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This is the Prologue of the Andromeda War.


Andromedawar Draconis Pro1.png

The draconis detected an unknown signature on Cathar II during a routine scan of the planet. An expedition was sent to investigate the signature and reported of unidentifiable energy readings near the northern pole. Under guidance of the royal academy a senate-regulated expedition was launched by combined terradix and draconis scientists. After two weeks of digging they unearthed an ancient outpost and hours later a Talon officer, Commander Oros Kanoxus, arrived with an armed escort. As he approached the site he was greeted by a speeder courier. The courier explained that the installation was apparently ancient, predating all known records and that the skeletons below were damaged from an attack, what attacked them was anybody’s guess. Oros was greeted by Khalest Senvinus, the expedition leader, who explained that whoever left the installation was determined to keep it locked down.

After much consideration Oros decided that whatever life was down there would be gone after such a long time – any organism would be dead and any machine would be offline or in hibernation. Gathering a fire-team of fifteen marines he ordered for the scientists to find a way to open the door. Uneasy at the order the scientists complied and would spend the next few hours working to force the door open.

Nothing to fear but fear itself, right?

The interior was in surprisingly good condition – there was only a thin layer of dust and the only signs of decay had come from oxidation of metal surfaces. A howl permeated the facility as a rush of bad air swept the excavation. Priming their weapons the fire-team went inside aided by two hunter-killer probes. As they marched through there was a sense of dread, it was clear whoever left the outpost was highly advanced. Across the outpost's remains were skeletons and fractured glass. The energy readings were coming from the dark depths below and as they moved forward the base got darker and the air grew more foul. There was surprisingly little life inside, millions of years entombed had deprived the base of all life. Reaching a control center the team decided to use the room as a rest point and decided to gather what they could from the outpost's database.

The outpost's A.I. was barely functioning however they managed to piece together than an object, referred to as 'article alpha' in the files, was deep in the heart of the base. Once informing the surface teams that it was safe to come down, the team proceeded down to the very heart of the expansive facility. In front of them stood a massive door of an unknown alloy, analysis suggested the door was almost impenetrable to modern technology.

"Whatever we're after is behind this door" Oros commented to himself. After many hours laboring the door was finally opened after a small group required the reactor to pen the doors, as they opened an ominous voice ran through their minds

"Warning: Unit containment compromised, un-authorized entry - sterilization Imminent"

"Seal your suits!" The chamber was flooded with a white glow, one of the marines who failed to properly seal himself was reduced to vapor. After it passed they looked into the room to see what treasure they had uncovered. Lying in the middle of the chamber was a black, trapezoid-shaped container, seemingly made from a single piece of metal. The next day the excavation team brought it to the surface and prepared it for transport.

"I don't think we want this thing going straight to the academy, study it on a remote world and just find out what it does before we take it back" An officer suggests, the dockhand agrees with a nod and redirects the shipment to a remote world within the Tholfame-18 sector - the twilight bridge. From his quarters, Oros informed the military council that more signatures were detected across the twilight sector and beyond and asked that the imperial government begins combing the galaxy for the other artifacts. What would help them was a partially-operational map deep within the outpost.

The agreement within the council was unanimous.


During a patrol of the a nearby star cluster within the twilight sector, the 410th fleet of the Draconid Imperium discovered that one set of map coordinates that they had uncovered matched their current location. After informing fleet command, they honed in on the signal's origin - an ancient bunker jutting from the surface of the systems's fourth planet. Routine was as at other sites: the doors were cut open, an exploration team was sent inside, and they recovered an artifact similar in design to a previous discovery along with another map fragment. As it was returning, the fleet was shunted out of warp by a gravity well. On the viewscreen was a large vessel: An Apalos Temple Ship. Admiral Olonrus was called to the bridge; the vessel requested that the Draconis share their knowledge on the artifacts with them.

"Admiral, If that probe trades classified intel to anyone - and I mean anyone - I'm holding you personally responsible!"

