While the fiery tempest that is the Andromeda War is centered around the galaxy of the same name, the conflict is not limited to it... not anymore, at least. In the Kraw, away from the Andromeda, the People's Empire of Nelrad's scientists have recieved a signal.

A call for help. A call from the Artifact.


Naelo was a common worker. Not a scientific genius or a heroic Warrior - a mere worker on a communication station. One of many stations in the empire, all gathering transmissions and distress signals from the other empires. However, this station was different from them all now.

Because it has recieved the signal. The signal from the unknown civilisation and the unknown space outside of their home galaxy. The signal that has caused scientists from all the empire to arrive there in order to study the signal and decrypt it. Journalists and other mass media workers were there as well, looking for information and anything to write about in the news.

Naelo was upset with all that chaos on his workplace. He didn't care about those "discoveries" that scientists were looking for. He only cared that while they were occupying his station, he could not work. And thus, he was angry.

Despite this, Naelo was curious about events happening now. Silently, he walked to a group of scientists around the transmission device. They were talking about their new discovery, and while Naelo could not hear the whole thing, he understood what was going on.

The signal recieved by the station was extragalactic in origin. While PEN could, in theory, travel between galaxies, they never met any extragalactic civilisations... until now. According to the scientists' research, the signal belonged to a powerful extragalactic civilisation, a civilisation with technologies unmatched by that of People's Empire and any of the species known to it. If this civilisation could be contacted or could share its secrets with the PEN, then the empire would reach its golden age...

Naelo wasn't impressed by what he heard. To him, the ancient civilisations like that were something not of his concern - and he didn't care at all. Perhaps he was different, he thought. Perhaps...

First discovery[]

With the preparations done, a group of scientists have arrived on the starships, now travelling through the starless void to the location of the signal. There were only five of them, the best of the best, the masters of their craft. They expected to see the gleaming white cities in space, the wonders of the alien technology and those who have trascended beyond the vices of lower living beings.

They haven't seen any of this. Instead, to their eyes a dark vision was revealed. What was once a great starship now was left in ruins, fusions of rock and metal floating in the space. Apparently, the signal was a distress call. And whoever sent this call has already been dead.

The scientists sighed, their hopes broken and crushed under the boot of the reality. Neverthless, the debris was still valuable to them. If they could study the ruins of the starship, they would be able find much information so needed for their empire. In an attempt to do so, they have descended upon one of the shards of the starship, seemingly fused with an asteroid.

As the scientists were stepping on the starship, they were doing scans of the materials and the interior. They have found what was once a library and a computer core of the starship. Despite it being ruined, the scientists were in awe of it - a wonderful piece of art and technology nonetheless. When they have touched one of the computers, however, a flash of light and sound has stunned them as the strange white robots have emerged from the nothingness.

Scientist - ...What is that?
Robot - The Artifacts must be protected. You will leave or be annihilated immediately.
Scientist - Can you tell us what is this place? Who are you? What was the signal? What is this starship?
Robot - The Artifacts are not to be taken by younglings. We have nothing to tell you. LEAVE. NOW.

With these words, a shot sounded as one of the scientists fell on the ground lifeless and reduced to the mere skeleton. Terrified, her comrades ran away, back to their starship and back to the People's Empire of Nelrad. They have now known what was located there, and they have known that they will return...