In the heart of the imperial palace, Tyrómairon smiled that his control over Cyrannus was becoming more and more absolute. With this in mind his attention turned to the growing Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. The commonewalth had formed several months after he had risen ot power but already the unification of several mighty empires. In an attempt to restore faith from external powers, he decided to personally invite them to the ecumenopolis of Orbispira for a cordial visit.

Orbispira BoundEdit

An imperial cruiser arrived over Vencortium Prime, one of the Imperium's mid-rim worlds and a planet famous for playing host to a visit by Guolivian. Uriel Ultanos, Tyraz, Iovera IX and several of Uriel's attendants had arrived above the planet and were greeted warmy by the ship's captain. As they settled in the ship headed out and returned home. Uriel is sitting in a common-room that had been reserved for the three of them and was quietly reading a book. Tyraz was nearby, practicing his sword techniques, channelling his energies. Iovera was in her assaigned quarters meditating in silence, trying to hear the voice of Spode from the heavens and thinking about what the jouney could bring. Everything was almost quiet, hwoever as Tyraz continued to swing his sword about (imagining he is slashing through enemies) some of his dark energies knocked over several objects in the room, causing a disturbance. Iovera's thoughts were interrupted by dark energy blasts, she left her room to look what was there. As energies flied about the room Uriel peeked up from his book, hearing the noise as Iovera entered.

Uriel - You might want to be more careful...
Iovera - Careful, please. I do not want you- I mean I do not want the ship to be hurt. Who knows how will the Cyrannians react?
Tyraz - Hmph, I say this is all very suspicious.
Uriel - I admit something might be amiss. I am told we're the first to enter the galaxy since the emperor's decree. All this isolation and now the emperor shows interest in our emergent commonwealth.
Tyraz - Its very suspicious, if you ask me! All three leaders of the most powerful races in Andromeda, now packed on one ship, belonging to those Imperials! I swear, this is an assassination attempt!
Iovera - Tyraz, be careful with your words. If Imperials will hear you, then...
Uriel - Iovera is right. Regardless, we should be respectful of our hosts.
Tyraz - Hmph, fine. I guess I should show some manners for them. Its still not right, though.
Uriel - Vigilance is a useful trait, lord Breek.
Iovera - I wonder how will Orbispira look like. Have you heard any stories about it?
Tyraz - I heard it looked great under the rule of A--

Cautious, Tyraz stopped and walked over to Iovera, whispering into her ear the name "Apollo". Iovera whipsreed back.

Iovera - I wonder what happened with him.
Uriel - According to stoires, the whole planet is one urban environment, an impressive feat of engineering if true.
Iovera - An ecumenopolis. I was born at one.
Tyraz - My family originated from one of the first cities in Zazane history. I am now stranger to fine living.
Uriel - The Imperium has such worlds, in fact my son Paronus recently returned from one in the core worlds.
Tyraz - Zazane worlds are often a mix of cities and nature. We dislike the thought of all cities. No way to connect with your natural environment.
Uriel - I agree.
Iovera - If you want, I may describe my home to you.

Tyraz walked over to the table, taking a seat and relaxing. Uriel was still reading the pages of his book, looking up occasionally but listening nonetheless. Iovera followed, leaving Uriel on one of the more comfortable sofas away from the group.

Tyraz - Go ahead, mistress Iovera, I have all the time in the Gigaquadrant. Literally.
Iovera - Sanctuarium... was beautiful and terrific at the same time. No matter where was I going, I saw golden pyramids and vast towers. I spend most of my childhood within them. You may find this strange, but I rarely ever saw sunlight when I was a kid.
Uriel - It does not sound strange if you refer to living in the underlevels.
Tyraz - When I was a child, my home was an underlevel beneath the main building my parents lived in. I was forced to eat the insects and other creatures that lived below. Combat school was no better, I was bullied and given little training to prepare because...of my...height.
Iovera - I think Orbispira is different, but whole Sanctuarium was underground. A land of perpetual twilight. I think you would not see a thing there.
Uriel - I see, perhaps recalling my childhood is not the best idea.
Tyraz - Hmph. Rich family, huh.
Uriel - *smirks* Important family, quality education, royal parents, the usual.
Iovera - My childhood...

Iovera stopped in a moment of silence. A tear dropped from her eyes falling on the cold metal floor she sighed wearily.

Tyraz - You Draconis. No such thing as bad childhood for you is there. I was forced to spend my 15th birthday, which is usually celebrated in Zazane custom, in my room, locked away while everybody was given food and their own special weapons! And even then, I was told to be quiet about it.

