of plasma from his pistol with a loud "swoosh" sound. One of the warriors turned his head to see what caused the noise and immediately, a bolt hit his head and exploded, leaving the Follower headless. The last of the creatures, the leader of the squad, roared and charged Jahric, smashing him to the ground. The Follower attempted to overpower him, but strangely found his enemy smirking. With snakelike agility, Jahric escaped the Follower's grasp.

Jahric - Quendor, run away!

Both Radeons quickly escaped the Follower who was quite confused. Examining his armour, he finally noticed a strange thing- a sticky ball at his armour. Curious, he put it into his hand and looked at it closely. He noticed it was beeping.

And this was the last sound he heard before the ball exploded in his hands.

Tralkik Commander - We have discovered the location of the main computer room. You have to get there quickly.

Disdain is confronted.

Grox Follower - My master, they are coming for you! You must flee!
Disdain - Let them go. My blade hungers!

Disdain waited in anticipation for the arrival of his enemies. Finally, he saw a door into the computer room breaking as Jahric and Quendor appeared.

Disdain - Hahahaha...
Jahric - Curse you! That's a Grox follower leader we were searching for!
Disdain - This is the beginning and the end, lowlifes. I saw your destiny! It ends in blood.

Disdain prepared his blades.

Quendor - Father, I will distract him! Get to the controls!

Quendor charged Disdain with his sword only to fall on the ground screaming. The Grox Follower's psychic powers were no match for his.

Disdain - As I said.

Quendor attempted to break out of Disdain's bind only to feel even more pain.

Quendor - I... must... AHHHHH!

Jahric saw Disdain's attacks and roared in anger. He attempted to shoot Disdain, but he used his telekinesis to negate the attacks.

Disdain - It is all over. Your friends in the AGC will fall before the Grox. And you will be the first.

Disdain doubled his agonising attack and Quendor shrieked, falling on the ground nearly dead. Finally having enough, Jahric ran to Disdain and challenged him.

Jahric - You! Stop torturing the young boy and fight me! It will be a duel of honour. I have learned ancient techniques of combat in Milky Way and I will not be afraid to use them!

Disdain laughed.

Disdain - You are to face the High Prophet of Disdain. The ruler of the Andromedan Grox. Grochius' second-in-command. You will fall here and now. I am unstoppable.

Disdain grabbed his two blades and rolled them in a theatrical manner. Jahric smirked.

Jahric - I lied.
Disdain - What?!
Jahric - ' I said I have learned ancient combat techniques in Milky Way. But I only know one.

Disdain, confused, stopped for a second hen Jahric kicked him between his legs. Screaming in pain, the Grox Followers' leader fell. At last free of his psychic assault, Quendor stood and turned to his father.

Jahric - I learned that on Earth. Apparently the locals use it to stun the enemy in combat. Now I know it works on ugly oversized fish too.

Wasting no more time, Jahric and Quendor used the Grox computer to disable the flagship's shields.

Tralkik Commander - Excellent. We shall resume the attack againt the ship now. Prepare for teleporation.

Two Radeons quickly teleported from the Grox flagship to the UNO Omega Commander. Meanwhile, awakening from the shock, Disdain quickly took a shuttle, escaping the battle and swearing revenge...

Badmanz Rising[]

Gratz'kaoz is unleashed.

The team found themselves inside an environment unlike any they have seen. It was still Cathemera, but it was... different now. Rocks floated in the sky and blue energy leaked from the cracked land. Uriek looked around more tightly gripping his sword, while Tyraz continued to scream and shout, gripping his head. With a thunderous crack, a shadowy image of a Loron in robes appeared, surrounded by an aura of darkness and shadow.

Br'klakkon - And here I am. Expected someone else than a lowly Loron warboss? Hmph.
Last DCP Soldier - What...
Demon Tyraz - No...What is this treachery?! Why are there Loron here?
Br'klakkon - Hmph. I expected you to be suprised. That's your fault. You lack the understanding. A few explosions and you rush into the fray, never understanding the reality. You thought the Lorons were idiotic fools, don't you? Well, by your actions, you have proven to be like Lorons.
Demon Tyraz - No...we are nothing like! How dare you compare us to Loron!
Last DCP Soldier - DCP scientists have long presumed Loron to be intelligent, but slow thinkers.
Br'klakkon - I am no ordinary Loron...

Br'klakkon took a dramatic pause to savour his enemies' fear and anger.

Br'klakkon - The Grox are the ultimate evil, yes! They unleashed the virus, killed many - indeed, they must be the reason behind all the conflict. I am glad. Both you and them have proven to be... useful instruments.
Uriel - *bared his teeth* Instruments...
Demon Tyraz - How dare you!
Br'klakkon - You and them... gathered all the artifacts. It is funny, really. How many you and Grox killed for these trinkets? Unfortunately, now that you found them all, they all belong... to me.
Uriel - The Inquisition kept them secure to make sure no-one would sue them, not even you.
Br'klakkon - Do you think so? My agents are everywhere. It's your problem, little mortals. You are all flawed. And many do accept promises of power. Isn't it right, my little War Predictor?
Iovera - ...Matheoward?!
Uriel - War Predictor!?

Uriel and Tyraz turned to the Radeon general. His face turned into a grimace of fear, unusual for such a strong warrior.

Demon Tyraz - Matheoward...you traitor!
Last DCP Soldier - You snivveling fool!
Matheoward - ...I...I... Yes, that was me! And that was because of you, Zazane! Iovera... how she could not see! You are not to be trusted. I know you will turn on us one day or another. He told me he would deal with you... scum.
Demon Tyraz - Matheoward...Iovera doesn't love you! She never will! You are blinded by your own twisted ego, you weak, sorry fool!
Kilnok - Give me one reason why I will not kill you where you stand!
Demon Tyraz - Because, Kilnok, I shall kill him myself!

Tyraz stepped forward, snarling, while Uriel roared.

