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The Federation's Warning[]

Iovera was returning from Alcanti, resting on the bridge of one of the Black Fleet's flagships. The ship's communication systems received a live transmission from an unidentified source. Iovera opened the communications link. It was Captain Lorrelas of the TIAF.

Iovera - ...Tybusen?
Lorrelas - Greetings, Clericarch, we have something to discuss.
Iovera - What?
Lorrelas - Regarding the conflict in Andromeda. The Andromeda War, I believe is what it is called.

Iovera nodded.

Lorrelas - We feel we must warn you that our fleets in Andromeda are poised to strike the Draconis. We do not wish for any further bloodshed or war beyond them, so we ask that you don't give us trouble.
Iovera - What is your purpose?
Lorrelas - The Draconis, being allies of our enemies the Wentals, pose a threat to us by possessing the Andromedan Artifacts.
Iovera - We want to protect them, not to use them.
Lorrelas - We are well-assured that you have no malicious intentions. The Draconis, on the other hand, may acknowledge their alliance with Wental...
Iovera - So you plan to attack Wentals and Draconis. Bold. And foolish.
Lorrelas - We have crushed Wental before and we will crush them again. Our intelligence shows we hold certain advantages over the Draconis. All we ask for is your cooperation. In both of our best interests.
Iovera - Sorry, but we do not plan to tolerate the war against our allies.
Lorrelas - We do not wish to be directly responsible for any more deaths of your fine race.
Iovera - We Radeons honor our alliance.
Lorrelas - Very well. You are quite steadfast, which I respect. But be prepared for the might and power of the TIAF armada, for we are relentless.
Iovera - The Black Fleet will succeed.
Lorrelas - Well then, there is no more to say. May the best nation win.

With that, Lorrelas cut the communication link. It was silent on the bridge.

Occupation of Vanexia Prime[]

Vanexia Prime was the unofficial capital of the local solar cluster on the edge of Imperial space. Arriving from the edges of the galaxy the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation planned to invade.

Space traffic control - Attention unidentified ships, you are approaching Imperium-controlled space. State your intentions now and pull back now or prepare for lethal force.
Vice Admiral Lee - Back off before we use lethal force of our own.
Space Traffic Control - Your registrations do not match known codes. You are not an imperial fleet and therefore your numbers suggest you are either pirates, raiders or an enemy of the Imperium, which are you?
Admiral Tzena - We have no intent on allowing you to know. Now, scram!
Space Traffic Control - I beg your pardon! Are you asking us to leave a world rightfully claimed by the Imperium? You have a lot of nerve, pull back to the outer belt until further notice!
Tzena - You have been pardoned. We have no intent on leaving, in fact, let us continue forward, Vice Admiral...
Space Traffic Control - This is unauthoised! All hands to your stations. I give you one last chance to pull away NOW.
Lee - Surrender now, or face the power of the Federation.
Tzena - Stand down your weapons, Draconis, you will have no time to use them.
Space Traffic Control - *checks console* Ah, the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation... We have no intention, there are three imperial fleets en-route. Withdraw now and our superiors won't have to know about this whole incident. This is your final warning. Withdraw NOW.

Tzena complied, ordering the fleet to warp away. Unknown to space-traffic-control the hips returned with cloaking fields active. What betrayed theri strealth attack was the spacetime disruption created by their warp bubbles. this was picked up by Space Traffic Control which ordered a state of yellow alert.

As they arrived the Imperium scrambled hundreds of thousands of fighters to defend the planet and larger warships position themselves in orbit of major settlements. The TIAF's first strike corps were deployed to assess the Imperium's numbers using Bladewing and Thunderstrike-class fighters, all of them cloaked. While still cloaked they come across several ITN fighter wings and are ambushed as the bladewings slice them in half. Eventually one of the fighters' cloaking fields breaks, exposing it for a splpit second, an opprtunistic ITN pilot fires and the craft is easily torn apart without shields.

After realising that they were under attack the Imperium's defence fleet mobilises, watching as the TIAF's shields decloaked. Admiral Dorastion, who was in command ordered a full broadside, the shots tearing at some of the ships who did not raise shields in time. Tzena retaliated be firing a broadside of her own. The Draconis fired a series of EM missiles to counter the TIAF's shields, as they buckled Tzena ordered then to raise non-phasic shields

As the battle raged the planet's sattellite-based defences turned on the TIAF fleet. They respond by sending fighters to disable several of the sattellites and disable a communications relay in the proccess. on the bridge of the Battlemaster-class TNSS Archon the Admiral grws uncertain the battle would be won quickly.

Dorastion - Inform subsector command. The TIAF have invaded the Vandexia System and we are sending datastreams to counter further incursions. I want the thing quantum-encrypted with enigma cypher, understood?

The officer nods in response and transmits a tachyon signal away from the battle. The TIAF realised that the missiles fired at them were burrowing into the hull using diamond-strength drillbits. Vessels on both sides were weakening from the volleys.

Tzena - USS Victory to fleet, prepare suspension defense systems to counteract the Draconis assault! Hold defensive positions until ordered otherwise!

The TIAF vessels projected graviton fuelds around themselves in order to capture all projectiles and upon discovery Admiral Dorastion ordered for the fleet to use phasic warheads. Fighters fire scatterbeams in order to scramble and disrupt the Imperium's inter-fleet communication. The Imperium's fighters, which were smaller, more numerous and were capable of smaller turning circles than what the Federation had, continued to overwhelm the TIAF fighter wings. Eventually several flotillas of Flakcluster frigates moved in to pick off the fighters, their fast-tracking lasers making short work of what they were up against.

The Federation continued to press overwhelming firepower. In deperation Dorastion ordered for another broadside, as they did the Federation fleet reactivated it's suspension fields, capturing projectile rounds and missiles and suspending them in space. A reflection wave was projected in the direction of the ITN fleet, sending missiles and rounds back at the Draconis fleet. On board his flagship the Admiral ordered to hastily engage warp drive and he devastation was mixed - some were able to warp away unscathed while others were completely destroyed before they had the chance, the Archon itself was damaged.

Ozzel - Orbital dominance achieved!
Tzena - Excellent! I was expecting a lot more from the Draconis. *to planet's remaining resistance* We have secured orbital dominance. We will give you a chance to surrender Vanexia without further damage.
Lee - Sir, we have discovered some containers left by the Draconis. Shall we investigate?
Solar Prefect Valocanus - Will we be allowed to evacuate?
Tzena - If you wish. But the Federation promises good treatment for those who stay and join the Federation in all of its glory.
Valocanus - Glory? We have seen nothing benevolent about you.
Tzena - There will be a short space of martial rule to control the more...unruly inhabitants, but we assure you that the Federation is benevolent to its citizens.
Valocanus - You have a lot to learn young lady. However the Imperium will not recognise this system as yours yet, you're still some way inside Imperial territory.
Tzena - Is that the wish of the citizens?
Valocanus - I will submit to your demands as long as you honour my request: Allow the planet's people to evacuate what they have, if they want to stay that's fine.
Tzena - Request granted.
Valocanus - I warn you now: The Sector council and the Imperium will not tolerate a police state on their own people.

After the battle the Federation decided to collect one of the containers and placed it in the quarantine bay of USS Raysong. As they moved it into quarantine the devices activated and in seconds the quarantine bay was engulfed by a violent fireball as the devices ignited the atmosphere. The force was great enough to devastate some of the lower decks and left the quarantine bay a charred mess.


Grand Vanexia had been designated as the planetary capital since the occupation of Vanexia Prime. the TIAF had been imposing martial law for a fortnight and several members of the population were unhappy with the situation. For the past week several key members had organised and now was the time to strike. In the dead of night four squads of draconis, armed with gauss and fusion rifles stealthily made their way to the city limits. As they approached a patrol became suspicious but were quckly and silently taken out by the rebels. A TIAF general radioed in and after a delay one of them picked up the headset and cleared his throat while the others picked off a sniper who fell from his nest.

General - Patrol Unit 4, what is your status? Patrol? Come in!
Rebel - No cause for alarm, a minor incursion. We can handle it.
General - Ah, good, you're there. Has your voice gotten deeper? Should I send Patrols 5 and 3 to assist you?
Rebel - No need command.
General - Very well. Report in if you have any more trouble.
Rebel - Understood command. Patrol Unit 4, out.
Rebel 2 - Marine coding is so much more efficcient...

The general was not convinced by what was said. He discussed with the rest of command on how to deal with the situation and eventually he agreed with is peers for Agent Kale to check it out. She agreed and left the room. Back in Grand Vanexia the rebels were preparing to make their move. when they were innterupted by another patrol.

Rebel - Teams two and three head for the comm relay. Team one and four are with me.
Rebel - Pri-stealth (priority on stealth)
TIAF Patrol - Hey! Firearms in public aren't permitted!

The patrol is quickly eliminated with some of them reduced to gel from fusion rounds. More patrols heard the gunshots and rushed to aid their comrades. This prompted the rebels to rush to their destinations. In another part of the city another patrol was quickly ambushed, unaware of what had just attacked them...

TIAF Patrol - Butter... That'll go great on my Grand Slam!

The patrol was quickly dispatched as the rebels engaged them in close-combat.

TIAF Patrol - *over comms* We have a disturbance in the south-west sector of the city, investigate.
Rebel - Dominicuus vinterva lowly Krann.
Rebel - Respect your enemy Kravidus.

Another sniper spots the squad however honly manages to injure one of them before being shot himself. the noide rouses several citizens from their sleep. Eventually the rebel squads manage to get to a transmitter linked to the relay network. However in the process they had alerted TIAF comamnd to their position.

TIAF Colonel - Attention, we have a rebellion occuring in the city of Grand Vanaxia, all civilians, do not panic, all military units in the vicinity, respond immediately!

As they make it inside they were set-upon by plasma railguns that force them to take shelter. They cry out 'Imperium Eternal' but not all of them make it to shelter.

Rebel - Imperium Eternal!
TIAF Gunner - Imperium Eternal my ass! Federation Forever!
Rebel - let's see how the like this...

The rebel throws an adhesive plasma grenade which sticks firmly to the machinegun. As the gunner screams in horror his face is covered in plasma as the others duck. As they scramble the Draconis fire on them while they are in the open, one rebel steps out into the corridor and unleashes a supressive barrage of fusion rounds. As they scramble from the dissolving barriers several are soon killed. They prepare onother machinegun and the rebels respond with another plasma grenade. As the soldiers recover from the granade's shockwave the rebels close in and engage in close-combat. The leader of the assault, a veteren marine draws his sword and cuts through TIAF armour with ease. As he stabs a Tybusen in the chest the Colonel jumps from nowhere with a katana, the veteren parries and forces the Colonel back.

Leader - You're out of your league!
Colonel - Perhaps I am, but I suppose uncultured baboons like you rebels have no knowledge of what an upset in sports is!

He strikes the veteren's shoulder who then retaliates by swingin his sword at the Colonel's leg. The man is brought to his knees as his soldiers dwindle. The Colonel remained adamant that he was the better man.

Leader - Gah! Uncultured? You know nothing Invader.
Colonel - Very good, Draconis, you have been taught well. Very well then, strike me down here. I know a barbarian like you would take that as your first choice. *smirks maliciously*
Leader - You're more imprtant to us alive, restrain him, His rank could be of use to us...
Soldier - All units retreat and scatter!
Colonel - Hmph. You will not elicit information or service from me.
Leader - We shall see. Veredia, activate the relay.
Veredia - Aye sir.

As she works on the console Admiral Tzena appears on screen and she was not pleased at all.

Leader - Greetings.
Tzena - Draconis? The Grand Vanaxia Comms Base was put under command of the TIAF... You filthy rebels!
Leader - I serve my Paragon and the Imperium and you seem to think those who resist you come from the dregs of society with little better to do than challenge authority.
Tzena - We had agreed to begin a peaceful transition of the remaining populace into TIAF society. This is no more than an example of your dishonor!
Leader - Your attack was so far unprovoked, all Draconis belong to the Imperium. Do you really think we would consider ourselves better-off under your governance?
Tzena - You are quite detached, you...rebellious bastard. To so blatantly state that all Draconis are members of your Imperium is quite a lie. Believe me, I've been watching Andromedan news for the past month.

Tzena was referring to the recent mechanisation of a Draconid borderworld and was aware that the new Draconis Mechis were not considered part of the Imperium.

Tzena - Yes. Studies show we have better standards of living. Point defeated.
Leader - Perhaps in the colonies... The core worlds however are a different matter.
Tzena - Hmph. It is unlawful and barbaric to act with such violence to an established armistice on this planet. If you were loyal to the Imperium, you would know that by doing this, we are forced to extend the martial law period on this planet even further. You are not helping Vanaxia's populace in any way.
Leader - I saw what happened to your flagship, my fellow revolutionaries are broadcasting it planetwide and perhaps further and my kin know what it means. We all must take sacrifices, we will not bow to invaders who use conflict-first strategems. that is what is barbaric!
Tzena - We have enough sense to know that what happened to the Raysong were coordinated explosives, and it is in drydock for repairs. Retaliating with violence is the barbaric way out, accepting fate and a no-worse lifestyle is the way a civilized race does it!
Leader - The imperium cares for its kin, it is what the lifefather wanted and if you even think i have been brainwashed think again, i have seen cultures far worse than what the Imperium offers, i have seen war.
Tzena - I would be happy to destroy Grand Vanaxia and all of the rebel filth in it, but I am civilized. We have seen cultures far worse as well. It is called the Draconis Imperium. *smirks maliciously*
Leader - How dare you insult me. It seems you are no better off than you claim me to be... Is this how the Federation treats all it's enemies?
Tzena - If you had let us, the police state would have ended next week, and your citizens on Vanaxia would be able to live content lives as citizens of the Federation. But it is apparent to us that the Draconis would rather die than see what life is like in the Federation, it shows us that you are nothing but a warmaking people.
Leader - I do not accept the idea of being ruled by such an infantile race as yours, few of my kin would. It's nothing personal, it's just a race as young as yours lacks the level of experience we admire.
Tzena - Very well, you have made your choice, I will accept it. Colonel, set the turbolaser on Level 3, aim for the Grand Vanaxia Comms Base. That will wipe the dirty smirk off your face, I assume.
Leader - hold fire!

Leader - *the Colonel is dragged forward* Kill me and your Colonel dies
Colonel - I will die if it means the Federation will march to victory!

Regardless, the USS Victory fires a low-power turbolaser blast at the Comms Base, utterly destroying it and all inside. Outside rebels watch in horror as everyone inside is killed. Screens accros the planet broacast the footage of USS Raysong's crippling and was accompanied by a message

"Citizens of Vanexia! The footage you see is proof our 'benefactors' are unfit to lead us. The explosion you see on the USS Raysong is proof they are greedy, ambitious and naive. As such they do not deserve t orule over us. Rise up children of Drakon, Imperium Eternal."

The message was soon cut of in place of Admiral Tzena's own broadcast.

Tzena - Attention, citizens of Vanaxia, we are experiencing a rebellion in the city of Grand Vanaxia, and measures are being taken to quell it. Stay calm, and do not panic.

The Revolution Spreads[]

As the broadcast continued a few of the citizens became dissolusioned and coem weer contemplating joining the rebellion due to the heavy-handed nature of the TIAF's occupation.

Citizen - These rebels have a point.
Citizen - Are you considering it?
TIAF Soldier - We have no intention of killing civilians. If you rebel, however, we will have no choice.
Citizen - You are content to simply kill rebels? That's just.. savage.
Soldier - They obviously do not respect our laws, which means they are still associated with the Imperium. We in the Federation do not take violence lightly.
Citizen - It's madness, they are not beyond reason!
Soldier - Well, then, what do you assume their logic is staying behind to fight a useless resistance? If only they were obedient citizens like the rest of this city...
Citizen - Perhaps they were brave enough to actually stand up to upstarts like you!
Citizen - Tavus no!
Soldier - Such a hypocritical statement, Draconis. Such a rebellious bunch.
Tavus - No... I will not be brainwahsed by your Federation!

The desperate citizen pulls a pistol and fires at the soldier. Fearful of what would happen next he made a dash for the back streets. He was caught and restrained, despite rebel intervention the TIAF had sent fighter jets to gun down the rebels on the rooftops. The citizen was dragged away, accused of assaulting a military officer. Tzena, frustrated with the revelation contacted the Prefect.

Tzena - Hail, Prefect of Vanaxia. We are having trouble controlling your populace, might you be of some assistance, my friend?
Prefect - *calmly* What did you expect from my kin? To simply bow to you just because you won a fight?
Tzena - Yes, actually. That's sorta how it works in the modern world.
Prefect - It's a little more complicated than that. You seem certain yours is the better culture.
Tzena - Well, then, Prefect, if you believe you are so superior, how would you treat a rebellion if you were to theoretically occupy one of our better planets?
Prefect - With understanding. my kin rebel because they do not truly consider you their betters. My people respect age and experience. The TIAF has not matured enough in their eyes to be worthy of recognition.
Tzena - You are a passionate group. I respect that. But for a rebellion to be tolerated when we have explicitly agreed to armistice on Vanaxia is simply inappropriate.
Prefect - Have you ever known how it feels to have a part of you taken away? to know how it feels to have one of your most prized posesions stripped from you? Tzena - Indeed. But in no way were we taking anything, we would have left Vanaxia to its own matters if you had shown some respect.
Prefect - You know little of our culture. When annexing a protectorate the Imperium does not use martial law, there are better methods.
Tzena - You consider simple military patrols in the cities martial law? We give your people all the freedoms in the multiverse, this is how you repay us?
Prefect - Listen here. Not once was our governemnt contacted, not once was the possibility of averting war ever made! This... occupation was the first act you have made against us and you gave us No warning.
Tzena - You know little. We did make contact, but peace talks were unsuccessful. We have endured nothing but volleys of insults from your leaders, perhaps it is time I pay back some of that. Colonel, turbolaser setting ELEVEN.
Prefect - To the Imperium the occupation was nothing short of another empire deciding they wanted what we had. You are no better than the Iteok!
Tzena - How DARE YOU COMPARE US TO THOSE BUGS! *hammers the turbolaser button, leading a shot straight into the city of Grand Vanaxia*
Prefect - Even now rather than seeing a reason you threaten to incinerate the capital!

He watches as an inner-city district is obliterated by the shot. He stares in horror before taking deep breaths.

Prefect - Monsters... You have just condemened five million people!
Tzena - I have perfect reason now to completely obliterate Vanaxia Prime! But since we are kind enough to allow the innocent survive, I will make my demands once more. Call off the rebellion, submit in peace, and there will be no more deaths. Grand Vanaxia would be content to fire their AA guns at our fleet, there is no point in letting them continue that.
Prefect - Do you think my people and the Tmperium would back down because of this act of extermination?
Preferct - *sighs* Admiral, you are simply fueling your enemies to act against you.
Tzena - Perhaps I am fanning the flames, but you are providing the fuel. I know very well that you would try something like this. I have no more reason to withhold from pushing the turbolaser fire button again, perhaps you could give me one, Prefect?
Prefect - The rebellion was not my fabrication, I do not command them and I am unsure if they will listen to me.
Tzena - Well then, Prefect, if you are not with them, then surely you are against them. You have a choice, Prefect. Stay there and die labeled as a traitor to your kin, or come with us to the Federation, and live on labeled a hero.
Prefect - Perhaps you are right... I was the one who signed the annexation, i was the one who submitted. But is there really any place for me?
Tzena - The Federation welcomes you with open arms. We can get you into a position of power, if that is what you desire.
Prefect - *sighs* Give me some time to prepare. There is nothing left for me it seems...
Tzena - We respect your choice, Prefect, sometimes it is good to stop fighting a losing war. Any of your loyalists are welcome.
Prefect - I will ask any loyalists to come forward and will order that they are to be unharmed.
Tzena - They will be treated as members of the Federation, they will be under our care.
Prefect - Undershood. I will prepare.
Tzena - *broadcast to planet* It is of our understanding that the planet has been consumed by uprising, this is an order for all military units and those who wish to continue to be members of the Federation to immediately evacuate!

The prefect sat in his office, if he was to leave the Imperium then he figured he may as well try for redemption. He downloaded the conversation and all information regarding the incidents on Vanexi and called for one of his assistants.

Prefect - Lifefather forgive me... Elivessa, I want this drive delivered to Alcanti as quickly as possible, be discreet.
Elivessa - What about you?
Prefect - There is nothing for me here, I submitted to all of this and will seek asylum in the Federation. go.
Tzena - Prepare to cripple their industrial complexes. We will retreat to the nearby Avanti System and establish a new front base there. Immediately prep all ships in drydock for immediate recommission, and destroy the drydocks after they are unloaded. We will leave them so hopelessly crippled that they'll wish they never questioned our authority.

As the TIAF prepared to leave factories, industries and mines were bombarded by the retreating fleet. In their evacuation they made sure that the emergent industrial potential of the planet was reduced to nothing, leaving the planet with little industry.

The Machines Act[]

Deep within the Tholfame-18 sector scientists were working hard on the moon of Vendis VI, a gas giant of the vendis system which ad been removed from imperial records since the discovery of the first artifact. Deep beneath the moon's frozen surface scientists worked diligantly to scan, examine and analyse each artifact to deciper their workings. However something unknown was apporaching.

Scientist - ...Sectos 2 ,3 and 4 are green. Sample is in place, activating nanoscan.
Scientist 2 - The Director would be pleased with these results.
Scientist - Don't get your hopes up. These things are still an enigma...
Scientist 3 - The budget for this project must be immense, how much are they injecting into this thing? | Scientist - more than enough to retire on.

The artifact is bathed in a beam of light the scientists watch as a picture emerges on theri consoles of the artifacts interior. Broad smiles spread across their faces as they realise the magnitude of what they had uncovered. Out of a flash of cyan light an Inheritance drone appears right inside the room, taking the scientists by surprise.

Scientst - What the.. *comm* Security breach on level Khar. Guards respond!
Scientist 2 - *peers at the drone* That's no probe i've ever seen before
Scientist 3 - Stay back.
Scientist - W-we have no intent on using them as weapons.. We just want to understand them...
Scientst - We are doing that, we swear.. no other races know of this pla-

The scientist was interrupted when the probe opens fire. Reducing one of his colleagues to a skeleton. As it fires the entire base is filled with Inheritants Guards enter and fire confined EMPs at the drones.

Scientist 2 - Drakon help us!
Guard - Secure level Khar, repeat: secure level Khar! All units, we have an intrusion in level Khar sector three.

More Inheritants teleport and attack the guardsmen. One of them launches a gravity gun, attracting a Guardian and impaling him on a bayonet.

Guard - Critical containment failure! *comm* DIrector Senvinus. Shut the whole place down and activate the EM-surge. We have mechanical intrusions on all levels!
Tarsus - Understood sergent. All units: Lethal force is to be granted, activating surge.

In seconds the entire base powers down, the lights dim and shutto f and the hum of the base ceased. Deep in the bowels a strange noise was made before all Inheritants collapse to the ground. As the pulse ended the lights flickeered back to life and the ambient hum resumed. Panicked scientists regained theri composure before looking at the fallen shells.

Sergeant - Incursion resolved.
Tanus - Understood sergeant. Have your labourers move some of those mechs to the labs for study. I am intrigued by their shells...

As scientists examined the mechs some of them began to self reper. After announcing his concern that the machines had survived an EMP he along with several others were attacked and torn apart by the revived machines. Panic filled the halls again and Tarsus ordered non-phasic shields to activate, isolating the Inheritants. Tarsus remained in his office as the situation unfolded.

Inheritant - Give us the artifact and you shall be spared...Inheritant - *leaps at the scientists and rips them into shreds* Give us the artifact and you shall be spared...
Guard - If you are responsive, stand down!
Scientist - We want to protect them, the same as you.
Inheritant - Artifacts are not to be taken by the... younglings..
Scientist - We understand that is what you were programmed to do. But there are erm.. youunglings.. who desire it's power. Younglings we know how to fight. | Tarus - Professor what's going on? | Scientist 2 - The mechs, they are talking.
Inheritant - Artifacts are not to be taken by younglings... Simply give us the artifacts and we shall protect them themselves. We will protect it better than you...
Tarsus - Listen, times have changed. Other younglings know where the artifacts are. So far only you have found this system and we will make sure it stays that way.

After Tarnus explained the Inheritants froze in place. As the scientists watched the machines eventually started to move again.