Tyraz unknolwingly clenched his fists with rage, he let out a long sigh opening his hands and then inhaled, calming himself.

Tyraz - I must apologize. My childhood was...not up to Zazane standard.
Uriel - I understand. My father was always proud of me, It only made the pain of his death worse...
Tyraz - I'd give anything to kill my father, the cheating scum. If it was not for him, I wouldn't have been born. I wouldn't have been an outsider.
Iovera - Kill... father?

Another teardrop fell from Iovera's eyes.

Tyraz - Yes. My father was scum. He abused women, one of which gave birth to...

There was a long pause from Tyraz, not wanting to bring up the name he was thinking.

Uriel - Perhaps this is not the best of conversations, everyone is beginning to feel uneasy.
Tyraz - Yes, yes. I do apologize.
Iovera - ...indeed.
Tyraz - So...Iovera, did you catch Tervos' execution? I'm sure you would've at least heard about it from Uriel.
Uriel - I have to say, that was quite the spectacle you displayed.
Tyraz - Hehe, can't say he didn't deserve it.
Iovera - I was present at the execution. I... I regret ever being there.
Tyraz - Oh...m-may I ask why?
Iovera - The blood and gore. All this violence. It made me... shiver. I could just scream, I could just kick something...
Tyraz - I apologize. Its the way of Zazane.
Uriel - A simple eecution such as a firing squad would have suited.
Tyraz - It was a personal matter. And anyhow, I made a new batch of enemies. *chuckles* Somebody tried assassinating me.
Uriel - Name me a time when you cannot make potential enemies?
Tyraz - Hopefully, not in this room.
Uriel - Agreed.

The conversation was broken when one of Uriels attendants entered the room from a turbolift the alien bowed as he entered. TYraz turned to the alien with a cautious look, curious at his business.

Attendant - Highlords, the captain informs me that we are approaching Orbispira.
Tyraz - Good, I was getting a sick.
Iovera - Let's hope this meeting with... Tyrómairon could help us.

When they arrived in orbit, the three leaders were taken on a shuttle to the vicinity of the imeprial palace. Uriel looked out a window to see the glistening silver spires, his eyes widened as he looked at the city below, he was very impressed. The shuttle landed on an open-air landing pad, as they stepped out Iovera was frozen in awe, Tyraz sniffed the air with a smile on his face and Uriel looked about, a look of amazement was on his face.

Iovera - This is far... far grander than Sanctuarium. Grander than anything I saw before.
Uriel - Very... Impressive! I have seen world like this before but nothing so... massive.
Tyraz - It looks like a nice place.

The Imperial CityEdit


Mandator Faust meets with Iovera, Uriel and Tyraz.

After stepping off their ship into the bright lights of Orbispira, the trio were amazed at the beauty of the towering spires against the backdrop of the brilliant sunrise. All around speeders and starships flew above them in a strict formation, while their landing pad was cordoned off from the civilian population, who continued along with their daily lives. Iovera soon caught sight of an Imperial Shuttle landing nearby and a female Libertus, left the shuttle and strode down the landing platform toward Tyraz, Iovera and Uriel.

  • Mandator Faust - Greetings, esteemed leaders of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. Thank you for coming. My name is Mandator Faust of the Twelve Colonies and I'll function as your escort to the Imperial Palace.
  • Iovera - Will we meet... Tyrómairon there?
  • Mandator Faust - But of course. He eagerly awaits your arrival. Now if you'll follow me please.

The trio followed the Mandator onto the nearby shuttle, which sped up into the sky toward the gleaming spires of the Imperial Palace, once home to Apollo, but now the centre of absolute Imperial rule. After a short trip, the shuttle landed on one of the many landing platforms of the Imperial Palace, which was decorated with beautiful paintings and Imperial insignias, while a legion of the Empire's Royal Guards lined in perfect discipline toward the doors of the Imperial Throne Room.

  • Uriel - An impressive display, Mandator Faust. Quite impressive indeed.
  • Tyraz - It would be interesting to see them in battle.
  • Mandator Faust - I doubt you'll get the chance. The royal guard rarely serve on the front lines.
  • Tyraz - A shame.

As the Mandator escorted the triumvirate past the formation of guards and entered a nearby elevator, which beamed them directly to the entrance to the Throne Room, a magnificently decorated suite with a bird-eye view of the Orbispiran skyline. However, their eyes widened once they saw the figure of Tyrómairon, who loomed over the Andromedan's heads.