Remaining under orders, the admiral flatly refused, but it did no good. Moments later, the Temple Ship had teleported a probe right into the battlecruiser's cargo hold; the astonished guards were hesitant but shortly opened fire. They barely hit it when it turned to them before teleporting away. The soldiers stood with their mouths wide open in astonishment at what just happened. Realizing the intrusion the admiral ordered the fleet to open fire and despite far outnumbering the Temple Ship it left the region in a flash with little damage. On the bridge the admiral grew impatient, shouting through the intercom at the guards' incompetence before ordering the fleet to resume transit.

After passing through the wormhole and arriving within the Tholfame-18 sector the admiral informed executive admiral Onarsus of the recent turn of events and he was not at all pleased with the outcome. As a result of the confrontation, the executive admiral made a declaration that any further sightings should be reported immediately for a fleet dispatch.


Apalos decided that it did not wish for the Draconis to possess all of the artifacts, so it gave some the information that it had obtained - particularly the locations of the other artifacts - to the Divinarium, with whom they were officially allied with due to the Seven Starr Alliance.

The Divinarium has found the information extremely useful to them, and Clericarch Iovera has decided that the artifacts would be extremely useful for her empire to possess. Soon, the black ships have warped to the mid rim of Andromeda, a location of an artifact that Draconis were searching for. The Divinarium's fleet has encountered the Draconid ships in the area and immediately attacked them, leaving none alive. The artifact's location was still uncertain, and it would require time to actually find and unearth it. However, the Draconis ship has left a message to the homeworld of the empire, and the Draconis are going to strike back...

Furious at the sneak attack Larnus Vontarion ordered for three fleets to comb the area for both the artifact and the attacking black ships. Meanwhile on Alcanti Uriel, after receiving the message of the attack, left the banquet hall and retreated to his chambers; both furious at the Divinarium's deception and remorseful of the now-strained relationship. The sun was setting over the city skyline and as he looked out on the balcony at the gardens below he was visited by Alessa.


A. "Father?"
U. "leave me, I don't want you to see me like this"
A. "Is something wrong?"
U. "nothing, nothing's wrong my dear"
A. "you're lying, what has happened"
U. *Sighs* "Do you remember my stories of the divinarium, of how they seemed so like us? How I considered them our distant kin"
A. "yes"
U. "I was told that the 570th fleet just went missing in the mid-rim. They said the signatures matched vessels used by the divinarium - they killed our kin without warning, without provocation!"
A. "Could they have been renegades?"
U. "it's those damned relics the admirals have been finding! First a soldier is vaporised, then we get attacked by an incomprehensible vessel and now this. Those things are dangerous and if they are what is driving the divinarium's motives they deserve to be locked away and forgotten"
A. "I don't think I've seen you like this"
U. "I thought I would be done with war but no, in comes another upstart with dreams of grandeur"
A. "perhaps you could speak with their leader? work something out?"
U."I don't know..."
A. "At least try something. They might reconsider"
U. *Smiles* "You may be right, I will contact this 'clericarch' in due time. You'll make someone a very proud parent one day. Go back downstairs, I will join you soon"

As he turned to her he accepted her words of wisdom, gave her a hug and returned to looking out of the balcony at the setting sun as she returned downstairs. As Uriel looked out at the city below he muttered to himself.

"Iovera, your actions disappoint me. And one day, one day you will be repaid in kind I swear it"


Out on the outskirts of the Amatia system a fleet of the divinarium was searching intensely for another artifact. While in orbit of the system's fifth planet they were set upon by two fleets of the Imperial talon navy. The ships opened fire by launching a withering barrage of missiles. Several smaller ships were breached while others, becoming aware of the attack, began travelling to the approaching fleets dwarfing the black ships. After two hours of fighting several of the divinarium's ships reported boarding parties.