Inheritant - Younglings are not to be trusted. We shall be the better protectors.
Tarsus - In case you didn't notice these artifacts were recovered and transported here without your intervention. And so far we have not had a single incursion until now. This implies that we have so far done a better job.
Inheritant - The power corrupts. And you, the Rades-spawn, the iron creatures and the Barbarians cannot handle this power.
Tarsus - We have no intention of using these artifacts. Whatever power they wield has been deemed too dangerous by the imperial senate.
Inheritant - If so, why do you try to keep the artifacts under your control?
Tarsus - Keeping them within our territory is the safest place because we do not trust the other races, in fact they don't even know this system exists.
Inheritant - Same with our worlds.
Guard - *mutters* Then how were we able to transport them here so easily?
Inheritant - ...Give us the artifact, quickly. These Barbarians are led by Cenaric being. He will find them in time.
Tarsus - We cannot surrender these artifacts. Not only will I be severely punshed by the senate but the others might easily get their hands on them as well.
Scientist - Cenaric?
Inheritant - You may know this... energy by another name.
Inquisitor - describe the energy. I know of two beings who are... ethereal. What kind of energy do you speak of?
Inheritant - Energy of life itself. Energy which could control the very minds, the very lifestreams of living beings. Rades were the masters of Cenaric, and so are their... spawn. But not our creators, though.
Inheritant - Cenaric could control the very strings of reality... but our creators held one power that could not be matched. Arden'tar...
Inquisitor - This machine refers to the Loron Horde. I know who you refer to and I assure you he will never reach this system. You have my word that everyone here will sacrifice their last breath to keep this facility out of the creature's hands.
Inheritant - This Cenaric being has more power than Gitlerkuveng Medvedus... You cannot prevail
Inquisitor - My duty involves preserving the Imperium from entities like him. We are aware of his power, the artifacts stay!
Inheritant - We have our ways of defeating these... entities. Cenaric can be negated and we know how.
Inquisitor - We know of your weapons capabilities and I will not change my mind.
Inheritant - Imperious One may consider alliance with you, but now, you shall DIE.
Tarnus - All personnel evacuate! Get that data offworld now!

The moon is burned as the inheritants incinerate everytihng. Sirens blared in che chaos of evacuation as scientists and personel did what they could to escape the inheritants. Many of them bewccame traumatised watching as their colleagues were reduced to bones. Those that managed to survive escaped via the orbiting fleets however several of those were lost to the firestorm. Out of the thousands working at the site only a few dozen had survived the traumatic incident. Tarsus, who had survived the incident, held a storage device in his bag and was mournful of what had been lost. However all was not lost because inside the storage device was terabytes of data they had discovered. The Imperium's pursuit to understanding the artifacts was not over and would continue further.

Old Freinds[]

A few ships approched shellis. The rings of the planet were quiet and serene. Several security stations dotted the orbit of the planet along with thousnads of sattelites that made it look more machine than planet, which it was. A voice then broke the silence.

Security Drone - "Warning, you are entering restricted space. Identify yourself or we will shoot down your ship."
Clank - "Identification code 123409657."
Security Drone - "Acsess comfirmed. Welcome Clank."

The small Wental fleet entered shellis's atmosphere. Rain poured down as tousands of ships flew in and out of the planetary ocean. Bottomless skyscrapers dotted the surface as they reached for the clouds. Waterfalls spread across the glowing buildings as small rays of sunlight and large advertising signs lit up the dark cityscape. Clank's ship then landed at the Spire top of the senate. He then put on a breathing suit and walk down into the watery rooms of the building.

Valleel Sentor - The material synthasizers are not fast enough. All those who want a say cast your vote on techology upgrades.

The senate was filled with aquatic plants and fish like creatures scattered around the room as they disscused the imperium laws. Clank headed to the royal palace.

Clank - Edoshai? I need to speak to you. Dylan could not be here, he had other matters. Edoshai?
Edoshai - Look I don't want to buy anything, oh it's Clank. Hello, is there something you wish to discusss Clank? I have not seen anyone from the old alliance since wental was destroyed. Pity it had to die out.
Clank - Im here to tell you about something Dylan think you should know about Andromeda. He says it is very important.
Edoshai - Is he talking about the galactic merge? I already know of that.
Clank - No. In Andromeda the draconis discovered a large amouts of gaurdian droids. Something called the inheritance. They protect a wide variety of odd artifacts that everyone seems to be obsessed with. Masuri has been acting strange and Dylan has not said what is happening. The point is the wentals need the shellious imperium to come back to the front.
Edoshai - Wait a minute! Artifacts of power? Guardian droids? What the hell is going on?!?!
Clank - Ill explain later. you need to come to andromeda.

The IGA arrives[]

In an uninhabited planet in Segmentum Umbra, a sudden rumbling filled the sky as a T]T{Skimmer] starcruiser flew down, followed by a massive 1km IGA colony ship and several other guardships. The colony ship itself was a whale of a ship, with dozens of protruding engines and a massive domed Colony Incredi-Pak fixed to the front. The colony ship landing, its fusion thrusters creating an ersatz landing zone as it settled down on the ground. The ship deployed landing pods which anchored it to the ground, and then opened the exit hatch, and its occupants rushed out side for the first time in weeks.

The finding of an artifact[]

One week later, a Varathana scramjet flew over the jungle floor looking for a new place to place a settlement.Suddenly he stumbled upon something entirely new.

Pilot: Sir, I found some kind of shrine out here.

Class 1 "Rayker": Soldier, we're sending in a ground team. Scout around the area but do not approach it UNDERSTOOD?

Pilot: Sir, yes sir.

A few minutes later fifteen Troopers stood at the entrance to the shrine. Their leader approached it and to his surprise the door slid jerkily open. Inside lay the shredded corpses of some alien race, as well as several destroyed robots. If there were any defenders they had already been destroyed. Inside lay a five foot long silver oval that softly glowed. Twelve soldiers made a perimeter around the shape while the other three slowly lifted it up and moved it to a waiting drop ship. Soon the procedure was over and the artifact was being studied by the colonies top scientists. Relaxing in his chair, Rayker thought 'That was easier than I expected.' Suddenly a transmission crackled to life on his transmitter.


Da IGA dumbos vs da Legion of Badmanz[]

Song: see [1]

Suddenly a group of Loron Killas dropped into orbit around the planet.


Rayker: Is this some kind of joke?


Suddenly, hordes of Loron dropped down on to the planet and began blasting huge bolts of energy at the colony. But the IGA's troops were more prepared then the Loron expected, and what they had expected to be a massacre soon changed to a fairly even battle. While the Loron held an advantage in sheer numbers, the IGA's troops had better training, sniping Lorons with deadly accuracy. Pig Men blasted shearing metal through the Lorons, while Loron shots scattered Tyrannar hide, burning and twisting when they actually hit. Another factor the Lorons were unprepared for was the Drone Cruiser, a new IGA innovation that launched swarms of exploding bots into the Loron ships.

Aerial conflict

Suddenly, the Lorons pushed foward wildly as a mysterious dark figure moved towards the defenders. The Loron'Kikra had joined the fight. Slowly but surely the IGA troopers fell. Inside a small unnoticed dropship Rayker and three others pulled on armour an stocked up on weapons. "Let's go men," barked Rayker."Let's show these blood thirsty bastards what some shadows can do." They swiftly dropped around the Loron'Kikra and engaged. While the first shadow fell quickly in a burst of blood, the others swiftly dodged and sniped, they're quick reflexes perfect against the Lorons bad aim. The other two Shadows eventually fell, one tripping over a body, the other burst by another Lorons shot. Now just Rayker and the 'Kikra stood, both bleeding from huge holes in their body. Rayker bellowed and charged, but just as the Loron raised his arm for a fatal stroke, Rayker flashed an energy blade straight through the Lorons heart, killing him.

Da Boyz attack

Suddenly, he saw another force of Lorons bolstered by mechanized support coming towards him, but as they were about to open fire, an IGA Landblaster flew down and fired a missile which vaporized all Lorons within several hundred meters of the blast point. The IGA had won the space battle, and without their air support, the Lorons had no defense from the space fleet which swept down, firing beams of energy which vaporized thosands of Lorons at once. All the land troops had to do then was mop up the remaining Lorons, and the battle was won. "Now" Rayker said "Its time to see what secrets this artifact holds."

The Stranger and the Dragon[]

After the battle a cardre of four inquisitors along with a dozen marines emerged from the treeline. Rayker turned to face them as they approached.

Rayker - Who are you? What are you doing here?
Inquisitor - We are of the Inquisition of Drakon. Our duty is to find and hunt down the Legion, it seems you have done our job for us.
Rayker - An enemy of our enemy could be are friend... Do you know anything about artifacts.
Inquisitor - We know a few things, but our government has branded top-level calassification. You will need to talk to the Senate to know more
Rayker - We have recovered an odd artifact. Perhaps our scientists studying it together could understand it's mysteries more deeply.
Inquisitor - That is not my duty. However you might want to talk to the commander who provided us with marine support. The marines will take you to him.

The marines take Rayker and his men to an operation outpost the Imperial Talon Navy had established in a clearing. The escort informed other marines that the Tyrannar were with them and that they were there to see the commander. When Rayker approached him in his bunker the commander was speaking to a superior via hologram. As he entered Rayker cleared his throat and the Draconis acknowledged before ending the communication politely.

Rayker - Commander, we understand you know something about artifacts?
Edinavus - And you are...?
Rayker - Rayker. The commander of the colony you happen to be near right now.
Edinavus - My apologies. Commander Edinavus Vasse of the 874th Marine legion. We detected signals of Loron Activity and we knew what they wanted.
Rayker - Loron, you say. Who are they? Barbarians? Their language is odd.
Edinavus - They call themselves the Legion of Badmanz and you could consider them barbarians.Their leader is an entity the Inquisition is currently searching for.
Rayker - Perhaps a war-time alliance could be benificial.
Edinavus - Perhaps...
Rayker - But.. I've heard a few tales about Andromeda..... You don't keep slaves do you?
Edinavus - ...Only of races that proved themselves bold enough to test our might.

Rayker widened his eyes in horror and his fists pumped with rage. He was furious to learn this but as he did Edinavus' guards readied their weapons.

Rayker - You...you...
Edinavus - We do not just go looking for slaves.
Rayker - I apologize. Slavery is the worst sin in our culture. But still, perhaps allowances can be made in a new galaxy.We need things we can rely on.We will not judge you yet.
Edinavus - I advise you do not declare war on us over that one matter. Other empires have and failed.
Rayker - I did not say I would. In lack of other judgement I would accept any alliance that is offered, especially against those.....Loron.
Edinavus - Very well. What have you discovered about this particular artifact?
Rayker - It seems to emit some form of ....energy. No, not exactly energy, but something. In shape it is a five foot long oval.

As they discussed a figure in civillian clothing entered the room. Fresh from his ordeal at the unmarked lab Tarsus Senvinus was in the base and sought an audience with the commander and was intrigued by their discussion

Tarsus - That's slightly different from the other artifacts discovered.
Edinavus - Commander i would like you to meet professor Tarsus Senvinus.
Rayker - Tarsus, eh? Is he one of your top scientists?
Tarsus - Indeed. My family comes from a long line of esteemed scientists.
Rayker - Then i'll let you meet some of the Rillian Cortexa. You have a family of scientists? They've got a whole race of 'em.
Tarsus - Interesting.
Rayker - If you want to talk science i'd advise you to head to them. Commander, this galaxy seems interesting indeed. If you have no objections we'll continue to colonize here. I must leave soon, I am a mayor now, but any help you have against the Badmanz would be greatly appreciated.
Edinavus - One last thing commander.
Rayker - Yes?
Commander - Due to our experience with the artifacts we'd like to keep research teams here. With your permission we would like to secure this site for study which means no unauthorised personnel within a restricted zone.
Rayker - A base on our colony is allowable, IF you would allow us a hand in this galaxy, simply advice and sorts perhaps a bit of trade. I am not so stupid to ignore an oppurtunity for help.
Commander - Very well, I accept this alliance.
Rayker - Thank you. Now I must go. May freedom fly with you, friend.
Commander - Fight well, commander.

Rayker left the Draconis to discuss plans further and would return to the initial colony.


After their alliance with the Draconis,the IGA continued to expand their colonies, and the Galactic Blade, under command of Supreme Admiral Varcaytya, as well as seveeral fleets, were called in to help defend.

A New Alliance[]

It had been days since the TIAF's abandonment of Vanexia Prime. Under request of Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion the Imperium, the Divinarium and the Brood agreed to meet at a mutual location. Three fleets arrived orbiting a mutially-agreed planet, each fleet containing the flagship of each faction - The Ghost of the Warrior, HHS Stormwind, and TNSS DOminax. When they arrived theyt all agreed to meet on the Warlord-class Dominax, conveniently the largest ship in all three fleets. Admiral Dorastion, who had survived his ordeal above Vanexia and accompanied by several Blood Dragons salutes the visitors as they are beamed aboard. Tyraz was accompanied by a hulking, battlesuit-clad figure while Iovera was accompanied by Matheoward, Selytorah, Geroniel and Jahric.

Dorastion - Sirs I am Admiral Dorastion, I was in command of the 817th fleet, If you will folow me i will escort you to the debriefing room. Tyraz nodded to Dorastion and followed him, along with the figure in the battlesuit and Jahric and the others followed suit. Despite the fact the corridors were very large in the Dominax, the commander struggled through.

Dorastion - May i be the first to welcome you aboard the TNSS Dominax, the Lord Admiral's personal Warlord-class flagship.
Tyraz - Ah, this is a good ship. In fact, I do think that its destructive power is not far off that of my own.

The Radeon commanders nodded in agreement.

Dorastion - It is the pride of the Imperial Talon navy. legends speak that vessels such as this are able to convert worlds siply by being in orbit. If not there's always the ship's main gun...
Matheoward - I have to admit, this technology is advanced.
Tyraz - My own ship, the Ghost of the Warrior, is the first and most mighty of its class, constantly being upgraded by the Kordalu. It is a formidable war ship, one of the most powerful in the Fleet of Ruin. Although, the Imperial Talon Navy is also quite formidable.

It took them a while to travel to the conference room, which included a tram ride, they headed through ceveral corridors, and the ship is indeed massive. Eventually reached a door to the room, guadred by two blood Dragons. Inside Larnus and Uriel were discussing what ot do next over a 3D display of the surrounding systems, plotting how to fight the TIAF. Larnu sa w the menter and nodded to Uiril who turned around and bowed graciously.

Uriel - Mistress Iovera, Lord Breek, it is an honour to see you again.
Tyraz - Hmm...Uriel, I see you have made a quick recovery.

Tyraz blushed in Iovera's presnce once again before returning his gaze to Uriel.

Iovera - I am glad to see you again, lords.
Uriel - it wasn't entirely quick. Having two of your family insisting you rest for the past fornight has helped.
Tyraz - You as well, Mistress Iovera.

He went down on one knee and placed his clenched right hand to his chest.

Larnus - There have been many changes since our last encounter. The Inquisition has the Legion on the run along with help from the recently-discovered Ibis Galaxy. However you were all called here for a more... traditional threat.
Tyraz - Traditional? What do you mean?
Uriel - The Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation. We detected them arriving less than a week ago.
Tyraz - The TIAF....What is their business here? Surely this isn't their war!
Jahric - We have recieved a threatening transmission from them recently. They go to the war.
Larnus - That's what we thought. But it seems they are being oppertnists... The planet Vanexia Prime had recently been annexed by an overwhelming force.
Tyraz - They are not welcome with the Brood. They will get themselves killed!
Uriel - I have spoken with a fellow named 'Lorrelas' and he told me such conflict was unavoidable. it seems convenient they launch their attack just weeks after the Shellious joined the Imperium.
Tyraz - Lorrelas is a crazy fool. I have fought against TIAF before...They lost that war, which wasn't even theirs! They just hope to gain what they can from large conflicts such as this....And they pay a strong price if they fail.
Iovera - They have threatened us as well, and we shall fight against them.
Uriel - Tyraz, is there any chance Lorrelas tried to contact you?
Tyraz - He has attempted, but I simply ignored him. I wish not to make a truce with these fools. Divinarium, Brood will fight with you if need be.
Iovera - We had a short history of conflict with them... they cannot be underestimated. However, the problem is we have other problems.
Uriel - It seems we all have a common enemy. If we unite we can end their invasion before it has begun...
Iovera - We shall.

They were innterupted when one of the Dominax crew contacted them through the intercom.

Crewmember - Lord-Admiral, Admiral Gedenna wishes to contact you, she says it is important regarding the Federation.
Larnus - Go ahead, patch her through to the holoemitter.
Matheoward - But... my lady, they are Zazane! They took the lives of many of us! Tadjamad was killed by the brother of this... Lord Breek.
Tyraz - My step brother was a treacherous heretic! I am not Moxix!
Selytorah - This is war, War Predictor. The enemy of our enemy is an ally nevertheless.
Iovera - Exarch is right.
Tyraz - Yes, "War Predictor". The Exarch is right.

The starmap dissolved as the imaged changed, replaced with a Draconis admiral.

Gedenna - I hope i am not interrupting anything, Lord Admiral.

Gedenna reports in

Iovera - Ty... Lord Breek is not like his brother. He is... uh... better.
Larnus - What is it?
Gedenna - I have a report on the situation of Vanexia Prime you might want to see this.
Tyraz - *blushes and looks down at his feet* Yes....Mistress Iovera is c-correct....
Matheoward - *grunts* Uh, I still do not trust them.
Larnus - Diginitaries we have evidence of what has happened on Vanexia. Admiral show them.
Tyraz - What is the situation?
Jahric - Gah. What is happening there?!
Gedenna - The TIAF has recently pulled out.

The footage shown came fro ma mix of obiting sattellites, security drones and CCTV. The images show the TIAF attacking every pice of military infrastructure on the planet - factories, workshops, foundries, drydocks, nothing was left alone.

Tyraz - Grr...Damned TIAF! They will be crushed beneath my claw!
Dorastion - Bastards! They wrestle the planet from our control and as they pull out they bring the planet's industrial capabilities to nothing.
Jahric - Murderers. I would kill them all gladly.
Dorastion - These Tybusen are parasites!
Gedenna - Apparently after evacuation the remaining population founded a resistance movement, unhappy with their new masters.

Footage is the nshown of Grand Vanexia's city centre eing hit with an orbital turbolaser, devastating the entire district and sending a debri cloud sweeping across the city. As he watches Tyraz' blood boiled, drak energy leaks from his body as his rage grows ever-stronger.

Tyraz - Pathetic vermin! The TIAF should not even have ascended to the stars! I will make them wish they stayed on their pathetic homeworld!
Gedenna - I couldn't agree more, the planet was placed under martial law after the orbital battle. Apparently it is protocol for them.
Jahric - Arrgh! I would personally blow these fiends with a fleet of Deathwings! They do not deserve to live!
Dorastion - Their Admiral simply demanded for the planet to submit unconditionally the moment they arrived, despite the presence of two Imperial battlefleets. They seem to be under the delusion they are better than cultures far older than they are.
Larnus - Unconditional surrender? Do these aliens know nothing of diplomacy!
Tyraz - As I said, crazy fools! This vermin shall be treated the Zazane way...Stomped on slowly and painfully until their crushed bodies explode in a shower of blood!
Jahric - Or just blow the planet from the orbit. As effective.
Larnus - Not the way I would describe our vengence but he who lives by the sword, dies by it.
Gedenna - We picked up a shuttle on our approach, there was one passenger aboard; the Solar Prefect's attendant. She had some rather interesting data she wanted to bring to you, Lord Admiral.

Gehenna plays footage of USS Raysong as the device they had picked up detonates - eradicating the quarantine bay in a fuel-air explosion and blowing a small chunk of the bulkhead apart. As he watched this was enough for Tyraz t ostep closer to Iovera in worry. The other draconis seem to smile.

Tyraz - My goodness.....
Uriel - This footage has been circulating the Exonet for the past couple of days now. Not as conclusive as a vortex bomb but effective enough.
Larnus - Lord Breek, what you see here is an alternative version of the trap Captain Volkamen set you several months ago. Except rather than an atmospheric igniter she used a device to warp gravity.
Tyraz - Ha, the TIAF also falls for the same trick!
Larnus - This time the evaluation reveals different results - USS Raysong was the flagship and they only picked up one-or-two. They also brought it aboard more readily than your Heitii did.
Battlesuit Commander - *steps forward* The Brood are more known for their firepower, not for this deceptive trick.
Tyraz - Calm down, Commander. It is an effective weapon. It may not be what the Brood would use, but still...
Larnus - We use this deception to assess the enemy psychology, the fact they brought it aboard swiftly suggests they thought It might be important, bringing it aboard the flagship means they either want to protect it or they think it will give them a noteable advantage. All it did was suggest to us they are ambitious and in some cases they do not think straight. The events during the occupation reinforce the latter.
Battlesuit Commander - Hmph, you have your ways, I have mine. I would simply blast them until every single one of them is turned to ash!
Tyraz - Enough, Commander! You will get your chance soon!
Uriel - Admiral Dorastion gathered information regarding battle tactics and weapon use and effectiveness, we will provide you with the information we have. it will take weeks to restore the planet's infrastructure to self-sustaining levels.
Dorastion - And it could take two months or more to restore everything. The Tybusen were quite messy during their withdrawl.
Tyraz - The Brood will do whatever it can to help. We would supply you with Kordalu constructors, but currently we fear they may be pledging alleigance elsewhere.
Uriel - What makes you suspicious?
Tyraz - The recent Inheritance attacks...We fear that due to the Kordalu's following of the supposed event known as the "Great Ascension", they may be in league or trying to make a truce with them. We cannot be certain.
Uriel - I was informed that the scientist Tarsus Senvinus managed to parley with one of the droids before his lab was destroyed. They mentioned the name 'Imperious One'
Tyraz - Then it is possible that the Kordalu are in league with the Inheritance.
Gevenna - it will take some time to find where they have gone but if intelligence is correct they have not gone far from the Vanexia System.
Jahric - Inheritance is a large problem as well... We have to fight at two fronts.
Larnus - I have ordered marines to keep artifacts planetside and for researchers to take great care in their study... let's hope the Inheritence becomes more benign as a result.
Battlesuit Commander - The Brood of War currently suffer on many fronts. There is this war, a possible confrontation with UNO, the creation and rapid reproduction of the Skysharks that have rebelled against Brood upon their creation, and now possible treachery.
Larnus - Skysharks?
Tyraz - I tasked the Kordalu with making a race that would as weapons for us. It went wrong upon their creation.
Battlesuit Commander - They reproduce and grow quickly. They are a terrible threat, not even the Niddan Ho can save the planets they have infested.
Larnus - Not even your elite can best them? this is serious.
Tyraz - For now, they have not breached past Brood space, so the Divinarium and your own empire is safe.
Larnus - The Tybusen boast noteable firepower and large fleets, what makes them less of a threat is that the Imperium is more numerous and much larger in scale.
Tyraz - We have the Hetii, who have neutronium weapons. If you know anything about neutron weaponry, it is incredibly efficient against living organisms.
larnus - True, numbers don't alwas win wars, I should know, but if you are being swarmed by the thousands you are unlikely to win.
Tyraz - A tactic used by the Skysharks....
Matheoward - An idiotic one! A small, precise, deadly attack would be far more efficient.
Battlesuit Commander - It depends where you are attacking.
Larnus - If they are simply living organisms what about using a pathogen?
Tyraz - As I said, only the Kordalu can do this. And there are already several hundred different swarms, each with different DNA.
Tyraz - Also, we try not to use pathogens or diseases or plagues....Not after what happened when we migrated into this Universe.....
Larnus - I'm not biologist but if you can provide a few genetic samples the Royal Academy might be able to find something.
Battlesuit Commander - I would rather strike them full force with my Shidium weaponry!
Matheoward - Calm down, barbarian!
Battlesuit Commander - Silence, weakling!
Larnus - Gentleman please, we must consider all options - A pathogen can spread faster and more conclusively than any rifle round or missile.
Tyraz - Please, let us move on from this subject. Skysharks are not the threat at the moment. We have a war to fight.
Matheoward - The Zazane brute tells the truth.
Larnus - Indeed.. and can we keep the racial slurs between allies to a minimum?

Matheoward grunts while Larus brings up a tactical map of the region surrounding the Vanexia system. A red line shows the path of the TIAF fleet as they avoid the other systems.