Kilnok - So, Loron, are you going to let the Mechovirus remain destroying the universe?!
Uriel - How do we know this is not what the Loron wants! He uses Matheowards weaknesses to turn him against us, and when his usefulness was over, I am sure he expected us to turn on him.
Br'klakkon - Hmph. Now that I have all the artifacts, I couldn't care less about you mortals. Now, prepare to face my unlimited power.
Kilnok - It isn't a good image though is it? Letting the whole universe die under the mechovirus. You will have no more instruments. All you do and will do, is kill.
Br'klakkon - Have we met, Kilnok? I am no mortal. The strands of reality obey my every whim. What chance do you have against Mali'Nar? Ahahahahahaha...
Iovera - Mali'Nar?!
Br'klakkon - Indeed. Well met, my friends. Let my legions pour through... Gratz'kaoz, attack!

Suddently a large shadow materialized behind Br'klakkon, with red eyes shining.


Meanwhile, seizing a moment while distracted, Matheoward attempted to attack Iovera, raising his hammer. As he readied his blow, however, Tyraz drew his firesword and slammed it in front of Matheoward, snarling aggressively.

Matheoward - It was now when you revealed your true form. Time to die, scum!
Demon Tyraz - Bring me what you have, treacherous bastard! You shall not harm mistress!

Matheoward engaged the demon in a duel, now empowered by the dark powers too. His hammer shined with lightning as his strikes crushed Tyraz's armour.

Iovera - My greatest friend... and follower... betrayed me?


Demon Tyraz roared as his Firesword blazed, and his demonic power enhanced his strength as he attacked Matheoward rapidly and angrily.

Uriel - Tyraz, we have other problems right now!

Gratz'kaoz shielded himself in Dark Gyronic as he charged at the group's direction.

Matheoward - We had an agreement! You would help me and I would help you! Save me, Br'klakkon!
Br'klakkon - I have no need for broken instruments.

Matheoward turned his head to saw the massive shadow of Gratz'kaoz. In horror and shock he saw as the Loron's massive hand grabbed him, finally realising what was Br'klakkon's intent. Gratz'kaoz's jaws snapped and he devoured Matheoward in a single bite, burping slightly.

Gratz'kaoz - I FINK I ATE A BUG

Uriel pulled a rifle from his back and fired quagma at Gratz'kaoz, which barely hurt him. Demonic Tyraz stepped back, twitching, and leaped away grabbing ahold of Iovera and running.

Kilnok - Is your FTL drive still in operation soldier?
Last DCP soldier - Yes sir!

Kilnok used the drive to propel a cluster grenade at incoming Loron, who howled and stopped for a split second, before restarting his assault. Gratz'kaoz got next to the group and kicked Kilnok away, while breathing fire at Uriel's direction.

Radeon Hunter - Curse it, we cannot win! We have too little forces to defeat these Lorons! We must retreat! We must-

The Radeon looked on the sky to see hundreds of ships coming. It was the most unexpected aid ever. A small group of Radeon ships was covered by countless other ships - ramshackle Imperix vessels, blood red Solarite designs, gleaming white Tertanai ships and what was the strange, golden starships of the Coalition and the UNO fleet.

Radeon Hunter - We got... help...

Uriel's shield crackled as he jumped away from the fire.

Gratz'kaoz - eh? mor peepz ta keel? SUR IM OK WIV DAT

A rag-tag bunch of misfits landed, led by Jahric and Quendor. Meanwhile, the DCP sent their own reinforcements, led by none other than Emperor Wormulus II himself, who looked up at Gratz'kaoz with arrogant confidence.

Jahric - Oh, here is my, erm, diplomatic mission.
Quendor - And don't mind the Coalition. They are fighting for us.
Lorrelas - Sorry. I'm late.

The UNO Omega Commander landed a dropship down. UNOL and UNOC both arrived.

Gratz'kaoz - UNO DUMBOS!!!
Gratz'kaoz let out a demonic roar.
Tralkik Commander - The Unified Nation of Ottzello forces shall now aid the Commonwealth.

Away from conflict, Tyraz reverted to his normal frm as he carried Iovera and dropped on his knees weakened.T

Tyraz - I-I'm sorry, mistress...
Iovera - Don't worry.

Iovera hugged Tyraz, who smiled a little and rubbed her back, before standing again weakly.

Uriel - *he heaves himself up* See Loron, your actions have united the galaxy and beyond against you and the Grox.
Oriito soldier - Uhh... What the frig are those?
Jahric - Lorons. Big dumb freaks.
Br'klakkon - More lambs for the slaughter.
Kalcedia - Ooh, look what we have here. A couple of Loron with an ego problem. Well, MORE of an ego problem.
Br'klakkon - Gratz'kaoz, tear them apart!
Gratz'kaoz - YEH

Gratz beat his chest and charged at their direction. The UNOC forces attacked him, using all weapons he had: Dark Gyronic, reality-shattering weaponry and immense physical strength. But there was no success. Gratz'kaoz seemed to be a juggernaut that could not be stopped. Out of desperation and to challenge such a beast, Abal'nyan ordered her Coalition warriors to attack Gratz'kaoz, who simply threw all of them away with his mighty hands, and then proceeded to stomp the Tertanai, Imperix and Solarite warriors, who, seeing what he has done, ran away in fear. Many of them met their demise in the Cathemeran environment while others were devoured by Gratz'kaoz as a snack. Count Dalverat attempted to use Dark Gyronic against the massive Loron, but he simply roared and grew even stronger from the attack.

Thr'aloy - Most of attacks seem to be inneffective.
Tuolog - Dalverat, I combine powers with you. We use Light Gyronic.
Quendor - Yes, Essence should work!

Tuolog, Dalverat, Wormulus, Lupercal, Lorellas, Quendor and Thr'aloy combined powers, and created a massive beam of white light. Gratz'kaoz froze as the beam threw him into the air and he fell on ground with a thunderous smash. For the first time in this battle he had actually felt pain, and he did not like it.

Jahric - He's weakened! Attack!
Vaktyl - Time to bring some REAL firepower!! Boom, baby!

