Simul stamus, seorsum cadamus.

- Unknown Solarite

Andromeda Galaxy is diverse, and like others, has gone through many events, surviving massive conflicts, rise and fall of grand empires, and the rage of wild, insane gods. As such, many species call it home. What makes Andromeda different from other galaxies like Cyrannus or Borealis is that many Andromedans were not born in this galaxy, instead coming out of other places. Another difference is the works of ancient precursors of Andromeda who have influenced evolution of many species here.

As such, the species in Andromeda Galaxy would be divided not by their origin, but by the fact are they native, extragalactic or artificial.




After the War of the Dragons, nothing can scare us. We have nothing to lose.

A species broken by war, Ammosians once held a small but powerful empire near the outer borders of the Draconid Imperium and the Segmentum Draco Federal Union. The remorseless nature of their desert homeworld, Ammos, made Ammosians strong and harsh, and their species-wide determination allowed them to succeed on the galactic scene.

However, when the Imperium and the SDFU started the War of the Dragons, Ammosians were caught in a crossfire, and their once-grand civilisation was torn apart by a civil war between those who wanted their species to align with the Draconis and those who saw promise in the Drasheril empire, supported by both warring states. As such, Ammos and its colonies were soon reduced (from sand) to dust, and the surviving Ammosians, are now found both in the Imperium and the SDFU, trying to rebuild their destroyed empire.


The galaxy is broken, barbaric. We stand as a representation of what all could be.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 4C3
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium, Khaxvis Resurgence
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptillian body plan, wings
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Eugenocracy, ruling class

Draconis are large reptiles who are the namesake for both the Draconid Imperium and Segmentum Draco. They are recognized as part of the the Andromedan Commonwealth's 'founding triangle' and have been noted to have a strange similarity to the Twelve Tribes of Caprica. They are confident and arrogant; believing that their long lifespan, conservative nature and obsession with luxury make them ideal leaders. Draconis favor the traditional in the arts, fashion and military practice to the point where some consider them old-fashioned.

This belief is not unfounded - Out of both the Inner-rim and AGC factions the Imperium controls the largest number of colonies along with a significant number outside of Andromeda. Like Radeons, Draconis are highly spiritual and conform to numerous teachings by a supernatural being. Their religion differs by the visible separation of church and state and an exclusion principle regarding an afterlife.


Our older brothers believe they are better than us... let us prove them otherwise.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 4C3
  • Affiliation: Segmentum Draco Federal Union
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptillian body plan, wings
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Socialism, militarism, cryptocracy

A subspecies of Draconis presumably originated from lost colonists of the Imperium's early history, Drasheril are both similar and different to their older brothers. The easiest difference to recognise, barring the Drasheril's dark green colouration, is their lifespan; Drasheril age five times faster than Draconis, and a Drasheril who lived for more than a century is already considered old. While Draconis might look down at their younger brethren because of that, Drasheril themselves don't mind; their short lifespan gives them other advantages, they believe.

Drasheril culture follows the same pattern; while they, like the Draconis, believe in order and are very militant, Drasheril lack Draconis sense of superiority and spirituality - probably a result of their lifespans. More concerned with their own wealth and their species as whole than art, culture and religion, they managed to gather a large, if unstable and corrupt, empire in the southern regions of Segmentum Draco.


Ah, yes. Interesting.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 1C2
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Avian body plan
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Democracy

Eisenar Republic was the last empire to join the Coalition controlling 502 thousand systems. They are the peaceful democratic republic which is not generally engaged in wars unless threatened. After the Andromeda War they joined the Draconid Imperium for protection along with their curiosity to learn more of the Kaelar.

Eisenar are avian species, covered in blue-and-yellow feathers which is fitting for the flora of their homeworld. They cannot fly however. They are small and frail, but intelligent, and they have mastered the talent of diplomacy and doubletalk like no one else. They favor negotiations instead of conflict generally - due to this, they were often seen as diplomats within the Coalition. Their society is democratic and based on personal freedom and power of the individual.


We will look and see. Look and see...

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 3C2
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Silicon structure, extremophilia, cephalodian body plan
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Group mind, imperial government, alien mentality

Fyrvrtha are the weird creatures with octopus-like features, who were original rulers of the Twilight Sector. While populous, they did not possess strong technology and were barely Tier 4. So, once Radeons came to the sector, they were rapidly absorbed to the newly formed Divinarium, and became second members of it. They compose a bulk of military, working body and Divinarium's population as whole.

Fyrvrtha are sometimes seen as slave race to Radeons. This is not true - Fyrvrtha have rights and freedoms, and a large part of the Divinarium's government are Fyrvrtha. They are quite intelligent species, calm and logical. The main reason why they surrendered to Radeons without any resistance was the fascination on Radeon knowledge and technology, as well as realizing of Radeons' power.


...Oh, hello.

Kaelar are the sole species of the Domain of As Radan. They are vaguely birdlike in appearance; humanoid and lithe, not unlike Radeons. While having feathers and rudimentary wings, they can't fly; at other side, these feathers are often used in attracting mates. Despite their look they are actually quite strong, their jumping abilities giving them fearsome momentum as they leap towards their foes.

Kaelar, despite their seclusion, generally live quite rich life, enjoying luxury and money. Since their absorption into Draconid Imperium, the haughty Kaelar have prospered once again.


You seem confsed. Come, drink our nectar, let its sweetness wash over you.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 4B
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Insectoid body plan, exoskeleton, 4 arms
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Collective consciousness, hive mentality

Ki'Dirrik are a curiosity in the galaxy. They are an insectoid race who were discovered by the Imperium as the former were beginning their journeys into space. They are a curiosity that, although they are self-aware members still possess concepts found in a hive including genetic specialization, workers and warriors, hive mentality and an egg-laying queen. Ki'Dirrik society is broken up into various hives that answer to an 'overqueen'. Hives act as nations each with infrastructure that spans hundreds of kilometers on a planet's surface with minor colonies connected to the central hive.

Their exoskeletons give members of the species an extraordinary level of strength that is amplified for warriors. Along with compound eyes and an antenna-based sensory system, Ki'Dirrik warrior types are prized among the Imperial Talon Navy as scouts and vanguard legionaries along with their innovations in biotechnology. Ki'Dirrik combine organic and inorganic material to create weapons and technology that works on a combination of the two. It is both a curiosity and a rarity in Andromeda with many high-profile collectors and scientists.

Another curiosity is their dirrik'taka; a form of royal jelly. Studies have shown it is capable of boosting neural activity and cognitive awareness with psychic qualities emerging at high enough concentrations of certain compounds - theoretically it is the source of the species' collective consciousness. While the Ki'Dirrik disapprove of aliens collecting and exporting dirrik'taka without their consent it has become highly sought after on the galactic markets.


You flashbags are a peculiar sort.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 7B
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Ammonia-based biology, amorphous body plan
  • Notable sociological characteristics: reclusive, use of biosuits

Kovokitids are gaseous lifeforms that originate from the gas giant of Vanpilum VIII. They are a dubious species of ammonia-hydrogen based lifeforms that can only interact with the universe outside using pressurized biosuits. Due to their biology Kovokitids can fit almost any volume and are known for their capabilities in espionage.

Their biology puts them in a biological minority with the rest of the galaxy, despite this they have been welcomed into the Draconid Imperium (who provided their now-ubiquitous biosuits). Very few people have seen a Kovokitid outside of their biosuit, making them a mystery to the rest of the universe.


Good economy means good job prosepcts. Life is good.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 3B
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Amphibian body plan, pectoral-mounted arms
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Megacorporations

Kroogvons are hardy amphibians native to the Vogos cluster in the Draconid Imperium's inner-rim territoires. Famed across the segmentum as engineers and labourers their rubbery skin belies their durability.

Their homeworld of Valle was peppered with dank swamps in which the kroogvons made their homes. In their industrial era they drained some of these swamps for heavy industry. Kroogvon culture is often utilitarian with numerous examples of earthenware found in the typical home. Their homes and lifestyles are simple compared to the haughty Draconis but a wealthy branch of society does exist in the form of CEOs and executives. Wealthy millionaires will typically build humid environments to relax in. Their contributions to the Imperium with Comapnies like Valle Astroengineering provide them with a valuable position in imperial society.