Deep within the bowels of some of the ships marines had boarded and were fighting valiantly. Many marines fell as the crews fought back but it was no good. Those who did not die or were wounded were knocked unconscious and brought to the boarding pods jutting from the hulls. When the boarding crews realized that the larger ships were sentient they resorted to planting charges and retreating via the boarding pods with whatever radeon prisoners they had. As the battle slowly came to a conclusion the last battleship was destroyed and it's captain - although putting up a strong fight - was captured and restrained in a sensory deprivation tank along with the rest of his crew. Satisfied at the victory the remains of the 720th and 498th fleets examined the system.

While searching they discovered another relic and began swift operations, this time detonating the structure's interior after leaving.

It's a trap![]

Part 1[]

After defeating the small Divinarium fleet, the Draconis continued to search for the relics in the region. After some search, they have found another one located close to the core - next to the New Wental Sector. The frozen planet contained the treasure beyond imagination, and the Draconis have sent the fleet to discover it. However, they have been watched by the Divinarium, planning to take the artifacts as well. This time, they were going to win, and Iovera knew this. In the palace of the Divinarium, she has summoned her best commander. Admiral Jahric.

Iovera - Welcome, Admiral.
Jahric - Greetings, my lady.
Iovera - Are you ready to serve the Divinarium in your future mission? Today, you shall be sent into the frozen world for one purpose - to claim the artifact of the ancients for us. You must prevail - no, you SHALL prevail. Just imagine the power our empire could gain with the help of the artifacts! Think of it!
Jahric - Indeed, my lady. I shall prevail. My fleet is going to warp into the planet within one hour.
Iovera - Good...

As Jahric was getting ready for the fight in the hangar, he wondered. What was these artifacts? Why everyone was fighting to get them? And if they are so powerful and could give so much power to those who will get them, was anyone in this galaxy responsible enough to wield such power? There were rumors that the artifacts, if combined, were able to destroy the entire Andromeda - these were only rumors, but Jahric felt that they could be right. And what if these artifacts fell in the hands of an evil person? And worst of all, what could happen if Iovera would have the artifacts? Would she be able to wield these powers responsibility... or not?

Jahric's thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the Divinarium's chaplain, Qadira, an ambassador of Iovera meant to watch over Jahric. He hated her for one reason - she could read his mind.

Qadira - I feel doubt in your mind. The uncertainty. One who doubts the will of the Clericarch is a heretic - and you know how we punish heresy. Destroy all doubts in your soul and let the divine will of Spode guide your actions - that is the only true path...

Jahric, angered due to Qadira's preaching, quickly left the hangar and entered the flagship, launching its engines. Perhaps she was right. Perhaps he should not doubt the divine will... Anyway, he didn't care now. He has activated the drives and commanded the fleet to warp into the battle. Within minutes, the ships have reached their destination, entering the frozen world's atmosphere. They were not alone, however. The Draconis were there as well, ready to unleash the retribution on them.

As the battle begun, the spaceships fired at each other with the powerful weaponry, and the heavens became red and orange due to the crossfire. Neither side was able to win, as both were too strong to be defeated. The battle lasted for several hours, with little casualties on both sides. Jahric grew impatient, and has commanded the fleet to unleash every single weapon at the Draconis in order to win the battle. At the same moment, however, the battle was interrupted with the large flash. Draconis and Divinarium ships were caught in a planet's electric storm, resulting in engines stopping instantly.

Jahric - Escape the ship, quickly!

Within seconds, Radeons and Draconis have evacuated in drop pods, falling on the ground. After coming from the rubble and the ruins, however, both sides have continued to fight for the artifact on the ground...

Meanwhile, two figures were watching the battlefield from the above.

??? - Hahahaha... Everything is going according to the plan.
??? - The plan?
??? - ...Nevermind. Anyway, do you remember our deal?
??? - Yes. We shall claim these artifacts for the use of us both... I will use them to achieve my vengeance, and you... will do whatever you want with them.
??? - Yes. Of course.

Two figures have left their mysterious hideout.

??? - Foolish tin can...