The entire army now started to shoot at the lying Gratz'kaoz, and a barrage of coilguns, lasers and other, more exotics kinds of weaponry was unleashed on him. Unfortunately, it seemed that Gratz'kaoz did not lose his consciousness for a long time. Looking at his victims, he flew into the air and avoided the enemy fire.

Gratz'kaoz - YA CANT HIT ME
Lorrelas - Son of a bitch!

Everybody aimed their weapons into the air, shooting at Gratz'kaoz, but with little success. Ascending into the sky, Gratz'kaoz's figure shined in the rays of Cathemera's dying sun. Looking down at the battlefield, Gratz'kaoz laughed maniacally until he found out a lone figure attempting to hurt him.

Iovera - Now... I will try.

Iovera gathered all his forces and concentrated a furious bolt of elemental power that seared Gratz'kaoz's very essence..

Gratz'kaoz - UNNNGGGHH!!!

Gratz'kaoz was enraged and swooped at Iovera's direction.

Gratz'kaoz - DAI
Lupercal - He's preparing for his new attack! Stop him, quickly!!

The UNOC attempted to attack Gratz'kaoz, but he was way too fast for their attacks. His image blurred from speed and he started to look like a falling comet, burning with Dark Gyronic energy. As he reached Iovera, he landed with a deadly explosion, leaving a huge crater. Emerging out of it he found a huge demonic Zazane holding the Firesword between him and her.

Tyraz - You shall not harm...mistress!!

As Gratz'kaoz was distracted, everyone else started to fire at him again. However, strangely smart enough to find a solution to this problem, he grabbed Tyraz by the neck and used him as a shield against the enemy attacks.

Uriel - Tyraz! *fires quagma pulses at Gratz' arm*

The Loron beast roared and let go of Tyraz, closing in to Iovera. Tyraz grunted and grew bigger with every second, preparing for a fight. Gratz'kaoz punched and clawed Tyraz several times, but his strikes were answered by the Xhodocto weapon, equally powerful. With a fiery howl, Tyraz managed to stab his sword into Gratz'kaoz's chest...but even it wasn't capable of fully entering the monster's skin.

Gratz'kaoz - OW MAN

Remaining a shadowy presence outside, Br'klakkon smiled.

Br'klakkon - Such pleasant carnage. Brutal and beautiful, like a theatric scene. Time to bring more actors, then.

Massive Loron hordes appeared and tore through the ranks of AGC-aligned soldiers, led by a brutal Loron on a bike, Gar'dakkra.

Lorrelas - Damn.
Gar'dakkra - YEEEHAW FASTA
Lorrelas - Oi! Biker Loron! You know what pops bike tires?

Gar'dakkra noticed a Tybusen and attacked Lorrelas with his bike, slaughtering Tybusen soldiers under his wheels.

Lorrelas - No problem.

Lorrelas noticed the bike incoming.

Lorrelas - Biker bastard!

Lorrelas positioned his trident in a pike position towards Gar'dakkra, jumping to evade his attack. The Loron bike smashed the rock wall and Tybusen looked at Gar'dakkra with a victorious look on his face.


Gar'dakkra activated his prime weaponry and Lorellas was deafened by a massive burst of sound. He then grabbed his shanka and raised it above the Tybusen, with a smirk on his face. One of his attacks was close to success, and his thermal-enchanced shanka did hurt Lorrelas seriously. Looking at his chest, the Tybusen captain noticed a heavy bleeding wound, looking as he was burned.

Gar'dakkra - FEEL DA BASS
Lorrelas - Spodedamn insect!

Lorellas launched a surprise attack at Gar'dakkra, using the Tybusen small size and speed to jump at the Loron and stab Gar'dakkra in the back. The Loron fell fromon the ground, from where Lorellas finally managed to do his final strike, turning was severely damaged and fell on the ground, the Tybusen trident weakening him severely.

Gar'dakkra - DAT WAS CHEETIN... AND U R.... dum...

The battle was split now. While Jahric's army and what remained of the Coalition soldiers fought the normal Loron boyz, Tyraz continued to fight Gratz'kaoz. Standing silent, the Zazane leader threw a large punch near the Loron warlord' face, who coughed some blood, before punching him back. Tyraz grunted and roared.

Tyraz - Iovera...run!

Gratz'kaoz was hit but kept fighting back, laughing demonically, trying to grab Iovera.

Iovera - I will not. Don't forget I am not helpless too, and I will protect you as you do protect me!


Tyraz headbutt Gratz'kaoz, cackling again. His yellow scars glowed more luminous.

Iovera found herself in Gratz'kaoz grasp but strangely, she remained determined and calm. Her eyes shined white and energy surrounded her. Gratz'kaoz grabbed Tyraz by the neck again, slamming him against a wall and strangling him.

Iovera - When there is darkness, there is also light. Isio'Nar shall come...
Gratz'kaoz - isio wat
Demon Tyraz - Iovera! *grunts and tries to wrench Gratz'kaoz' hand away* Don't hurt him, you may hit mistress!

Iovera became a beacon of light and unleashed her full Isio'Nar potential. Gratz'kaos burned as his Gyronic power was countered now.

Gratz'kaoz - OW OW OW...WAT DA HELL MAN

Gratz'kaoz let go of them and backed up.

Uriel - Arsac was right...

Tyraz smiled and stepped next to Iovera, his own energy leaking from him.

Tyraz - How long...I have waited to see this form...
Iovera - He's weakened! UNO, take him down!
Vaktyl - Now, time for a smackdown!

The UNOC prepared their weapons for the final attack on Gratz'kaoz. Darwishi chucked down his Gyronic-infused bombs on him, while Vaktyl aimed his chaingun.

Gratz'kaoz - STOP POKIN ME

Vaktyl began firing his weapon at incredibly speed, blasting him. Gratz'kaoz roared and ran on Vaktyl's direction, but he simply flew out of him and did not intend to stop his fire. Now, the battle was in the sky. From the Thr'aloy, Tuolog and Dalverat trio, Dalverat flew up to Gratz'kaoz, and bit his neck. He began draining Gratz'kaoz.