Tyraz - War Predictor, keep insulting my race and Commander Yarik will have your head on his next meal plate.
Matheoward - Rrrgh...
Uriel - Can we calm down please?
Iovera - ...Excuse him, erm, Lord Breek. He can't forget the events of the Holy Shadow War.
Tyraz - Oh...Indeed, the Holy Shadow War is a stain in my history....
Larnus - If the TIAF are anywhere they are still within this region. A combined assault on their headquarters would end their invasion before it has hardly begun, however first we need to find it.
Commander Yarik - If I find it, I will blast it to the ground! Shidium fills my veins!
Uriel - Do you have a way of finding them, Larnus?
Larnus - We can monitor communications across the sector, with enough relays we can work out the direction of the transmissions and pinpoint a source.
Tyraz - Please, if you find it, let the Fleet of Ruin go in for the first assault. I will make sure the TIAF suffer the humiliation of failure and defeat yet again.
Uriel - Hmm, we need to make sure of their motives... Tyraz do you still have a record of that message Lorrelas sent you?
Tyraz - It was nothing but asking for an alliance. Nothing important was said, I believe. Except that the TIAF threatens war against both the Divinarium and your empire.
Larnus - There may be something he hinted at in his mannerisms. When he spoke with Uriel he kept secret as to why peace was impossible.
Tyraz - I am simply a warrior, not a spy. That is a Niddan Ho's job, not mine.
Larnus - Do you mind if i have a look at it?
Uriel - Basically what Larnus is suggesting is that Lorrelas may have let something slip in his request. Tyraz - Indeed, you can observe it.
Commander Yarik - Is that wise, Lord Tyraz?
Tyraz - Silence, Commander. It is my decision.

Tyraz handed Larnus a transcript of the message. As he observes it carefull it doesn't take him long to look up fro mthe datapad with a wicked smile.

Larnus - I think i know what he's after...
Tyraz - Isn't it obvious?
Larnus - The little sod is here for those blasted artifacts! And he's using our relation with the Wental as an excuse.
Tyraz - Those Artefacts....They are tearing this Universe apart with war!
Larnus - This is getting ridiculous, it seems like every power in the gigaquadrant is descending on us because of those relics! Pathetic, even when he's being diplomatic the level of ego in this little git is overpowering!
Tyraz - I fear that this war may escalate to the level the Holy Shadow War did....And that didn't work out well....
Larnus - They don't even know us and already they label us their enemies! How they are still existing is beyond me.
Tyraz - Believe me, before the Brood was formed, the Zazane Empire almost completely killed them.
Larnus - Now that the Imperium has a foothold in Bunsen perhaps we could finish want you started, but that is not our main concern.
Tyraz - I was a different ruler back then. For now, our main concern is making sure those Artefacts do not get touched!

Uriel - Until we deal with the Tybusen here i don't advise invading bunsen, I agreed with Lorrelas to create a perimeter DMZ around the Shellious colonies on the condition that military deployment is limited to security forces. Our colonies there will not be touched and we can focus on the war here. The artifacts cannot end up in the hands of the Tybusen!
Tyraz - I fear that we may get overwhelmed if we are not careful. Either that.....Or we set enemy against enemy.
Larnus - Are you suggesting we dupe the TIAF into fighting the Loron?
Tyraz - On Zazane planets, Zazane children would make our predatory fish bleed, and watch as its kin rip it to shreds, injure one another, and then eventually the whole school of fish would've killed itself. Perhaps we can have the same effect with the TIAF and Loron.
Larnus - If they want an artifact perhaps we can give them one...
Uriel - I don't understand.

Larnus smiled, as normal he was hatching a plan, made vident by the cunning smile that spread across his face and leaving both Uriel and Tyraz uncertain.

Tyraz - If we give them an Artefact, it attracts the attention of everybody else. And thus since they are a little force, they will get overwhelmed, then all the stronger factions would fight for it. Eventually the remaining faction, presumably weakened, would be close to achieving it, but then we step in and stomp them, taking back the Artefact.
Larnus - Perhaps we don't even have to risk using an existing artifact in the first place. I've kept it secret but thanks to professor Senvinus we know what these things look like inside and out.
Tyraz - A decoy?
Larnus - Indeed, a perfect replica.
Tyraz - That is a smart idea....
Commander Yarik - It is deception!
Uriel - Larnus is a master of strategy and I don't doubt him, many tactics he suggested allowed the Imperium to prevail during his career.
Tyraz - Survival is the biggest importance.
Larnus - There would be no risk of exposing an artifact, we might even be able to mimic the signal to make it look genuine.
Tyraz - Heh, I hope that you do not create another artefact!
Larnus - Certain components of this technology are still beyond our understanding so it won't work the same as the others but by the time they realise we will have prevailed.
Tyraz - Hmm....And so the Kauyo strategy is being used yet again......It is my favourite strategy.
Larnus - It's simple: We simply place the decoy in a location where both the Loron and Tybusen will find it, watch as they are drawn to it like flies to nectar and when one of them prevails over the other we finish off the victor.
Tyraz - Or we let them have the decoy and watch as they are humiliated.
Larnus - ...You might have a point. We don't know how many artifacts there are, if we do this for long enough they might become disillusioned and give up.
Tyraz - Hehehe, yes! We place more decoys....
Dorastion - Using nano-assembers will make our decoys flawless if the nantites follow the schematics.
Tyraz - Isn't that taking a risk of making more REAL artefacts?
Dorastion - I never said they would actually work. they could just look like they had the components and basic tech and none would be the wiser, mimicing the interface should be easy so even if the do 'activate' it the facade would still remain.
Tyraz - Hmm, very good....
Uriel - It is settled: With Tarsus' schematics we will set up several decoy artifacts for both the TIAF and the Legion and we can use locator beacons just in case they are removed.
Tyraz - I will watch happily as they battle each other....
Larnus - A good idea, if the Tybusen follow the mannerisms we observed in the trap they will unwittingly lead us right to their base of operations. The same could go with the legion.
Tyraz - Hmm, it seems I have chosen good allies!
Uriel - I am glad you think that. Personally I think I have grown to like you.

Tyraz chuckled looking down. Uriel had grown on his considerably since the Battle of Alcanti and Uriel, not realising how unpopular Tyraz was back home.

Tyraz - Hehe, well, not many people in my empire like me just because I'm of Breek descent.
Larnus - Your heritage should not dictate what sort of person you are.
Tyraz - Ahem.....Khaxvis.....
Uriel - Not everyone realises that lesson.
Tyraz - The Breeks were known for their unsatiable bloodlust, and were always known for being great commanders in war. However, they were also mostly treacherous and so, a Breek will never be fully liked by his people. Uriel - You are a man of honour Tyraz, I can see it in you. it is... quite the opposite with an Ultanos.
Tyraz - Hmm? What do you mean?
Larnus - House Ultanos is very popular anre respected. Then again, they have been leaders in two eras with golden ages. Many of them were considered just and fair rulers and Uriel himself likes to uphold that.
Tyraz - I...I cannot say I am different. The sword I possess was given to me by the leader of the Xhodocto himself, my nephew is partly related to Angazhar, I don't even marry to my own species. If anything, I am one of the worst Zazane to have existed.... It seems I make the Breeks more hated!
Uriel - No wonder Arsac insisted on joining me to Crepusculum...
Tyraz - I do not blame Arsac for trying to kill me...
Larnus - I think we may be done for today, unles there is anything esle you can suggest.
Tyraz - I suggest that if the TIAF attack again, the closest planet that we can reach that belongs to them shall be burned to charcoal with super weapons and make sure no evac ships escape.
Larnus - As long as it is not one of the worlds they have annexed from us.
Tyraz - Indeed, but if it is not....Then you should look away as our weapons tear the Tybusen's pathetic bodies limb from limb, bone from bone, flesh from muscle.
Larnus - Bah, our fusion weapons reduce the target to pus.
Uriel - Before you leave Tyraz, Arsac wanted me to give you this.
Tyraz - Hmm, what does it say?

Tyraz took a look at the message, which ad been translated for Tyraz to read. The message read:

Tyraz Breek. for saving the life of an inquisitor and the Paragon and your support in fighting demons and the enemies of the Cult of Drakon's Inquisition, I, High Inquisitor Arsac, grant you a pardon from the crimes of Demonhood and participation in a violence cult. The Inquisition will no longer target you on these charges.

Tyraz blushed black as he read it, his heart filled with relief and gratitude. He smiled before looking up at the others.

Tyraz - Wow....I......
Uriel - What does it say?
Tyraz - She's granted me a pardon, and the Inquisition will no longer target me....
?arnus - Quite an accomplishment, you must have really done something to impress her.
Tyraz - I...uhhh.....I'm....I am truly amazed, and I thought myself evil....
Larnus - All inquisitors have this gift, i don't understand it myself, but they can 'read' people. if they say somone is deceptiive, then that's most likely the case.
Tyraz - I'm guessing I have....been hard on myself....If Arsac says that I am a good person, I cannot deny it....

Tyraz was deeply touched, he sighed and thought deeply on whether or not he doubted himself.

Uriel - 'I'll be honest with you Tyraz.. I told Arsac about what you did.
Tyraz - Oh yes, of course....
Uriel - Inquisitors know how to keep secrets, she's the only one who knows don't worry.
Larnus - Am i missing something Uriel?
Uriel - It's nothing, I think we are done.
Tyraz - Indeed. I'd better get back to the Ghost of the Warrior.....with one less worry.
Uriel - Until we meet again.

With the meeting adjourned they parted ways. While Larnus saluted Tyraz did the same and Yaric simply grunted. As they left Larnus was curious as to what exactly happened in the palace. The thought did not last long - If Uriel did not want to talk about it perhaps it was for the best.

Battle for Dexia[]

The development of Avanti was in the early stages, overseen by Admiral Tzena the colony was to act as a forwardcommand centre for the Andromeda campaign. Approaching the planet was UUS Raysong, fresh from repairs of the damage it sustained above Vanexia. Tzena proceeded to contact command once the ship was in orbit.

Tzena - This is the 7th Regiment reporting back to Andromeda Command, the channel is secure. Avanti has been settled and secured. There are currently no signs that the Draconis have discovered the colony, but we will need a distraction to further fortify Avanti to respectable levels.
Admiral Basshu - Greetings, Admiral Tzena, you've reached Admiral Basshu of the 12th Regiment. The 2nd Fleet is not ready for the full-scale incursion, but the 12th is at your service, my lady. Where shall we strike?
Tzena - Intelligence from our friend Prefect Valocanus reports that the Dexia system will be a prime target.
Basshu - Excellent... The 12th will rally by your side, my lady. Admiral Basshu out.
Tzena - Do not fail me, Basshu.

The conversation was interrupted when Prefect Valocanus entered the bridge, seeking an audience with Tzena.

Valocanus - Admiral Tzena, I have a request...
Tzena - Yes, Prefect? I am all ears.
Valocanus - If you are to do anything, please keep civillian casualties to a minimum.
Tzena - As we have always tried. Your wish is granted.
Valocans - Thank you admiral.
Tzena - You are quite welcome. Let's hope we don't have to deal with more unruly inhabitants...
Valocanus - At least consider arresting dissedents rather than killing them in cold blood - unless they fire at you, of course.
Tzena - Of course, Prefect. As has always been TIAF protocol.

It was a day before Basshu arrived with the 12th regiment, once ready he was dispatched to the Dexia system with the orders to use the attack as a distraction while Avanti continued to develop. As before the fleet, under command of Basshu appraoched the system under cloak. Wary of another TIAF attack the Imperial Talon Navy had dispatched extra fleets to the sector, including one obove Dexia.

Admiral - Commander, those marines you provided us had better be worth it. I don't know what makes them so special but you're acting like they are a considerable investment.
Commander - That information is need-to-know, Admiral Gedensius. Just keep them vigilant for Federation attacks and please - Don't bother the scientists.
Admiral - I don't like this secrecy but you have my word, Admiral Gedensius out.

The bulk of the fleet remained outside of the system while a series of scout fleets moved in to examine the situation. Basshu was insistent that they use the same tactics. As the fighters silently moved towards the planet their prescence had not gone unnoticed.

Officer - Admiral, sattellites detect minor gravitational disruptions, very small.
Admiral - How big are we talking?
Officer - It's barely noticeable.
Admiral - Fool, it could be anything out here!
Officer - It barely-
Admiral - Are you listening? Find out the source then report back.
Officer - Yes sir...

Under orders, a flotilla of Gloryseeker frigates are dispatched to investigate the disruptions, which were the TIAF fighters dispatched to scout the system. When the captains realised they could not detect anything they had another idea; using the turbolaser batteries they fired a low-power laser between the ships, keeping note of the distance they spread out to create a net. With subtlety the TIAF fighters tried to keep out of the laser net but they could only go on for so long.

Officer - Gravitational distortions are moving captain, orders?
Captain - Follow them, confirm them.
TIAF Pilot - Damnit, Sergeant! I told you to hold it!
TIAF Pilot 2 - It's not my fault there's no bathrooms in these things!

The manouvering did not escape the notice of the flotilla and chased them down, eventually intercepting one in the net

Oficer - Captain, confirmed distortion! point-zero-six microsecond variansce. Captain - Fire a test round

The frigate fired a single ferrous slug in the cloaked figher's direction, the alarmed pilot swerves but this only gives away his position.

TIAF Pilot - SHIT!
Officer - Distortion has moved.
Captain - It reacted, open fire!
TIAF Pilot - Scout Corps to 12th Regiment, it is our belief that we have been compromised, requesting assistance immediately!
Fegelein - Roger, officer. Admiral, they've been compromised, will we give the order?
Captain - Admiral, confirmed enemy prescence, they were cloaked.

After the compromise the ships decloaked and swarmed the frigates. The alarm was raised back on the Imperial fleet, which launched thousands of fighters in response. To counter the fighters the fleet sent several Flakcluster flotillas to engage the fighters, gradually picking them off. Anticipating a broadside the Admiral ordered all ships to focus energy on the shields facing towards the TIAF. The Imperial fleet fired first as the Admiral waited for the right meoment, with the TIAF firing afterwards. Upon the TIAF raising refletion shields the Imperial Admiral ordered for all turbolasers to cease fire. As one of the Imperium's missiles hit the flagship USS Kavelantat, Basshu smiled and orders the deploymant of a hypercruise missile. The missile moved fast enough to pierce the shields of the TNSS Raniganta and destroyed the bridge leaving no survivors.

As the fleet momentarily mourned the admiral's death the Division Commanders formed a contingency protocol - combining their tactical expertise they assumed command of the fleet and decided on a bold move. Harbouring the 912th marine Legion were several wings of Gangplank-class Cruisers. After executing a bold maeubre - which involved shunting to lightspeed to instantaniously arrive beside the capital ships - they fired their boaridng pods and penetrated the hulls of several capital ships including USS Kavelantat and filled the corridors they entered with clusters of plasma grenades.

As the shockwave receeded on one of the Kavelantat's gun decks, one Gemini mech had survived. Emerging from the pod were marines of the 912th Legion. Upon seeing the mech they fired at it but it somehow managed to dodge the shots and created two copies of itself. A sergent ordered for them to compensate, triggering a response in the marines' nanite injections that moved to improve eyesight, this resulted in the marines firing more accurately as they aimed for critical points in the mechs, anticipating where they would move. The mech responded with machinegun fire that scraped on the armour. In a desparate move the mechs leaped at the marines who drew their swords and impaled the mechs with enhanced strength. As the cores were critically damaged each mech activated a self-destruct protocol and in panic the marines leaped for cover, killing a few of the fireteam. Watching, Fegelein grew worried

Fegelein - The marines have overpowered the Geminis, and now they're opening the airlock. Orders, sir? Basshu - Hmph! That was just to see if they were competent! Send some space marines down there and ambush them when they open the door.

The TIAF's marines hid behind a corner as the 912th dissolved the door with a fusion bomb. As they cautiously walked through the marines discreetly rolled a grenade down the hall, as the grenade exploded with a white flash the 912th stood dazed for a few seconds as the marines charged them. Basshu watched the footage with glee.

Basshu - See, Fegelein, these marines are nothing special. The space marines are holding just fine-

His face dropped in surprise when he saw the 912th recover more quickly than he had expected.

912th Marine - Dominicus Vinterva scum!
Basshu - So they survived.

After a wave of headshots at the TIAF the 912th sought cover, one of them falling to the ground with a thud, and threw grenades to dislodge the TIAF's own from cover. Out of sheer luck the grnades fell to mark every weakness. It was only through the durability of their armour they survived and ran to seek better cover, most of them were gunned down in the retreat and as the last one falls the sergeant walks over to his comrades' bodies. Each time pressing a device in the marines' backpacks which seems to let off a mild electric shock. Under orders from fleet command these marines headed for the Kavelantat's reactor core.

Outside things were playing out differently, after a long battle of attrition the TIAF was gaining ground and the commanders knew it. In a desparate move they ordered all capital ships capable to align their bows with the TIAF and prime their main guns. As Rear Admiral Steiner ordered a rail barrage the Imperium's ships fired, hundreds of powerful megalasers tore throughthe battle, eradicating all fighters caught inside and devastating many of the larger ships hit. Basshu then ordered to retaliate with the turbolasers at maximum setting.

The Kavelantat was one of the ships hit, surprising the 912th marines but they had other concerns - as they reached the reactor room they were surrounded on all sides by the TIAF's Space Marines.

TIAF Marine - End of the road, bitch! Sergeant - Right... Which of you bitches wants to die first? TIAF Marine - You!

The marine fired, breaking the rubber jacket worn under the armour and although not entirely noticeable it had revealed a layer of hardened scales. The marine was suddenly in shock and began to wonder what they were up against.

TIAF Marine - What the hell...
912th Marine - You've done it now...
TIAF Marine 2 - Fire!

Several of the marines died in the first wave, but in a bold move the survivng 912th set their rifles to project their bolts in an arc, sending Space marines who did not instantly dissolve into plasma flying. On the bridge Fegelein and Basshu were not enjoying the unfolding situation.

Fegelein - We have reports that the Reactor Deck has been breached. Basshu - Damn it, damn it all to Inferno Realm! Tell the others on the Gun Bay Deck to get rid of the Draconis boarding pods, and ready the escape pod bay. Marine - Ship uses a Tokamak-pattern fusion core sir. Disabling the magnetic field should expose the deck. Fegelein - They're going to disable the magnetic field and cause an overload, sir. We should evacuate now., Basshu - Indeed. Ah, good, the marines have taken care of the Draconis' method of escape. Raise the alarm and seal the Reactor Deck.

As they parepared to detonate the reactor the entire ship was evacuated, Basshu was remorseful about the loss of his ship but pleased that several Draconis were about to die in the proccess. As the reactor fails a chain reaction occurs across the whole ship as the plasma channels lose containment, leaving litle chance the marines could survive. The Impeial navy had planned for this and not long after the crew escaped they were intercepted by tractor beams, the ITN brought them aboard numerous cruisers that returned to the core of the imperial fleet. The pods were opened aboard the TNSS Dravadi and the crew inside were greeted with marines pointing their rifles at them.

Basshu - Well, hello gentlemen. Fegelein - You know it's not nice to intercept one's escape pod. Commander Gelvarus - Gentlemen you are all to be escorted to the brig, who is the commanding officer? Gelvarus - It's not very nice to fire a turbolaser at a major city.

Basshu responds by punching the commander in the side of the snout

Basshu - There. Are we even now?

The marines respond by holding down the admiral, kicking him behind the knees to force him onto the floor.

Gelvarus - *rubs his snout* Be thankful that protocol requires me to offer you better accomodation than your crew! Basshu - *smiling maliciously* You have no idea.

Pride and Patriotism[]

Basshu gave a slight wink to Fegelein who ordered the crew to rise up and overpower the marines. Basshu managed to free himself and knocked down a few of the Draconis but the uprising was quickly overpowered, Basshu drew his blade and cut through the marines attempting to subdue him with aid from his other officers. In response shutters opened along a second-floor level of the hanger and marines poke rifles out, the hanger-bay doors closed up as Basshu and the other TIAF crewmen attempted to escape. the Dravadi began to head away from the battle.

Gelvarus - What's more important? Your need to escape or the safety of your crew?
Basshu - Let me ask you a question, Commander.
Gelvarus - *wary* What...
Davastus - Captain get us out of this heat...
Basshu - *menacing tone* Die.

In response Gelvarus swung his arm to knock the Tybusen down, Basshu rubbed the area of impact, stood up and slashed Galvorus' neck, he was surprised to find the scales and skin of the commander tougher than he expected. he stood in horror.

Basshu - What...the...hell...
Galvorus - Stike me again and I order my men to kill one of your crew.

Meanwhile in another section of the ship the TIAF had managed to send a boarding party of their own, led by Rear Admiral Steiner they managed to escure a foothold before Steiner was greeted by one of the Draconis' own battle droids. It stood on it's four legs with it's red eye glaring at Steiner.

A mech marched down the hallway, sheathed in the faint glow of a shield and standing on four legs it's red eye stared at Steiner

Droid - Target detected... Designation: Tybusen.
Steiner - Hmph. You remind me of HAL. Frickin' HAL. Had a nervous breakdown and killed his crew.
Droid - Surrender or die.
Steiner - *aims rifle and hit the droid right in the eye* Does that answer your question?
Othello - The rest of you, get down to the Hangar Deck. We can take these guys.

The shot did not penetrate the shield and the droid responded by firing its gauss cannon down the corridor. Steiner ran to close the gap and detonated a small EMP to disable the shield and sliced one of the arms off with his sword. As another droid approached for backup Othello had brought in a gemini mech, cloning itself as the battle droid fires an ion cannon at it. The gemini mech kept the battle droids busy while Steiner and his team fled to rescue Basshu. As they ran the hum of the engines stopped before a slight buzz permeated the air for a few seconds.

Galvorus - Get this scum under guard.
Basshu - *cocks head* The Federation does not submit to oversized lizards like you.
Galvorus - Ah... I don't think there is any more point to resisting. The engines have stopped after an added hum, what do you think that means?
Basshu - Gloat all you want. If I go down, we're taking you with us.

As they talked Steiner's team had managed to reach the hanger bay.

Galvorus - You underestimate us, I hold all the cards - your andmiral and the high ground.
Basshu - Don't think you have me yet.

Basshu sweeps his leg under Galvorus, throwing the Draconis off balance before oulling out his missile launcher, Galvorus pulls ou his fusion pistol, poinitnig it right at Basshu's head.

Galvorus - STAND DOWN NOW!
Basshu - I've got a bigger gun, bitch.
Galvorus - We are in hyperspace, in moments we will be above an imperial starbase - I still hold the cards and killing me will not do anything! You can either cooperate with us or a legion of the Imperium's finest, your choice.
Basshu - You hold no cards, the 12th knows my situation, if I die I will be cloned back to full health. You have no bargaining chips left. Our men will die with willingness for the Federation.

As they talked the marines in the gantry, who had the advantage of cover and height, managed to overcome Steiner's team and the TIAF crewman who had risen up.

Galvorus - Hrmph. It seems that the starbase garrison will deal with you then if you will nto cooperate.
Basshu - Hehe. *over comms* Othello, proceed with the bombing. *smiles maliciously*
Galvorus - *snarls* Bombing?
Basshu - *smiling maliciously* You didn't leave anyone to guard your decks, now our Ensign has breached your critical systems decks, with the intent of compromising them. I win.
Galvorus - YOU'LL KILL US ALL! Press that button and you risk losing your body in half of subspace!
Basshu - My intent entirely.
Galvorus - You consider life that cheap?
Fegelein - If we die, we will die knowing we served the Federation well!
Basshu - You show no patriotism, my friend. A pity.
Galvorus - I have pride, but i wouldn't waste it on such shameless martyrdom!
Othello - Bow to the Federation!

Othello detonates the explosives and large sections of the ship are engulfed in a fireball. As this happens the engines power up to approach the starbase. Traffic control notices the situation and orders for a containment field to be projected around the ship, as it splits apart they had no choice but to teleport everytone they could off the ship before the ship's matter-antimatter core reduces the hull to scrap. They were greeted by the battlestation's commander and a contingent of marines. Basshu's smile quickly drops.

Basshu - Why am I not dead yet?
Fegelein - ...Damnit.
Starbase Commander - Thank the lifefather you - What is this? | Galvorus - A gift from Dexia.
Basshu - I'm nobody's gift.

Filled with rage Basshu leaps at the commander in rage but the marines accompanying the man restrain him

Commander - Well well, this has made my day. Marines escort them to the brig,
Basshu - I've failed, my lady...
Galvortus - My advice admiral: Know your place here.
Basshu - I'm better off than most of you hut-dwelling scum.

A marine interrupts him by launhing his knee at the admiral's face as they are escorted to the lower levels.

Marine - Shut it!
Commander - What of the fleet?

Galvortus shook his head in remorse.

Galvortus - If you can salvage any of their mechs from the wreckage do so. They have some... interesting tech.

That Which Remains[]

As the Davasti retreated the rest of the Imperial fleet focused on holding off the TIAF. Eventually the TIAF gain an edge and force the Imperial fleet into a difficult situation. Jodi, who was given command, opened a broadcast with the Imperial commanders.