Ah... all these organics just cannot comprehend the beauty of the Net.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 1D
  • Affiliation: The Hypernet
  • Notable physical characteristics: Digital beings, formerly mollusk-like
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Quasi-group mind

Out of all species of Andromeda, the Quaesitors (their true name unpronouncable) are probably the most alien and the most bizzare. Formerly a species of cephalopods, their technological advancement was notably different from that of most other species; apparently, Quaesitors developed advanced robotics and information technology very early in their history, and had no qualms about using them to change their own bodies. As such, as of now, the Quaesitors are no longer creatures of flesh and blood, but instead are digital beings that exist in cyberspace, manifesting in the real world using their robotic avatars.

Despite their alien morality, the Quaesitors are quite friendly towards alien races (despite seeing them as primitive because of their organic bodies) and are currently members of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth; working together with the Imperium and Divinarium engineers, they have created the Andromedan Virtual Network, a version of Quaesitor cyberspace suitable for organic beings and larger in scale, which now provides the entire Commonwealth with information, entertainment and news. As such, the Quaesitors are now well known and respected in the galactic community.


Want to buy? Have good deals.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 2C2
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: reptilian body plan, compound eyes
  • Notable sociological characteristics: megacorporations, trade empires, verbal-physical language

Under the Speeder Trade Federation the Rapidox were among the first alien cultures to join the Draconid imperium. A species of raptor-like dinosaurids who controlled territories less than 300 light-years from Alcanti prior to their assimilation. The trade cartels controlled by the federation provided the fledgling Imperium with a much-needed boost to the economy. Since then they have risen to become a species with near-equal standing within Imperial space.

Rapidox are, by nature, a culture built around profit and economy, their athletic builds make them ideal scouts and runners for both military and civilian organisations and their compound eyes allow them to see in any direction. Most Rapidox syntax can sound like jabbering to the layman; their language originally consisted of a mix of words and actions and this persisted even after the widespread use of Low Dracid and has become a characteristic trait for them.


We serve for imperium. For Sankah.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Avian/reptilian body plan
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Monarchy, emphasis on the importance of water

The Sankana are a species of wingless and omnivorous avians with lizard-like tails that evolved on an arid continent of their homeworld. Like the Rapidox they are distinguished by a lateral spine and for the use of broken Dracid. Their syntax differs in that rather than omitting personal words such as 'I' or 'we', certain connectives are omitted. The Sankana still honor a king or queen (who is simply a puppet to the assigned representative) but they also honor the Imperium as a whole.

Sankana belief is based around honoring the earth and respecting nature - On their homeworld water and vegetation was rare and their culture was built around the concept that water provided life. The Draconis uplifted them roughly 4,000 years ago and since then they have expanded into a bountiful protectorate empire. Due to the value of resources on their homeworld and their hardy nature they are highly respected as craftsman and engineers and are commonplace in numerous industrial sectors across the Imperium.

Ambassador Rhiltovo profile.png

You are a curiosity, we like you.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 3C3
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Avian body plan, highly inteelligent
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Respect of trees, dedication to science

Terratrice are large omnivorous avians from Inner Draco's Alpenix cluster. They are highly prized within the Draconid Imperium for their scientiic capability. The Alpenix University is an orgianisation much like the Alcanti Royal Academy and the two have worked together many times. They often live in clean forested communities mostly within the Alpenix cluster itself.

They are highly valued as members of the imperium for scientific achievement and as a result are one of a select few species with full citizenship rights outside of the protectorate states and make up a noticeable portion of alien inhabitants on Draconid-controlled worlds


Watch me and learn what true art looks like.

  • Author: OluapPlayer
  • Classification: 2C2
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Avian body plan
  • Notable sociological characteristics: High regard for beauty and art

Vervioks are a species of avian creatures who could be compared to Terran peacocks, native of the lush grasslands of Planet Sambel. They are easily distinguished by their immense feathered tails which can tower over the Vervioks themselves and possess numerous colours, ranging from red, green, blue, yellow, black and many more. The Vervioks are long-time members of the Draconid Imperium, having joined them thousands of years in the past.

The Vervioks have a strong cultural regard for individual beauty which is displayed by their tails. Each Verviok does what they can to make their tail feathers as large and attractive as possible, for the individuals with the largest and most beautiful tails are seen in higher regard than others. They also have a strong link with art of all kinds, including music, literature and painting, which approximates them to the Draconis. However, they are not known for having a strong military, preferring to let the other races of the Imperium take care of threats for them.

Commonwealth protectorates[]


Look what we've got here. More species to tame, half-devil and half-child.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Three eyes, reptilians
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Speciecism

One of the most influential species of Segmentum Umbra, one epithet is always used when referring to the Althar: arrogant. Having ascended to the stars earlier than the rest of the inhabitants of the Segmentum, the Althar had created a massive empire in its western fringes, the so-called Stellar Union, through subjucating (or, rather, civilising) the less advanced species of the region (most of which had not been even capable of interstellar flight) and eventually became Umbra's most dreaded and, at the same time, respected species, known both for their militant power and advanced technology.

After the New Tertamian Alliance had emerged in the Segmentum, the Althar remained neutral to it, refusing to submit to younger species. The rest of the Union, however, welcomed the new superpower because of its ideals of equality, being tired of the Althar's campaign of speciecism and apartheid. This resulted in a series of rebellions across western Umbra, led by the Union's colonised species and instigated by the NTA intelligence, which eventually resulted in the Union being dissolved, its colonies absorbed by the NTA. As such, the Althar are now members of the Alliance.

Despite having betrayed their imperialistic ideals of "the First Race' burden", however, the Althar are still quite known for their speciecism and arrogance.


Carnage is what we leave behind and carnage is what awaits us.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 5B
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance, Neutral
  • Notable physical characteristics: Immense strength, reptilians
  • Notable sociological characteristics: No society to speak of

Perhaps the most dreaded species in Segmentum Umbra, the Anvradaran are said to be a species that exists only to kill and slaughter, but their actual history is more complex and far more tragic. Coming from a world in northern Umbra, the Anvradaran, at that time barely sapient, were subject to brutal genetical and psychohistorical experimentats by the Tzolk'in, who intended to uplift them in a matter of several centuries. They failed. The Anvradaran, armed with Tzolk'in technology but still animalistic and violent, promptly destroyed their homeworld in a massive world war, and the surviving members of the species, too low in number to maintain a semblance of civilisation, escaped and were soon scattered across the segmentum.

Since then, the Anvradaran earned their place in Umbra as bounty hunters, pirates and scavengers, becoming feared among the Segmentum's many inhabitants. After the New Tertamian Alliance appeared, however, attempts have been made to civilise this wild race. Now, many Anvradaran, like Vendradu'ndaradaran, one of the leaders of the NTA military, live in the Alliance, trying to settle on new worlds and redeem their species. Despite that, most of the species still cling to their brutish ways.


Calm down and think. Embrace your self and embrace the whole.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C3
  • Affiliation: The Coalition
  • Notable physical characteristics: Amphibian body plan, high intelligence
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Peaceful, philosophical culture

Aqualones are the aquatic, intelligent species of amphibians belonging to the Coalition of the Twilight Sector, and the closest allies of the Artharon Empire. They rarely venture outside Segmentum Crepusculum, or even their own magnificent underwater cities, but inside their home they are honoured by many, as they control a large empire that serves as diplomatic and economic pillar of the Coalition. In contrast with their Artharon allies, Aqualones are peaceful and strict, united under a powerful yet democratically elected ruler, called simply The Highest.

Aqualones consider themselves to be the teachers for other species of the Coalition, providing advice on political and philosophical insight. Being second most powerful, second most advanced and the most cultured civilisation here, they certainly have an air of arrogance and superiority surrounding them. Joining the Coalition out of ancient agreements with Artharon Empire that always protected them for economical aid, Aqualones are now highly dissatisfied with its warmonger culture.


Our enemies, fear us. Our friends, do not forsake us.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 3B
  • Affiliation: The Coalition
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptilian/mammalian body plan, extremely strong
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Militant theocratic culture

Arnoans form the highly religious civilisation of zealots, the third most powerful in the Coalition. They are the led by the Council of Light, composed of ten high priests. Their rule spans across 611 thousands of star systems.

Arnoans are the strong reptilian/mammalian species, able to survive without water for long periods. Their homeworld, Tharrus, is the desert planet with little plants and water and deadly to most of the Sector lifeforms - but Arnoans thrive in such an enviroment. It has a lot of Rades relics, and Arnoans have developed an elaborate religion based around these artifacts and the mysterious gods they see as "the highest ones". They are very religious and devote all their life to the faith. They have a caste system based on their divine laws, and the warriors of "Templar caste" are always ready to fight alongside the Coalition's soldiers.