Gratz'kaoz - WOAH WAT GET OFF

Gratz'kaoz tried to shake Dalverat off.

Dalverat was eventually shaken off. He cackled to himself, and Vaktyl and Darwishi went down.

Dalverat - Gratz, I want to ask you this. How many have you killed today?

Gratz'kaoz felt weakened and fell on the ground, panting.

Dalverat - How do you think they feel?
Gratz'kaoz - DED

All of the corpses from the battle - Loron and AGC alike - all raised up, levitating like puppets around the trio.

Dalverat - This is how they feel!

The corpses aimed their weapons, and fired at Gratz'kaoz.

Gratz'kaoz - woah...SIK I GET TA KILL EVERYUN AGEN
Iovera - Creepy...

Dalverat laughed, as the puppet-like corpses shot and hit Gratz. Uriel looked at the sight, somewhat uncomfortable. Gratz'kaoz fought back, destroying many corpses, but now was weakened and wounded.

Br'klakkon - And here it is. The greatest drama in the world! Br'klakkon's Opera of Pain and Death.

The Loron warboss laughed.

Gratz'kaoz - wat

Demon Tyraz - Agh...those corpses...they remind me of Moxix...
Kalcedia - Brother, do not play about with it! Kill him already before I do!
Uriel - You are not alone Tyraz...

Zelfron III jumped threw the corpses and kicked the wounded Gratz, then sliced at him with his blade.

Gratz'kaoz - YOR ALL STOOPID

Gratz'kaoz roared in pain and fell down.

Kilnok - They remind me of the ball of blood.

The puppet like corpses moved like zombies, not letting up, cutting, punching and shooting at Gratz. Watching the event, Tyraz reverted back to his normal self, and lays weakened on the floor.


Gratz'kaoz shaked the some corpses off, but was too weakened to get back up.

Tyraz - Uriel...was it all for nothing?
Uriel - No Tyraz, You did well.

The trio moved forward. Tuolog grinned, and prepared a blast of Gyronic.

Tuolog - Now, pupil. Now you fall.

Tuolog fired his blast at Gratz'kaoz. The Loron warlord screamed and exploded in a blast of demonic fire and Dark Gyronic.

Iovera - ...Victory?

The group heard Br'klakkon's demonic laughter again.

Br'klakkon - Excellent. Now that Gratz'kaoz has fallen, comes the last part of my opera: Br'klakkon's Triumph.

Br'klakkon harnessed the ancient power of the artifacts and began the ritual. All the corpses, all the Lorons started to turn into blue dust, surrounding Br'klakkon. His form became bigger and bigger, and ultimately, he became a huge monster, larger than Gratz'kaoz.

Br'klakkon - I am much more now...

Darkness Unleashed[]

Br'klakkon is confronted at last.

Lorrelas - ...Aw crap.
Uriel - Your armies have been destroyed and....and....
Vailisa - That bigger than me...THE FIST NOT LIKE SOMETHING BIGGER!!
Zr'Ahgloth - CRAP MAN

Br'klakkon laughed once again, making the very surface of Cathemera hurt.

Br'klakkon - I am an army of myself. Their pain and malice... only strengthened me. I have become stronger than Sanktanaars themselves.
Uriel - Iovera.... What is he talking about?
Dalverat - Well that's not good...
Iovera - We are about to face... a god...
Tuolog - Face a god? Hehehe. You be glad you bring me here. I have experience.

Uriel froze in uncertainly.

Uriel - You mean... Like Drakon?
Lorrelas - Maybe even stronger than that.
Iovera - Indeed.

The remaining DCP soldiers looked at Uriel condescendingly.

Kilnok - There are no gods.
Tertanai soldier - I don't know WHAT is going on, but this.. something has a point. We can face any danger.
Br'klakkon - Oh, I highly doubt that.

Br'klakkon smashed his fist and the very reality shaked a bit around the group.

Kilnok - I have survived Anzaghar three times. Now, I suggest we prove to these egocentrical so-scalled immortals we are stronger than they think!
Lorrelas - I've faced bigger bugs than you before.
Jahric - Our tactic always remains the same, son, right?
Quendor - That's right. There is no problem that cannot be solved with these two guns.
Uriel - I only hope the words of my father's instructor are true "all that is animate, can become inanimate".
Kilnok - Charge!
Iovera - For Andromeda.
Zr'Ahgloth - DEYZ GONNA DAI!!!!!!!!

Thr'aloy - Preparing all units to engage. SMASH DIS MUTHAFUKA
Dalverat - At last, i'll taste the blood of a god...bring it.

All of UNOC got in standard position. Zr'Ahgloth, the Tralkik Commander's body and Tuolog joined them.

Uriel - For Drakon, Dominicus Vinterva!
Kalcedia - Come on big boy! I wanna see how hard you really are!
Last DCP Soldier - It takes more than a few broken bones!
Lorrelas - Less talk, more fighting!

Uriel, the last DCP soldier and Kalcedia aimed their rifles while Lorrelas charged. Br'klakkon looked down at the Tybusen and smirked.

Br'klakkon - You look funny.
Lorrelas - Aaah. Very funny. I'd like to give you a remark.

Lorellas stabbed Br'klakkon's leg with his trident.

Br'klakkon - Ah... that tickles slightly.
Tyraz - Enough! For Andromeda...For the Imperium! For the Divinarium! For the Brood...*whispers quietly as he charges*...for Iovera...

Tyraz ran forward, his Firesword blazing still.

Br'klakkon - Hmph. A Zazane. You look strange to me. I imagine you have killed many. You look like a demon. Then why do you fight for them? I can give you more power than you can imagine. I need servants.

Tyraz looked at Br'klakkon and grunted.