Part 2[]

The sounds of gunfire echoed in the distance as a long squad of the Divinarium's soldiers marched through the snow. All of a sudden, the squad's psychic called for the troops to halt. The psychic could sense that one of the draconis - one strong of mind - was near. Sure enough they came across a crashed escape pod of imperial manufacture. The pod was intact, and a red LED was flashing on top. As they primed their weapons, the hatch opened and the draconis inside, wearing a thick coat, jumped out pointing a fusion pistol.

"State your intent. Now!" - he demanded, as the Radeons told him their task he rolled his eyes, asking what their intent with him was. Deliberately being unclear, they ordered the Draconis to follow them to the crashed flagship. He was unexpectedly calm as he was taken along. The trek was quiet save for the howling winds outside and the Radeons closed the door behind them, quickly warming before heading upstairs. When he arrived on the bridge, Admiral Jahric approached him.

Jahric - "So... Let our psychics see your elemental potential"
Psychic - "I predict some potential... perhaps we could use it..."
Jahric - "Interrogate him?"
Psychic - "Indeed."
Sarec - "Perhaps not Admiral. And I suggest you to keep your distance."

As the Draconis spoke, he pulled off his coat to reveal the armor of an Inquisitor. Shocked at such a revelation, Jahric ordered for his soldiers to kill the man. As the soldiers primed their weapons they were interrupted when he held up a claw, calling them to hold their fire. he then asked the shocked admiral to explain his situation.

Sarec - "I am Inquisitor Sarec of the Cult of Drakon's Inquisition. Originally my duty was, as you predicted, to make sure your kind did not work inside imperial space. The electrical storm that downed our ships seemed to... coincidental to be an act of chance. It is only a hunch, but I think our fleets were downed for a reason. I can understand if you don't trust me, but these relics may be a risk none of us can yet fathom. Put duty to one side for a moment, Admiral and confess: do you think these relics are a danger?"

Jahric confessed his doubts to the inquisitor. As the inquisitor listened, he told Jahric that the empire only wanted the artifacts to keep them safe from anyone else and to understand them better. As doubt over the divinarium's task filled his mind, he agreed to let the draconis take the artifact offowrld. As the inquisitor left, he showed his thanks and gave a single piece of advice to the admiral, to all who were in the chamber:

Sarec - Sometimes, doubt can free you from the path of damnation.

Part 3[]


The draconis, free from the Radeons' persistent attacks recovered the artifact buried on the world and fortified the digsite. However, after Sarec narrowly dodged an attempt on his life the skies of the planet darkened and a strange voice could be heard by Sarec and Radeon psychics echoing in their mind.

Master Br'klakkon - It is time. GET 'EM, BOYZ!

Through the blizzard several large shapes emerged, firing on the defenders with their large-caliber weapons. The defenders were almost overwhelmed as commanders cried out, firing at each Loron they saw. They held the line until the emergence of Loron wearing armor clad in a silvery metal, their rifles firing nothing but pure essence and incinerating anyone it hit. Sarec was almost overwhelmed from the din screaming in his mind. "Fall back!" The commanders cried as they retreated to the pit.

Fro orbit Wental warships bombarded the planet's surface, turning any area it hit into a scarred mess. Fearful the draconis huddled near the artifact, shooting any Loron that stood over the perimeter, in the distance marksmen fired their rail rifles at the Loron. Unfortunately most were out in the clear and fair game for an orbital strike. When one of the silver-clad loron was gunned down the marines realized there was nothing inside. For the entire battle these Loron had been crying out "Everything is dust dumbos" And now it seemed more obvious if disturbing - They were hitting shells of former Loron. Jahric, desperate for an escape route mentioned that a warp field may disrupt the bombardment so the survivors made a dash for any surviving starships.

As the ships lifted up from the planets surface, it seemed that the warp field didn't stop the Wental Gravity Weapons. That would be a major problem.

In the Wental Warships, all seemed well. Masuri was happy with the results, and watched as a Draconis ship shattered into pieces after trying to escape the planet. Then suddenly everything stopped. The weapons shut down, the engines cut out, and even the artificial gravity and lighting died. "What the hell happened?" Masuri bellowed with rage. The few Draconis ships left jumped into hyperspace and vanished from sight, heading somewhere out into the universe.