May our might thunder and rattle through bone and flesh.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 3C
  • Affiliation: The Coalition
  • Notable physical characteristics: Mammalian body plan, extremely strong
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Militant culture, neo-feudalism

Artharons are one of the most famous Andromedan races, and arguably the most numerous and influental species in Segmentum Crepusculum, leaders of the Coalition. Notably ancient, their brutal if noble culture as well as fierce spirit is what kept them alive for so long. Their society and culture are revolved around war and martial honor, and all citizen of their empire, especially the nobles, are constantly training themselves for battle.

Artharons are freedom-loving and dedicated to the self-perfection, believing in power of the individual above all other things. Neverthless, they can be sadistic and violent, and have a long feud with their enemies, Fyrvrtha and Radeons, and while they are currently aligned with the AGC, this is yet another alliance of necessity.


Step aside. We must expand.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C
  • Affiliation: the Coalition
  • Notable physical characteristics: Used to acidic/volcanic regions
  • '

Notable sociological characteristics:' Stratocracy/police state, dictatorship While the Divinarium and the Coalition are the main power in Segmentum Crepusculum, other forces do exist. Among them are engineering and industrial genii, Ferromash, whose technological advancement was a result of warfare, terrorism and crime on their homeworld Siranor which forced them to empower their industry to survive. Ferromash are notably reptilian in look, which is a rarity in Segmentum Crepusculum.

Ferromash's philosophy in terms of technology is that quantity has a quality of its own, and they do not hesitate to send hundreds of their ships to conquer a planet. However, Ferromash rarely engage in large-scale conflicts, preferring to conquer wild or primitive planets turning them suitable to themselves through large-scale terraforming. Ferromash are far from neutral, though, and sell their technological and military aid to various nations for the right price.

With Andromeda War starting, Ferromash seemed to have sided with the Coalition, signing a few trade pacts and alliances, and now wage war against the Divinarium, intending to scavenge its technology for their own needs. Following their end, the alliance between these two civilisations became strong enough for the Ferromash to become the new members of the Coalition, filling the niche of technology specialists formerly taken by Kvorlans and Eisenar.


All praise the True Founders, our protectors and liberators!

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 3B
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Mammal-like body plan, quadrapedals
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Precursor worship, primitive society

Among the species of the galaxy, the Freedee are almost universally considered to be technologically and culturally backward, and that belief is not unfounded. Originally a protectorate species of the Stellar Union, the Freedee had not even invented the steam engine by the team they fell prey to the Althar's imperialism, and as such offered little resistance to the invaders, considering them to be the messengers of their gods, the Founders, who, according to the Freedee's sacred texts, once came from the stars on the sky chariots to give life to their homeworld, Lo. The Althar did not deny Freedee belief in their godhood and in fact cultivated it, for the Freedee were, and still are, a highly religious species, to the point of zeal.

This zeal, however, eventually backfired against the Althar when the New Tertamian Alliance appeared on the scene, led by noone else but the Tertanai, the mythical Founders' descendants. Wanting to be reunited with their gods, Freedee all over the Segmentum had started several rebellions against the Stellar Union, and even though the Althar's attempts to quell them, they did not stop; every Freedee killed by the Union's armies became a martyr, only strengthening their faith and courage. When the Stellar Union had fallen, the Freedee joined the New Tertamian Alliance nigh-immediately.

Now in the Alliance's fold, the Freedee continue to follow their strict faith, worshipping the Founders and their children. This has caused much dissent in the Grand Council, and many senators now propose to reeducate the Freedee in order to make them realise that the Tertamians were not gods. However, given the Freedee's sheer fanaticism as well as the Alliance's ideals of freedom of religion, the NTA government refuses to act as of now, not wanting to provoke one of the most populous species of the Alliance.


A new future beckons for Iath.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 4B
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Amphibian body plan, immense strength
  • Notable sociological characteristics: History of oppression

One of the former Althar protectorates that were absorbed into the NTA after the fall of the Stellar Union, the aquatic Iath are known among the species of the Alliance for their tremendous strength and endurance, strong sense of loyalty and most of all, their willpower: these qualities are what allowed the Iath not only to survive but to prosper in spite of hellish conditions of their dark, aquatic homeworld of Q'lnas, long, bloody wars and centuries of slavery and oppression by their Altrhar masters. Now free from tyranny at last, the Iath enjoy a new golden age in the Alliance's fold, though many of them still remain poor and downthrodden.

A close-knit, social-minded species, the Iath are known for their commitment to their species as whole and a sense of fraternity: literally, the word "Iath" is translated from their guttural language as "brother", and that's how the Iath treat each other indeed. Although this mentality prevents any major conflicts within their own species, it also has made them somewhat disliked among the rest of the Alliance, who believe them to be xenophobic and deceitful.

CRE Imperix-09f50393 ful.png

Everything is so strange here.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 7B
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Truly alien life in life support suits
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Anarchy

Imperix are a species of plasma-based lifeforms living on the stars, their homestar being a red dwarf called Erix, on the outskirts of Segmentum Crepusculum. Despite being prolific within their home even without any technology, many Imperix have left it to the outer galaxy in their metallic suits containing their fiery bodies, seeking to find and meet other, non-plasma sentient species, later returning to Erix when their thirst for adventure is sated. Due to this, the Imperix have gained the reputation of reckless traders and opportunistic bounty hunters.

Now one of the most prominent species of the New Tertamian Alliance, the Imperix enjoy their golden age and are now travelling all over Andromeda and beyond, discovering the universe filled by species so alien to them.


Our cause is just, and our enemies shall fall!

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Widespread use of cybernetics
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Authoritarian government

A species (or rather a subspecies) of unclear origins, the Solarites are an offshoot of homo sapiens that was somehow transferred into Andromeda Galaxy around 5,000 years ago. Despite having little recollection of their original home (referred to as Târa in their myths), they still retain qualities inherent to their species: they are active, inventive, resourceful, and extremely violent. Due to these traits, the Solarites are considered to be among the strongest warriors in Segmentum Umbra, their relative weakness compensated with strong warrior spirit, iron discipline, and bionics.

However, the Solarites' militant culture also has its disadvantages: for millenia, their species stood divided, unable to form any large interstellar government. Oppressed by power-mad military dictators, plagued by revolutions and political turmoil, always at war, the Solarites were despite their power a downthrodden people, only unified due to the efforts of a Commonwealth captain, Jahric. Currently members of the New Tertamian Alliance, one of the Commonwealth's member states, the Solarites now donate their military prowess to unified Andromeda, but still, many of them reject to submit to a new galactic power, turning to terrorism to continue their quest for independence.


Everything can be foretold.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C2
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Three legs
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Fatalism, technocracy

Of all species of the New Tertamian Alliance, the Tzolk'in are the most alien and the most puzzling. Patient, stoic, long-living and wise, the Tzolk'in believe that actions of societies, on an interstellar scale, can be predicted through an extremely advanced form of mathematics, known only by the Predictors, the Tzolk'in's ruler caste. Constantly calculating, predicting, anticipating, they had built their technocratic dominion which spanned over 20,000 systems, crushing all their enemies by indirectly causing revolutions, recessions and wars amongst them.

When the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth appeared in Segmentum Umbra, however, the Tzolk'in's grand empire was sent into dissaray: no Predictor could foresee such an event, and noone could predict what awaited them now. Fearful for their clouded future, the Tzolk'in have joined the New Tertamian Alliance, dedicating their psychohistorical research to it, but at the same time, researching the behaviour of other Andromedan species, anticipating the hour when they would be able to restore their mighty empire to its former glory once more...




  • Author: Richardson72
  • Classification: 4A
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptilian/mammalian body plan, extremely strong, low intelligence
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Brutal culture

Bouldrix are powerful, strong and incredibly stupid which is why to maintain their empire they needed the Vartekians to give them brain enhancements, now they are only half stupid.

The Bouldrix are absolutely ruthless enemies and smash their enemies to bits. Anyone who gets in their way will soon be flattened like an Pancake. Sadly the Bouldrix don't have enough population to have an entire army so they just use the Samot as little foot soldiers.

CRE Enslaved Cheurith-0c7a5eec ful.png

Crush you into pieces!