Tyraz - You offer me power...? Strength?
Lorrelas - Don't listen to him!
Uriel - You are still nothing to the lifefather, Loron!
Br'klakkon - Indeed, Zazane. In my new divine domain, when I shall topple Divin-Ra and become a new ruler of the Mali'Nar, I could give you everything. Power. women. What do you want?
Tyraz - I will be recieving power...females...the chance to overpower everything else in this Universe...
Lorrelas - I told you not to f**king listen to him, Tyraz!
Kilnok - Don't go down like Matheoward!
Br'klakkon - You have power others don't. Why do you caree for these mortals anyway?
Uriel - Tyraz he is trying to decieve you.
Iovera - Mali'Nar are the masters of deception! Do not believe him!
Kilnok - If you resist you'll only be stronger willed, and free to excercize your powers.

Tyraz stopped the charge and turned to the group.

Tyraz - Br'Klakkon, what else do you offer me?
Br'klakkon - Whatever you want. I could give you a chance to avenge.
Lorrelas - Spodedamnit, if you won't stop listening, I'll shut him up for you!
Uriel - Tyraz... you are better than him!
Tyraz - The chance to avenge...

Tyraz stopped and smirked. Everybody froze in horror.

Tyraz - Okay, I shall avenge...

The Zazane leader turned and slashed his Firesword, sending a magnificent demonic wave of energy straight towards Br'klakkon

Tyraz - ...Iovera!
Dalverat - Good boy...
Br'klakkon - Graaah!..
Tyraz - I may be a demon...but I am not your slave!

Br'klakkon rolled and threw those who attacked him away.

Jahric - Normal weapons can't hurt him... like this slave of his, Gratz'kaoz! We must distract him!

Jahric commanded his forces to attack Br'klakkon.

Lorrelas - I can distract him, you guys do whatever you planned!
Br'klakkon - Some little fools. Time to die for you, then.

Lorrelas ran back at Br'klakkon and started running around his legs, poking him with the trident.

Lorrelas - Oi! Br'klakkon! Down here! Br'klakkon - You're becoming a nuisance, Tybusen! And you too, Radeon.

With a gesture, the Mali'Nar Loron unleashed powerful waves of mystic energy on his foes. As he pointed his hand towards Jahric's soldiers, their eyes turned blue and hazed. Screaming wildly, they opened their fire at each other until they all turned into nothingness.

Br'klakkon - Their minds are so weak... guillible.
Jahric - ...You will pay for that.
Br'klakkon - Why should I? The show is just about to begin. Welcome to my new play, friends. Observe and enjoy.

Br'klakkon gathered his energies and ancient apparitions started materialising, ghosts of fears. One of the apparitions took form of a skeletal undead Zazane.

Apparition - Ohohohohohoho...

The undead Zazane apparition was soon followed by other, similar ones, who attacked Tyraz and Iovera.

Iovera - Matheoward described Holy Shadow War like this...

Tyraz stepped in front of the Radeon leader and growled.

Tyraz - He was correct...but this is not the Holy Shadow War...

Iovera threw bolts of energy at the ghosts who simply vanished. Other apparitions took form of Mecha-Wasps and Grox soldiers and surrounded Draconis and DCP forces. Uriel fired as his heart sank.

Br'klakkon - Your fear is... so... ahahahahahahaha...
Tuolog - He using memories against us. Watch out.

Binally free of his distractions, Br'klakkon continued his ritual.

Br'klakkon - Ah, the Unified Nation of Ottzello. What to do with you...

Br'klakkon created apparitions of Da Rogue Leadas who quickly surrounded Zr'ahgloth.

Fre'kloar apparition - GUESS WHO UNO DUMBA
Lorrelas - Snap out of it, you guys!

Zr'Ahgloth started flailing around trying to fight the apparitions.

Uriel - Are these only figments?
Iovera - Fragments of his power. They are just fragments, but still... We should destroy him and they will vanish!
Tyraz - If he is using fragments of his power...then he should be in a weakened state...
Tuolog - Mali'Nar essence beings. We may need a powerful essence blow to take him down.

Br'klakkon looked down at Lorrelas.

Br'klakkon - Hmm...

Out of thin air, an image of a furious Mortalitas appeared, charging Lorrelas. It looked like noone else than Supreme Commander Zillum.

Zillum apparition - I'll see you dead, Tybusen.
Lorrelas - Spodedamn son of a bitch!

The apparitions started their onslaught with renewed power.

Uriel - No... they're not real.. the wasps are dead, I killed them!
Iovera - Tyraz, you're right! Quickly, strike him while he is weakened!

Iovera concentrated all her powers into a sphere of light.

Iovera - Tuolog, Tyraz, Wormulus, help me!

Tuolog, Dalverat and Wormulus II channeled his energies and joined Iovera, the ball of light glowing stronger and stronger. As Tyraz turned to Br'klakkon and howled turning to his demonic form, he added his own incredible power, and his love, as well. Managing to look through the apparitions, Uriel saw Br'klakkon feeling fear for a split second, regaining his confidence shortly thereafter.

Br'klakkon - Ah, Iovera Eolania Menorah. Nice hat... I wondered how did you look without it... in fact, when you weren't a priestess yet, just a child.

Iovera was surrounded by ghosts of her old family. Instead of attacking, though, they were burning, dying. The memory of her past resurfaced.

Iovera - No... not again...
Dalverat - Ignore these! They're just illusions. Concentrate!
Lorrelas - Goddamn oversized shark!
Kilnok - Tyraz, kiss Iovera and distract her from the images!

Tyraz looked to Kilnok with a raised eyebrow.

Tyraz - Are you sure...?

Iovera continued to concentrate on maintaining the orb - this time, with tears on her eyes.


Uriel, Kilnok and Lorellas fought their way through the apparitions, towards Br'klakkon, trying to help their friends - at least with their presence.

Kilnok - We must do all that we can!

Br'klakkon looked at Iovera once again. She was at the brink of losing control of the orb.

Br'klakkon - Ah, little Iovera. Your powers were a downfall of your family. Now, they will be a downfall of your friends... and this Zazane. I read your mind, my dear.
Iovera - You, you... YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HIM... OR THEM!