Sarec - Do you see what I was talking about? The greater threat?
Jahric - Yes.
Sarec - When we were planetside you called them Loron, so who are they?
Jahric - Lorons are the star barbarians, primitive but strong.
Jahric - However, I feel like they are controlled by someone...
Sarec - I think I could hear him, his voice echoed through my skull... I-I've never felt such power in all my years... He spoke as though these Loron were below him.
Jahric - Perhaps it is one of these... Mali'Nar...
Sarec - I apologize but that name escapes me.
Jahric - Like the messengers, they are only legends. It is said that some beings have transcended the mind and body of the mortal beings to become something... different. It is also said that these beings can be both good and evil... And we could have met an evil one.

They were interrupted when a marine handed sarec a datapad containing scans of obrital vessels. Sarec's eyes narrowed and he let out a grunt. Jahric peered at the data

Jahric - ...Wentals?
Sarec - Indeed... Let's hope for their sakes their leaders did not sanction this attack.
Jahric - It is strange, we must investigate...
Sarec - I can already think of one man who may be responsible. *rests the datapad on a bench* A perfect example of why emotions cannot govern command. That was an entire fleet, so whoever is responsible was at least an admiral at the time of betrayal. I will promptly contact the Inquisition when i can... Where are we headed?
Jahric - I assume that we should contact the Divinarium.

Jahric opens up holographic contact with Iovera. His contact was unexpected as she straightened herself out. Sarec had been eager to meet the Clericarch since the war's beginning and he had finally gotten his chance. As the hologram engaged Iovera was without her robe and diadem, Sarec subtly raised an eyebrow with interest. Whether or not either of them noticed was anyone's guess ash se stood straight, hands clutched together in front of him.

Iovera - Why have you called me, admiral? Is your mission complete?
Jahric - We have met the fierce resistance. Lorons and Wentals...
Iovera - What? Really?
Sarec - I'm afraid he speaks the truth.
Iovera - What? A Draconis?
Sarec - *bows* Sarec of the Inquisition of Drakon. And I do not speak for the empire, your majesty.
Iovera - Well, your holiness would be a right term, but... whatever.

Sarec did his best to keep his composure, he was never keen on anyone being referred to as 'their holiness' - a title he considered arrogant and unworthy without proof of a divine nature.

Iovera - So, a third side has claimed the artifact? We will see...
Sarec - What we encountered on Caharden IV affects both sides, personally it seems, since the empire is on good terms with the Wental council.
Iovera - I will believe you at the moment, however, I would need proof. Although... I can read your mind... You speak truth.
Sarec - I do have one suspicion and if he has managed to get his hands on the artifact the entire galaxy is at great risk.
Iovera - Fine. Fine. Inquisitor, I assume we shall cooperate at the moment?
Sarec - Indeed. I will contact my seniors and inform them of what has happened, we will deal with the Wental. We managed to gather what we could from the data recorders and I will have copies transferred to you when I can - You have my word.
Iovera - Perfect.
Sarec - It was good to meet you Clericarch, i will leave you with your admiral unless you wish otherwise.
Iovera - Fine.

Sarec walked downstairs, leaving the two of them alone while he went to privately contact the inquisition. Arsac, proud of Sarec's efforts decided to keep him in the Twilight Sector due to his (arguably) first-hand contact with the mysterious commanders of the Legion of Badmanz. it was clear from the discussion that Iovera was not keen on the developments, or the resulting truce. However there was a much more sinister danger that needed dealing with first. Sarec, weary from his ordeal, rested in his quarters for the remainder of the trip. The terrifying voice of the Mali'Nar haunted his mind. Once he returned to the draconis colonies he decided to spend the next week meditating to clear his mind. When he spoke of his ordeal to a cleric, he was told that there may be things in this universe mortals are not supposed to comprehend.