The Cheurith are massive creatures enslaved by the Gros, part of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah. Before being absorbed into the Gros' society, the Cheurith were an aggressive and simple-minded civilization who attempted to attack the Stratocracy. Their punishment was eternal servitude to the Gros.

The Cheurith are incredibly strong and resilient, being formidable foot soldiers who can just shrug off most attacks. However, they are not very intelligent, and usually require either other slaves or a Gros master to guide them.

Clanden Male Cut.png

We wander, but by no means are we lost.

  • Author The Clanden
  • Affiliation: Clanden Admiralty
  • Notable physical characteristics: Carbon based life forms, feathered and winged
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Nomadic, abide to a police state meant to keep them safe.

The Clanden are a species of avian humanoids that evolved from scavenging carrion-like omnivores on the planet Cicero in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are tall, cunning, but inherently kind creatures. Traditionally, they were masterful starship builders, trading their technology for services and currency with other empires. The Merchant Republic of Cicero was relatively small when compared to other empires in the region, encompassing only a few core worlds and several outlying colonies. The Clanden culture has a lot of emphasis on logic and science, believing that, with enough time, the entire universe could and will unfold before them. Having seen many conflicts in their history, they are no strangers to war, and approach the affair with a level head, and after the disastrous war with the Grox, a foot out the door.

The Clanden now live aboard Home One, wandering the stars.



  • Author: OluapPlayer
  • Classification: 3C1
  • Affiliation: Stratocracy of Karnagtah
  • Notable physical characteristics: Two neural systems
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Brutal culture

The Cootelaene are large insectoid creatures notable for being "two beings in one body". Each half of a Cootelaene's body has a neural system, including two brains, and are completely sentient and independant. However, these two systems are still connected in many ways, allowing the two brains to properly control the body's functions.

The Cootelaene were once a tribal race which swarmed on an unknown planet of Segmentum Exterioris until they were found and enslaved by the Gros. The Cootelaene's brutal, aggressive culture made them fit well in the Gros' society.


We are the servants of Volkarus. Keep out.

  • Author: Irskaad
  • Classification: 1C2
  • Affiliation: Second Imperium of Asharta
  • Notable physical characteristics: Lack of legs
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Brutal clan hierarchy

The Edra-Arath, known for the Imperium of Asharta (Arathian: Ijjgrefhn Ashtrathja), are a militaristic species known for being protectorates of the Khaxvis Resurgence.

Edra-Arath value strength over anything else. This makes Arathians aspire to become part of the Yprin Project, a project where an Arathian can be turned into a supersoldier. These supersoldiers are larger, stronger and have an extra pair of arms. Edra-Arath are an united species, but an Arathian is born into a clan, and there are 13 clans in the whole Imperium, each with their own privileges and duties. The most notable is the Forthencho clan, who leads the rest of the species as one entity.


The weak must serve the strong. And we are the strongest.

  • Author: OluapPlayer
  • Classification: 3C2
  • Affiliation: Stratocracy of Karnagtah
  • Notable physical characteristics: Echolocation abilities
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Stratocracy/police state, enslavement of more vulnerable cultures

The Gros are a fierce race of conquerors native of Karnagtah, located in Segmentium Exterioris. Formerly serving as slaves for the Kahiwag, the Gros eventually overthrown them and took their empire for themselves, expanding through the sector at a very high speed.

The Gros see themselves as the rightful owners of Exterioris and will attack and enslave any other alien culture deemed "weak" by their standards, unless proven otherwise. Aggressive, rude, abusive and violent are only a few words that can describe the Gros' culture.


You have made a fatal error...

  • Author: Maxis
  • Classification: 1D
  • Affiliation: Grox Empire
  • Notable physical characteristics: High intelligence, physically frail, cybernetic implants
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Extreme xenophoby

The dreaded Grox of the Grox Empire that kept the whole Gigaquadrant in their steel grip before are, in fact, native to Andromeda. Mechanised terrors, the Grox once ruled their home galaxy's core in the ancient times, back when Andromeda was called Ardenta, but a series of events has forced them to leave their home, harbouring hatred, spite and wish to avenge.

Amidst the terror of Andromeda War, the Grox have finally returned to their home, bringin destruction and fear to those who dared to infest Andromeda Galaxy with their presence. Led by passionate and charismatic King Grochius II, they know no mercy. Clad in silver battlesuits and fighting alongside their Dronox, Marinox and Grox Follower servants, they have one goal and one mandate, to reclaim Ardenta.



The Herego are among the first races to ally with the Vartekians and form the Confederation. The Herego empire is large and powerful consisting of 1500 systems and growing. They are not omnipotent but close to it.

The Herego are evil, destructive and love hand to hand combat. The only creature in Andromeda that can defeat them in close combat is a Vartekian. They have a warrior philosophy and take pride in their unique martial art. In Andromeda the Herego are well known as Leki'a imeda which translates to Clawed demons.



  • Author: Richardson72
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Notable physical characteristics: Quick reproduction, extremophilia
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Industrial

the Infestix are an extremely large empire with a extremely large population. Although they are not omnipotent they controlled many galaxies. These space faring insects are also quite industrial and build thousands of hives per hour. They are not the most aggressive but their defense is the reason they became known as one of the major races. Like the grox they live in barren atmospheres and usually inhabit t-score 1 or 0 planets.

Like the Samot the reproduce very quickly. but, They also have a short lifespan. A common Infestix lives only around 40 years (The atmosphere does not contribute). Though in number the Infestix have a hard time controlling their numbers and within their empire 500 rebel organizations exist. This is why the Infestix also have hard times controlling their galaxies which are actually quite small.


All we want now is to die in peace.

  • Author: OluapPlayer
  • Classification: 1C2
  • Affiliation: Stratocracy of Karnagtah
  • Notable physical characteristics: None
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Formerly vile, malipulative government

The Kahiwag are a species of intelligent, manipulative creatures native of Karnagtah, the same homeworld of the Gros. The Kahiwag formerly controlled the planet and kept the Gros as slaves, until the latter caused a civil war which caused the downfall of the Kahiwag Empire, and the birth of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah.

The Kahiwag are very few in number, many of them are either killed in combat, killed by their Gros masters or commit suicude because of the torture the Gros often employ on them. The species itself has no special features other than their very large necks.


Is it the best you can come up with, lifeform?

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2D
  • Affiliation: Independant
  • Notable physical characteristics: Extreme lifespan and intelligence
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Unknown

The enigmatic Kvorlans are one of the oldest still living civilisations of Segmentum Crepusculum and, indeed, the whole Andromeda. Extremely secretive, they have very advanced technology which made them nearly immortal, and possessing massive memory span, Kvorlan eschew mechanical and computerised methods of storing information, using their own mind instead. While some believe that they possess magical or psychic powers, this is a lie cultivated by Kvorlans themselves - in fact, their "magic" is merely a combination of well-concealed technology and tricks. Little else is known about Kvorlan goverment structure and culture due to their secrecy.

Kvorlans have always been an enigma of the galaxy, hiding in shadows with only select members of their species, usually small larvae, being sent to investigate the outer Andromeda. While they were aligned with the Coalition, this was merely to save their species from potential destruction and conquest, and at the immediate moment their home was no longer threatened - during the end of the Andromeda War, to be precise - the Kvorlans separated themselves from the Coalition and formed their own empire, secluding their civilisation yet again.



These creatures are some of the finest engineers in first Gigaquadrent. They are a silicon based life form with enormous IQ and a photo graphic memory. Liborika are peaceful creature and usually will stay far from a fight. Liborika are very respected in the confederation for their great loyalty and friendship.

They often serve as medics on battle fields or even quickly designing weapons out of common electronic items. They are found around the entire universe, most of them work as free lance station workers. Only a small population where selected to aid the Confederation. They have proven to be valuable members.


Is this life worth living? We are not so sure anymore.

The Mianto were once a stable interstellar republic of traders and merchants until they met the Gros. The war between the two resulted in the destruction of the Mianto's government, and their population was all enslaved by the Stratocracy.

The Mianto are tall bird-like creatures mostly used as workers and harvesters, as their have below-average strenght and endurance, making them bad soldiers. However, the Mianto are known for being able of flying for days straight without having to rest, showing they have great stamina.



