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The Andromeda Galaxy was a place of few great spacefaring empires. The most notable of these modern day empires was the Shka'Tun, an immense empire controlling approximately 30% of the galaxy. They, however, were not the oldest or only empires living in the galaxy. There had been a great and powerful empire before them; an empire with technology so advanced that not even Tier 1 powers could mimic it, an empire so vast it had once controlled all of Andromeda. This empire had vanished, for unknown reasons, but that technology and legacy remained. Now that legacy was wanted by every empire in Andromeda, and they wouldn't let anyone else get their hands on it. The galaxy was once quiet, not much had happened there.... but now things would move, empires would clash, and a galaxy would be engulfed by war.

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Subplots Edit

The Andromeda War is divided on subplots, made collectively and added with the agreement of the war administrators. They are listed here in chronological order.

Prologue Edit

Spore 2011-11-25 21-16-25

The Andromeda War started when a Draconis research team, which was hunting for the artifacts, was found by Apalos. The Draconis, trying to leave no witnesses of their discovery, attacked the Temple Ship but it was too late as information was sent to other empires like the Divinarium. Soon, these two forces attacked each other, starting the first conflicts of the great war...

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Wrath of the Dragon Edit

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During the prologue the enigmatic Loron warlord Br'klakkon was revealed. Manipulating others with intelligence abnormal for his kind he has tricked another empire, the Brood of War, to attack the new alliance...

Khaxvis Uprising Edit


It seemed like the war between three empires was over, with the Brood of War, the Draconid Imperium and the Divinarium putting aside their differences and forming an alliance to protect themselves against the Inheritance and the Loron attacks. However, a new enemy appeared - rebels of the Draconid Imperium. Having their own plans, they attacked and shattered the new alliance with the aim of seizing the Imperium for themselves...

The Firestorm Edit

The Firestorm

The Andromeda War truly became apocalyptic. The Inheritance has started to awaken, the TIAF has attacked the galaxy out of hatred of Wentals, and other eyes with darker purpose were now fixed on the galaxy. Andromeda is slowly falling into chaos and destruction, towards the great firestorm... Subplots:

The Darkest Hour Edit

Grochius&#039; Triumph

In the midst of Firestorm, a new enemy appeared before the allies - a dark force, the Andromedan Grox Empire. With dark allies behind it, the terrible Empire goes towards the destruction of all life. The newly formed Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth is up to challenge, indeed, for The Darkest Hour is upon it...


Quotes Edit

In these dark times, we must be strong and prevail over darkness...

- Iovera IX

Adaru... Adaru... ADARU... ADARU...

- ???

The final hour... closes... in...

- ???


- Master Br'klakkon


- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

This war has taken it's toll on the Imperium but we hall prevail. we always have

- Arnas Volkamen

Andrenta, here we come!

- High prophet of Disdain
Andromeda Galaxy

Note: Monet47's fiction is in bold, TheImperios' fiction is in italics, Hachi's fiction is underlined.
Galactic events
The New Dawn rises.