Part 4[]

On a massive space ship deep in Wental Territory, Masuri paced back and fourth, waiting for information. Masuri was ticked. His fleet had been crippled by a single enemy, an enemy from within, a dastardly traitor to the Wentals. He wanted answers, and would get those answers no matter what he needed to do.

Masuri - Bring in the traitor!
Soldier - Yes Sire.

A young Meta is brought in, angry and silent, refusing to allow any weakness to show. However, Masuri was a predator. It was in his nature to know what weakness was, and where it could be found. The Meta was weak, she had a stuttering heart. Masuri could hear it's beat, rapid and irregular. Lum trum trum lum trum lum trum lum lum trum. The heart was obviously not quite perfect, something had been damaged or left unmade. He could use that. But what it told him more then the physical weakness was that this Meta was scared. Very scared. She probably came from a lower class, or she would have simply had the heart repaired via surgery, or her parents would have repaired the genetics that caused it. Such was only restricted by price, and even then a middle class Wental could get it with relative ease. Her being a lower class Wental meant she would be subordinate, and thusly tell him everything he needed to know.

Masuri - So... you are the weak little traitor who sabotaged my fleet. Well, I applaud you.
Meta - What? Why? Masuri - It must have taken guts for a lower class Wental like you to do this... but I think there was more. You had help. I want to know who that help was.
Meta - There was no help. I did it myself. I have changed my fate, and now I will not be forgotten.
Masuri - Yes, you will. I'll make sure no one can ever hear your screams, ever remembers your fate or knows your name.
Meta - My name is Clairvaux Uidiana! You will remember that name, for it has been your foiler in this battle!
Masuri - I cannot forget the names of my enemies until they are dead, that is true. However... you will be forgotten soon.
Clairvaux - Wha... you can't kill me. Dylan won't stand for the open killing of one of his own species!
Masuri - Dylan... was he behind this?
Clairvaux - No, there were not but me.
Masuri - You need to learn how to speak. Hmph. You are a weakling, you have a bad and revealing heart. You're terrified of what's going to happen. I can smell your fear, hear your terror, almost taste it. You will tell me everything, of that I am certain. It is.... inventible.
Clairvaux - I will tell you nothing for there is nothing to tell. I did this myself.
Masuri - Then tell me what happened. How did a low class Wental like you get into my fleet, and how did you sabotage it?
Clairvaux - Simple: you opened the doors and let me in. You had no one else to help you, so you had to trust all those who entered. Now, I do believe that the Iteok must pay. They killed our worldforest, we will kill them utterly. However, you're going about it wrong, and few Meta would support you in this. I'm not one of them. When you allowed me on your ships, I immediately went about my way learning everything I could about their software and programming. I became a very decent computer specialist, to the point that when things went wrong I could fix them. But I was also searching out weak points, and testing them one by one. You remember all those little things, like when the gravity shut down in the port kitchens, or the lights cut out in the starboard barracks? That was me testing the system. Once I found the codes to shut things down on a small scale, I simply sent it up to a max scale, the entire fleet. That needed a virus, which I created.
Masuri - Impressive. I would have never thought that a low life like yourself could manage to do that kind of work.
Clairvaux - No. You wouldn't have. After creating the virus, I simply needed to get the perfect time to use it. When we were bombarding the planet, i got into position. It was a simple thing from there to activate the virus and set it on standby. When I saw the ships leaving the surface, I put it on attack, and attack it did. Granted, it took a few seconds to breach the firewalls and security, but once that was finished, the entire fleet was crippled. My plan worked because you underestimated me. And now the Metamind himself has come to help me.
Masuri - No he hasn't. He's all the way back in-
Soldier - Masuri, it's Dylan! He's here!
Masuri - What! How did he know I was here?
Clairvaux - You idiot. You forgot that the Meta are a weak group mind. The moment you hurt me they all knew something was up, and the moment I released my fear they were able to pinpoint me. I never expected Dylan himself to come, but come he has. You cannot win now...
Masuri - Why you little!