  • Author: OluapPlayer
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: Stratocracy of Karnagtah
  • Notable physical characteristics: Growths around body with similar structure to algae
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Barely sapient

The Monkara are a species of barely sapient monkey-like creatures native of a planet filled with extremely poisonous creatures. The Monkara evolved to be immune to most known poisons and venoms, giving them a chance to survive in their homeworld, but they were eventually found and enslaved by the Gros.

The Monkara are extremely resistant to bioweapons and have a very notable resistance to radiation, making them effective soldiers against more ecological-aligned empires. In addition, the Monkara's algae-like growths allow them to breath underwater, also allowing them to serve as underwater forces.



These ruthless and demonic creatures are powerful, vicious and take no prisoners. They are very loyal and fight with absolute passion. The Octouet are extremely feared by many and appear in numerous horror films as a demon who eats children and rips people in half.

In reality they really do rip people in half and fling the bodies parts around. This has all lead to their common name in Andromeda, Rabibabar which translates to "Barbarian." population: 100 billion where selected to aid the Confederation.


Die, you spawns of Spode!

  • Author: Richardson72
  • Classification: 1B
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Notable physical characteristics: Small size
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Near-complete obedience to Vartekians

The Samot are a race of small little drone like creatures who strictly obey both the Vartekians and the Bouldrix. The Samot are a very large race and expand much faster than the other races because of their extensive cloning modules. The Samot aren't the smartest creatures in the galaxy but a chosen few are fairly intelligent.

The Samot are very brave in battle and do not fear death. A common Samot will fight until it is stone dead. These little guys are most known for their uncanny ability to spontaneously scream: "Dieeee ye spawns of spode!" which often results in an awkward silence and a baby crying.



  • Author: Richardson72
  • Classification: 4C
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptilian body plan, extreme strength
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Meritocracy

The Vartekian are evil, corrupt and ruthless tyrants who will kill anyone in their way. They feel they are the supreme race and usually ally just so the partner will make the killing faster. Vartekians are adaptable and may live on any planet they choose. Their empire expands through a web of allys and their own planets.

The Vartekians have constructed their own robots for foot soldiers. The Vartekian is a threat to any species they come in contact with. The Vartekians are intelligent and consider each war as a game of chess. They are also omnipotent in military technology which really sucks for everyone else. They are also the founders of the Confederation of Andromeda.


Clouds of poison! Kheahahakaka!

The Vricine are short-tempered creatures who once controlled a pirate guild next to Gros territory. After many years of conflict between the two, the Stratocracy conquered the guild and enslaved the Vricine, using them as their own soldiers.

The Vricine are notable for their extremely corrosive poison, which can burn through armor and bones in a matter of seconds. They can unleash their poison in the air to create literal "poison clouds", which can prove very dangerous to any enemy who inhale them. The Vricine are mind-controlled in a way that makes them rabid and slighty insane, giving them even more will to fight and die for the Stratocracy.




You have just met the finest engineers and mechanics in the entire Andromeda Galaxy. Pay respect.

Argedris are the descendants of the Zazane exiles who were lost in Andromeda Galaxy many years ago. Settling on low terrascore worlds, they started to mutate, turning smaller and weaker but growing in subtlety, agility and intelligence. Due to some reason, their evolution was extremely quick so they essentially became a different species in but a few millenia losing most of their Zazane appearance. Because of this, the Brood officially treats them as aliens, much to the Argedris' chagrin.

After many years, they have been found by Kordalu Zazane - during this time, Argedris were near extinct due to constant pirate and Artharon raids. Argedris have felt the link between the two races, and they quickly became allies. Destroying the pirates together, Argedris have quickly joined the Brood. While small and frail, they are extremely crafty and can make amazing pieces of technology out of nothing but junk and scraps. They are primarily seen on the battlefield gathering scraps and maintaining heavy weaponry.

Now that the Golden Movement is rising, many Argedris, including their leader, Grand Fabricator Geltre-na-shaan, have decided to join the rising Crispy's Insurrection.


Can't you see we're busy?

  • Author: Technobliterator
  • Classification: 3B
  • Affiliation: Brood of War
  • Notable physical characteristics: 6 arms
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Working without pause for thought

The Clathos are a labor force race, coming from Ottzello.

The Clathos were an incredibly strong empire for a long time, as they were strong people (though not to the extent of the Loron, having around half their strength), with 6 arms. This was, however, until the Second Ottzello Galactic War, when the Kralgon Invasion Force hit them. Half of the Clathos moved to the Zazane Empire territory, while the other half moved to the Galot Republic. Those in the Zazane Empire were enslaved and worked incredibly hard, beating their fighting spirit out of them. Those in the Galot Republic lived lives of crime instead, and thus, the Galot punished them by working them until their spirits were destroyed. The Zazane Empire evolved into the Brood of War, and the Galot Republic into the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Today, the Clathos serve sometimes as soldiers, but mostly as a labor force.

The Clathos are friendly people mostly, although they concentrate on the task they are given, and are often not very talkative. They rarely show emotion or communicating language, as their past has taught them not to. The Clathos are also great cooks, and often work with the Fotoriz to supply food to the Unified Nation; because the Fotoriz are herbivores, they often cannot suit omnivore or carnivore tastes. Unlike Konth, there are no Clathos with personality at all.

CRE Cyrodi-0d33f9e5 ful.png

The Cyrodi are bred for battle.

  • Author: TheHachi
  • Classification: 3A
  • Affiliation: Brood of War
  • Notable physical characteristics: Can adapt to the environment quickly
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Barely sapient, feral

The Cyrodi are a race of bird-like creatures that were, until recently, nothing but vicious animals. This changed when the former Zazane Empire discovered these creatures on the planet of Cyrod, a planet covered in forests and jungles, as well as vicious predators. Originally supposed to be a training ground for Zazane, the Zazane saw possibilities in the young Cyrodi, the most intelligent of the animals they had seen. Thanks to Kordalu science, the Zazane managed to alter several of the Cyrodi, giving them intelligence and a thirst for war.

Upon first contact with their uplifted subjects, the feelings were hostile ones. Cyrodi saw Zazane as threats to them, and so decided to gather vast numbers to fight them. This proved more than a challenge for Zazane, whose very presence on the planet was threatened by these creatures. Luckily, Tyraz had managed to negotiate with a Horde Master, the leader of a large number of Cyrodi, and soon peace between the two races was settled. The Cyrodi were absorbed into the developing Brood of War as warriors.


Once we were with those who would seek to sow desolation across the stars, to ascend morality through the perverse lights of evil science, we have left them, and we are now with those who seek order and peace.

  • Author: GreatDestroyer12
  • Classification: 6C3
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium
  • Notable Physical Characteristics: Very High Strength, Very High Intelligence, Low Birth Rate
  • Notable Sociological Characteristics: Tyranny education embedded in psyche

The Drakodominatus were the founders of the Drakodominatus Tyranny , and most (99.999%) of them died in their quest to become the Dominatus when they subjected themselves to the Ultima serum. However, there were Drakodominatus, led by Renus Kantus who, fed up with the Tyranny's actions and morals went off the grid and were not subjected to the serum, which was delivered to all known Drakodominatus locations. They later joined the Draconid Imperium, due to the fact that the Draconid Imperium and by extension the ((fiction|Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth}} could protect them against the vengeful Tyranny. In that society, quite different from that of the Tyranny, they acclimated quite well, with Renus being promoted to Lord and Drakodominatus serving many important roles, in many levels of their society.

The Drakodominatus appear as large 4 meter tall synapsids with antlers on what looks like the head of a four meter shark. They have a biologically weaponized tail as well as raptor like feet, giving them fast sprinting for when they have accelerated. They are covered in a black and red stripe pattern, something that they still have from their days on Demogorgon Prime. They are very muscular, and are dressed in the clothing of the denizens of the Draconid Imperium as opposed to their old Tyranny outfits.

Their society is quite tightly knit and they are collectively known as the Pariahs due to their nature. Although on a large scale they are governed by the Draconid Imperium, they have something much closer to a Repbulic on the smaller scale, where their leader Renus Kantus listens to advisors on what to do. Overall standard of life for them, because of the Draconid Imperium is quite high, and they are spread out across the entirety of the Draconid Imperium, although their provincial capital is at their new homeworld.

CRE Hetii-0ccfad11 ful.png

We are Hetii Swarm. You are our prey.