  • Mandator Faust - Paragon Uriel Ultanos, Clericarch Iovera and Lord Tyraz Breek, your majesty.
  • Tyrómairon - Very good. That will be all, Mandator.

Faust bowed and left the room, leaving Uriel, Iovera and Tyraz alone with the Emperor. Tyraz glowered at the towering figure, while Iovera turned white as a ghost and Uriel seemed to be growing intimidated.

  • Tyrómairon - My congratulations on the forming of the Commonwealth. I hope we can put our past conflicts behind us in the hopes of a new brighter future.
  • Tyraz - You have a lot to answer for, Tyrómairon!

Tyrómairon narrowed his eyes slightly, though his voice remained calm.

  • Tyrómairon - On the contrary. I have nothing to say if you're intention is conflict.
  • Uriel - What I'm sure Lord Breek intended to say was that we remain... confused as to why you have called for this meeting.
  • Tyrómairon - Your civilization is clearly one of the new emerging great powers of the Gigaquadrant. I can do business with a superpower. Clericarch Iovera, you have not said anything.

Iovera felt that she nearly turned to stone, and tried to avoid looking the intimidating figure in the eye.

  • Iovera - ...I...I... have nothing... to say...
  • Tyraz - Hmph. How do we know that your intentions are honourable? For all we know, this is an assassination attempt.
  • Tyrómairon - Amusing. I'm afraid there is no reason to kill you. All I ask is an end to the hostility that currently exists. Know that the Empire knows who it's friends are.
  • Uriel - If that is your intention, I have no quarrel with it.
  • Tyraz - Hmph. I suppose not.
  • Iovera - Yes. Peace must prevail.
  • Tyrómairon - In that case, this meeting is over. It was interesting meeting you.

The three leaders smiled weakly at Tyrómairon, who summoned Senator Faust to escort them on the continuation of their visit. When they had left, Tyrómairon smiled deviously. Everything was going as planned.

Love BlossomsEdit

Iovera and Tyraz were left near one of the tallest towers near the Imperial palace. Setting sun coloured the spires in beautiful colours. It was gorgeous... furthermore, it was *romantic*. Tyraz and Iovera both looked at the cityscape before them, it had been an eventful day touring the Imperial city. Uriel was elsewhere with Mandator Faust and they had left the pair alone looking out at the city.

Tyraz - It has been a long while since I have seen such a beautiful sight. It has been even longer since I saw it without mounds of corpses and celebrating warriors.
Iovera - Indeed. All this war... why can't our people live in peace for once?
Tyraz - Zazane do not understand the true meaning of peace. They only understand tolerance at best.
Iovera - When I look at such beauty, it makes me forget about all darkness of the universe. For mere seconds, yes, but these seconds are unforgettable.
Tyraz - It is fortunate you can forget such things. I have many things I wish to forget, but yet they haunt me. Consider yourself lucky, m'lady.
Iovera - I have much to forget as well.
Tyraz - Iovera, I have never told you how much you have impressed me. Since our first meeting, I have been astounded by your power. But now...I adore the fact that you wish for peace.
Iovera - We Radeons hope for prosperity against all odds, and we often do succeed.

Lost in thoughts, Iovera looked as sun was setting, and first stars appeared in the sky. Tyraz looked up at her.

Iovera - Star sky here is different. I do not recognise any stars there.
Tyraz - Those stars...they remind me of a time before my rule. Ever since I was a child, I looked up to the stars, to imagine if I could use it for freedom. To escape myself.
Iovera - Tell more, please.
Tyraz - My bloodline, my family history, has always been clouded by blood and war. It is something I am not proud of. My homeworld was the worse. Everything was gone, ruined by industrial buildings and war from the past. But the stars...The stars made me wonder if there were places better than my homeworld, with races better than Zazane.
Iovera - That's... sad, to say the least. Stars tell me of something else. My... mother told me I was born under the Star of Seranai.
Tyraz - Star of Seranai? Please, tell me more.
Iovera - That's a star somewhere in the Intergalactic Void, named after Clericarch Seranai. Seranai the First.
Tyraz - Your birthplace sounds more glamorous than what I was brought into.
Iovera - Our planetary history was...

Iovera looked ack out into the sky, she made a hand gesture to point at the stars above her - was like this galaxy.