Iovera became a shining beacon of essence, apparently aided not only by those here, but other Isio'Nar. It poured into Br'klakkon's body and slowly started overpowering it. Illusions started to fade...

Br'klakkon - Grrrr.... You... will.. not... stop me!
Kilnok - They say that love hurts.

Taking advantage of Br'klakkon losing his powers, Tyraz, Uriel, Jahric and Kilnok attacked him as well.

Tuolog - It working, keep it up!

Lights surrounded Br'klakkon as his form started to vanish and turn smaller, back to his original Loron size.

Br'klakkon - My power... wanes...
Dalverat - So much for a god!
Kilnok - Told you.

Finally, losing all his power, the Loron god stood a lifeless shell, which Tyraz decapitated with ease.

Iovera - And so... it ends?
Tuolog - It finished.

Tyraz landed and watched as Br'klakkon's head fell before turning into his normal state.

Tyraz - Hmph...We did it...
Jahric - Hooray.
Tertanai soldier - That was... weird, to say the least.
Kilnok - I'm getting too old for this.
Zr'Ahgloth - WHER DID DA ROGUE LORON GO? IMMA CATCH DEM...oh we won? sik

Tyraz smiled and stood looking at the group. He then looked directly to Uriel and Iovera, and with a small wink, he passed out, unconscious.

Iovera - Quickly! We need to save him!

Uriel's armour lifted him up and he walked over to Tyraz. Iovera came to his body and hugged it, attempting to heal him.

Iovera - Come back... please... come back.
Lorrelas - If he is dead... He died a warrior's death.
Tuolog - Tyraz too stubborn to die. *small chuckle* He just need rest.
Uriel - Get him... to the Ghost of the Warrior. Let him rest.
Iovera - Agree.

Suddenly, the Ghost of the Warrior appears above, and a teleporter beam sends a rather muscular Zazane to them.

Iovera - Who's that?
Zazane - *looks at Tyraz, and then to the group, with a smirk as he folds his arms* I am Savas Golge, the Icon and member of the Council of the Brood.
Uriel - It is an honour, councillor.

Iovera nodded.

Savas Golge - Hmph. I am here to collect Tyraz. He has business to attend to on another colony...an incursion of sorts.
Tuolog - Tyraz needs to rest. He heavily wounded.
Uriel - He dedicated himself to protecting us all. He is a hero.
Dalverat - Besides, with Br'klakkon gone, we can use that cure now.
Savas - If Tyraz is a real Zazane, he should not have to rest! *he stomps his foot angrily* He is no hero. He is simply doing what every Zazane leader is expected to do. And that is fight and wage war!
Savas - I am the Icon, I represent all that is the strength of Zazane!...When he awakes, he shall expect a meeting with the Council about the incursion. For now, you can all sort yourselves out. The Brood is pulling out for now.
Uriel - As you wish. Iovera and I are close friends to him and we give our gratitude to him.
Kilnok - Fair enough, my commamders may say the same of me.
Iovera - Farewell, may Spode protect your souls.
Savas - Pfft, "Spode". The only god I believe in is the Old God, who Tyraz himself rejected. *he picks up Tyraz's unconscious body* He is but a worthless leader.

Savas teleported back to the Ghost of the Warrior.

Dalverat - Huh. What a douche.
Iovera - Hmph.
Uriel - Tyraz was a good man. he is not some weapon to be used wherever his betters see fit.
Tuolog - You mean he is. He alive, just unconscious.
Uriel - Yes. I apolgise for my choice of words.
Tuolog - No need to. We all got by surprise.
Uriel - I still do not agree that Tyraz is worthless.
Zr'Ahgloth - I DO HUR
Dalverat - Your opinion doesn't count.
Zr'Ahgloth - dum
Tralkik Commander - On the subject of the cure, the Unified Nation will be more than glad to help in distributing it.
Uriel - Thank you for the offer. There are a lot who need it.


The Celebrations[]

Fireworks were put in air on Alcanti: the highlords of AGC invited the heroes on the feast.

Uriel - A fine display don't you think?
Iovera - It is a celebration of tears. I wonder how many did die over these years?
Tyraz enters the room, dressed in his blood-stained and dented armour.
Uriel - Tyraz you look terrible for such a fine occasion.
Iovera - *kisses Tyraz* What happened?
Tyraz - This armour was the same I wore on the day that Br'Klakkon died.
Iovera - Ah. Well, I am glad that all is over.

Jahric drinked a small glass of Draconis wine.

Jahric - Yes, we won. And now, I wonder. The conflict began over these artifacts, and now... it turned out they should not be touched anyway. So, essentially, the WHOLE WAR was meaningless.

Lorrelas entered wearing his formal military uniform.

Tyraz - *nods and smiles, nudging Iovera gently* You look fantastic, by the way.
Lorrelas - *looks at Tyraz and Iovera and smiles* I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Iovera pet Tyraz gently.

The War's leadders celebrate their triumph on ALcanti.

Iovera - Thank you, lord... ahem, nevermind.

The pair stood silent for a second and then Iovera's eyes opened wide.

Iovera - Wait, wait... The vision came true!
Uriel - Vision?
Tyraz - Huh? Vision?
Iovera - Remember, during the battle for Crepusculum...
Tyraz - Oh yes...I remember that.

Jahric lookd at Iovera with his jaw dropped.

Jahric - What vis- uh, I think I understand. Spare me the details, please.
Lorrelas - I might as well not ask.

Jahric looked at his son Quendor, who was discussing something with Abal'nyan.

Jahric - Oh Spode. They as well?!

Uriel - Predictor Advisor, you might want to be careful with that glass, our wines have a very strong kick to non-draconis.
Jahric - Ah, I understand.
Tyraz - Is that so?

Tyraz grabbed a bottle and downed it, chuckling as he does so.

Lorrelas - Ah yes, I remember that, last time I had a glass I believe I was hung over for a few hours the next day.
Jahric - So, can you explain me? Does the recent events mean THE WHOLE WAR was meaningless?
Uriel - I suppose not; it united us all and created a shining beacon of progress.
Tyraz - If this war had not erupted, I would not have met this charming woman. *pats Iovera's shoulder*

Iovera giggled.