Jodl - We have orbital dominance. Stand down, Draconis, and we will allow you to live.
Division Commander Tyrenus - What will you do once we stand down?
Jodl - That depends. Would you rather be taken in as POW, or will you merge your ranks with ours?
Tyrenus - *snarls* We will never betray the Imperium. As long as you respect your prisoners.
Jodl - Yes. Though if I may make a request, help us subdue the population of that planet. We don't want a replay of Vanaxia. We have consulted with the 7th, we will offer you a chance to integrate with the Federation as civilians, unless you would rather spend your lives in prison.
Tyrenus - The Imperium will prevail!
Jodl - I take that as prison then. A shame. We could use some more hard-working individuals in the Federation.
Tyrenus - My fleet submits, but the planet will stand defiant.
Jodl - Very well, then, do we have to do this the hard way or the easy way? *unveils a turbolaser button* Tyrenus - You wouldn't dare! What point is a planet to you when all traces of civilization are reduced to charred remains?
Jodl - If the residents refuse to integrate, they are quite obviously still belligerents. It's the laws of war, my dear child.
Tyrenus - The Imperium has never resorted to intentional collateral damage!
Jodl - Tell your citizens that they would be wise to submit, or we may have a relapse of Vanaxia. It is not what I want, and I know it is not what you want.
Tyrenus - Enjoy your victories Federation scum, you do not deserve our submission!
Jodl - You do not seem to be willing to surrender. Will I have to kill you too?
Tyrenus - I will surrender. But destroying people's homes only guarentees enemies!
Jodl - Do not worry, commander, we only do as much damage as necessary for compliance. Hopefully Dexia will realise this and surrender without violence.

The debate allowed for marines - who had been deployed prior to the TNSS Davasti's retreat - to work to evacuate the population from major settlements. The marines stayed behind to resist the occupying force and had planned to cause nothing but bad news for the TIAF.

Controlling Your Mind[]

The air was tense on shellis, days before relations between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus were strained after the Shellious had threatened war. Valius Galvatorus, the representetive assaigned to Edoshai was dispatched to Shellis to discuss matters. He arrived at the entrance to Shellis spire, wearing breathing equipment. As he approached Edoshai's chamber he acknowledged the two guards guarding the room.

Valius - I seek an audience with the Emperor.
Valeel Guard - Very well come in

Valius entered Edoshai's chambers and bowed upon entering. Coral statues dot the room as Edoshai steps in to greet him. Within the room itself Edoshai kept a personal guard.

Edoshai - Hello Valius. Is there something you need?
Valius - I come bringing concerns from the Senate, your majesty. Certain... opinions sent to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus have not been received very warmly, the senate is concerned you are simply aggrevating the Empire.
Edoshai - What surprises and sickens me is that despite the fact that all of the enemies of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus can wipe them out if they united against it, everyone is too afraid to stand up.
Valius - Your concerns are noted, but that does not give you the right to antagonise them. The Senate knows of the atrocities committed by the empire and the reason we are keeping neutral on the subject is because of the current war.
Edoshai - They will not hear more from us, for now. Eventually someone will have to destroy them. If it is the TIAF, Rambo, or any other force.
Valius - Trust me, more than one member of the senate would like nothing better than to kick the empire out of Segmentum Vartek.
Edoshai - Cyrannus will remain untouched.
Valius - There is also news from Kraw, something that the Imperium is greatly concerned about.

Valius handed Edoshai a datapad with the recent news with a headline reading "Empire colonies now in Kraw". Upon seeing it a feeling of anger rises inside him.

Edoshai - So they kick us out and come in here. Hippocrates! But speaking of the war and Kraw; Yixa recently headed to Kraw in the Vanguard. I hope no trouble arises there.
Valius - Intelligence from our Kraw Galaxy colonies reports that the empire has established an estimated 400 colonies, permitted by Emperor Kies...
Valeel Guard - Eñjdromodadrakõnêsxárlwih
Valius - What is it your majesty?
Edoshai - He is questioning why I agreed to the protectorate status.
Valius - Your decision had benefited both our Imperiums. We will protect you whatever happens but please you majesty; do not use this as an excuse to think irrationally.
Edoshai - I am not. We grow weak as we lose our connection to psionic, remain unable to take in so many colonist from cyrannus that were kicked out, slowly loseing the ability to use our own machines, and lacking the resources needed. That is why we have been trading so many empires, needed to become the draconis protectorates, and have unstable trade.
Valius - Is there anything we can do? We will provide space for Shellious citizns within other imperial territories. But anything regarding your relation to the psionic may be beyond us.
Edoshai - All this because, Wental is gone, Cyrannus is in chaos, Andromeda is at war, and the Milky Way is being invaded by smaller empires due to having to use all ships on the Andromeda war. There is nothing you can do. There are only 3 possible ways to help, Wental mechanization to stop mind stopping, Awakening ..well lets skip that one, i should not have mentioned... and the artifacts. That is the reason why we are hunting them. This could be Third Age of darkness filled with death, suffering, and horror. Valius - About the artifacts, Tarsus tells me he had made a breakthrough prior to... having the lab destroyed.

Edoshai looks at Valius and walks over to the wall and presses the tiles on the floor. Valius stand up and walks over to him, curious about what he was to be shown.

Edoshai - This is something you should see.
Valius - What is it, your majesty?
Edoshai - This is the AI system. The planet itself along with the moons is a large AI system created by, who knows. The palace was built around it
Valius - Impressive...
Edoshai - Shellis records all events from BSR7,900,000,000 to the present.
Valius - Seven... billion?

Valius was stunned at such an age, he wondered at how much knowledge must have been stored inside.

Edoshai - I never said we built it. It has been recording events from all 4 gigaquadrants before the xhodocto attack. Including our conversations, star maps, and DNA samples from about, well 978 billion different races but I have no idea how to access the information, but perhaps a smart draconis might.
Valius - Hmm, this thing might surpass the AI cores we have but i don't see accessing such information as impossible. You said you were losing the ability to use your own machines, how is that possible?
Edoshai - I can't say but maybe I can show you.*Edoshai places his hand on the head of Valius* Don't resist, you will see.

Valius nodded, ready for what was to happen. Edoshai created abon between them and showed him Wental, populated by pre-mechanisation wentals and across all the planets large statues and stone machines are being used telekineticly by shellious and kaiyo.

Edoshai - Now you see how ancient works were were used? There are no access panels or wires.
Valius - You relied on psychic energy to manipulate the world around you... And now, this reliance is failing you are losing your grasp of your technology. Edoshai - The clans united and discovered psionic and learned from the Krassio later. They required large brains to understand and the environmental changes of leaving our home environments have made evolution take it's course in the wrong way.
Valius - We could help you adapt, we can help you to refurbish your technology to accomodate for this change, however considering the extent it could take aa considerable amount of time.
Edoshai - We were the lords of Shellis. This was before my time and is only from the minds of ancestors. Mechanization would lessen the need for blood in the brain but cost our ability to interact with biolife, master teachings would reconnect essence, but sadly every single Shellious master is dead and the Ioss stage has become the rarest life stage there is. The AI system is the only source of knowledge we have.
Valius - Considering recent events I do have clearence for an alternative. Give me a moment.

Validus activates a subvocal earpiece attached over his ear lobe, after a brief conversation he turned back to Edoshai and ashed of there was a holoterminal he could use.

Edoshai - Yes there is one in in the hallway.
Valius - This concerns you as well, I have contact with a scientist performing some very interesting research.
Edoshai - What kind of research?
Valius - Nanotech, I'll let him explain.

Edoshai activates the terminal and a projction of Vidius Senvinus appaears as a holographic image, he bows to Edoshai.

Vidius - Greetings your majesty, I am Vidius Senvinus. Your representetive tells me you may be interested in my research... Is this channel secure?
Edoshai - Yes. Only we can see you, and hopefully eavesdropers don't speak dracid Vidius - I offer a solution i like to call 'morphis' *alongside him is footage of a nanite swarm working on nerve cells*. Basically it allows the user to adapt themselves to change, becoming superior in every way.
Edoshai - It sounds similar to mechanization. Could you explain?
Vidius - Unlike mechanisation the nanites work on a localised level and can encourage mitosis, effectively promoting cell-growth. Consider it a form of biosynthetic fusion. You will retain your organic nature but any aspect of your body can be altered with but a thought.
Edoshai - I have read the list of Draconis products and this was not something considered allowed when I got the list. Who let you do this?
Vidius - I was granted permission for research from the science council roughly a century ago. The nanites do not alter the genetic structure and are incapable of reproducing, therefore this tech does not violate any of the Imperium's laws. Using nanites in medicine is commonplace, in fact many patients prefer having their body parts regrown through a combination of nanites and stem-cells to cybernetics.
Edoshai - Many are trained to control their minds. If this could be used for the making of Shellious or Draconis soldiers and citizens this would affect both the war and speed up both of our technology levels to advance to the next level of galactic society.
Vidius - That was the whole point of my research. We've already tested it on several soldiers with... exceptional results against the TIAF.
Edoshai - Wait we have another caller.

The projection of Vidius is tthen shared by one of Admiral yixa, however the image was badly scrambled and filled with interference

Yixa - Edoshai...We found...other....tifact in Kraw...e ne..imedi....he...
Edoshai - How can something disable the Vanguard?!?
Valius - It could be the machines.
Edoshai - We will accept any offers you have on this technology. Now we need to send fleets to Kraw. This civilization is more spread than we thought.
Vidius - Field-tests are still early days, but I can see about providing you with a detachment of the 912th legion.
Valius - i believe that's my respnsability professor?
Vidius - I was given full responsability of the 912th legion. Just say the word and we will dispatch reinforcements at once.

Valius nods, prompting Vidius to end his transmission. It was only a few days before three fleets were prepared and sent to the Kraw Galaxy to aid the Vangaurd, accompanied by several thousand members of the 912th legion.

Wrath of the Machines[]

Spore 2012-01-06 15-16-17.png

Grochius II - Sons of Ardenta, scions of Grochius! For many millenia, for millions, for BILLIONS of years, our home was lost. For how many years we haven't seen the light of Grochata? For how many years our kind's foot has not stepped on the silver ground of Attzerry?
But today, EVERYTHING will change. We have been consolidating out power in Ardenta - Andromeda, how these lower beings call our true birthlace - for years, and this day... we shall reclaim our birthright to rule these stars! And without any doubt, we... shall... PREVAIL!


Liliath XI was a small faraway outpost made by Radeons to study the galactic core. Inhabited by only a few scientist, Liliath was an easy prey. When the Grox in their steel armor have appeared on Liliath, there was no one on the planet to find them. No one to defend the world.

No one to witness the horrible dying screams of the few unfortunate slaughtered inhabitants of the world.

As the Radeons have been defeated on the planet, the Grox have immediately swarmed this world. It would be the first world in their campaign of conquest and destruction. And it would certainly not be the last...

The Mastermind's Plan[]

The blood-drenched stone of Da Fort of the Legion of Badmanz hid a secret chamber, deep under the earth. The residence of the leader of Legion, Br'klakkon. Around him was total darkness, illuminated only by the electronic glow of computer Geek screen. The Loron leader was now watching on this screen, which was showing the recent events in Andromeda. War and conflict, bloodshed and grief... all victims of the war were useful for him, for his plans. With him were his advisors, all save for Gratz'kaoz, who was leading the Legion forces fighting IGA at the moment. After watching the entire footage of the conflict, Br'klakkon turned to his underlings to discuss the new actions of the Legion now.

Dark Flan'Zragthl - My master, why have we stopped our conquests? Since the battle for Raritas, we haven't been fighting true enemies with the exceptions of occasional Draconis and Ibis Galaxy's warriors.
Br'klakkon - Patience, both of you! When my plan would be finished, you would get more fight and more power than you could ever imagine. These Draconis and Radeons foolishly believe themselves to be save for me. Thankfully, I have an agent in their ranks.
Dark Flan'Zragthl - Agent?
Br'klakkon - Indeed. Like Masuri. One who would help my plans. Now, my grand plans will be set into motion... Here. And now.

A dark image of Br'klakkon's agent appeared on the screen.

Br'klakkon - Report!
??? - The Divinarium, Zazane and Draconis have gathered their forces. They have found a way to distract their enemies, TIAF, and now they are going to attack you. They know that you are going to attack, sooner or later.
Br'klakkon - You know what to do.

Dark Flan'Zragthl - Now, what should we do?
Br'klakkon - Send Gratz'kaoz to attack the TIAF, at least he wouldn't irritate me as he does usually. Others will stay with me.
Dark Flan'Zragthl - ...Why?
Br'klakkon - I have my own plans.
Dark Flan'Zragthl - ...Yes, my lord.

Within the inner chamber of the highest spire of planet Crepusculum, a meeting was called as well. The leaders of the Divinarium have come to the great capital of the Divinarium to discuss the future of their empire - the great Clericarch herself, her Exarchs, representatives from the Autarch Council as well as the high generals of the Dei'Ar Order. Among them was a traitor.

Iovera spoke first, her voice ringing with power.

Iovera - Welcome, loyal servants of Spode. I have called you since the matters are out of great importance now. New threats have appeared in the galaxy. TIAF has begun their campaign. Our Borealis colonies are being relentlessly attacked by the Devourer's Chosen. The Inheritance is awakening - and now, the Grox Meta-Empire has attacked our worlds! We should do something, or our very empire will fall appart!

Second to speak was Taleera, the high general of Dei'Ar and Matheoward's right hand.

Taleera - My lady, what should we do is to use all forces those we have and stand against this new invasion. I would recommend you to unite all our forces and rise! Our military has been serving us well for millenia, and it would not fail us this time. All we need is to strengthen our military force, and we would be able to prevail.
Jahric - And what about the Lorons? We haven't seen them recently - but that does not mean they are not here. They are hiding...
Taleera - Lorons? Hiding? Ahahahaha... I think they have simply fallen into their petty conflicts. They are no longer a threat.
Jahric - You underestimate them, Predictor Advisor Taleera. These Lorons are no mere beasts. Someone is leading them, and they have allied with Wental traitors. This is not right. This is not right...
Taleera - You are coward, Jahric. I sense doubt in your blood, overcoming your sense of duty.
Jahric - I merely say something that is sensible! Draconis have found the location of Lorons. We should send our military there.
Taleera - Our armies are needed here! In the core! In Borealis!

The debate between two commanders was interrupted by the supreme marshal of the whole Divinarium army, War Predictor Matheoward.

Matheoward - Silence, both of you! You both have a point. Lorons are too dangerous, but we cannot waste our forces. I have an idea... though. We have an ally that always wants to fight.


Matheoward - Hello... Lord Fre'kloar.
Fre'kloar - WAT WHOS YOO...oh its dem divipeepz agen
Matheoward - You seek a fight, lord Fre'kloar? I think we have found a common enemy. Could you, lord Fre'kloar, send some forces in Andromeda? You could find loot and good enemies there.

Matheoward has shown Fre'kloar the hologram of the Legion of Badmanz' warriors.

Matheoward - Here they are! Andromedan Lorons! Surely, you would like to kill these imitations of your warriors? Wouldn't you?
Fre'kloar - deres loronz in dere? dats dum all loronz shuld b unda MAI control
Matheoward - That's good. We'll provide you with thier coordinates. There would be a good fight there...
Matheoward - Perfect.

Matheoward has left the communication halls, preparing for the events to come. The war between Da Rogue Boyz and the Legion of Badmanz has begun.

False relics[]

Above the unpopulated planet of Hovilina IV the Draconid Imperium and the Brood of War lay in orbit and had prepared an elaborate trap. For the past four hours the Imperium had been building a fake vault in order to lure the TIAF. Yarik arrived on the bridge of his warship the Beast's Talon to contact Admiral Dorastion who sat at the bridge of his own ship, the NESS Archon.

Commander Yarik - *over comms* This is Commander Yarik, communicating from the Beast's Talon.
Dorastion - This is Admiral Dorastion reporting from the TNSS Archon, i read you.
Yarik - What is the plan for when the TIAF vermin arrive?
Dorastion - We're working on the finishing touches of the decoy vault, On the planet below we've set up a fabricated artifact.
Yarik - Ah yes. Hopefully the TIAF shall not suspect this is a decoy. I plan to have some fun with them once I am in the vault.
Dorastion - Once the TIAF arrive keep your vessels cloaked if you can, we don't want to give ourselves away to early.
Yarik - Fine, we shall do as you say. Strategy comes before tradition.
Dorastion - Wait for them to descend into the vault, we have set up a jammer designed to look like interference coming from the earth - We could use that as an opppertunity to ambush anyone left on the surface.
Yarik - Good, good...I wish to spill the blood of those vermin.
Dorastion - Lord Admiral Vontarion was very clear about one thing, commander: He wants them to remove the relic and, if his analysis is correct, take it to wherever they have established a campaign headquarters.
Yarik - But...Fine. I do not support this action personally. Give me the reason why we are letting this filth escape.
Dorastion - There is a beacon built inside, fabricated to look like a componenet, that will allow us to track it's movement across the sector.
Yarik - So we can follow them back to their base of operations?
Dorastion - Indeed.
Yarik - I like that plan. I cannot wait to lay waste to them.
Dorastion - You and me both, Commander.

As the two commanders were talking, engineers from the surface contacted them.

Engineer - Commanders, the final touches are in place. Orders?
Yarik - We cloak our ships and wait for them to arrive, I do believe.
Engineer - Understood sir. *to his fellow workers* Pack up and scrub the entire area, we want to make it look like this thing's millinos of years old! The Lord Admiral will not be happy if he realises the Federation discovered a Draconis-like footprint in some mud-puddle while they were exploring.
Zazane Warrior - Could you hurry up? I want to be secure in the knowledge that everything is set! The more convincing this looks, the faster we'll get to slaughter!
Engineer - We're being as quick and careful as we can; You should be thankful Drakon blessed us with such talents.
Warrior - You should be thankful that some of us warriors are blessed with patience.

It was another half an hour before everything was ready and the workers were teleported off the planet's surface.

Officer - Command, scouts report they are detecting gravitational disruptions in the outer belt...
Dorastion - It seems the bait has worked. Commander is your fleet in position?
Yarik - Affirmative, they are in position. And for good measure, they are in semi-offensive stance.
Dorastion - We've teleported over a prototype form of communication, should be undetectable between our ships. However it only works between two specific relays, if we try using anything else the Tybusen might notice something. Keep all comm chatter to a minimum commander, rely on the device I have provided you.

A quantum entanglement relay materialised within Yarik's cargo bay.

Yarik - Thank you, Commander Dorastion. Until we next talk, I hope that the vermin fall for this.
Dorastion - The device should be undetectable to the TIAF. Good hunting.

Not long after they finished talking The TIAF fleet, commanded by Admiral Tzena and Vice Admiral Lee arrived in orbit of the planet.

Tzena - Ah, my comrade Basshu screwed up. Vice Admiral, let us hope that we do not meet the same fate as Basshu.
Lee - It will not happen, Admiral.

As they approached the planet they scanned the surface to find the relic signature in the northern hemisphere however scanning efforts awere hindered by interference from below.

Ozzel - This Rear Admiral Ozzel, USS Raysong to USS Victory. We are detecting radar jammers, source is believed to be magnetic fields in the space rocks.
Tzena - Hmm... *suspicious glance* It shouldn't be anything too bad. Odd that magnetic space rocks would be able to jam our radar systems...

Yarik and Dorastion watched the fleets operations closely, cloaked from view.

Dorastion - Are your warriors ready commander?
Yarik - Yes, Lord Dorastion. They are ready and eager!

Brg. General McCoy - Brigadier General McCoy reporting, USS Artotunus to USS Victory. The team is ready to descend into the relic site, awaiting orders.
Lee - Authorized to proceed, General.
Tzena - Be careful down there. This is no normal interference, I think, we will be blind and deaf down there.
Yarik - I think they are about to take the bait. Warriors, prepare your weapons!
Dorastion - Wait until the expedition has gone inside, neutralise the surface party. Anyone inside should be oblivious to what is going on.
Yarik - We shall do so swiftly and painfully...
Colonel Lestur - *over radio comms* The drop pod is descending to the planet, this is the last radio contact we'll be able to make as we are going into the interfer- *interference cuts the connection*
Tzena - Keep a close eye on them and secure orbit of the planet. I have a very bad feeling about this...
Dorastion - *chuckles* Everything is going as the Lord-Admiral planned. I will gladly pay retribution to that wench Tzena!

As the team descended Tzena watched the operation diligantly, something insider of her, a gut feeling, told her someting was now right about the operation.

Lee - We have video confirmation that the team has successfully opened the relic chamber. They will be invisible to us the minute they go in.
Tzena - Good, good. I would advise the fleet to take up defensive positions, we don't want anything to...happen. Dorastion - Give them another moment....
Lestur - Prepare your hazard armor, team. They would have obviously tried to put defenses in place for something so valuable.
Yarik - *chuckles* Haha, the fools!

Hazard suits unfolded from backpacks worn by the soldiers and enveloped them, Borastion looked in surprise at the transformation while yarik remained diligant.

Doration - That's interesting...
Yarik - Nothing Shidium cannot penetrate.
Dorastion - Wait until they've found the relic, we don't want to be too hasty.
Lestur - Careful now.
2nd. Lt. Ragma - Very odd. Seems almost too easy.

The excavation team eventually arrived at the vault doors, a single slab of metal blocked their way and it looked like it was only openable by a panel at the side.

Ragma - There's a door panel over here. It may be an alternate away into the vault.
Lestur - Khami, check it out. Everyone else, stand back.
1st Lt. Khami - Hmph.
Dorastion - Now would be a good time to secure the outside.
Yarik - Affirmative. Niddan Ho, prepare for drop...

Khami manageded to get the door ope,n the room was filled with a nanite swarm as it opened that eroded their hazmat suits, but it was not strong enough to penetrate through them. Outside Yarik's forces had silently arrived planetside and as the team inside 9who had endured the swarm) began to carry the artifact out, the Niddan Ho were perparing mini-turrets to ambush anyone who left the site.

Dorastion - They have taken the bait. Remember we want them to take the artifact into orbit.
Yarik - The turrets are disguised as rocks. They'll activate soon...
Lestur - Song, scout the outside, make sure no one's waiting for us.

While lestur was busy helping the others carry the artifact Song rushed ahead and peeked just outside the chamberentrance, all he could see were the newly placed 'rocks'.

Song - Lestur, I have reason to believe that we may have been followed.
Lestur - What do you mean?
Song - There are new rocks out there. Any new rocks from space would have burned up in the atmosphere. They could have been placed by an enemy.
Khami - Let me check.

Realising that this development could spoil the plan the Niddan Ho released a rock-like crab creature, Khami peers out and sees the crab mong the rocks

Khami - Odd...If these are rock crabs...

Khami found a rock ad tossed it at the conceled turrets, nothing happens. He picked up a larger rock - one big enough to disturb something with a shell as hard as stone - and tossed it at the same turret, highly suspicious there was no reaction.

Dorastion - What's your plan commander?
Yarik - In case they send in a military force afterward.
Khami - A rock crab would wake up to a rock that big, I studied them for seven years! *pops back down into the hatch* Colonel, I can support Song's belief that we have been pursued. The rocks out there are hiding something. Something dangerous.

Suddenly a swarm of rock crabs emerged, pickded up and carried off all nearby rocks and took them back underground, including the turrets. While the Niddan Ho watched in disgust Dorastion was amused by this turn of events.

Yarik - Great...Our turrets have been stolen by crabs.
Song - The suspicious rocks are gone, sir. It is all clear to proceed.
Lestur - Good. Now help us carry this Spodedamn relic.
Dorastion - Sometimes the old-fashioned methods are the ones that work best...
Yarik - Heh, perhaps. Damned crabs....It'll be a nightmare getting those back.
Dorastion - Focus on the Tybusen for now.

The excavation team emerged with the relic and carried it ot the dropship, as they were almost there Dorastion believed the time to strike was now and ordered yarik to launch the attack.

Lee - Confirmation that the team has successfully extracted the Artifact from the chamber with no casualities. This exceeds all expectations.

The Niddan Ho launched their attack and fire at the team. This shocked Lestur while Tzena looked at the orbital scans very closely. She had a hunch and ordered lee t ofire around an area where the Draconis were hiding.

Lestur - The rest of you, cover fire! Me, Song, and Ragma will get this thing on the ship! Suppress!
Khami - All guns fire! Concentrate your fire on small groups, we will take out more that way!

Tzena - I have a hunch, Lee. Fire around that area over there.
Officer - Sir i think they're targeting us.
Dorastion - Disengage cloak and raise shields, prepare a broadside. They will pay for Vanexia!
Tzena - All ships in range, fire a turbolaser broadside! NOW!

Both fleets fired broadside volleys at each other, tearing through opposing fleets.

Officer - We've been hit hard, Commander Yarik can we have a status report on the ground?
Tzena - All ships! Nonphasic shields engage! Keep up the barrage, intersperse the turbolasers with artillery!
Yarik - Things are looking up!
Dorastion - Keep an eye on whch ship has the decoy, that one must escape the system!