Masuri launches himself at Clairvaux, intending to kill, when he's suddenly stuck in the air. Everyone turns, and Masuri manages to spot Dylan, his hand up and essence held in it like a weapon, walking towards him.

Dylan - Guards, take this fool away. I'll deal with him later. You, what is your name?
Clairvaux - Clairvaux Uidiana, the Forgotten Warrior.
Dylan - Well now Clairvaux, you shall be forgotten no more. Aeir Ur Uidiana, was Clairvaux. (You are a Warrior, not Forgotten.)

Dylan helped Clairvaux up and out of the room, while Masuri and his fleet were affectively captured and placed into temporary prison until the details of this whole mess could be worked out. The Meta as a whole could sense a strange happiness from their Metamind, something they hadn't felt in years.

In their hidden world, the trees could feel this too. It energized them once more, and they got one step closer to revival.

Enter, the Warriors of Honor[]

As the remaining Radeons and Draconis fled the planet, Br'klakkon ordered da Chikz to unearth the artifact and decipher information. As the Norol have finished their work, Br'klakkon has descended to the planet surface along with his retinue. He was quite impressed with the unearthed relic. Pitch black and glowing with the green light, Br'klakkon could fear power coursing within this machine. As he pressed the artifact, it opened like a puzzle box, revealing flat display responding to the touches of the user. Chikz have deciphered the code of the machine and Br'klakkon has started to learn the secrets of the artifact. After spending some time working with the machine, a smile appeared on his face (or whatever Loron did instead of smiling).

Br'klakkon - Excellent... EXCELLENT!

Br'klakkon has just realized that in his hands was the map - the map containing the locations of the other artifacts. He now knew what was his next target now...

But first, he needed to bring his old allies back.


By their master's command, Loron'Kikra have started to channel their temporal powers, warping the laws of time and space. All in a sudden, the reality was shattered and in the massive explosion, Masuri emerged out of the warped space.

Masuri - What?
Br'klakkon - I have taken you out of the timestream back to me. You currently exists as two beings; your time twin is currently within Wental space, awaiting for judgement. While he is there, we shall work together... again. As you see, this artifact contains information about the locations of other artifacts, which can be quite, quite useful.
Masuri - Good. However, remember that someone have fled the planet thanks to the... traitor. Now, we must think what to do with them. They could inform their empires and...

Br'klakkon has pointed to the map.

Br'klakkon - Next destination: Twilight Sector. Plain and simple: go, grab the artifact and flee. However, if your words are true, I should make something to prevent Radeons and their new allies from claiming the artifact... And I know what should I do.

Suddenly, a ghostly figure of an Asgord appeared to the duo, bowing before Br'klakkon.

Alo'emonraz - What do you wish, my master?
Br'klakkon - Call the Zazane...

With these words, Alo'emonraz has vanished, teleporting to the Borealis Galaxy, on Rivelata. There, Alo has taken form of a high-ranked Kordalu Zazane, appearing to Astral Highland for advices.

Alo'emonraz - Welcome, my mistress. I have just gained the information that the artifacts of the great power are located in the Andromeda Galaxy. We could claim these artifacts for our empire, as well as destroy unbelievers there, like Radeons and Draconis. What do you think, my mistress?
Astral Highland - Great. I will inform the Council of the Brood as soon as I can."

After several minuted, Highland has called the council of the Brood. There, she told about the artifacts her "advisor" told her about, and how could they use it for the Brood. Soon, the Council has agreed that the Brood shall send their fleet there, led by councilor Tyraz Breek. In several hours, a large fleet of Zazane ships have left Borealis and has entered Andromeda space.

At the same time, the Draconis Empire and the Divinarium were planning to protect against the new enemies. All in a sudden, they have realized they were in a trap. Legion of Badmanz and the remnants of Masuri's fleet have invaded them from the back, and Zazane ships have appeared in Andromeda as well, sowing chaos.

Things were not going well for the newly formed alliance.

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