  • Author: TheHachi
  • Classification: 3B
  • Affiliation: Brood of War
  • Notable physical characteristics:Living metal skin and large wings that help them fly
  • Notable sociological characteristics:Are focused only on food or killing

The Hetii Swarm are a race of insectoids that are known for their powerful weaponry and their amazing speed in battle. They were found on the planet of Hetii by the Brood of War, and were not in a good shape, as a large amount of food sources had been used up and the only other animals left on the planet were small furry rodents. Also, a series of wars had devastated the planet's surface, due to the nuclear technology that the Hetii were using against each other for rights to food. Fighting these wars prevented them from exploring space, and caused them near-extinction.

However, the Brood soon gathered numbers of Hetii and helped them colonize other planets, in exchange for their service to the Brood. The Hetii Swarm agreed to the Brood's terms, and are now elite soldiers within the Brood military, serving alongside Cyrodi and Zazane.


Work? Alright.

The Horder are a species created as a gift for the Brood of War after the Zazane aided the Dracogonarious during the Second War of Black Fog. A number of them stayed in the Collective after the Dracogonarious though of using them in their own colonies as well.

Horders are calm creatures with great farming skills. They are really patient and hard to anger, and are very resilient. Children are often seen playing on Horders' backs, with them not minding it at all.


Stay away from me. A masterpiece is being born...

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C2
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Metabolism control
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Obsession with art, democracy

Imperions are the third most important species in the Divinarium, and, in many ways, the opposite to its leaders, Radeons. Passionate, emotional, artistic and, in some ways, mad, these amphibians from Quadrant 21 will fiercely protect their own freedom and sovereignity if it is threatened. As such, they were inducted to Radeon civilization by sword, not by diplomacy. However, after decades of oppression, they have managed to restore their rights and freedoms through the long and determined rebellion.

After the formation of the Divinarium by Clericarch Iovera, Imperions quickly came to power again, mainly thanks to the advisor of the Clericarch, Supreme Autarch Andorrus Anarath. Many of them, as such, migrated to Andromeda, where they are found as scientists, artists and government officials.

NewKraw Dressed.png

We miss the Kraw Empire, but the Draconis have been nice to us.

  • Author: Irskaad
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium (Andromeda only)
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptillian body plan, humannoid figure
  • Notable sociological characteristics: highly democratic, elected emperors

Originally from the Kraw Galaxy, the few Kraw living under the Draconid Imperium came when the Imperium retreated from the former's home galaxy in 2789, taking all of their assets (which included protectorate species) with them. Most of the +230 million-strong Kraw were pro-Imperium citizens from the planet Komraes with a few from nearby Eskaem. When they were resettled on the planet Novak Komraes, the Imperium offered its advanced technology during the rebuilding efforts along with providing incentives for the Kraw to expand into nearby star systems.

Kraw themselves are blue-scaled and highly democratic as a whole. Originally important decisions made by the council were paseed through the public. Under the new imperial regime the process has been streamlined. Supporters of the Imperium often tell themselves "this is a good thing" as more important affairs are handled by higher and more expert positions of government. Kraw are generally atheist and enjoy the new astounding technologies that have become availabel to them.



  • Author: OluapPlayer
  • Classification: 2A
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Highly poisonous
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Barely sapient, friendly

Levenis are small reptilian creatures used by the Stalkies as pets. They are among the smallest creatures of the Divinarium, and aren't very intelligent, being only barely sapient at all. They are, however, very loyal to the Divinarium and to the Isio'Nar, but have a generally bigger respect for the Stalkies. After they joined the empire, part of the Levenis were turned into soldiers, while the rest remained the same.

Levenis have the ability of camouflaging to most, if not all environments. Their small size makes them very agile and hard to hit, but also makes them fragile to heavy damage. Levenis are very adept at assassinating single targets, being capable of hunting their targets for days without the need of feeding or water. When not in battle, however, they are very friendly creatures who spend most of their time playing.


Lucario or Catface write here

  • Author: MatthewMosley
  • Classification: 3B
  • Affiliation: Brood of War
  • Notable physical characteristics:
  • Notable sociological characteristics:


Lucario or dino write here

  • Author: Dinoman82
  • Classification: 2C3
  • Affiliation: Brood of War
  • Notable physical characteristics:: Only listen to the Zazane
  • Notable sociological characteristics:: Enjoy retrieving memories

The Octelly are a strange and odd creature within the Brood. The Octelly lived on a planet near a Zazane colony. While not living in houses they instead wandered the plains of the desolate planet, hunting for prey. Upon encountering the Zazane they became aware of extra-terrestial life and captured one of the Zazane. Retrieving the Zazane his memory, they gained knowledge of the Zazane and their language and pledged their loyalty to them.

The Octelly hover above the ground, and their tentacles are squirling all the time. The Octelly may not look intimidating in appearance, but they are used by the Brood as interrogaters, due to their fondness of digging their tentacles into the brains of individuals and retrieving memories and such. Their tentacles often use routes like the nose or ears, as the Octelly also enjoy the pain their prey has.

They aren't really loved by the other members of the Brood, though are respected due to their effectiveness.


Come here, friend! We have many things for you.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 6B
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Extreme size
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Relaxed, peaceful culture

Huge, humungous but gentle, Stalkies are mutated arachnids originally from Universe 66501, which they have left since its destruction during the Annihilation. Their intimidating appearance does not indicate their personality; Stalkies, due to their large size, are much slower than the smaller creatures; they live for a long time and rarely experience strong emotions or affiliations for something.

Despite their seemingly out-of-world nature, Stalkies are actually highly efficient economists, able to plan for a long time. This ensured their role as economic masterminds in the Divinarium, where their genius is used to maintain its complex post-scarcity society.


No pity, no remorse, no fear!

The Telzoc are a militaristic and quite zealous race of knight-like soldiers, serving the Divinarium and the messengers with utmost respect, and willing to give their lives without hesitation.

Coming out of bloody and tormented Ottzello, Telzoc have a dark and shameful past. While believed by many to be heroes, Telzoc were in fact, secret followers of Vyro'Ralza, using their reputation to stab others in their backs, all in the name of their dark masters. However, thanks to Radeon genetic technology, the Divinarium bred their own Telzoc, those that were not following the dark path of Deathmarch.

Instead, Divinarian Telzoc now seek to repent for the dark past of their fathers. Using their immense strength and military tactics on the battlefield, they mercilessly seek out and destroy followers of the Deathmarch, bringing them to justice with swift whisper of death. No mercy is given to them, especially the Vyro'Ralzan Telzoc, who are tortured and punished for their sins deep in Crepusculum's dungeons and then burned. As such, Telzoc do compose the primary path of Divinarian military.


We return from shadows. Our new allies will help us.

  • Author: Irskaad
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium
  • Notable physical characteristics: None
  • Notable sociological characteristics: None

Divinarium Tyrekians are a rare subspecies of Tyrekians that formed around ~2650 after they were brutally bioengineered and exiled by the Tyrek Empire after showing support for an empire the Tyrekians attempted to conquer. These Tyrekians were exiled to a random point in the multiverse - More specifically, Andromeda.

They would end up being found by Radeons in the 2780s and would become part of the Divinarium's famed forces due to their knowledge of colonization and expansion.

CRE Zazane-0d33f9e4 ful.png

We are the Zazane, the embodiment of pain and death!

  • Author: TheHachi
  • Classification: 4B
  • Affiliation: Brood of War
  • Notable physical characteristics: Shidium bones and blood, extreme strength
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Warmongers, monarchy

The Zazane are a race of battle-hardy, honorable warriors that possess impressive strength and endurance, and go by a strict code of honor which all Zazane are expected to live by. They are often seen as aggressive savages, although in actual fact it is their leaders who give off this impression, as the Breek Bloodline is infamous for producing treacherous, and often dark-hearted individuals. The rest of the Zazane are more social, living in large communities with other alien races of the Brood in harmony, and all contribute towards the cause of the Brood.

They have a love for war, and will never back down from a fight against a strong opponent. This eagerness to fight has helped them win battles, but also lose them due to underestimating the opponent, although this is uncommon. In hand to hand, Zazane are feared fighters, as they have both strength and speed and do not often lose in melee combat. In ranged combat, Zazane have good aiming skills and destructive firepower. To them, war is an everyday thing, and are willing to take it head on due to how they have evolved. Everyday, Zazane are lost to battle, but are honored in the next and drive forward the motivation of their living comrades.

CRE Concentrated Zarni-0ca18081 ful.png

We are the good that has squeezed out of evil.