Yarik and his Niddan Ho devastate the TIAF groundforces with missile barrages, as Song dragged the artifact onto the ship a shot hit him in the shoulder

Dorastion - Commander perhaps now would be a good time for the Fleet of Ruin to come into play.
Tzena - *smiling as she watches the Draconis fleet preparing for broadside* Turbolaser volley, coming up. Reflector Shields, raise them as the broadside fire comes within range!

The Ruin ships appeared from behind and unleashed powerful Shidium blasts onto the TIAF fleet, quickly dispatching of smaller ships. Tzena's smile quickly changes to a heavy frown when she realises what is going on.

Ozzel - Incoming bogeys, 6 o'clock! Scans identify the enemy fleet as Brood of War.
Officer - All ships ready, by your command.
Dorastion - Not yet.
Officer - Commander we have thier attention, fire a broadside on all but the marked vessel.
Tzena - Hmph. Show them some power. Hypercruise Missiles, take aim at the Fleet of Ruin's capital ship. Previous orders still stand, be ready for the enemy broadside.
Dorastion - Maintain position and disengage broadside command, give them a missile volley to remember.

In the chaos, yarik teleported to near Tzena's ship and fires volleys of shidium missiles at the hull, devastating the lower hull.

Tzena - Damnit! What was that!
Yarik - Lady Tzena, I believe this is the first time we have met!
Lee - Confirmation that they are firing Shidium missiles at the lower hull.
Dorastion - Hm, cruisers engage flanking tactic.
Tzena - Well, well, well. If it isn't Yarik. You'll be paying for that for every Sporebuck it's worth!

Tzena gestured for a cewmember to fire a level-11 turbolaser on Yarik's location but he teleported out of the way, firing more missiles once he reappeared. Dorastion had ordered his ships to activate warp-drive and emerge right beside the enemy however when Lee noticed several cruisers weer powering up theirengines he ordered his ships to prepare a volley for when the cruisers emerge, hitting the mhard Dorastion orders them to disengage.

Tzena - Grr... Get a bead on that Yarik, scatter those incoming missiles with point-intercept defense!
Lee - The USS Victory and USS Raysong are holding up well, we have no need to worry.
Tzena - Hmm... Time for an experiment. Let's engage using those new experimental transphasic shields. They won't know what hit them.
Dorastion - Check the sensors, is that decoy on board USS Raysong?

Dorastion had a plan, which was reinforced when he was told the decoy was on board USS Artotonus. Meanwhile Yarik had teleported inside along with a team of Niddan Ho rangers.

Lee - Confirmation that Yarik is on the ship.
Tzena - I'm going down there to confront him myself. Take care of the ship, do not be afraid to go down with it. I don't want you guys to end up like my comrade Basshu.
Dorastion - Yarik can you confirm which ship you are on?
Yarik - The USS Victory, Lord Dorastion!
TIAF Marines - Stop, intruder!
Dorastion - Understood. All guns fire an ion barrage on USS Raysong, I want that ship in shreds! Lee - *over intercom* We have intruders on the ship. Any Zazane you see aboard the USS Victory, lethal force is authorized!

The fleet concentrated fire on the Raysong, draining the shields with ion lasers. Lee did everything he could to counter the barrage.

Yarik - All Brood forces, fire Shidium weapons at the USS Victory!
Lee - All other ships, use the distraction to focus fire on their capital ships. USS Raysong, engage using fighters with scatterbeam, use scatterbeam point-intercept tech!
Officer - Sir we're seeing their shields weakening, your plan is working... what now?
Dorastion - I want every gun to turn that ship to scrap metal. This is for Grand Vanexia...

Aboard the Victory yarik was intent on causing as much damage as possible, using a combination of his battlesuit's size and shidum missiles to gut the Victory from the inside. Tzena was furious, as she marched toward's Yarik's location she used a plasma rifle to dispatch any Niddan Ho who got in her way. Marines tried to dogpile on Yarik but he simply shrugged them off and burned them with his boosters.

Tzena - Yarik, you magnificent bastard... Officer - Sir you're drawing fire away from other points of the battle, isn't this just a repeat of Vanexia? Dorastion - That ship was at Vanexia lieutenant, the foul thing fired a turbolaser at Grand Vanexia's CBD! Those guns are soaked in innocent blood, the city and the planet will be avenged... Fire the main gun.
Lee - Ozzel, What the fuck is going on over there! You haven't been blocking any of those shots!
Ozzel - Point-intercept systems are down! They were hit with a Shidium missile!
Lee - You have failed us, Ozzel.

The TNSS Archon fired it's main gun at the Raysong, the megalaser passes through the shield and leaves an enormous gash in the ship's side.

Ozzel - I have one last gambit...
Lee - You're mad, Ozzel!
Ozzel - For the Federation! Boosters, go!

Ozzel was desperate and had ordered the Raysong to collide with the Archon, reaching a point where it could not be avoided.

Officer - Sir i think we have another collision course!
Dorastion - Activate warp drive.
Officer - At this range?
Dorastion - All power to forward shields, if he wants a collision let's give him a collission!
Officer - Aye sir, activating warp-drive, diverting backup ower to the main deflector.
Ozzel - Almost there... Full payload, now!
Dorastion - *inhales* engage!

As the Raysong was about to fire the Archon activated it's warp drive, the combined tidal forces and impact velocity as the ship punched right through the Raysong had nearly torn the ship apart and left the Raysong with an enormous hole in it's body. Yarik and Lee both cried out in horror, the former worried that Dorastion had not survived his gambit. As the Raysong drifted, Dorastion answered Yarik on the comm several minutes later, still alive although somewhet shaken.

Lee - NO!
Yarik - *comms* Lord Dorastion?!
Dorastion - I'm here commander... I did my duty, for Vanexia and for the Imperium....

Ozzel had barely survived the ramming attack and crawled over to a console, intent ot make sure that if the Raysong was to die, it would die ending it's killer's life. McCoy, in command of the Actotonus, locked on to the Archon with vengence on his mind. Yarik, meanwhile, stormed across the Victory loooking for Tzena

Ozzel - This'll be... it...!
Yarik - Show yourself, coward!
Dorastion - Full broadside lieutenant, I want nothing left.
McCoy - Hold on, buddy.
Dorastion - Return to the void where you belong.

The Archon's guns pounded what remained of the Raysong. Meanwhile on the Victory Tzena waited in the rafters of one of the cargo bays for Yarik to pass below, his battlesuit towered over everything else. Ozzel aimed for another collision course but with his engines severely damaged he only managed to lurch forward. As Yarik passed below Tzena dropped an EMP on his batlesuit.

Ozzel - I will not die...without honor!
Tzena - Now come and fight me without that silly enhancement of yours!
Officer - Sir they're on another coillision course.
Dorastion - Keep firing.
Dorastion - Bring power to engines, we can outrun him this time
officer- Strafing tactics, aye sir.
Ozzel - Federation eternal.
McCoy - Now! No quarter for him!

The bridge exploded from the volleys, while depries flew at the Archon it did little damage against the shields. McCoy ordered for the Artotunus to fire on the Archon's engines.

McCoy - Eat this, b*tch! Keep it up, make sure Ozzel gets his revenge!
Dorastion - That ship must be allowed to escape!
Lt. General Davidson - USS Arcadia to USS Artotunus. We are within range, we are providing support fire. Stay steady.

Yarik opened up his battlesuit and jumped out furious, pistol and combat knife in hand. while Tzena rew her Katan and positioned herself in a combat stance.

Yarik - Goddamn Shyrak eater!
Tzena - I trained for years in the art of On-Yen-Reng, you shall be defeated!
Yarik - I am not like other Zazane...
Tzena - Yes, you are not like other Zazane. You will go down much easier.

Tzena chaged her stance, drawing another Katana. Yarik chuckled assumed a hunter's stance and fired his pistol downwards, blinding anyone who lokked at the blast. As she regains her sight she cried out to him, calling him a pussy. A knife suddently want through her left and Yarik kicked her hard in the back. As she screamed in pain she pulled herself together and readied herself with her right-hand katana. Yarik chuckled and fired his shidium pistol at her who both dodged and deflected the shots with her Katana. Soon the wound in her hand heals from nanomachines and she picks up the other Katana.

Tzena - Your little Shidum antics are over. Now taste real fear!

Yarik placed his knife inbetween then to stop her and fired his shidium pistol at her shoulder, she steps back to reveal her shoulder pad had absorbed the impact. She slashed the knife out of Yarik's hands and positioned the katanas around his neck like a pair of scissors. Dorastion's voice was heard over yarik's communicator:

While the two of them fought, out in space the Archon's assault was was not so smooth. More ships were arriving and began to overwhelm it. Dorastion could not risk destroying the Artotonus, not with the decoy on board, and both sides called for support.

Officer - Sir... Dorastion - He only wants us, prepare to activate warp drive.
Davidson - The son of a b*tch is preparing warp drive.
McCoy - Focus fire on the engines! Cripple that ship before it gets to warp crash again!
Dorastion - See if you can punch through another warship!

The Archon once again activates it's warp drive, the severe damage in the engine only intensified as the ship smashes through a TIAF frigate. The Archon exits warp on the other side of the planet but McCoy had other ideas and fired a hypercruise missile at the Archon's engine bay. The TIAF fleet arrives at the crippled capital ship, with no choice Dorastion orders everyone to abandon ship. Davidson's plan to intercept the escape pods wasa dashed when ITN frigates arrived for support, one of them collecting the pod containing Admiral Dorastion.

Davidson - That ship has the enemy admiral. See if you can subdue it. Dorastion would be a good bargaining tool if we are to get our lady's comrade back.
Dorastion - Commander Yarik we're going to have to fall back, do you copy? ...and someone get us the hell out of here!
Tzena - Oh, yes, Yarik is just fine...
Dorastion - You...
Yarik - Goodbye, beautiful...

Yarik gagged before spitting a blood-stained tooth in Tzena's face, she deflected it by repositioning herkatana and, now free from the checkmate, jumped backwards.

Tzena - Where the hell are you going, Zazane scum?
Dorastion - You will pay for the lives you took admiral, the blood of millions of innocents are on YOUR hands!
Lee - The rest of the fleet, take the other crew members prisoner.
Tzena - Innocents? Your race is guilty in all kinds of way, except being bad fighters.

As they talked, Yarik fired his pistol at an overhead beam which swings downards, smacking Tzena right in the forehead and knocking her over. Dorastion winced from the 'clang' he had heard. Tzena stood up with a swelling on her forehead.

Tzena - Why you little...
Dorastion - That sounded painful...
Officer - Admiral, we have reached a safe distance within the system.
Dorastion - Activate cloak for now.

Davidson had closely followed Dorastion to the edge of the system. Tzena charged at Yarik while he gathered his rage roaring and charging at her head-on. He used his horns to deflect her katanas and bashed into her like a charging goat. She wrapped her arms around his horns

Tzena - Rageful minds don't think straight.
Davidson - They should be here.
Captain - Orders admiral?
Dorastion - Larnus will have my head when he learns i've lost another ship. Keep to the far side of the planet.

She plunged her katanas into his back and as the katanas dug in Yarik simply laughed. he threw her against a wall. She slid across the floor, bumping her head into said wall. She stands up and assumes a martial-arts battle stance.

Tzena - That's fine! I can fight without weapons!
Davidson - USS Arcadia back to USS Victory. Dorastion is nowhere to be seen, and we don't want to get caught by the Imperial Talon Navy out here. UPS shows we are in the Balas-9 sector.
Lee - Don't pursue him any further. Balas-9 is too fortified to take on with only two battlecruisers.
Dorastion - Signal my location to the fleet, secure channel.

Yarik roared and pulled the sword out of his back before returning to his battlesuit. A battlemaster-class capital ship warped into the system with escorts in tow, Davidson decided to fire a level-11 turbolaser shot at the capital ship which was simply absorbed by the shield. As Yarik entered his battlesuit he fired a volley of shidium missiles. Tzena ran for Yarik with her katanas but he simply flew out of the nearest hull breach.

Tzena - So afraid to battle, huh?
Yarik - No, I just see no use on fighting a collapsing ship...

Dorastion is taken on boaard the battlemaster while Yarik fires yet another folley at the Victory, leaving it severely damaged. Sirens balre out across the ship to notify extreme damage as yarik returns to the Fleet of Ruin.

Davidson - All clear around the system, sir.
Lee - Good, good. *notices the alarm* Sh*t.
Captain - What are your orders, admiral?
Dorastion - See if Yarik is okay, we're done here. Tzena - *over radio comms* The Victory is busted, we probably have enough left in her to get her back to Dexia, though.
McCoy - Oh, no, you son of a b*tch!
Doration - Any ships still in the main battle zone I want you to send a few missiles their way, as a 'farewell' present... that is as long as Yarik is not on board.
Yarik - *comms* Dorastion, feel free to fire!
Captain - Aye sir, we will have the fleet prioritise on the Victory.
Tzena - *retuns to the Victory's bridge* Get the fleet in motion, get out of here immediately. I have a feeling they're going to leave some...presents. Warp the fleet immediately back to Dexia for repairs, we'll send someone to clean up later.
Dorastion - How is the admiral's ship?
Tzena - Now!

The Victory and any surviving ships warp away as the battlemaster fires a megalaser at the escaping ship. yarik orders a Kaann-class battleship to pursue the fleet to Dexia comand.

Davidson - All units report! Report back to Dexia Command immediately!
Tzena - How much do we have left in this son of a b*tch?
Lee - I'll send a message to the shipyards below. They should bring up a transport ship that should hopefully give us enough to get back to Avanti.
Dorastion - We're a little shaken but the plan worked: They ran away with the relic and I'm sure you gave Admiral Tzena what she deserved.
Davidson - Massive ship incoming! Signature recognized as Brood of War.

The kaann fires it's weapons at the victory cousing even more damage.

Yarik - Dorastion....I am not yet finished with them.
Dorastion - If the lord-admiral is right we should be able to keep track of that decoy all the way to their forward command.Dorastion - If the lord-admiral is right we should be able to keep track of that decoy all the way to their forward command. Tzena - Spode, can't an admiral get a break? All units, engage that ship! Keep the heat off of us, we need to get to Avanti in one piece!

The TIAF responded, attacking the battleship with all they had. As it exploded the ship ained shidium energy near by, both the Victory and the 7th regiment managed to warp away before any serious damage could occur.

Dorastion - Commander. We have struck a serious blow to the Federation.
Yarik - I am aware of this. Today was a good battle.
Dorastion - Both The Victory and the Raysong were at Vanexia and our actions would certainly make people feel more comfortable. Tzena's day will come, and it will come soon.
Yarik - I certainly hope so. She is not weak, I shall give her that.
Dorastion - The Lord-Admiral will certainly be pleased that the mission was a success.
Yarik - Lord Tyraz shall not be disappointed with today's efforts. And we shall laugh over the crab incident. Dorastion - It had an amusing nature to it, yes.
Yarik - Dorastion, you make a fine commander after today's effort.
Dorastion - I'm glad you think so. We should have the location of their base soon. I will return what remains of my fleet to a drydock to repair. Just be ready for our call, commander.
Yarik - Zazane are always ready, Lord Dorastion.
Dorastion - Glad to hear, Dorastion out.

On Avanti the TIAF celebrated the outcome, they hadone again emerged victorious against the Draconis and had secured a relic. Completely oblivious to the fact that their enemies could easily find them.

Tzena - Today was a success for the Federation. We have once again defeated the Imperial Talon navy.
Lee - We have lost the Raysong, and our fine Rear Admiral Ozzel...
Tzena - The Raysong can be rebuilt, my dear Vice Admiral, but Ozzel will unfortunately be a hole we will never be able to fill.
Tzena - General Piett! Report!
Piett - Overall, this battle cost us the second most casualties of any battle against the Imperial Talon Navy, behind the Battle of Dexia. All of the fallen ships will be rebuilt and recommissioned, as ordered by Fleet Admiral Zebulon.
Tzena - Good. As we are lacking a Rear Admiral now, I hereby promote you to Rear Admiral, Piett. Congratulations, Rear Admiral Piett.
Piett - Thank you very much, my lady! *salutes her* Federation forever!
Tzena - *comms unit receives an incoming call* Hello?
Fleet Admiral Zebulon - Greetings Admiral Tzena. This is Fleet Admiral Zebulon.
Tzena - Hello, Fleet Admiral. A pleasure to see you again.
Zebulon - By orders of the Commander, you, Vice Admiral Lee, and Rear Admiral Ozzel will report to Stafamur in the Andromeda Command Zone. The rest of the 7th Regiment is to stay behind until Domestic Defense forces arrive from the Milky Way.
Tzena - It will be done. The 7th will defend Avanti until the Defense arrives. What is their ETA?
Zebulon - 3 days. Don't get slaughtered out there before that. We still need to study that artifact and keep the Command Zone concealed.
Tzena - It will be done, Fleet Admiral. I also regret to inform you that Rear Admiral Ozzel is no more; Rear Admiral Piett will replace him. Tzena out.
Zebulon - A misfortune. He will be missed. Zebulon out.

The Crusade begins[]

The Andromeda War continued. The firestorm devouring the galaxy continued. It looked like it would know no peace - for all these month, the bloodshed seemed to end several times, with the alliance of Draconis and Radeons, with the truce of Brood, with the defeat or Khaxvis. Each time, however, it was a short calm - and the firestorm has always risen again, tormenting the galaxy even more. However, the outer reaches of Andromeda were still unharmed by the war, their inhabitants being safe from the horrors and bloodshed.

Until now.

AI - Translation process has reached... 12%. Second artifact's location discovered.
King Grochius II- Where?
AI - Outer galaxy. Southern quadrant. Stellar location: unknown.
Grochius - AAAAARRRGH! What?! Tell me, worthless piece of metal, do you know any more information?!
AI - ...Translation process has reached 13%. Sector position discovered: subsector 80R341E. Sector currently controlled by a Tier 1.7 civilisation.
Grochius - Tier 1.7 civilisation? That's powerful. Neverthless, they are all weaklings compared to the might of the Grox. We'll be able to destroy them... easily. Yes...

Grochius has entered the Dominator flagship, to make a speech to his fleet. Since he has found that mysterious map of the artifacts, fortune was following him. He has already found the first artifact in the segmentum Crepusculum thanks to the map, and soon, all of them would be under his control, giving him power beyond comprehension. He knew that he would prevail. His subordinates, however, did not share his fanaticism, doubting his faith in the supremacy of the Grox Empire and this map Grochius has found. Too suspicious it was. Too suspicious...

Grox - We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge! The annihilation of the Starmaster alliance's worlds has begun, for the glory of the Grox Empire!

The mightly and countless Dominator-class battleships have entered hundreds of Starmaster worlds. Within seconds, the mightly weapons of the Grox were unleashed. These hundreds of world were killed in a split second, devoured by the flames of planet busters. There was nothing left. Not a single piece of rock. The Grox have delivered the firestorm to the Starmaster Alliance.

Grox - My lord, why do we do this? Why do we destroy these worlds? That makes no sense.
Grochius - That's to find the artifacts.
Grox - But... what if the artifacts are on these planets? They would be destroyed if so!
Grochius - Your pitiful mind, empty of knowledge! If you knew about this... legend.
Grox - Legend?
Grochius - The legend of Adaru. I knew about these artifacts long before they were even found by these sub-sentient species. I remember this legend, about the ancients of Ardenta forging the great relics to contain the great power they have found - power to be claimed by us. They have protected these relics with the seals of impenetrability - and not even our cannons would be able to harm them.
Grox - Are you so sure, my lord? Why do you believe so much in these old tales?
Grochius - Ahahahahaha... I do not believe, vassal. I know. My new will: continue the attack. For the Meta-Empire.
Grox - ...Yes...

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Andromeda, someone else was laughing...

Battle for Avanti[]

For weeks the TIAF had been gaining ground against the Imperium but their luck had run out when they aquired the decoy placed by the Imperium. Now fully aware of Avanti's location the coalition prepared to strike. Upon recieving the coordinates Larnus ralied the other commanders to a planet the Imperium's navy were using as a forward command post.

First to arrive in orbit was the Draconis fleet, at it's head was the titanic TNSS Dominax being commanded personally by Larnus Vontarion. The Ecclesiachal Fleet and the Fleet of Ruin followed shortly and their approach did not go unnoticed. The coalition quickly began it's assault, attacking ships and stationary targets alike. General Veers, who was in charge of the defence of Avanti ordered all ships to assume a defencive position asn were hit hard by the broadside that followed. On the dominax's bridge, Dorastion and Uriel were watching the unfolding battle, knowing what was to come.

Larnus - Ready for this Uriel?
Uriel - I can feel the blood stirring, just like old times, right?
Larnus - You face death while I bring devastation from orbit, good times.

Led by uriel and Jahric respectively, both the ITN ad the Dei'Ar launched thousands of dropships to descend upon the planet, within hours every majo city was under siege. Tyraz used his pwers to teleport him and a large foce of Niddan Ho planetside. Supported by orbital bombardment targeting military bases planetwide the TIAF was easily feeling the pressure of the assault.

Veers - This is the 7th Regiment, reporting to Avanti Command. We have a full-on orbital invasion, ready the ground troops to encounter any planet-side parties, and ready the ground-to-orbit weapons!

The TIAF fired antimatter cannons targeted at the ITN in orbit, hoping to take down whatever ships they could. Both jahric and larnus realised the danger and ordered orbital bombardment to focus their guns. As Uriel rode in on a dropship, Tyraz' voice echoed in his head.

Tyraz - Ah Uriel! I see you have come to join me in glorious bloodshed of these vermin!
Uriel - *comm* I have waited eighty years for another battle like this. Blood Dragons and marines are en route. Pilot, get us on those rooftops, flush tactics!
Tyraz - Zazane, the enemy is weak and pathetic! This is not war...

Tyraz began transforming into his full demonic form, his voice echoing as he spoke

Tyraz - ....this is pest control!

The TIAF tried desperately to resolve their situation but the massed forces attacking were easily overcoming their defences. Up above Larnus sat smiling, ready to deal out his ace, something he had planned back at the command bunker.

Larnus - Let's give them something to worry about, charge up the main gun and target the mountain range at the coordiantes provided.
Dominax Officer - Target located.
Larnus - Prepare to fire.

The TIAF continued desparate tactics, flying their ships into the atmosphere itself to engage the enemy. Admiral Dorastion ordered all carreirs to swarm the planet's atmosphere with strike craft. Yarik deployed himself and several ranger squads to cause problems for the warships in the atmosphere. As the fighting took a turn for the worse hope glimmered through for General Veers.

DD Marshal Aietta - This is Marshal Aietta, of the DD 2nd Corps, requesting contact with the Avanti.
Veers - We are in a tight situation, Marshal, we would be very pleased if you could be a little more hasty.
Aietta - Indeed. I'll relay your distress signal to Command, and we'll be there soon.

As Yarik caused problems, Davidson focused his attention on the battlesuit-encased Zazane. Yarik activated a adampener to hide his signal, Davidson ascended into the upper atmosphere before flying back down to catch Yarik unawares but was ambushed by an ITN frigate, which revealed Davidson to yarik who retaliated with Shidium missiles. Davidson veered away to avoid the missiles and retreated back into orbit. On the ground, Uriel and a fireteam were placed on a rooftop, crawling out from the windows at the side of the building were TIAF soldiers who were picked off by uriel and his soldiers, watching them fall to the streets below.

His attention is distracted as he sees Tyraz several rooftops away causing nothing but devastation and crying out for his soldiers to kill the TIAF. Several marines who were with him dropped their jaws in horror at the sight, few had ever seen a creature, let along a man, that large before.

Aietta - This is Marshal Aietta, DD 2nd Corps. I am relaying a distress signal from Avanti and the 7th Regiment. The DD 2nd Corps are en route and should hopefully arrive within the hour.
Tzena - What the hell is going on over there?
Aietta - Full-scale invasion, ma'am. ITN, Fleet of Ruin, they're all there.

Avanti's northern mountains, seconds before the Dominax desroys it.

Tzena dropped her jaw in shock. With the Dominax's main gun fully charged Larnus ordered to fire, a beam of hypermatter stretched across the field to the mountain range below. A white-hot explosion engulfs the mountains and instantly killing anyone inside the blast. The glow could be seen for many miles and the force would send a shockwave accross the planet's western hemisphere. As the dust settled the view was clear - the Dominax's hyperlaser had annihilated much of the mountain, hundreds of thousands ran for their lives as cities and trees were toppled from the ensuing shockwave and Larnus sat in his chair happily. Soon after several Kaanns arrived to ensure nothing survived the strike.