Iovera - We were struck by war between two nations, two continents, two races of Radeon. Then Seranai has come. She was born from two races' love, and she was a prophet. With her words and guided by Spode, she united our planet. A century of peace.
Tyraz - My homeworld, my birthplace, is long gone now. My whole galaxy, even my whole Universe, gone. Lost to the cruel mistress that is time. But I can tell you...I am thankful. I never wanted to return to that place.
Iovera - What happened?
Tyraz - The Zazane came from a dying Universe, nearing its end. Luckily, we had evolved technology sufficient enough to be here. I just wish it could be different though.
Iovera - Indeed. My people suffered to. I have just told you about a star in the intergalactic void. It was once one of our largest systems. Now it is gone. Nothing left. Its shine is no more.
Tyraz - Indeed, it is unfortunate. I am...sorry for your loss. And I...apologize, for that assault on your people, during our first meeting.
Iovera - We all do make mistakes. I have once believed that I was born to be a prophet and a glorious leader, that to lead my people to the new golden age was my destiny. Now, I am not so sure...
Tyraz - I myself think you make for a very glamorous leader. Uhh, I mean...glorious. Yes, glorious.
Iovera - Uh... *blushes* Yes.
Tyraz - I...umm, I had a gift made for you...back in Andromeda....
Iovera - A gift?
Tyraz - Yes...

He opened his hand, and black flames manifested from it, sporuting upwards for a few seconds until a finely crafted and elegant sword materialised within the flames. The flames died to nothing and Tyraz held the sword formly in his hand.

Tyraz - I had it made especially for you.
Iovera - Such beautiful design... Your kind are excellent craftsmen.

Iovera attempted to hold the sword but quickly realised it was too heavy for her. Channeling her telekinetic powers, she made the sword fly around her, turning it in many directions. Tyraz watched the sword fly about and smilesd.

Tyraz - We have spent many thousands of years designing weapons, I am glad you are impressed. You might want to be careful. Its blade is pretty tough.
Iovera - I understand. It is a... peculiar sort of beauty. This blade is made to kill.
Tyraz - It is made to kill, but yet it is made to express the one thing that Zazane feel most deeply, aside from bloodthirst....
Iovera - ...Love?

Tyraz blushed and he looked to the side a little, before nodding.

Tyraz - Yes...It is love.
Iovera - W-w-what do you mean?
Tyraz - Don't play silly, Iovera. What do you think it means?

He approached her, still looking to his side out of nerves.

Tyraz - E-Even Zazane such as myself are capable of loving...
Iovera - But... but... I'm a Radeon... I understand. I swear that this sword shall not bring war into this universe but will serve as a safeguard of peace.

Iovera grabbed the sword in hand with telekinesis and empowering it with purple energy, she did a few swings. Tyraz smiles and approaches her again, wrapping arms around her gently in a hug. They had both turned away from the skyline view and had each others' full attention.

Iovera - Thank you, lord Br- Tyraz. Thank you, Tyraz, for this gift.
Tyraz - It is my pleasure, Iovera. I am glad you accepted it.

Tyraz blushed once again and looked away. he eventually brought himself to embrace the moment. After a few moments Uiel returned with Faust. He informed them both that a cruiser was waiting to take them home. It was time for them to leave Orbispira behind.

The Return HomeEdit

The three leaders returned to the crusier as the sun was setting. Taken in a suttle they took one last look at Orbispira, some wondered if non-Cyrannians would ever walk its streets ever again.

Uriel was in his quarters admiring his sword. He looked at it before lifting it up and swinging it about a few times. He admired the craftsmanship and gentrly returned it to the table. Elsewhere Iovera as praying silently in complete darkenss while Tyraz sat on the common room floor in meditation. Dark energies emerged from him as he relaxed. Uriel's mind was still fixated on his experiences on Orbispira. As his thoughts wondered he entered the common room and didn't notice Tyraz was inside undtil some way in. He backed slightly out of respect, not wanting to interrupt. Sensing uriel's presence, Tyraz opened his eyes and spread his wings as he stood up.

Uriel - I did not mean to interrupt you-
Tyraz - It is fine. After all, it is a 'common' room.
Uriel - *shrugs* I suppose.
Tyraz - Come sit down, Uriel. Its been a long trip.
Iovera - Amidst terror, we must find serenity. Amidst war, we must find peace. Amidst the faithless we must keep faith. Amidst madness we must have purpose.

Tyraz turned his head, and communicated with Iovera on a psychic level asknig her to sit with the others. Iovera made a small gesture and instantly materialised sitting in a chair in the common room. Uriel walked over and sat at the table. It had been a long day and he rested his forearms on the table's surface. Tyraz let our a tured sigh as he leaned against the wall.