  • Author: Liquid Ink
  • Classification: 4C2
  • Affiliation: Lesser Zarni Empire
  • Notable physical characteristics: Strong, waxy exoskeleton.
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Strong honour-based society

The race of Zarni that founded the Greater Empire had little respect for the other races and enslaved them for use in physical labour. One such race, the Concentrated Zarni, broke away from their viscous masters. Originally being part of the DSB, the Concentrated Zarni decided to form their own empire; which became known as the Lesser Zarni Empire.

They are not strong enough to engage the Greater Zarni Empire unaided, and they know this, so the only action they have taken against the Greater Empire is a few espionage missions to free more races of Zarni, and merge them with the Lesser Empire.


CRE Enslaved Asgord-0c7a5ee9 ful.png

Why must we be tortured so much...

  • Author: Irskaad
  • Classification: 2A
  • Affiliation: Stratocracy of Karnagtah (Andromeda only)
  • Notable physical characteristics: None
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Overly friendly

The Asgord are a famous species of creatures native of the Kraw Galaxy. During the time of the Asgord Genocide, the Gros launched an attack on the Friendly Republic of the Asgord, enslaving the population of about three entire planets.

The Asgord are weak and not very intelligent. They are only kept alive by the Gros to serve as workers, as well as for their own amusement. They were enslaved for being considered "the weakest we had ever seen", according to the Gros.

It is a brand-new age for the Drodo. And this galaxy holds a great many new opportunites for many. May our intrepid explorers make the Empire proud!

-Official speech at the launching of the Andromeda Exploration Fleet

  • Author: Operation Marines
  • Classification: 4C1
  • Affiliation: Drodo Empire
  • Notable Physical Characteristics: Small stature, extended esophagus, fur.
  • Notable Sociological Characteristics: Proud, emotional, crafty, close family ties.

The Drodo have recently settled the Andromeda galaxy.


Why of course we are loyal to the Commonwealth. Don't question our methods.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C1
  • Affiliation: Fendrassi Federation (officially), Dominion of the Xhodocto (secretly)
  • Notable Physical Characteristics: Amphibian near-human tweaks
  • Notable Sociological Characteristics: Diplomats

Deceitful and sadistic, the Fendrassi are perhaps the most devious species in the entire Dominion of the Xhodocto. Believed to originate from human colonists that were stranded in Andromeda and adapted to the watery conditions of their homeworld, Fendrassil, the Fendrassi are by nature paranoid, untrusting, but at the same time, nonviolent, preferring less brutish tactics to achieve their malevolent goals. Cunning diplomats, the greatest weapons in the Fendrassi arsenal are their silver tongues: many a species have fallen to their manipulations and many an emperor have been killed in their sleep by Fendrassi knives. As such, they are mainly found leading the Dominion's diplomatic and intelligence efforts, using subterfuge and deceit to further the goals of their infernal masters.

Officially, the Fendrassi are aligned with the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, and their service to the Xhodocto is, naturally, a highly coveted secret, only known by the Fendrassi Federaton's high-ranked government officials, intelligence operatives and to a group of militants known as the Unveiled, whose allegiance to the Xhodocto is open and who are officially considered to be terrorists and traitors to the Federation. Although the Grand Inquisition has tried to investigate the rumours of the Fendrassi's loyalty to the Dominion, their search for truth has been unsuccessful so far.


The Empire will be watching.

  • Author: Xhodocto3546
  • Classification: 4C
  • Affiliation: Kicath Empire
  • Notable physical characteristics: Tall, physically powerful and acrobatic
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Militaristic, observant and controlling

Kicath are towering reptile-like beings from the Milky Way, and have a significant extent in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Kicath are among the most militaristic races of Andromeda (if not the entire Gigaquadrant) and have a heavy but fair regime over the Empire to protect the empire from raising threats such as the Xhodocto and the Cult of the Deathmarch. However the Kicath are more concerned with the Kraw Galaxy and believe that its destruction will bring order back to the Gigaquadrant.

The Union of Mecholife is but a shadow of its former self, but no less dangerous.

- Evermind
  • Author: MasterMachine
  • Classification: 6D
  • Affiliation: Union of Mecholife
  • Notable physical characteristics: Made up of non-biological substances.
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Weak Group Mind/Swarm Intelligence

The Union of Mecholife is the descendents of the Wentals, Starmaster Alliance, and Darkstar Alliance. The three groups battled the Andromeda Grox and lost, being pushed to the verge of extinction. Indeed, most of the Andromeda Galaxies natives believed them to be extinct, but in reality they survived with a few dozen systems intact after tricking the Grox. They have been in a state of isolation and recovery between the Umbra & Exteriosis regions of the galaxy since and now number in the 100s of thousands of systems once again. This said, there is a fear that their motives have been altered by their clash with the Mechanovirus and the Grox.


Nihkralatamynarat - That is 'Order' in our language. It also translates to 'cleansing' - Would you wish it upon yourselves?

  • Author: Xhodocto3546
  • Classification: 5E2
  • Affiliation: New Shka'Tun Imperium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Hyper-intelligent, supernatural characteristics
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Xenoarchy, Taxi-extremist

From the destroyed Universe 66501, the Shka'Tun are the dormant but incredibly powerful race of the Galaxy. Similar to Ultraterrestrials, the Shka'Tun have hyper-extensive technology of which little can stand against. The Shka'Tun's actions are quick and final; they instill fear unlike any other. Although fighting for the cause of good, the Shka'Tun will stop at nothing to maintain order in Andromeda - even if it causes the death of all inside it.

Enslaved Syggar.png

This hurts us...

  • Author: Irskaad
  • Classification: 2B
  • Affiliation: Stratocracy of Karnagtah (Andromeda only)
  • Notable physical characteristics: None
  • Notable sociological characteristics: None

The Syggar are a slave species of unknown origin, apparently brought to the First Gigaquadrant by the Dagorian Mercenarium. Some time after their introduction in the slave market, the Stratocracy of Karnagtah got their hands on some individuals, and then started cloning them around their own empire, much to the Dagorians' disdain.

While the Syggar are genetically modified to become very aggressive if cloned, the Gros' mind controlling devices negate this behaviour. Similar to the Asgord, they are used almost exclusively as workers.

Lonestar write here

  • Author: Lonestar4
  • Classification: 4B
  • Affiliation: Zaretian Monarchy
  • Notable physical characteristics:
  • Notable sociological characteristics:



So much to learn and so much to exploit!

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 3C2
  • Affiliation: Solonese Union,
  • Notable physical characteristics: mammalian body plan, sturdy bodies
  • Notable sociological characteristics: corporatocracy

Colmar are a race of stocky humannoids that are one of the primary five species of the Solonese Union. They are keen scientists and economists who contructed an extensive trade network in the Solona Cluster before the birth of the Union.

Colmar are short, stocky humannoids who evolved on a high-gravity world. As a result they posess muscle tissue that makes them stronger than theri size would suggest. Their brains are capable of complex thought patterns which makes them highly capable when it comes to mathematics. Colmar society is bult on lineages and bloodlines where they posess two distinct surnames - a full family name (made up of the surnames of relatives, parents and fore-parents) and a more apprachable family name - Colamr society still holds remnnants of ancestor worship. Rather than death, an ancestor's spirit is said to live on after the death of the bodyand continue learning. With the rise of advanced computing and the prospect of digital immortality this spirituality could face a revival, becoming very real.


We honour our elder genetic bretheren and we shall rise together.

  • Author: Monet47
  • Classification: 4C3
  • Affiliation: Draconid Imperium,
  • Notable physical characteristics: Reptilian body plan, shared genetics with Draconis
  • Notable sociological characteristics: meritocracy, similarities to Draconis

While it is known that Drallivians bear an uncanny relation to the Draconis, the true origin of the Drallivians is kept a secret by the Draconid Imperium's senate. However this does not stop rumours of their nature. Drallivians are considered more tolerent of other species than their creators. Like the Draconis they share similar tastes in the arts and, are one of the primary species that follow Drakon's Path

Drallivians are taller, stronger, and stand more upright than the Draconis due to their origin as an genetic project. Within their expanding protectorate the Drallivians rule by a meritocracy and choose a crown-prince who rules for life. Outside their territory a Drallivian is rare but are known to populate Draconis worlds and are generally more accepted than other aliens.