On the ground the shockwave hit the city Uriel and Tyraz were fighting in. They hurried to ground level as best they could, absailing the rest of the way once the building was in the final stages of collapse. The fighting continued feverishly in the now-ruined streets. Chargaff fired a refrigerant missile at Tyraz' stomach, hoping to freeze him. Tyraz simply laughed and sent the cold air right back at him, freezing him on the spot within a hastily-deployed hazmat suit. The Niddan Ho ran quickly through the streets, dodging turbolaser fire with some difficulty. As Chargaff recovered he was supported by other TIAF soldiers who fire more of the misiles at Tyraz, retaiating by engulfing all of them in demonic fire. Chargaff survived by running under Tyraz' legs and climbing him, only to be picked up by Tyraz and held between the demonic Zazane's fingers. As the remains cascade to the floor he licks his figers happily before plunging his firesowrd into the ground, sending pillars of flame erupting from the surface.

Tyraz - You are a fool, little being.
Chargaff - Hax! I call hax!

Tyraz squeezed his fingers, slowly crushing Chargaff before the soldier explodes between his fingers.

Meanwhile in orbit the sight of the devastation prompted Veers to fire a volley of hypercruise missiles at the Dominax. Unfortunately the missiles exploded onimpact with the shields which were already up. Yarik appeared and unleashes a wall of Shidium missiles

Yarik - Goodbye, Shyrak eater.
Veers - Son of a biiiiiiiiiiiittttttttcccccchhhhhh-
Larnus - Pathetic, all batteries continue normal operation.

His words were cut off as the USS Teneigh exploded around him, supposedly killing him. Larnus just scoffed at the assault and ordered normal operation to continue.

Aietta - Don't think you have the last laugh, yet, you oversized salamander!
Dominax Officer - reinforcements sir.
Larnus - I see them, broadside!.

The Domestic Defence fleet immediatel began to put pressure on the coalition fleet with the ITN broadside glancing off the shields. The Fleet of Ruin fired back. On the ground Uriel and his soldiers had discovered an intact TIAF server hub. They discovered the hub's condition and hackers began to work, trying to break through TIAF firewalls. After several minutes working they managed to gather some information before the hub exploded.

McCoy - No info for you!
Hacker - Damnation!
Uriel - Did you get anything?
Larnus - Turn all our guns on those ships, let's hit them so hard they'll think Drakon himself has unleashed his fury.
Jahric - Oh, damnatus... Aeos, teleport me back on spaceship.
Aeos - Yes, lord Predictor Advisor.
Aietta - Ohoho, I think not! *nonphasic shields activate on the DD ships* We didn't even have the right defenses, pathetic.

Jahric used his own ship as a ram while the ITN continues to pound the TIAF ships, ordering the use of ion cannons to penetrate the shields. Meanwhile, yarik manages to breach one of the DD ships and, true to form, caused consdierable damage. Aietta took cover as the blasts created minor impressions but that did not stop the comander bursting through and massacring the crew. Tzena wasthes all of this from Stafmaur.

Tzena - This is... horrible! *begins to tear up* Lee! Piett! Get the Victory and Raysong ready!
Piett - My lady, we were ordered to stay here!
Lee - Shut your mouth, Piett! Those are our people, we won't let them die like that!

On the ground Uriel and his soldiers were cornered by McCoy, while Ccoy dodged the fusion shots, the shots from McCoy's rifle bounced off of uriel's personal shield. Davidson landed outside

Uriel - Did you think i would live as Paragon all this time just with armour?
Davidson - I'll beat the living daylights out of you, overweight lizard!

As davidson is about to enter the bunker a huge shard of metal resembling Tyraz' firesword blocks his path. Tyraz stood twering above him, chuckling.

Tyraz - Hahaha, going somewhere?
Davidson - ...No. *a dark stain emerges on his trousers*
Tyraz - Pathetic!
Davidson - Spodedamnittt!

A dark stain had emerged on Davidson's trousers as Tyraz lifted his foot intending to crush Davidson, who dodged out of the way and dashed inside. Uriel and McCoy continued firing at each other from behind cover. McCoy threw a homing grenade at Uriel but with Tyraz's intervention the grenade simply exploded inside a bubble of energy. As davidson ran Niddan Ho blocked his path and fired at him, throwing his body backwards. Tired of the gunfight, Uriel drew his pwersword and leapt over the rubble he was hiding behind. Panicking at seeing the 2 3/4m tall armoured lizard charging at him he creid out "BeammeupbeammeupBEAMMEUP" and was trasported back to the USS Artotunus seconds before Uriel reached him, causing the latter to hit the wall. McCoy had the intent to flee the planet, meanwhile Jahric had an idea.

Uriel - Void-forsaken coward! Did we get anything from that server hub?
Hacker - We managed to get a couple of things before the hub's destruction.

Jahric - I'll use an old trick... like in the Battle for Nex. High Ordinator Aeos, take command of the ship. Squad Halnaar, follow me! *runs to the command deck* Blast everything, that's an order!

Once on baord Aietta's ship jahric sees Yarik squaring off against the TIAF officer.

Yarik - Jahric, nice to see you again.
Jahric - I would recommend you to attack the flagship, commander. Doing so will devastate the fleet and leave it in chaos. Follow me!
Aietta - *appears in the corridor with Yarik and Jahric* Well, well, well, then it's a pleasure to meet you two!

Aietta looks behind himself to see Jahric (who had used a jetpack and teleportation to reach her) pointing a plasma pistol to her head, he smiles

Jahric - What now? *puts his pistol at Aietta's head* Surrender your fleet and leave the planet. And we shall stop this violence.
Aietta - Well done. But you must know something.
Jahric - ...Hm?
Yarik - *turns to Aietta and his battlesuit's eye glows red* What is it? You haven't long.
Aietta - This battle isn't over. *grabs Jahric's arm and piledrives Jahric into the floor*
Yarik - *grabs Aeitta's head and lifts him up* It is now. *starts to crush*
Jahric - *blasts Aeitta's with a plasma pistol* Sorry, but I was forced to.
Aietta - Gragggghhhh...

Aietta finally collapses from the damage he had endured. As the Artotonus tried fleeing the battle a Kaann intercepted the ship, firing a devastating blast at the bridge. As he suffered critical damage Tzena arrived in the USS Victory and fired a turbolaser barrage. Dorastion, in command of an auxillary fleet, ordered for a wing to support the kaan against the Victory. Tzena fired a level-11 trubolaser at the Dominax, while the force was enough to penetrate the sields much of the damage was absorbed and it made only a minor impact on the behemoth's plating.

As Uriel and his team walked outside they saw Tyrz towering above them, both smiled at each other.

Uriel - Good to see you.
Tyraz - *looks down at Uriel and chuckles* Haha, nice to see you as well, Paragon!
Piett - *standing on a rooftop above Tyraz and Uriel* Sorry to interrupt your little reunion, but I have business to do.

Piett fired a Refrigeration and an antimatter missile at the two of them, Tyraz simply stood in the way, taking the blasts and smiling as if it was nothing.

Uriel - *smiles* You're starting to make by Dragons look bad Tyraz.
Piett - Goddamn hacks!

Piett teleported back to his ship, dropping a nuke from orbit with the sole intent of wiping both of them out. Tyraz used his wings to fly upwards, grab the nuke and throw it back. Piett intercepted it with a tractor beam and threw it back at him. This time Tyraz absorbed the nuke and projected the blast at Piett. While Tyraz distracted the officer, Uriel was repositioned to the former planetary capital, weaving from cover-to-cover to avoid another orbital strike. High above them Jahric and yarik gazed down at Aietta's corpse.

Jahric - Yarik - What should we do now, commander?
Yarik - *looks about and then hacks into the ship's comms* *in Aeitta's voice* Drop all shields, and retreat!
Tzena - Shut the hell up, Yarik!

Furious, she aimed a laser at Yarik's suit, disabling it and forcing him out, not at all in the best of moods. After he got out she fired another laser, Yarik used Aietta's body to abosorb the shot but it simply pierced through and kept going. Yarik leaps out of the way as he throws the body but his back is burned. Unexpectedly the ship is rocked with impacts as the ITN had launched boarding pods at the USS Victory. dorastion emerged from one of the pots in full marine-issue armour equipped with a fusion rifle and an electrified longsword.

Dorastion - I want that bitch dead!
Tzena - What the hell just happened, Lee?
Lee - They've boarded us. Again.
Tzena - I am not about to join Basshu in military prison! Get rid of those motherf*ckers!!!

By now the battle was divided on three fronts: Uriel and the ITN ground teams were advancing on the capitol building, larnus was holding off against the DD and Dorastion, jahric and Yarik within the Victory. Depsite all resistance Dorastion's boarding teams advanced. Piett fired another turbolaser but the shot was reflected with Tyraz's firesword and went hurtling back to the Raysong which maneuvered to only just avoid the blast. Tyraz look up to the deomnic Zazane and smiled.

Uriel - *looks behind him* Thanks... again.
McCoy - Lady Tzena, we can't hold on much longer!
Tzena - Fight to the last man, only retreat if I say so!

Dorastion continued towards the bridge, expecting Tzena to be there. Meanwhile she was furious and had left the brige and began heading toward his location. Noticing his suit was breached he asked one of the rangers to give him one of theirs and flew off towards another DD vessel. As the DD dispatched reinforcemens to Avanti's battered garrison Dorastion caught sight of Tzena and fires a bolt from his fusion rifle, cyoing out that the shot was vengence for Vanexia. Jahric ran for Tzena, blasting her with a plasma gun Tzena absorbs both shots with a handheld reflection device. She draws her two katanas as Dorastion draws his sword. As they prepare Yarik bursts througg a wall, landing next to Dorastion.

Yarik - Tzena! You again!
Tzena - So. We finally meet, Dorastion.
Dorastion - Yes...
Yarik - *stands up and draws his combat knife*
Dorastion - Commander, i have been waiting since Vanexia for this moment...
Yarik - Fine...I'll hold off resistance from outside.
Tzena - *smiles* Well, you seem to have no respect for the rules of a fair fight.
Dorastion - You will pay for the millions of innocents you slaughtered in Grand Vanexia, your time of brash arrogance is at it's end.
Tzena - I think not, Dorastion. Allow me to see whether you are truly worthy of taking on a combat master like me! Dorastion - Arrogent to the end, you have hardly lived as long as i have!
Jahric - As one of my friends once said, a plasma bolt is far more expressive than any words. Should we just kill her there, commander?
Tzena - Age has nothing to do with anything. Does it not frustrate you that I am years younger than you and I have still beaten you every time?

Lee enters the room and grabs Jahric in a cholehold. Marines arrive from both sides while Jahric is dragged away fro mthe fight.

Lee - Feel free to have a fair fight, my lady.
Dorastion - You didn't win the fight for the relic, i though i'd be nice.
Tzena - *cocks head a little in confusion* Oh really...
Dorastion - and it has paid off with the event of today.

Tzena stood confused later positioning herself in a defencive stance while Dorastion walked defensively towards her. Jahric, desperate to escape kicks Lee with his foot, releasing Jahric from his grip and throws a plasma grenade under Lee's legs. Lee picked it up and tossed it back

Tzena - You damn son of a b*tch..

On the ground the skies were filling with TIAF and ITN strike craft. Tyraz stood front of the swarms smiling, revealing a blood-red tongue and shocking both TIN and TIAF fighter pilots. Piett fires a missile in the vicinity of Tyraz and Uriel. Tyraz zbsorbed the plast and projected it back at Piett's ship and reflects it back. Uriel is knocked back from part of the resturning energy while Tyraz absorbs the rest. As the blood dragons run to help Piett beams down to his location with a squad of soldiers. The Blood Dragons surround Uriel's body as they approach.

Blood Dragon - Lord Uriel!
Piett - Let's leave a burning political hole in the Draconis so big they won't come within 100 parsecs of this place again.
Tyraz - *steps in front of Piett* I don't think so! *snarls*
Piett - Oh, lookie here. The haxxor, facing us for real. Are you gonna show us some more of your magic? Pathetic!
Tyraz - I suggest you get out of here, puny being. Before I turn you into paste. Be thankful that I have shown you mercy, Shyrak eater.
Blood Dragon - Lord Uriel is still alive Lord Breek.
Tyraz - Good, take him back to his ship. I will finish up here.
Uriel - Thank you.. Tyraz..

Oblivious to the group, Piett had discreetly activated a timed explosive. Both of them were unaware until it was too late as the sound of the countdown timeer could be discreetly heard coming from the rubble. As Piett and his team left for the raysong the explosive detonated, Tyraz looked back and his face dropped with horror. He used some of his energy to teleport Uriel and his Blood Dragons to the Ghost of the Warrior before he was engulfed in a fireball. Crying out Shyrak before the blast hit him, leaving no trace.

Admiral's Fall[]

Uriel was in denial that Tyraz as gone, he would not have just 'vanished' like the reports had said. Aboard the Victory Tzena had opened her attack by sweeping under Dorastion's leg. As he falls over he slices her leg and smacks her with his tail as she recovers from the wound. She is thrown back and somersaults back on her feet, tanking Dorastion. As he recovers, Jahric rolls a stun grenade to Tzena's feet, it detonates only to disorient her but long enough for Dorastion to gain the upper hand. yarik stabs lee in the shoulder but it did little after more TIAF marines arrived and dragged Jahric towards the brig. The distration was enough for Dorastion to lift Tzena by the throat and pointed a sword to her face.

Dorastion - You stupid. little. girl! You know nothing of what we are doing. Tzena - Oh, sure... Kill me in a duel after getting outside help, huh? I see how it is.

She kicks her feet to dislodge Dorastion's snout, breaking free of his grip but as she falls he slices her in her stomach. She grates her teeth from the injury, giving time for the nanites to heal it. Yarik continued to fight lee, repeatedly stabbing him in the shoulder with his dirty combat knife, Dorastion intended to finish Tzena off with a strong kick which sent her sliding accros the room. She sat not dead, but weakened.

Tzena - I...will beat...you!
Dorastion - Too much energy, too little time.
Tzena - *regaining energy* Make your move, Dorastion.
Piett - *over comms, to Tzena* Lady Tzena, they're gaining dominance. Brigadier General McCoy has suggested we do a scatter retreat if we want to stay hidden.

Piett was right. As the battle had progressed the coalition were gaining more and more ground, already achieving arial dominance and were reaching orbital dominance.Dorastion proceeded to swing his sword to slice her arms, she blocks the blows with her katanas and strikes back while Dorastion was in his lull.

Dorastion - I have spent a century learning Kalai'Krusi
Tzena - *over comms to Piett* You guys can go, I have unfinished business!

She forces her swords twoards Dorastion's abodomen. While he was able to deflect one the other went straight through the seam in the plating. She smiled maliciously as she plungeed the sword deeper into his stomach. Dorastion choked and spluttered as the sword dug into his flesh. Oblivious to her a dark shadow was emerging from behind, Lee saw the shadow forming and was thrown telekinetically out of the room. She dinally noticed and drove the blades even deepr before the hadow formed into Tyraz, grabbed her arms and threw her accross the room. He pulled the Katanas out of Dorastion's dying body and attempted to heal him. After recovering Tzena took the distraction as an oppertunity and plunged one of the katanas into his neck. After pulling the blade out she noted him as a worthy opponent before ITN marines surrounded her.

Officer - Lord Admiral.... the 710th legion's 54th fireteam reports that Admiral Dorastion is dead.
Tyraz - Hey, Tzena.

Tyraz swiped the side of Tzena's face, with her nanites deactivated she screeched in pain. Lee returned wih reinforcements.

Tzena - I should have known it was you. Lee - We're here for you, my lady!
Tyraz - You thought your little friends had killed me. You were wrong. Very wrong.

Tyraz grabbed Tzena by the throat and began to choke her.

Larnus - *mutters* Perfect... make sure his body is recovered, i'm sure he died a warrior's death.
Tzena - You...are...nowhere close to beating us....
Tyraz - Oh, but we are. And I shall let you live....so that you can remember how many deaths you suffered. How many innocent lives you had taken from my allies!

As marines aimed their rifles Tyraz clawed out her left eye, throwing her body to Lee who carries her away from the scene and up to the bridge with his good shoulder.

Tyraz - Go, before I change my mind!
Lee - *carries Tzena on his good shoulder away to the bridge* You will be fine, my lady...
ITN marine - Lord Breek, Lord-Admiral Vontarion has ordered Dorastion's body to be recovered.
Tyraz - *growls and picks up Dorastion's body, before starting to teleport* He shall have it....
TIAF Marines - Now, the rest of you... Get the f*ck off our ship!

The ITN marines fired jokingly at the feet of the TIAF marines, chuckling to themselves and eventually leaving the TIAF fleet to retreat, shattered and broken. Tyraz teleported to the Dominax as the coalition fleet captured any fleeing shuttles from the surface. Larnus quickly paced down to the hanger bay where Tyraz arrived, holding Dorastion's gutted body and was later accompanied by a team of medics.

Larnus - Tyraz, thank the lifefather. What happened?
Tyraz - I absorbed the blast on the surface....and I had deactivated Tzena's nanobots. I also retrieved this. *shows him Tzena's left eye*
Larnus - Hm. Keep it as a trophy if you like. What happened to Dorastion?
Tyraz - *gently places Dorastion's body on the ground* He died an honourable death.
Medic - Disemboweling marks, deep piercing wound to the neck, moderate bruising, he took some beating.
Tyraz - He was a persistant one. Wait....Oh, Shyrak! *over comms* Yarik?! YARIK!!

There was no response.

Tyraz - Shyrak! Grr...No, Yarik is not dead....I can still feel his presence.....But it is lost. I cannot find him. He has.....disappeared.

Remnnants Report In[]

Tzena sat at the bridge holding her eye socket, she was heavily injured and in a very foul mood.

Tzena - All remaining TIAF units... retreat and scatter, we will regroup at Stafamur..
Lee - At least we survived, my lady. We made it through.
Tzena - I will kill all of those sons of Xhoddies. They will pay...
Zebulon - Tzena, what the hell happened out there?
Tzena - It was a full-on attack, Fleet Admiral, they somehow found Avanti....
Zebulon - Well, you can explain later. We'll get you to the medical facilties, pronto.
McCoy - Fleet Admiral, I can tell you that all who died died a warrior's death. They have all died in hot blood.
Zebulon - We have taken a beating, yes, Brigadier, but the valor of the soldiers will be remembered by the Federation.
McCoy - They shall be honored. But the first matter of business. We need to rebuild the 7th Regiment.
Zebulon - Andromeda Command will get to work on rebuilding our lost ships and replacing our lost soldiers. I also have news that should excite you, the 1st Fleet is coming soon to support the war.

Tzena was resting on a medical transport device, when she overheard something about the first fleet she muttered something under her breath.

McCoy - Excellent! Now the Draconis will really get a taste of what the Federation can pack...

After he walked away with Zebulon the fleet arrives at Stafmaur. Above Alcanti the escaping popwulation was being rounded up and one particular citizen had caught. Valocanus, the former prefect of Vanexia prime, was taken aboard and brought before Larnus in the hanger of the Dominax and was flanked by two marines. Tyraz arrived and stood at Larnus's side, staring down at them an he percieved a traitor.

Larnus - Prefect, i want to know what you were thinking, when you fled to side with the TIAF.
Valocanus - I ask for forgiveness, Lord-Admiral but there was nowhere I could ahve gone.
Tyraz - Kill him! He's a traitor...and all traitors are scum....
Valocanus - I swear my loyalites always lay with the Paragon!
Larnus - Without him we might never of know what happened during the occupation of Vanexia.
Tyraz - I say that we torture him for information....and then, we make a public execution.
Valocanus - Please no! Please... I would be happy to tell you everything. Those that died in Grand Vanexia, I lived in guilt that I could do nothing... I never wanted my kin to die in such a way.
Tyraz - Then you shouldn't have allowed it!
Valocanus - I had no say! They had a gun pointed to my head during the handover and I knew nothing of the strike!
Larnus - I beleive there are grounds for forgiveness.
Tyraz - I would rather die then allow myself captured! Larnus, he betrays you! He doesn't care for kin if he does not join them in death! He is a filthy, treacherous coward!
Valocanus - I am outraged at this! I was a prefect before that swine came along and pointed a plasma gun to my head. You were not there, they gave me no option!
Tyraz - Either betray your kin, or die! I find the option obvious! Either way, you deserve no better than any coward!
Larnus - As valid as you may be Tyraz, this is an internal matter. he did give us grounds for this entire campaign.
Valocanus - You think I was happy living with those infants? Believing that they were the better option? Tyraz - Hmph. Internal matter my ass. We didn't fight this whole battle just to simply save this traitor? I say he dies like everybody else. Valocanus - I, and my entire family are outraged at the very thought!
Larnus - Tyraz, politicians are not always as prepared to actually lay their lives on the ground as soldiers. Perhaps the former prefect was biding his time, waiting for us to save the day.

Tyraz snorts and walks up to Valocanus, the former seems to smile discreetly as he sees the tiny alien try to stare up at him.

Tyraz - Your family may be outraged...but the entire Zazane race is outraged by your cowardice.
Valocanus - Without me every loyalist citizen on Vanexia could have died. it was either me or some toddler they would send, can you imagine the social shockwaves?

Tyraz huffs again. He turned around around in disgust, batting the prefect in the face with his tail.

Valocanus - ...Lord Admiral, is it too late to point out to your 'friend' that approaching to intimidate only works if you ca actually stare down to your adversary? In essense, he had to be taller than me for it to work.
Larnus - If you knew what he was capable of it wouldn't really matter.
Tyraz - *slowly turns to Valocanus* You dare talk about me behind my back, coward?
Valocanus - I apologise, i was simply pointing out a small flaw with your methods of intimidation...

Tyraz stops dead. Black smoke emerges from him as he begins to transform into his demonic form.

Tyraz - You dare talk about my height, when I can rip you to shreds, Shyrak eater?!
Larnus - Tyraz. This man is still an imperial noble, no matter what names you throw at him. However I don't think your little pun went down well with the lord-councillor, prefect.


By the time Tyraz turned around and walked back up to Valocanus he was already taller than the prefect. The eagerness turned to dread as he saw the alien grow in height before his very eyes. As Tyraz stared down at him with crimson glowing eyes, he stood terrified, unable to speak.

Tyraz - Hear this, traitor. You do not...No, you don't even THINK about talking of me behind your back...Because I will know.
Valocanus - I... er...
Larnus - I think he gets the message, Tyraz.
Tyraz - If Larnus was not here, I would've torn you limb from limb on sight...

Tyraz nods at Larnus before changing back, walked out of the hanger to privately use a communicator and leaving Larnus and Valocanus alone.

Larnus - In hinsight of the fact you fled to Avanti, I am willing to accept you back as a citizen od the Imperium. However. I will charter you a shuttle so you can appeal before the homeland council. And, through powers as Lord Admiral, I present this as an order. Any one of the civillians that were recovered from the planet will be offered citizenship.
Valocanus - Fine. Be thankful, lord-admiral, that your position grants you such power...

Tyraz - Should I call her....Or would she be busy?

Prefect's Fate[]

Tervos Valocanus had returned to Alcanti to face trial for his actions with thr TIAF. It had only been a few days since the battle for Avanti and reports of his arrest were already public knowledge. Tyraz arrived outside of the imperial senate, the plaza was full of people talking to each other, permeating the area with inchoerent mumblings but some conversations could be made out. The Senate has requested more guards to handle the volumous crowd. He cricked his neck as he approached

Tyraz - Hmph, I hope this traitor gets what he deserves...
Citizen - *to another* did you hear about the Vanexian Prefect?
Citizen - House Valocanus has always been loyal to the senate.
Tyraz - *snarls and turns away* Blinded by the past...
Citizen - If rumours are true jutice will come.
Citizen - I don't know... House Valocanus has considerable sway in the senate.. they wouldn't let one of their own fall like this.

Tyraz continues to listen, keeping still.

Citizen - ...They say Valocanus abandoned the revolutionaries on Vanexia, believing the TIAF were the superior power.
Citizen - That's krann-dung! An Imperial prefect would never bow to an infantile power like the Tybusen.

The crows was getting thicker, to make it easier for him to enter Tyraz turned himself into a black mist and floated through the crowd. Aliens that noticed the cloud stepped back, unsure if it was toxic or even dangerous in any way. Eventually an announcer leaves the srnate via the front door and clears his throat.

Tyraz - I am not sure what you think....But I wish not to hear of tales of loyalty. Things change.
Announcer - Citizens of the Draconis Imperium. On the grounds of defection Prefect Tervos Valocanus of Vanexia Prime has been accused of treason against the Imperial throne.

As the announcer spoke several taxis arrived at the plaza. Several members of Grand House Valocanus emerged from it, Tervos himself emerges under armed guard, low mutters rise up as people are unsure what to think. As they mutter Tyraz had reformed and was approached by Larnus who had arrived recently.