Iovera - Eh, yes. The events of recent months have united us against the common enemy; we became one. As the darkest hour has passed, the new dawn will emerge. Andromeda shall be prosperous for ten thousand years, I promise.
Lorrelas - The war was not meaningless. It united this galaxy together, and I believe Andromeda will be for the better because of it.
Jahric - Ah, probably.
Uriel - The age of the Confederation is truly over, the age of the Commonwealth shall begin.

Jahric looked at Quendor.

Quendor - Erm... Abal'nyan, how should I call you then? Nyan?
Abal'nyan - Hey, hey. We are friends, but not THAT close. You are a honourary member of our clan but that's all.

Abal'nyan drinked a glass of the Coalition's own drinks.

Abal'nyan - So, I guess my restored family shall bring the Coalition to its golden age too. The age of war is over, but you shall always remember; we won't tolerate any threat to our worlds!

Abal'nyan slammed the table.

Abal'nyan - So if the Divinarium will continue its incursion we will push back.
Tyraz - Hehe, you know it is against Zazane tradition to drink but...well, I just fought a war!

Tyraz downed another bottle of wine.

Iovera - Lady Abal'nyan, I assure you there will be no more violence.
Abal'nyan - ...fine then.
Uriel - I predict this will be a long night so I took the precaution to arrange accomodation within the Imperial Palace for all fo you.
Lorrelas - Ah, that's very kind of you, Uriel. Cheers!

Lorellas picked up a bottle of wine and looks at the label before opening it.

Uriel - Don't worry about space, we have plenty.
Iovera - The Grox are beaten now. I wonder what will happen to what remains of them
Tyraz - Iovera can come sleep in my quarters tonight...Ahem, if she so wishes.
Iovera - Erm... I think... okay.

Ma'fest covered his mouth.

Ma'fest - Ew. Disgusting beyond mortal measure.
Uriel - Remember thoat those two are not mortal, Exarch.
Ma'fest - Ah, yes.
Savas - Ugh, he is perverse! He is known for getting with...filthy aliens!
Dalverat - This wine of yours, Draconis, it surprises me. You have a really good taste for drinks.
Kalcedia - Brother, how can you drink that?

Kalcedia was simply drinking a glass of water.

Uriel - Thank you count, these bottles come from one of my family's my personal vinyards.
Dalverat - I have a thing for wine, you see.

As everbody was talking, a white shuttle landed on Alcanti and a trio of aliens came out of it: a Tertanai, an Imperix and a Solarite.

Reminocles - Ahem. Sorry for being, erm, late for the party.
Tyraz - Hehe, Zr'Ahgloth, you know on the table I have hired a few of my men to cook you a rather tasty pizza with the pepperoni made from the finest meats in the Brood.

Tyraz pointed to a large pizza, still hot and steaming.

Tyraz - Hehe, it is a good day.
Yogtam - If you don't mind me asking, did everyone got the cure? Or is it still under progress?
Iovera - The DCP is dealing with Mechovirus-controlled worlds now, I think.
Yogtam - I see. Hard to believe a Grox could be crazy like Grochius. He was, like, completely insane.
Uriel - Things are going very well. Despite how this war started, I am surprised that we have in fac come out stronger than before.

Reminocles, being quadrapedal, could not sit, and simply stayed eating Draconis meals, together with his Solarite and Imperix comrades.

Reminocles - I must say, it's a big discovery for us. We never did not know about what lied beyond our space.
Aurenon - Neither did I. I assure you the Solarites will experience a period of revival now.
Jahric - You killed a lot of people, Aurenon.
Aurenon - Well, yes. Sometimes we have to do evil for the greater good.
Uriel - You will all have the Commonwealth's support.
Zr'Ahgloth - is dese humans? I herd deyz tasty

Aurenon looked at Zr'ahgloth and froze.

Zr'Ahgloth - hurhur chill man im jus kiddin
Aurenon - ...My soldiers did describe the... demon as a creature like that.
Zr'Ahgloth - im not a deemun. IM A GANGSTA
Uriel - The commonwealth formed to protect those under threat from the Grox. Now that their threat is over I suggest the Commonwealth works to continue advancing the community and protecting those under its wings.
Tyraz - Uriel, you have been like a brother to me. I have been wanting to say that for a long time, but I feel as if it may have insulted you due to my heritage.
S'nar - I do not eat carbon food, so... shall I just stay there? I had something to say, but I guess Reminocles will speak first.

Reminocles coughed.

Reminocles - Yes, ah. Erm. So... here is our announcement.

Reminocles grabbed a small piece of paper, looked at it quickly and put it into his pocket again.

Reminocles - When our people contacted you, we found you so... advanced. You are indeed a paragon to our civilisations.
Aurenon - I can only dream the Solarites could have the technology of the Divinarium, power of the Brood or the extent of the Imperium.
S'nar - But we learned one thing. We should do it together.
Uriel - Indeed.
Reminocles - As we learned more of our history, we realised that we built our civilisation on the bones of a much larger one. You might know it as "Tertamian Alliance",
Lorrelas - The name sounds familiar.
Uriel - One of the precursors, captain.
Reminocles - Yes, indeed. So... After some negotiations with S'Nar and Aurenon, I have agreed to mark the beginning of a... new alliance. Like the old one, it will unite the Segmentum under the rule of peace and democracy.
S'nar - Tertanai, Imperix and Solarites have already became its part, but we are planning to expand it. We are currently negotiating with Oriito, Millenis and a few other civilisations.
Aurenon - The New Tertamian Alliance will be as powerful as the old!
Tyraz - Which reminds me. You are all welcome to have Zazane legally live under your laws in your own empires. It would hopefully boost relations between the Brood and the rest of Andromeda.
Reminocles - So, let's drink for the unification of the Segmentum and the new alliance.
Uriel - I wish it well, so long as it does not conflict with the Commonwealth.