Uriel - I am impressed with these Cyrannians, they are a skillful culture.
Tyraz - Hmph, I must admit. They have come a long way.
Iovera - There is something... strange with this Emperor. I had felt something.
Tyraz - He's trouble. But I'd rather not think of him if I want to keep my mind from being defiled.
Uriel - My ancestors have a proverb "wisdom is the treasure of kings".
Tyraz - Indeed. If you've seen as many rebellions and betrayels as I have, you'd be cautious too.
Uriel - *sighs wearily* His stature... his presence. Why can I not get Volkarus out of my head?
Tyraz - Please, I'd rather we not mention the bastard. I with him.
Uriel - My aplologies.
Iovera - I felt something near Tyrómairon. A chorus of energy and power...
Uriel - Do you think there is more to him than he lets on?

Tyraz stayed silent, while Iovera and Uriel talked. He turned away from the two of them, arms folded.

Iovera - I have not encountered anything like that before, but he must be a being of great power.
Tyraz - If he is, why has he not killed us all?
Uriel - Perhaps he does not need to.

Uriel turned to Iovera with a furtive look

Uriel - Iovera, are you suggesting he is... like you?
Iovera - Who knows? I had no way to gaze into his mind, his will is way too powerful for me. I cannot understand, but this is.. possible.
Uriel - As much as I trust your judgement, you will forgive me if I may be sceptical of this. Iovera - Why so?
Tyraz - I say we stay out of his business. Out of his way. I will not cooperate with...Him on a personal level.
Uriel - It was my father. When I was young he told me that one should base judgement objectively on rationality and experience. I am not saying I doubt what you say, but I have yet to see evidence of this supposed power. It is with caution that I base my scepticism.
Iovera - I do not know either.
Tyraz - As I recall, you are not of the same plane as we are! You are mortal, you will not understand!

Tyraz panted rather aggressively, but he turned and bangs his hand against the wall.

Uriel - Unfortunately that is where we differ. I cannot ascertain someone's intentions by reading their mind. Tyraz - I cannot read the mind like Iovera, but it does not take a psychic to determine malicious intent. *sighs* I apologize, forgive my actions. I am just...stressed.
Uriel - It is a tough time for us all.

Uriel relaxed somewhat, leaning forward forward and clasping his hands.

Uriel - Perhaps there is somethining amiss about the emperor. But as long as Cyrannus is out-of-bounds his motives will harbour some mystery.
Tyraz - Hmph. I hope that he dare not attempt a strike on Andromeda.
Iovera - Only time will tell.
Uriel - Agreed.
Tyraz - Indeed so. For now, however. I need to attend to my practices.

Tyraz walked softly past Iovera, and hoed her hand for a moment as he walked past. Iovera responded with curiosity. Uriel exhaled and stood up while Tyraz walked away and sat in the corner of the room, closing his eyes again.

Tyraz - Keep safe.
Uriel - It would be good to see the Imperium once again...
Iovera - Nevertheless, I considered Orbispira to be the exemplar of grandeur and imperial might. I wonder for how long were all these spires made.
Uriel - The planet does seem old. I wonder if it predates the tall spires on Alcanti?
Iovera - Perhaps in time we could make a world that would unite our people and be as grand and mighty.
Uriel - Perhaps. personally I would enjoy a few forests on such a world; they make for great places to hunt.
Iovera - Indeed.

Uriel stretched and headed back towards the dormatories. As he reached the toor he turned back on the two with a smile.

Uriel - Overall, I think this visit was inspiring. Call me naive but I always believed that you should judge a people based on the actions as a whole, not the commands of whoever is in charge.
Iovera - In the future, perhaps we could find more about Cyrannus.

Tyraz looked up at Uriel after hearing his words and smiled a little, before closing his eyes again to focus. Uriel and Iovera returned to theri quarters for the remainder of their journey, arriving in orbit of Vencortium Prime where they were dropped off. Aboard an orbiting battlestation the three of them boarded transports back to their repsective empires, wishing each other erspective farewells. Tyraz blushed as Iovera said goodbye and entered a portal back to Crepusculum. On the journey back to the Brood Tyraz continued to recall the romantic moment he had on the balcony. His heart thumped with exitement and a smile crept over his face as he meditated. For that one evening, faar from Andromeda he felt as though all was well with the universe. A brief momnt of piece in an era of strife.

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