Tyraz - *snarls* I could kill him right now....
Larnus - Tyraz, i've spoken with the guard and you may join a selct few inside if you wish.
Tyraz - Oh? Well, thank you Larnus. I will join them now.

The senate chamber was a large ampitheatre, as everyone gathered inside. Tervos' relatives sat at the front row wgile an aged Draconis sits in a large chair at the front. Tervos sits on a chair in the middle of the stage. Tyraz materialised on them iddle row between to Draconis politicians, watching with a smile. He leaned back, resting his arms behind his head.

Judge - Gentlemen we are gathered to judge Tervos Valocanus on the grounds of betrayal to the TIAF.
Valcoanus house member - Your honour, my nephew would never consider such a thing! He has loved the Imperium and the Paragon.
Senator - Such evidence points to the contrary, sir.
Tyraz - *to himself* Yes, the evidence stacks up. The coward is a traitor...
Senator - We have reports that when a mob descended on his estate he fled. House member - What of his aide!? She was sent with the evidence that culminated in the campaign to drive them from Andromeda!
Larnus - The patricanum is right. While he did display cowardice he also provided us with the evidence we needed to drive the TIAF's reputation into the dirt.
Tervos - I did my duty didn't i? Without such a decision the Imperium would have been blind to what was going on,
Senator - What about the uprising? Apparently you knew nothing of it and did nothing... A poor excuse.

Tyraz chuckled quietly to himself

Senator - Any prefect loyal to the Imperium would have agreed with the rebels. You however, were oblivious. Has the TIAF been sneaking credits into your account?
Praetor - How dare you consider the possibility my nephew took a bribe! Why would he anyway, the house provides for it's own.

Intrigued, Tyraz sat staight but refrained from speaking out.

Seantor - I am simply examining the possibilities, sir.
Vedrus - My nephew does not take bribes! His loyalty to the Imperial senate is absolute, I can vouch for him.
Larnus - Senator, when we recovered him from Avanti he was eager to get back t ohis old life. However being a man who knows when to expect the worst i have my doubts on his desperation and sincerity.
Senator - So our Lord Admiral doubts the will and motive of the Imperium's noble-born? Pah, how can we trust our empire's security with that kind of attitude. Specially from a Vontarion!
Larnus - Senator my psychological profile is not up for debate!

Tyraz growled and stood, up making himself noticeable as the senators tried to discredit Larnus' reputation. Depite standing up he struggled to refrain from saying anything.

Senator - It seems you have a backer, lord-admiral.
Judge - Senator will you please return to the matter at hand?
Senator - Apologies your honour... I just wanted to clear something up...
Judge - So far as i can tell while Tervos here is consdered guilty of desertion he did it for noble causes.

Tyraz was angry and black mist began to leak from his body, senators who were sitting around him gave him a wary look, worried he may transform in the heart of the senate.

Judge - However such an action could have been commited without resorting to fleeing like a coward.

Tyraz smiled at the Judge's comment, finding it amusing he sat back down.

Senator - I would like to call in a witness: Tervos' personal aide while he served as a prefect.
Senator - Can we please call Elivessa to the stand.

A woman entered the chambers wearing a light dress with bands of metal in the tuft of hair on the back of her head. She stood infront of the judge, cleared her throat and looked out to the audience.

Senator - Tell us, what did Tervos ask you to do?
Elivessa - He asked me to take a datadisk containig information on the Vanexia occupation to military command, which I did.
Senator - Was there anything else? Anyything he told you?
Elivessa - He asked for forgiveness from Drakon, sir.
Tyraz - *whispers to himself* Lies...
Elivessa - I could see the guilt in his eyes, sir. He felt this was something he would not normaly do.

Tervos discreetly nodded to Elivessa. Tyraz growled and sat forward.

Senator - So was this a conscious decision, prefect?
Tervos - I did not what to flee the planet but with the blockade i had no choice.
Senator - Then why not just retrat with the majority of Vanexia's population?Tervos - They would have installed one of THEIR species as governor... *clenches his hands* I could not allow that.
Senantor 2 - You heard him! he admits to collabborationg with the enemy!

Tyraz smiled and nodded.

Judge - Tervos your situation is grim. Have yo anything to add to your defence?
Tervos - I asked Drakon for forgiveness for what i was to do, is that not enough?
Senator 2 - Prefect, begging to the lifefather's help does not help your case. This is a secular matter and one to be conducted with reason. Why did you flee to their arms?
Tervos - Because there was nowhere else to go! I was afraid my family would not forgive me for my failure so... I decided to start anew there. The TIAF needed someone the citizens would feel comfortable with.

Tyraz stood up once again but remained silent.

Judge - You sir, do you have something you wish to add?
Senator - We can't accept his words, he is an alien. He would not understand our culture or even the social significance of today.
Tyraz - *turns* I suggest you be quiet. I understand treachery better than anybody else in this entire room!
Larnus - Senator, I suggest you be repectful in the alien's presence. Both the Paragon and I hold great respect for him.
Senator - Ah yes, the so-called 'black angel' that protected the grand cathedral during Alcanti's attack.
Tyraz - Now, may I add that the traitor did nothing to assist us while we were trying to 'save' him? Not even steal a weapon to help himself escape. To any Zazane, that is evidence he didn't want to be 'rescued' for he feared he may be discovered a traitor and face the penalty...which should rightly be death.
Praetor - As i recall Valocanus was an extra at the battle. The fact you recovered him was pure oppertunity.
Larnus - Praetor that is military information, how in the void did you get that?
Praetor - You're not the only one with friends in high places Lord Admiral.
Tyraz - I suggest traitor.
Praetor - Now you're accusing me of betrayal? Your honour i vote this alien's testimony be stricken from records. He is biased against my family!
Tyraz - With good reason! The Prefect is a traitor! I think the fact he couldn't escape may have led to him being 'recovered'!
Judge - Overruled. He's been clamer than you have, praetor.
Praetor - This is an estimation at best. Are you trying to discredit my house?
Judge - Praetor do i need to remove you from the auditorium? Praetor - No, your honour.
Tyraz - Praetor, I am Zazane. All Zazane examine the way of battle. I didn't see the Prefect running towards us to be saved. Also, this traitor wasn't very grateful about us 'rescuing' him, as shown by his behaviour.
Tervos - As I recall Tyraz, you threatened to execute me on the spot simply because i was on the planet when the coalition attacked.
Tervos - ... And you threatened to torture me to within an inch of my life just to pry out whetever secrets I had

The audience in the auditorium brace with shock. Mutters of horror with the occasional uttering of 'barbaric' and 'savage' can be heard through the rising din.

Tyraz - I need not torture you for them. The evidence is clear that you betrayed the Imperium! And also, you insult my height in public after your rescue! It is not wise to anger a Zazane, nearly all know that.
Tervos - You threatened to kill me the moment I was brought to the Lord-Admirals presence!
Jusge - It seems both of you are in the wrong.
Tyraz - Hmph. I do not deny that, your honour. I have done many things wrong within my life and reign. But ONE thing I have not commited is treachery. I am an alien, a 'barbaric' and 'savage' Zazane. Yet I am more loyal to the Imperium than the Prefect!
Tervos - Hrmph I have been serving the imperium with distinction long before you were born!
Judge - I'm afraid such a record carries weight in his favour, Lord Breek.
Tyraz - Recall that he said "start anew" earlier on. Suggesting he's tired of service to the Imperium. Went to a supposed stronger cause when he had the chance.
Torvos - You have obviously never understood the significance of having a turbolaser pointed at your head.
Tyraz - Any loyal Zazane, warrior or citizen, would happily die rather than let themselves be captured.
Torvos - We're not Zazane, Tyraz! We don't think like... like you do
Tyraz - Are you accusing me of being stupid, traitor?
Torvos - Of course not.
Tyraz - You insult me in the Lord-Admiral's presence, and now you're being racist?
Torvos - I'm simply stating that the concept of throwing your life away is different to us than it is with Zazane.
Judge - Prefect, by being noble-born you are asked to show respect to the other species of the universe, you should be an example of what the Imperium can offer. That is not what i see here today.
Tyraz - It is obvious that the man we saved at the battle is a traitor. He hadn't aided us in any way. He insulted both me and the Lord Admiral. And the very fact he had aided the enemy is, to me, a clear sign of treachery.
Tevos - Please your honour.. I could not bear to be a houseless!
Tyraz - Lies! If you cared so much about your house, you would've let yourself die while still a part of your kin!
Tervos - Living on the streets like.. like an animal. Hunting for scaps of meat..
Tyraz - So instead you indulged yourself on the food that the TIAF could offer?
Tervos - It's all junk.
Praetor - Your honour I vote against condmeing my nephew to become houseless. I, Along with the rest of hose Valocanus.
Tyraz - You're right. I also vote against him becoming houseless.
Judge - In this situation the accused's family has no say.
Tyraz - Instead of becoming houseless, I vote for a way he can retain what honour he has already lost. Execution!
Judge - His death would serve as an example to the ret of the Imperium.
Tyraz - But, I have a request.

The Judge leans forward in his chair, looking at Tyraz who had since walked to the stage of the auditorium.

Judge - Go on...
Tyraz - I wish to be his executioner on behalf of the Lord Admiral and myself, for insults he had aimed towards us.
Judge - Under these conditions the punishment would be firing squad. But perhaps we can make an exception.
Praetor - Your honour, you would shun tradition and ceremony just to appease a bloodthirsty alien? Have you lost your mind.
Tyraz - Praetor, I am already enraged enough.
Judge - I am in full control of my senses praetor. My judgement is sound and the prefect did insult the honour of both the Lord Admiral and Lord Breek.
Tyraz - *smirks* Thank you, Your Honour. I will make sure that his death will show traitors throughout the Imperium to think twice about their decision.
Praetor - You need to learn more calming pursuits, it is not good for your health...
Judge - Praetor, one more word and I label you in contempt of court.
Tyraz - The only calm a Zazane can find is in killing. Be thankful it is this traitor that shall taste death today.

Praetor Valocanus growled audiablybefore sitting back down, glaring angrily at Tyraz while the owmen sitting either side of him move to comfort him. Tyraz smirked before turning back to the judge.

Tyraz - Infant.... I thank you much so Your Honour for allowing me the honour of executioner.
Judge - He disrespected you. Something frowned upon within the Imperium.
Tervos - Your honour if it is not too much trouble... I would pref-
Judge - Tervos, do I have to remind you that the accused has no say in the way her or she dies?
Thervos - No.. No you don't...

Tyraz smiled as he spread his wings out with satisfaction.

Jusge - I have come to two verdicts regarding the prefect's crime. The first is that he is stripped of rank, privelige and title and exiled from his house, but he will not be regarded as houseless. The second is a public execution by Lord Breek

Tyraz chuckled to himself, folding his wings up as he did.

Tyraz - I look forward to it, Your Honour.
Judge - We shall take a hiatus while the jury discusses which verdict to take.

The jury that had been watching the trial left the room, it was some time before they returned and Tyraz had been thinking in the meantime, wondering what was going to happen. The thoughts that emerged in his mind pleased him somehow. When they did return several of them had a solemn look on their face.

Juror - Based on the belief that by avoiding execution the prefect could flee to the TIAF, we have decided that Tyraz breek will publicly execute him within the senate's plaza.

The news was a severe blow to Tervos, who dropped his head in depression, raising it with some difficulty to glare at Tyraz in a hostile manner.

Judge - Have you decided on how to end the former prefect's life, Lord Breek?
Tyraz - Yes. It is against Zazane custom, but seeing as this is not Zazane territory, I will make it as painful as possible. What traitors deserve.
Tervos - *looks up in horror* Please no...
Tyraz - Only those who are honourable deserve to die quickly, traitor.
House member - Objection! As he is still a member of grand house Valocanus he deserves a repectable death!
Tervos - I hope the void swallows you whole Tyraz...
Tyraz - It probably will, traitor. But until then...
Judge - The executioner has made his decision.
House member - Tyraz if you go through with this you will forever be considered an enemy of grand house Valocanus!
Tyraz - I don't care.
House member - Big mistake...
Judge - House Valocanus. Be glad I do not consider you all to be investigated for further treachary.
Tyraz - My thoughts exactly.
Judge - Tervos you shall be placed under house arrest for three days, I suggest you close all loose ends because after that your life will abruptly end.

Tervis snapped, standing up from his chair he turned to look at the audience to Tyraz, to the Judge and back to the audince, he bellowed in anger at the top of his voice.

Tervos - Murderers! Uncarinng, all of you! I hope Drakon damns every single one of you for this!
Tyraz - I am already damned, traitor. I am hated by most.
Tervos - You have been swayed by this savage, who's only desire is to see the plazas stained red with my blood! His kind live for war and death! I could not bear to se the Imperium submit to that, the Tybusen understood this!
Tyraz - The truth all comes out now. For this, your death shall be even more painful than what I was planning.
Tervos - You're enjoying this aren't you. you sick. peverted freak!
Tyraz - Call me what you like, consider yourself lucky I don't kill you on the spot bare!
Tervos - This is what the Imperium is turning a blind eye to! I'll bet the Brood's streets are constatly wet with fresh blood with all the killing your kind do!
Tyraz - Then you should've thought twice about insulting me!
Tervos - We're better of as we were before the Confederation retreated. No empires run by babies, no nanoplague-ridden robot men, no-one like him. None of it.

Several senate guards entered the auditorium in response to Tervos's disruption. Armed with stun batons they cautionusly approched him.

Tyraz - Hmph! Your Honour, may we shorten his time to about 10 hours?
Judge - Very well. Tervos calm yourself down before the guards force you to calm down.
Tervos - *glares at Tyraz* I hope your coming days are nothing but insufferable pain and agony-

Tervos was interrupted when one of the guards hit him on the bac kof the shoulder, forcing him to collapse into convulsion. Laying unconscious, he was dragged away by the guard leaving the gathering to come to its' end.

Tyraz - You know, I don't argue with that. But my end is yet to come.
Judge - My apologies that you had to see that Lord Breek.
Tyraz - No need to apologize. I don't think very much of myself either. However, may I have a short break to speak with a friend of mine? I wish to invite somebody to the execution.
Judge - As long as the execution goes smoothly.
Tyraz - Don't worry, there will be no interruptions, I assure you.
Judge - It actually bores me when the nobles try to remind everyone they think of themselves as above everyone else.
Tyraz - This is why we Zazane have a....communist society.
Judge - The system we hold is ancient, predating the Imperium, the Solar Confederacy, perhaps even the old empires on Alcanti.
Tyraz - It is nice to know that their is a fellow empire that sticks to ancient tradition. However, I must now take my leave. *looks to House Valocanus* Feel free to damn me and hate me all you wish. It only furthers your kin's pain. Praetor - Mark my words Tyraz, angering a praetor and his house is not a smart move...
Tyraz - Insulting the Warmaster of the Brood is not very wise either.

Tyraz turned around, spreading his wings to make is statement stick. He walked out of the auditorium leaving senators to debate amongst themselves.

The Execution[]

Tervos had been confined to his metropolitan apartment for the 10 hours after the trial. A crowd had gathered within the senate plaze where a large platform had been built in front of the statue. Tyraz had arrived to see Iovera with Larnus, the latter-most of which was overseeing preparations.

Iovera - Lord Breek, I welcome you.
Tyraz - Mistress Iovera, nice to see you again.
Larnus - Mistress Iovera, it is an honour you came to see the show.

Iovera nodded to the Zazane warlord. Her eyes subtly changed colour, signifying her feelings towards things about to happen. Tyraz smiled as he turned around and spread his wings. As he did so an armoured car descended from the sky, landing by the platform. Two guards stepped out of the car and walked towards the back, opening it up. Iovera looked on with curiosity while Larnus folded his arms.

Iovera - Who's that?
Larnus - Former prefect Tervos Valocanus.
Iovera - What has he done, lord Larnus?
Larnus - He has been accused of treason, mylady. We captured him on Avanti shortly after the battle.

As Tyraz laughed his eyes glowed a bright crimson. In the distance a figure stood watching from a balcony overlooking the plaza.

Tyraz - Today, I play executioner.
Larnus - If i understood correctly you plan for quite the spectacle.
Iovera - Oh.... the bloodshed... I grew used to it.
Tyraz - This whole plaza shall run red with his blood!
Iovera - My kind, as you know, has overcome many obstacles, and many times we have fallen. You should have seen this. Millions - billions - of my kin dead, their blood littering the land. And that happened on Sanctuarium - I wonder what my comrades on Vendespode or Aranexi felt...
Larnus - Tyraz was adamant that the prefect's desth deserves more than what protocol of his magnitude usually asks for - firing squad.
Iovera - Matheoward told me Moxix said the same thing on Aranexi.

Iovera shriveled in fear.

Iovera - Horrible.
Tyraz - *laughs* Shall I get down to business? Or is there a speech?
Larnus - Head up to the platform, i will check on our guest.
Iovera - Please, do it quickly. I have seen too much bloodshed.
Tyraz - I am afraid, Iovera, that I cannot do that. I swore to make his death painful and slow. Iovera - So be it.

Larnus walked over to the back of the armoured vehicle where the two security officers were standing, He nodded with acceptance. Iovera closed her eyes in horror, not wanting to miss the spectacle she opened her eyes once again.

Iovera - Uh, sorry, my lords. A moment of laxity. We Radeons must be strong to prevail over darkness, not to cry over an every single mortal dying.

Tyraz materialized again on the platform, and let out a Zazane war cry. Silencing any latent mutterings from the waiting crowd. The plaza was tightly packed with remote cameras hovering at the perimeter, recording the entire event. As tyraz looked over the crowd with snarl, Larnus walked on to the stage, followed by Tervos with his hands manacled in front.

Larnus - They tell me he has been given sanctification.
Tyraz - Hmph. Tervos, come here....
Larnus - Citizens of the Imperium. Today we see justice carried out. Traitors risk their lives to betray our Paragon and that is the price they all pay. They know this, and today we show that the senate has the will to carry out a grim payment.

Tervos was nudged forward by his escort to stand right in front of Tyraz. Meanwhile, High above on the balcony, an alien assembles a sniper rifle and aims it towards Tyraz's head.

Larnus - Tervos, do you have any words you wish to say to your executor?
Iovera - I feel disturbances there. Thoughts of blood and destruction - and that is not from here. Lord Breek, watch out!

Larnus looked in Iovera's direction with curiosity. As he did a rail bolt streamed from the balcony and hit Tyraz in the head. Panicked, Iovera surrounded Tyraz in an essence field, causing the bullet to stop in mid air and drop. Security forces from within the plaza drew stun pistols and batons and headed for the building the sniper had positioned themselves at.

Larnus - What the... Security, find the source of that shot!
Iovera - I can feel it... Somewhere on the balconies above the building. And, lord Breek, I... I was only meaning to protect you since you are... erm...
Larnus - Tyraz. Feel free to carry on.

Eventually, shouting could be heard from the balcony. Iovera breathed heavily, being quite worried about the attempted assassination. She could not understand why. After these words, Iovera collected herself yet again, restoring her imperious aura and looking towards the balcony.

Iovera - Who's that?

The shouting faded and a few thumps were heard before the figures moved back into the building

Iovera - If you agree, lord Larnus, I should look now who was this.
Larnus - If you must, but I'm sure the security forces have it handled.

Iovera teleported and stood and gazing at the pursuers. Her body froze as her eyes turned black, her spirit reading the mind of Tyraz's would-be-assassin. The security guards had the Terradixian assassin pinned and he had abandoned his sniper rifle for a serrated combat knife.

Iovera - They come from... Draconis noble houses?
Assassin - How did you-!
Iovera - Valocanus. I keep hearing that word in his head.

Frustrated at being discovered, the Terradixian lifted his knife charged but was immediately shot down with a stun dart. He collapsed to the floor, convulsing while the security officers approached his helpless body.

Security officer - We should have known the Praetor would try something like this...
Iovera - Internal strife. Huh. Security Officer - Nobles like to exercise their power but inter-house wars like this are rare.
Security Officer - If he's targeting Tyraz it's possible they were trying a rescue mission.

Meanwhile in the plaza Tyraz prepared himself. Tervos' restraints had been removed and the guards stood back.

Larnus - Tyraz. Feel free to carry on.
Tyraz - Hmph! I certainly will!

Tyraz grabbed Tervos by the neck, using his strength he drew the Draconis closer only to have the noble spit in his face. The crowd reeled in shock at his action. Tyraz snarled, wiping the mark. Tervos smiled back rather smugly.

Tyraz - Agh! Disgusting traitor!

Tyraz back-handed Tervos in the face before he stretched out his arm

Tyraz - You will not die quickly, traitor!

Lightning flies from Tyraz's fingers, striking Tervos in the elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles. The force of the shock pushed him to the floor, laying on his hands and knees. Tyraz lifted Tervos's chin up a look of pain could be seen. Tyraz then looked towards two guards who were standing at the edge of the platform. He called for them to hold Tervos up and the did so. Hoisting the limp noble up with one guard for each arm.

Tyraz - They say that a punch from a Zazane is like hitting a brick wall...

Tyraz punched him squarely in the jaw, shifting his head sideways dislocating it and leaving him panting. The punch was met by a cheer from the crowd As he recovered he gargles something.

Tyraz - What was that, traitor? Speak up!

Tyraz punched him in the gut, forcing him to cough up blood. Anther roar arose from the crowd.

Tervos - Okh... i.. rag... oyh!
Tyraz - I can't hear you! And frankly, I don't wanna hear a word that comes out of your mouth!

Tyraz grabbed the loose jaw and forced it open, reaching into Tervos's throat and wrapping his hand around his tongue. The cheers turned to mutters of curiosity and uncertainty. Tervos glared with hostility at Tyraz but knowing there was only one thing the Zazane would do in such a situation. He tightened his grip, laughing.

Larnus - *mutters* Yes, rip that tongue out of his damnable mouth.
Tyraz - You like to make insults, do you? Try making an insult without this!

Tyraz pulled back hard with Tervos's still firmly in his grip. The Draconis was yanked forward as his tongue was torn from his throat, he let out a gargled scream as he lurched forward, still restrained by the guards*

Tyraz - THAT was for disrespecting the Lord Admiral! THIS is for disrespecting my height!

Tyraz thrust his hand in and back into Tervos's mouth, this time painfully pulling out every tooth he could find with their owner struggling to escape the pain. Such a display made the crowd uneasy, to them the situation had gone from a spectacle to an act of sadism.

Tyraz - You don't like that, do you? No, of course you don't! How about I put your teeth back into your skull?

Tyraz started to grow a little larger to Tervos' horror. Picking up one of the teeth he slammed it inbetween Tervos' nostrils releasing a gargled roar as the tooth punctured his snout. Sealing his eyes in pain. Tyraz snorted at the sight, grabbed another two of his larger teeth and slammed each one into Tervos's knees. As the Draconis roared once again he bent down from the pain. The guards holding him lifted him up once again.

Tyraz - No, let him down! I want to see him kneel!

Shrugging, the guards let go, watching him collpase on his hands na knees and shaking from the pain. As he clenched his hands Tyraz grew even more, standing over Tervos.

Tyraz - Aww, has poor infant had enough! Thats right, beg for mercy! Beg for a quick death!
Tervos - Ah... weh.... neh...
Citizen - This isn't execution, this is public torture!

Tyraz laughed out at the outcry, his voice becoming ever more demonic.

Tyraz - He's dying, just slowly!

Looking back down at Volkarus, and now noticeable larger than anyone in the plaza.

Tyraz - Get up!

He grabbed Tervos by the throat. In response the Draoconis wrapped his hands around Tyraz's fingers, trying in vain to pry the hand open. he looked at Tyraz, clearly afraid.

Tyraz - Now who's short, huh?! Look at how you're the one crying out while I stand over you! Haha, trying to fight are we?

Tervos makes a vain attempt to escape

He tossed Tervos to the ground and wrapped his tail around his left leg. Seeing this the crowd became frustrated. Tightening his grip, Tyraz yanked the leg rom it's socket. Severely debilitated, he reattaches his jaw before his attempt to crawl away. Tyraz grabbed Tervos once again, pulling him over, rotating him to lie on his back. he picked up the severed leg and with a sinister grin slammed the Draconis in the crotch with the severed leg. The crowd reeled from seeing the pain inflicted.

Larnus - Now that's just mean.

Laughing, Tyraz threw the leg to the crowd before picking Tervos up by the sides like a teddybear,

Tyraz - Haha, what does it feel like? To be dying in such a horrid way?
Tervos - Ot ih ahh oigh! fhavah! (rot in the void, savage!)
Tyraz - How about we remove this so I can shut you up?