Uriel raised his glass.

Uriel - To Andromeda!

Reminocles followed Uriel's example and drinked a little bit. Aurenon did the same while S'nar simply looked at his two comrades.

Tyraz - To Andromeda!
Tyraz - You're welcome, Zr'Ahgloth.
Jahric - Erm, to Andromeda, too!
Quendor - For the Divinarium!
Abal'nyan - For the Coalition.
Uriel - And Tyraz, I am not insulted by you seeing me as like a brother. I have known for a while that you have looekd up to me.

Day slowly turned into night but the celebrations continued.

Iovera - So, what will the Commonwealth do after the war is over?
Tyraz - Hehe, well, I plan to sort out that incursion that Savas surely told you all about.
Tyraz - It is not a violent incursion, more like a political challenge. It's only small.
Uriel - He was never clear.
Iovera - I wish the conflicts would finally end. Perhaps in time we could rival other galaxies like Milky Way or Cyrannus.
Iovera - Does the Unified Nation have anything to say?
Dalverat - Well... you could always aid us back in Borealis. There's some crazy stuff going in there. Interdimensional invaders and stuff like that.
Tyraz - Ooh, Borealis? Hmm, I suppose we could give our aid there.
Iovera - Ah, yes, the Vague. Our Predictor Advisor Zelfron is going to be sent there, I think he has... unfinished business in this galaxy.
Lorrelas - Borealis? I suppose now that the war here is over we could spare fleets.
Iovera - Meanwhile, the War Predictor shall remain in Andromeda and maintain peace there.
Tralkik Commander - The Borealis war is not showing any sign of slowing down. It only gets more intense.
Tuolog - The war not end for quite some time. However, now not the time really to think about our war so soon. We should take a bit of time to relax.
Dalverat - Vague, Chosen, Alvino...that damn war seems to never end!
Tyraz - The War Predictor...Ugh, reminds me of that traitor. I can't believe he decieved you, Iovera.
Iovera - Indeed. When my closest friend betrayed me, you know, only you stayed.

Tyraz placed his arms around Iovera with a smile.

Tyraz - Was there any doubt that I would leave your side?
Dalverat - Huh, in all honest, I though that War Predictor guy had a crush for you. Seems like I was wrong.
Lorrelas - Tuolog is right, we shouldn't stress out over the next war. We should just be happy right now we survived this one.
Iovera - When I said "the War Predictor", I meant the new one. Now that Dei'Ar Order is leaderless the new commander should be chosen.

Jahric turned to Iovera Iovera, who held a large hammer drenched in Matheoward's blood.

Iovera - Here. It's to you. Your actions saved us all during the battle, and the hammer of the War Predictor does rightfully belong to you now.
Jahric - I... I... I am honoured.
Quendor - Congratulations, dad!

Lorrelas applauded and Tyraz clapped his hands with a smile.

Uriel - Congratulations.
Iovera - Zr'Ahgloth is right.

Jahric looked at his new hammer.

Jahric - Well, erm, yes. I will serve better than Matheoward did, that's for sure.
Tyraz - Matheoward, heh, I feel bad that he betrayed you all because of me...
Uriel - His personal feelings compromised his dutiy. Like I said, the imperial palace has more than enough accommodation for anyone who wishes to stay on Alcanti for a little longer.
Dalverat - He was weak-minded the moment he listened to Br'klakkon. He had a fitting end, being devoured by Gratz'kaoz.
Jahric - Yeah.
Tyraz - I think I will sleep soon, unless miss Iovera wishes to stay up tonight.
Iovera - Radeons are nocturnal, so I do not sleep well at night...
Tyraz - Are you sure?

Tyraz winked to her with a smirk.

Dalverat - Show respect, you gigantic idiot!

Iovera simply smiled amd winked to Tyraz.

Iovera - Not really, Tyraz.

Ma'fest barely managed not to vomit.

Ma'fest - WHAT?!
Yogtam - Ugh.
Jahric - What?!

Uriel coughed quietly.

Reminocles - I guess we shall depart now then. I will be in the palace.

The trio from Segmentum Umbra left.

Tyraz - What?

Iovera winked to Tyraz.

Iovera - It is dark, shall we leave now?

Tyraz smiled and nodded.

Tyraz - If you so wish.

Zr'Ahgloth laughed and kept eating his pizza.

Uriel - Attendants, wait through the door to show you to your rooms.

The celebrations were finished. The Andromeda War ended on a high note...

The Dark Alliance[]

Ixxan - Andromeda Campaign: failed. Failure was inevitable; surrender was the most prudent course of action.

Ixxan remained in his flagship thinking.

Ixxan - Operation: Revenge. Course is set for Kraw Galaxy.

Dxxo Ezmo was remaining in his chambers sorting out state affairs while on his holocom, a hologram of a Dronox appeared.
Ixxan - KGGC, Andromeda Grox Empire reports. Supreme Leader Ixxan I.
Dxxo - What do you want?
Ixxan - Grox Andromeda Campaign: failed. Grochius II: destroyed. Kraw Galaxy: the possible haven. Refugee status requested.
Dxxo - Yes, though I must warn you, KGGC elections are nearing, we have 1 candidates and the most popular is a bit... strange...
Ixxan - ...
Dxxo - Very well. We feel sorry for Grochius's death by the way.
Ixxan - The Grox and the KGGC: enemies?
Dxxo - We are pure neutrals.
Ixxan - KGGC and the Grox: unfriendly?
Dxxo - That was during the rise of independence. Nowdays we just want to exist in peace.
Ixxan - The Andromedan Grox: a powerful addition to your empire; I: a commander and personal assistant. Valuable assets: technology and battlesuits.

Ixxan showed Dxxo the broken remains of the Andromedan battlesuits - in particular, their military projects and the shattered Grochius' mech.

Dxxo - Interesting. Welcome to the KGGC.

It seemed that now the Andromedan Grox have joined the KGGC. What will it change? Only time will tell.