The artifacts shall be protected.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 7B
  • Affiliation: The Inheritance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Machines
  • Notable sociological characteristics: None

Inheritant is the common name for all mechanical lifeforms of the Inheritance that have been seen protecting the artifacts during Andromeda War. Strange and twisted robots, they have been encountered in many forms and shapes, some being as large as Lorons and others as small as Saders. They are all united by one goal; the protection of the Artifacts from the alien species.

The true goal behind the Inheritants' warfare is unknown; nothing either is known about their culture, life, technology, or anything else. Lack of knowledge about them is the most important thing that makes them feared; the only thing that can be close to the terror that the Inheritance bring is the desire of scientists all over the Andromeda to uncover who they are, who created them, and what do they want...


May the silver light of Spode shine upon us all, leading us towards the true path of perfection. May its power unite us in its radiance. May its guidance give us strength to prevail in this dark, chaotic universe.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 1D
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium, many other civilisation all across the Gigaquadrant
  • Notable physical characteristics: Mammalian body plan, gifted psychics, high agility
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Highly regimented, strict and authoritarian society; theocratic meritocratic monarchy

Radeons, while not native to Andromeda, have affected it greatly in the late years. Appearing after the Annihilation, they have founded a new alliance, The Divinarium, that became the part of the founding triangle of Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, making Radeons one of the most important species in the galaxy. Recent research has proven that Radeons have even closer links to Andromeda; they are now believed to be the creations of Rades, the ancient precursors that once ruled the galaxy. The true reason for their creation is unknown.

Having survived several conflicts that drove them to near-extinction, Radeons overall are determined, zealous, cold kind. Above all, Radeons believe in unity and law, forsaking the interests of individuals for the greater whole and striving to create a perfect world around them, never tolerating those who dare to cry out against it. Their religion reflects their personality; they percieve Spode as the omnipotent unifying force of order, and they seek to bring out this order everywhere they can, fanatically following their faith. Compensating their physical weakness with highly advanced technology and magnificient psychic powers, they are certainly able to fulfill their goals efficiently.


There must be something behind all of this. Behind the whole universe. And it is our goal to uncover it.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 1D
  • Affiliation: The Divinarium
  • Notable physical characteristics: Mammalian body plan, gestalt psychics, high endurance
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Obsession with science

Intelligent and curious, Saders are a small species from the Milky Way that is related to Radeons, both being created by Rades. Saders are smaller than Radeons, rarely being more than one meter tall. While having weaker psychic powers, Saders have certain other abilities thar Radeons don't have. However, they are quite stocky with great phyiscal endurance and strength for their size. Saders have survived the fall of their homeworld Spoddehas through the war with Chronodrakes, being saved by Radeons. Since then, Saders became loyal to them, relying on their protection to remain in peace while advancing their knowledge and developing new technology for the Divinarium.

Probably the most interesting thing in the Saders is their set of beliefs. While not deeply religious like Radeons, they believe that the universe's laws have a certain reason, has something behind it. In order to understand what this something is, they seek to advance their scientific knowledge in order to find out the laws of the universe. This nigh-religious obsession with more information has led to them becoming good scientists, something that drew the attention of Radeons. Since then, Saders quickly adapted to the new technologies they have found in the alien species, and continue to advance them all for their arcane goal.


We shall make the Ancients proud.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 2C2
  • Affiliation: New Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Centauri body plan
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Democracy

Owing their origins to the ancient Tertamians of the Tertamian Alliance, the Tertanai are in many ways similar to their mythical ancestors: cosmopolitan, ambitious, diplomatic and industrious. Having only recently been accepted to the Andromedan community, the Tertanai have neverthless quickly become prominent in it and are now unofficially considered to be the rulers of Segmentum Umbra because of the key role they have played in the foundation of the New Tertamian Alliance, the segmentum's main political power.

Tertanai have a notably liberal culture and outlook on life, with even the regimes that they considered tyrannical, such as the aristocratic government of Tirar, being far from totalitarian; a Tertanai thinks for himself first, national and religious concerns being less important. They are known overall for being cunning, down-to-earth and somewhat emotional; they make decisions quickly and are concerned with currently important tasks rather than long-living plans; to live in the present is very important to Tertanai. Due to their culture and biology they are not open to warfare, preferring to deal with things diplomatically; they aren't any more benevolent than any other species though; noble houses of ancient Tertanai civilisations solved problems not by swords but by poison, lies and daggers, their wars being in shadow.



We shall see the Truth.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 1D
  • Affiliation: Memfian Collective
  • Notable physical characteristics: Mammal body plan, extremely powerful psychics, signs of biological enchancement.
  • Notable sociological characteristics: meritocracy, technocracy, xenophobia

Masters of gene engineering, Aedifiraadaesacaenai, commonly known as Rades or the Demiurges, while not the most powerful species of the ancient Andromeda, are certainly the most prominent. Inquisitive, enigmatic, and highly intelligent, the Rades' scientific experiments made them both feared and respected during the Times of the Four. And like the rest of the ancient empires of Andromeda, the Rades mysteriously vanished five billion years ago.

Unlike the other Andromedan precursors, however, the Rades have left something more than ancient relics and constructs. All across Andromeda and beyond, there are species whose evolution cannot be explained by any scientific means; while all of them are different biologically and separated by thousands of light years, they all share a common creation myth: the legend of the Demiurges, the beings from the sky. Now, these species are seeking for their creators all over the galaxy, but find nothing but myths and forgotten relics which purpose and meaning has been lost to the ages long ago. Still, the search continues, and the Rades' children believe that one day, the truth about the ancient Demiurges will be revealed.


All stars of our grand fraternity of species burn as one.

  • Author: TheImperios
  • Classification: 3C3
  • Affiliation: Tertamian Alliance
  • Notable physical characteristics: Centaur body plan, signs of biological enchancement
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Democracy, imperialism

One of the Four Ancients that shaped Andromeda Galaxy in its past, the Tertamians were, as a species, known for their belief that all sentient species, no matter how different they were, were equal and had to become one; just as the Rades were thinkers and scientists, the Tertamians were diplomats, politicians and builders. Imperialistic and ambitious, the Tertamians founded perhaps the first multi-species organisation in the galaxy, the aptly-named Tertamian Alliance, which controlled a large portion of Andromeda. Spreading unity, equality and order across the cosmos, the Tertamians were respected by many but hated and despised by others: after all, those who did not want to join the great fraternity of species created by them were usually liberated - which usually meant "subjucated" - by the Tertamian fleets.

In the twilight years of the times of the Four, the Tertamian Alliance started losing its power, falling to corruption and apathy, and was eventually destroyed along with the rest of the galaxy in an event referred to as the Andromedan Apocalypse. However, the Ancients' legacy is still present in the universe, in form of ancient ruins spread across Andromeda and their mysterious descendants.

  • Author: Liquid Ink
  • Classification: 2D
  • Affiliation: Venhokwe Oligarchy
  • Notable physical characteristics: Silicon Exoskeleton
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Oligarchy, emphasis on philosphy

The Venhokwe are one the oldest races in the universe. They evolved without need for weapons, and so they were crippled during the first phase of a massive inter-galactic war, but in the long run, they were able to fight back and defeat their oppressors. Following a religious mass suicide ritual, the entire species dove into a black hole for the unholy destruction caused by the war. Most of the the remaining Venhokwe either became Eola'Nar or were destroyed by the Mechanovirus, the Grox, and other species of the Andromeda.

The Venhokwe who commited mass suicide actually survived, and were ultimately able to ascend to become Ultraterrestrials.



Chaos - an eternal flow of time, balances and imbalances. And we are the Ouroboros itself. Moving it forward, shifting it towards a goal of time.

  • Author: Xhodocto3546
  • Classification: 7C
  • Affiliation: Themselves
  • Notable physical characteristics: Panhypertheonic Teneoptimaic Beings
  • Notable sociological characteristics: Xenotheoarchy

The Xhodocto or Xhodocto are the Panhypertheonic Teneoptimaic Beings - An absolute god-like race, above that and formed (and who form) darkness from the formlessness of Chaos. The Xhodocto were active in the Andromeda Galaxy before that of the Grox's existence, and such became active after 20,000 years go up until the last 20. The area in which they controlled sparks controversy and fear over the recent departure of the Xhodocto - and whether they have really gone from Andromeda. If the Xhodocto are still in Andromeda, then the Andromeda Galaxy will be in catastrophic danger.

Andromeda Galaxy.jpg

Note: Monet47's fiction is in bold, TheImperios' fiction is in italics, Hachi's fiction is underlined.
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