Tyraz Extended his tongue to wrap around the jaw and yanked, tearing the jaw straight off with another great roar. Blood was pouring from his injuries. His once vibrant blue scales were not tinged red with his own blood. Tyraz chuckled to himself before digging his claws in and began to pull on the sides.

Tyraz - This will probably end you, unfortunately...But no matter, at least you know...

As he continued to speak he pulled harder and harder with each break in his speech.


With a final tug Tervos's body was torn in half vertically, Holding the two sections he let out a demonic roar before throwing the remains on the ground, coating much of the vicinity with blood and organs. After the initial shock, the crowd finally cheered with the death of a traitor. Folding his arms, Larnus stepped up to the platform to address the crowd. Panting with rage, Tryraz reverted back to normal size.

Larnus - The traitor is dead! Let this be a message across the Imperium that betrayal is not tolerated!
Tyraz - That shall be the fate of every traitor or enemy that dare strikes against the Imperium, the Brood of War! *more quietly* And against my allies....

He smiled to Larnus, who smiled back. The crowd cheered ecstatically as the two of them left the stage.

Larnus - Remind me to never to do anything to upset you.
Tyraz - *chuckles and smiles* Hey, don't worry about it, Larnus....The traitor deserved nothing better.
Larnus - As far as executions go, that was quite the drawn-out spectacle.
Tyraz - Haha, I hope that somebody caught that on tape so I can show it to Mistress Arsac. I hope she'll be impressed.
Larnus - I wouldn't be surprised to hear if she's done something similar in her time as an inquisitor. She can be quite vengeful when she's angry enough.
Tyraz - Yes. Haha, I just feel a bit disappointed the Paragon couldn't make it.
Larnus - Don't worry, these things are frequently published so he's bound to see it.
Tyraz - Haha, I hope he's got a strong stomach. Now...what to do with all these body parts and blood?
Larnus - Whatever is left of him will be gathered and buried. He may have been a traitor but he is still a child of Drakon.
Tyraz - Haha, Drakon probably has feelings against that sort of thing. I mean....what I did.
Larnus - We sanctify those who are about to be executed. The accused is given one chance to contemplate the lifefather's teaching and the world they had forfieted and confess to all their wrongdoings. It is said that Drakon frowns on kind-murder and normally the executor is either house-less or an alien.
Tyraz - Oh. Well then, Larnus, what to do now? This has probably been the highlight of both our days...
Larnus - The war seems to be drawing to a close. With the Legion on the run and the TIAF invasion thwarted, perhaps we can focus on other fronts.
Tyraz - Haha, so keen to get down to business already?
Larnus - It's one of the drawbacks to being lord admiral, you need ot make sure everyone in the navy is doing their job but so far there is nothing serious. Uriel has even told me he is contemplating visiting the Quadrants within the year.
Tyraz - Shame. I was hoping that we could have some time off to celebrate this.
Larnus - How are you with wine, Lord Breek?
Tyraz - Since I'm not planning to do battle today, I think I should be fine with it.
Larnus - It was a passing curiosity. I did come into possession of an exquisite vintage the other month.
Tyraz - Oh, sounds like my sort of thing, Lord Admiral. You still have it?
Larnus - Of course.

Larnus later guided Tyraz to his personal apartments in the city where they spent the night sharing a 50-year-old bottle from the colonies.

Symphony of Metal and Blood[]

Grox AI - Location of the second artifact identified: planet Carron Prime, sector 80R341E. Fleet prepared to warp on the world in 20 Grox-cycles. Weapons activated, ready for planetary warfare.

From the sanctity of the Grox flagship, Grochius II let a triumphing laugh. Finally, the planet he was seeking for recently was found, and now nothing could stop him. Artifacts were going to be here, his for the taking. Turning the communicator on, Grochius broadcasted a speech towards his warriors.

Grochius II - Warriors of the Grox Empire! Our manifest destiny draws near, the fall of weak Starmaster Alliance marking our new dawn in Andromeda! With taking of this world, our goal towards the creation of The Weapon becomes closer and closer! When we will get the Artifacts, nothing will stop us, and WE SHALL PREVAIL!


Cheering and hailing their leader, the Grox ships materialised from the hyperspace, and immediately launched an attack on a small Starmaster world. Grochius was sure he would prevail now. His armada has already devastate over a hundred of Starmaster worlds, and taking over a small planet would be a simple matter. As the Grox fleet entered the defenseless world, however, millions of Starmaster swarmships appeared from nowhere. Within moments, before any Grox spaceship could take a single shot, the Grochius' fleet was consumed and destroyed. Screaming in rage, Grochius ordered what remained of his armada to retreat, warping back into the Core.


Grochius was biting his own nails out of spite now. To see his dreams being crushed and to admit his own failure was a worst thing that could even happen to him. In his fury, his resolve was weakened, allowing a strange voice to appear to him.

??? - I see. You want your empire to become great. Oh... you know, I have similar goals to you.
Grochius II - Who you are?! Show yourself!
??? - Who I am is irrelevant, my friend. What is important is that I want to help. I will provide spaceships and weapons for you, I will help you. And for no price...
Grochius II - It's suspicious... But I agree none the less. I would do anything to let these dogs pay.
??? - So be it...

After a few hours, Grochius II has arrived to the pinnacle of recently recolonised Ardenta, following the will of the voice in his head. Now he observed the black spaceships coming out of portals, a part of his deal. Their look intrigued the Grox lord, who was a scientist in his youth. The sheer technological advancement and power that was literally radiating from them pleased Grochius - and there was something undescribable, something mystical, something eldritch in their look. It was like they were coming from the ancient Grox Empire, from the times of his namesake, Grochius I.

??? - My will is done. Now, come, and restore the true Grox Empire.
Grochius II - Indeed. Indeed.

Grochius was on the board of his new, ancient (as strange as it may sound) black ship, leading the Grox fleet yet again towards the new victory. Except that now, it was larger. Much larger. In terror, people of Carron Prime observed as the Grox ships were slowly blocking the sky of their home.

There was no salvation now. Hordes of Starmaster swarmships were trying to oppose the new fleet of Grochius but died in millions, turning into metal junk by eldritch, dark weapons of Grox ships. Slowly but certainly, the armada of terror was surrounding the innocent planet. On the orbit from a massive, nearly invincible flagship, admiral Kalik, a Starmaster commander sent by the Evermind to combat the Grox threat during the first invasion, was shriveling in fear as he saw his nation's greatest weapons being crushed and destroyed. Screaming with hysteria, horror and fury all in one, Kilik proclaimed: ALL STARMASTER FORCES, ENGAGE! NOW! NOW!

The Starmaster forces near the world have responded to his calls, and the vast armadas of Slicerships and Nudges have arrived to help him now. One by one, Starmaster ships were throwing themselves against the Grox, ramming their dark spaceships in a bold, yet foolish, attempt to stop them. One by one, they exploded in fiery blasts of fire and plasma... but at the same time, the Grox ships were exploding as well. Suddenly, beams of sunlight fell upon the people of Carron Prime as Grox fleet was slowly driven away. However, looking upon the battlefield, Grochius II simply smiled victoriously.

Grochius II - Ah, I am tired of this charade. Dronox Commander Ixxan, initiate the Purge Cannon. May the Emperor's justice upon these lowly beings account in all balance.

Bowing in obedience, a gigantic Dronox has pressed the button on the spaceship's computer systems. Suddenly, the monstrous machine set to motion, the dreaded cannons and lasers aiming on Carron Prime. All with a sudden, these weapons have launched a single blast of all-destroying force, and within a second, the whole planet was burning in flames. Death has arrived. Reveling in bloodshed and terror, Grochius let a victorious laugh and descended upon a planet. Wandering upon the burnt plains atop the skeletons of innocents, he has found a pitch black orb glowing with green light, unearthed by the weapons but unharmed, as it was protected by a mystical force. Subtly smiling, the Grox king has commanded the ships to retrieve the found artifact and whispered to himself...

Grochius II - An artifact. An artifact. YOUR KINGDOM for an artifact.

As Grochius returned to his flaship, he has asked his Dronox commander yet again, commanding him to show him the battle reports of other Grox fleets sent to the countless worlds of the Starmaster Alliance.

Ixxon - Operations are succesful. Number of Starmaster worlds desolated estim. 123,000. Second artifact world not found yet. Casualties are few, fleets are proceeding into the future worlds.

Grochius burst in maniacal, mechanical laughter. Soon, he believed, every single star of Andromeda would belong to him. Every single star.

After a week or two, the Grox armada has demolished the whole Starmaster Alliance with their new fleets. There was only a handful of worlds remaining, around a hundred or thousand. The Concrete Council knew what to do. All Starmaster ships were called back on the capital world. All defense was resumed and massive evacuation began, deeper into the heart of the Alliance. Despite this, they all knew that they won't succeed in surviving. All save for Evermind. He had a plan. Standing before the Concrete Council, he has started his speech:

Evermind - My friends, we cannot survive any longer. Either we will fall to the Grox, or... or we will flee. However, I have a plan. Our people have been wandering the worlds for ages, and now we will use our old technology to do the same, albeit on lesser scale. Our most important worlds will enter the warpspace and then come to the inner Andromeda - there, we could rally others to help us. This is the only way we can prevail against the Grox. I start our travel, right now.

Evermind has given a telepathical command to a massive Lost One machine, and suddenly, the worlds of Starmasters were engulfed in a massive vortex, spanning across light years. The sky around the Councillors became blue and purple out of twisted dimensions, but after a few minutes, it turned normal again. The transportation required much energy, but now it succeeded. They were now in a different place.

Evermind - Segmentum Mechanicum. We are close to Wental territory. As I know, there are many empires here, recently being at war. I will warn them now. If they will respond, this would be our only hope...

(Monet u write here)

A Commonwealth is Born[]

Uriel returned to Minos'Drakon days after Tervos's execution. He had ben busy in the colonies organising the new system of viceroys to govern the extragalactic provinces. He was joined at the city's central airport by one of his advisors and a squad of Blood Dragons. Tyraz was waiting outside, admiring his firesword. When Uriel saw him he smiled.

Uriel - Tyraz! It is good to see you once again.
Tyraz - Haha, long time, no see Uriel! Its good to see you arrived safely!
Uriel - Larnus had sent me a message about Tervos's recent execution. You had put on quite a show for the crowd.
Advisor - Lord Uriel, the lord-admiral waits for you at naval command.
Uriel - Very well. I suppose the sentimental talk will have to wait.

Iovera teleported to the entrance, appearing alongside the group and bowing. Uriel bowed back in respect.

Iovera - Greetings, lords.
Uriel - greetings, Lady Iovera.
Tyraz - Ah, greetings, Mistress Iovera. It is nice to see your beautiful face again.

Tyraz smiled but quickly turned away, realising in embarrassment what he had done. Iovera blushed slightly in response.

Uriel - Apparently you cause a stir among House Valocanus. A stir i fear i will have to sort out.
Tyraz - Ah yes, I apologize for that Lord Uriel.
Iovera - Aah. This execution was terrible. This bloodshed made me sick.
Uriel - The nobility often lose sight of reality sometimes, immersed in their own private worlds. Still, Valocanus is not a house I would rather have as an enemy.
Advisor - *ahem* Lord Uriel?
Tyraz - If the House of Valocanus cannot live with the fact I killed one of their own, that is their own fault for housing a traitor.
Iovera - Let's talk about important matters now.
Tyraz - Yes, indeed. I agree with the Mistress here.
Uriel - Larnus is going to meet with us in the senate.
Tyraz - I shall follow you, Lord Uriel.

Uriel's advisor called a private taxi which took them to the imperial senate. Tyraz had been there before since the exterior plaza was the site of Tervos's execution. Surrounding the building were remarkable statures of past paragons and war heroes. naval command was situated in a basement underground. Surrounding the door to naval command was a mural of Onirion Voxis. The legendary warrior of the Imperium and a hero of the Second House War.

Tyraz - This place is impressive.....Hey, who is that?
Uriel - Onirion Voxis. One of the most famous warriors the Imperium has ever fostered. Raised under the shadow of house Khaxvis, a champion of the arenas and was responsible for returning my line to activity.
Iovera - Ahem, noble lords... I come with a message.
Tyraz - Please, speak it Mistress.
Iovera - Somewhere during the TIAF invasion, one of our worlds was invaded by the unknown species. They were later identified as mechanical humanoids. We presumed they were minor Grox attack fleets, but recently... we have recieved THIS message:

They all entered the command centre, Karnus was busy at the far end and did not notice them enter. Iovera pulled a small orb out of her pocket and activated with a silent whisper. Suddenly, an image of a mechanical humanoid appeared:

??? - This is... Starmaster Alliance... The Grox... have attacked... This is a message to all Andromedans... we must unite... Against them...
Tyraz - Starmaster? Bah, such a pathetic name for an empire. However, the Grox.....
Uriel - Never judge a book by it's cover Tyraz.
??? - They have allies... Their spaceships belong not to them... they were created by something else...
Tyraz - Since when have my assumptions been wrong? These Grox sound dangerous....
??? - I am Evermind... Our nation is already at the brink of extinction... You... must... u-

Suddenly, the transmission was disrupted, replaced by the image of a Grox.

Grochius II - Ah, lowly beings! Attempt to warn each other, don't you? Good. It won't help you! We have already destroyed the Starmaster Alliance. You are the next. Despair, for THE DARKEST HOUR is upon you...
Tyraz - This guy sounds like all talk. Lowly beings? He looks shorter than me!
Grochius II - I would like you to repeat these words when our ships will block the skies of your worlds! Tyraz - As I said, all talk.
Uriel - We know of the Starmaster alliance. Their technology far surpasses the Imperium.
Tyraz - Is that right? Hmph....Then maybe this Grox is telling some truth. But its nothing the Brood cannot handle. Iovera - And fall of the alliance is confirmed.
Tyraz - Hmph, we have faced Inheritance, I don't see why we cannot face Grox.
Uriel - The TIAF was a stepping-stone. When we all encountered each other for the first time we were laomost ready to kill each other, look where we are now.
Tyraz - Yes, and I say, I regret being so brash with my decision to attack the Divinarium at the start. Iovera - Agreed. I must tell that Lord Breek turned out to be rather... pleasant person.

Tyraz blushed embarrassingly, looking down

Tyraz - Hehe, please....You're making me blush.
Uriel - The Imperial Talon Navy is being stretched - the borders, Borealis, the Plazith Rim, The Everind is right. Tyraz - The Brood always has forces available.
Uriel - This might have bee nmuch easier were it not for the past decade. Disaster, after disaster had struck the Imperium.
Tyraz - Yet you manage to pull through. We managed to defend our borders from the Vartekian empire. We designed our homes like fortresses while at the same time showing those warmasters we could still propser culturally.
Iovera - I have a proposal, though.
Tyraz - Mistress Iovera.....with a proposal?

Larnus had diverted his attention to notice the leaders had walked in, hearing Iovera mention a proposal. he looked down form the balcony he stood on.

Larnus - I would be intrigued to hear.
Tyraz - As am I.
Iovera - We should officialize our alliance and form an allied military force. We could also unite other minor species of Andromeda that would certainly be attacked by the Grox. My lords, I propose the Galactic Commonwealth of Andromeda.
Tyraz - Hmm, certainly sounds interesting! I will accept if you will, Lord Uriel.
Larnus - By uniting the many species of the galaxy we could increase military power against the Grox considerably.
Uriel - I would accept this proposal. however...
Tyraz - However what?
Uriel - If i remember correctly the United Republic of Cyrannus was also formed under such conditions, less than a decade later it becomes the entity we know today.
Tyraz - Because a corrupt leader took the place of Apollo.
Iovera - Horrible indeed.
Uriel - A decade is brief for my kind. if this alliance is going to prevail we must not repeat the republic's mistakes.
Tyraz - I doubt such mistakes will be made. So long as we all get along, I think that this alliance will go far.
Iovera - We must not allow our commonwealth to fall to darkness. Andromeda will not repeat Cyrannus' fate.
Tyraz - I will make sure that the commonwealth will not become corrupted....
Uriel - The same shall go for the Imperium's agencies. We have thrived for this long and will gladly offer our wisdom on such matters.
Tyraz - The Zazane would rather fight with allies that fight alone.
Iovera - So, the matters are sealed. After the fall of the Venhokwe, after the fall of the Four Empires, after the fall of the Vartekians, it is time for our home galaxy to unite once again. Let the Commonwealth rise!
Uriel - May it live long and shine as a beacon to all.
Tyraz - We take up the mantle of Andromeda, and we will become its protectors!

On that day the Andromeda Galactic Commonwealth was founded. Desperate to fight the recent grox invasion it was decided that rather than being led by a single figure the commonwealth would remain as an alliance, with each member having influence and say. But despite this there were lingering doubts. The three leaders formed a pact that was later formalised within the imperial senate above and it was agreed that they would look for other species to join the commonwealth.

The Federation's Vengeance[]

About two weeks had passed since the disastrous Battle of Avanti. The 1st Fleet had docked at Boano in the Andromeda Command Zone, and Captain Lorrelas had organized a meeting between the 1st and 2nd Fleet to discuss the next stage of their plans.

The admirals of the 1st were growing impatient in the conference hall.

Admiral Khoffman - These guys are slower than Mermus on whiskey. *sips from a bottle of vodka*
Admiral Mermus - Hey! At least I can hold my liquor! *begins chugging a bottle of whiskey but starts coughing uncontrollably*
Admiral Draccard - Please, the both of you. Stop acting like three year-olds.
Khoffman - This is whiskey we're talking about, girl, and you say we're acting like three year-olds, HUH?! *lunges at Draccard menacingly*
Lt. Samenor - Guys, come on. We've only been here for a day and you two are already at it.
Khoffman - Don't you be pointing fingers at me, go rant at the rodeo clown over there, why dontcha?
Mermus - Oi, your mother's fat!
Khoffman - Why you little-
Captain Lorrelas - Silence, both of you. I'm sure the others will be here soon.

Chatter was heard outside the door to the conference room, and soon the door opened to allow the five remaining admirals of the 2nd Fleet to enter. The group exchanged pleasantries, while Draccard and Tzena exchanged hostile glances. Soon, the group was seated around the conference table, with one seat vacant where Basshu would have sat.

Lorrelas - Now that we are all here, I'm sure you all know why I've called this meeting. We need a new plan for the war against the Draconis.

Tzena squirmed uncomfortably in her chair, while Routhis folded his arms as if he weren't paying attention.

Lorrelas - While we have shown superiority over the Imperial Talon Navy, we have some looming problems. The FIC is reporting that we have not seen the full strength of the ITN, and that some suspicious fleet movement has been reported in the Milky Way. But the most pressing issue is that they've brought friends. The Zazane and Radeon.
Admiral Zebulon - Word on the grapevine is that the little gits are thinking about forming a new organization, like the Milky Way Cooperative or our own Allied Bunsen Galaxy.
Admiral Routhis - Bah, those buffoons won't stand a chance. Lemme have a go at them and they'll be ducking back into the huts from which they came.
Samenor - Why does every suggestion you make involve turning your ego up to eleven?
Routhis - *stands up suddenly* Shut up, cuz, I'm on a roll.
Lorrelas - Enough, Routhis. The 2nd Fleet's already taken a beating as it is.

Tzena slumped in her chair a little bit, while Routhis scoffed and took his seat. A virtual star map of Andromeda lit up behind Lorrelas.

Lorrelas - In order to counter the Draconis-Radeon-Zazane alliance, we need to gather allies from Andromeda. Allies that we know will want to have a go at them. So far, we have gained a few very small Andromedan empires to support us, and we definitely need more than that. We have identified two viable choices to support us.

Two areas of space lit up on the Andromeda map, and images of an Artharon and a Khaxvis Draconis emerged.

Admiral Tanyan - Not the Khaxvis. We don't want their blood-stained hands getting all over our reputation.
Draccard - I was thinking the exact same thing.
Lorrelas - Well then, all those in opposition of proposing alliance with the Khaxvis, raise your hand.

Everyone in the room except Routhis raised their hand. The Khaxvis portrait subsequently faded back into the galaxy, and the marked space dimmed.

Lorrelas - Alright, then. That leaves the Coalition.
Samenor - They don't exactly have the best reputation in the galaxy, either.
Admiral Remock - Raping your enemies doesn't exactly rub off well with the Federation's people.
Khoffman - So what? Do we really have a choice now? *sips from his vodka*
Mermus - Of course! We could always ally those really cool Asgord guys! *chugs a little more whiskey*
Khoffman - And you, my friend, are an idiot.
Zebulon - Let's try to stay on-topic here, guys.
Tzena - The Coalition's got numbers, it's better than nothing. I think it's worth the risks.
Admiral Ampoco - Still, I don't think we'd like to keep a permanent alliance with them. There would be too many political issues to deal with if we stay allied with them after the war.
Remock - Agreed.
Lorrelas - All right, then, all those in favor of supporting a temporary alliance with the Coalition for the entirety of the Andromeda War, raise your hand.

Once again, everyone in the room raised their hand, even Routhis. The portrait of the Artharon took center stage on the screen.

Lorrelas - That settles the matter about allies then. Now onto-
Draccard - Well, actually, Lorrelas, that may not be all...
Lorrelas - Oh, please, do tell.

Tzena made a hostile glance at Draccard, while Draccard stood up and straightened some papers at her seat.

Draccard - Now, many of you may recall that recently, Tervos Valocanus was executed at Alcanti.
Tzena - *rolls eyes, sarcastically* Oh, boy.
Draccard - And House Valocanus has been very upset over the matter, I believe it was reported they became pledged enemies of Tyraz and perhaps even House Vontarion.
Tzena - *sarcastically* This is riveting!
Zebulon - *whispering* Alexa, please, for the love of Spode, shut up.
Draccard - *noticable resentment for Tzena* What I suggest is that we try to strike up a deal with House Valocanus.
Samenor - That sounds like an excellent idea.
Tzena - Bah, what are the chances we could force a Draconis blood-line to betray their kind?
Ampoco - It might not necessarily be against the Draconis. As Draccard stated, they have confirmed hostility towards Tyraz, we could use them to, at the very least, combat the Brood.
Lorrelas - This is a brilliant suggestion. All those in favor of consorting with House Valocanus...

All except Tzena and Routhis agreed. A new dot lit up on the holoscreen, which was Alcanti.

Lorrelas - All right, any more suggestions for allies in this war? Okay. Now, we need to adapt new strategies against the Draconis, as some of the ones we've used haven't exactly turned out perfect.

Everyone in the room either glanced over at Basshu's vacant chair or Tzena herself.

Lorrelas - What we've noticed is that the Draconis like to use warp-crashing and barrage tactics. The Brood likes brute force while the Divinarium takes a supplementary fire role. Who here has an idea to effectively fight all three of those at once?
Tanyan - We could try counter-barrage.
Tzena - That works fine if we can more easily drain down those damned Draconis shields.
Zebulon - Indeed. Perhaps ion cannon barrage could work?
Lorrelas - Maybe.

Routhis suddenly stood up amongst the admirals, with an arrogant grin on his face as usual.

Routhis - Alright. All of you are stupid. I present my four-part plan to defeating the alliance.

Khoffman nodded in compliance.

Routhis - Step one, start the turbolaser barrage immediately. Step two, no warp crash opportunities for them. Step three, transphasic shields for us, which leads me into step four. Hypercruise missiles. For launching at them.

The room stood in awkward silence for a few moments, and Routhis sat down.

Samenor - ...I can't believe it, but that was actually practical for once.
Lorrelas - We should look into it. But I think now would be a good time for a break.
Draccard - Yeah, it's been getting a bit dry.

Outside, Lorrelas was chatting with the other admirals of the 1st Fleet.

Draccard - This is actually going better than I expected it would.
Samenor - Yep... Soon they'll be seeing the armies of the 1st and 2nd marching over Alcanti... Boy, what a sight that would be!
Tanyan - Let's not get too ahead of ourselves.
Khoffman - Meh, once we're done here, those Draconies will be crying home to mama Drakon.
Tanyan - We can't underestimate our enemy...
Lorrelas - *scoffs* They may have united together, but soon they shall know what it is like to incur the Federation's vengeance...


A Draconis philosopher from the ancient times once said: "Everything can change or die, but sky above will always be unchanged and peaceful.". This philosopher was born before the space age, though, and he could not comprehend how utterly wrong was he at that dark time, when the Grox had started their crusade against the newly former Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. The space in Segmentum Draco was pierced by a horrible shriek of the Grox hyperphaser drives as the horrible, ancient shapes of Grochius' armada appeared here. The mighty ruler of the Grox had taken his imperious gaze upon what he believed to become his domains soon enough. His mechanical, soulless eye locked its sight on a small green world.

Grochius - This planet looks like a good lodgement for our new attacks. What is its name, Ixxan?
Ixxan - Kelaestaena, my lord.