Segmentum Exterioris stands as once of the least understood, and least tamed regions of the Andromeda galaxy, and barring segmentum Adniliho is one of the least inhabited regions of the galaxy. Since the beginning of the 2800s, a large bright spot known as the Glow of Exterioris has dominated the furthest regions, understood by Andromedan natives to be the epicentre of the shockwave that fragmented the galaxy with hyperspatial fissures, made worse by the arrival of the Aeoneonatrix and the Grand Teyan Empire's use of hyperspatial weapons. This left approximately forty-five of the entire segmentum without hyperlanes.

Since then, Exterioris has gone from the most unexplored regions to being the most difficult to explore, as the segmentum where the Shattering originated, the fissures in the segmentum are densely positioned enough that large areas exist deemed inaccessible to most forms of FTL and hyperspace-based travel.


Exterioris came under control of the ancient Hegemony of Exterioris around 11,880,000 BCE. The Hegemony would rule the Segmentum uncontested until 20,000 years from the present, when its robotic servants rebelled. Matters were made exponentially worse when a unknown -but possible demonic- threat arrived from nearby Segmentum Adniliho, wiping out the Synthetics and nearly the Hegemony as well. Only a few of their planets, including the homeworlds of the Hegemony's three founding species, remained inhabitated, and none without scars.

Around the same time, the Gros rose up against the Kahiwag Empire, a minor power in the region. They took over the empire that had enslaved them and reformed it into the Stratocracy of Karnagtah. For unknown reasons, the Stratocracy of Karnagtah never interacted much with the rest of the Segmentum, and was mainly active in slave-raids against the various spacies of the Kraw Galaxy. When the Stratogracy fell to the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth in 2793, that was the first even many empires in Exterioris heard of them. The destruction of the Stratocracy, however, brought forth the hyperspacial fissures that would shatter Andromeda.

In the meantime, the Hegemony of Exterioris had once again united under the charismatic Marius Yecron, and had begun to re-assert its dominance. They briefly suffered a setback in the form of major rebellion against Marius' rule, but once that and the threat of the Dominatus had been death with, the path lay open. That this did not come to be was due to an alliance of three states, the Mithadorn Republic, the Ankoran Empire and the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda. Rather than go to war, the Hegemony opted to work with the triad, given that they were all part of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth.

The outbreak of the Great Xonexian Schism in 2802 had little effect on the region, until Rael'nos began a conquest of its neighbours. When Rael'nos made common cause with the Civilisation, the Xonexi Allies intervened. Since both Rael'nos and its neighbours were minor powers, the Rael'nosi conquest were easily reversed. This was, however, the only part of the Schism to take place within Segmentum Exterioris. Rael'nos was temorarily partitioned, though afterwards it was left alone and could re-unify. Around this time, the Eldarisian Empire esablished colonies in Exterioris.

In 2811, the Aeoneonatrix Empire would arrive where Segmentum Exterioris, Draco and Crepusculum met, having vanished from the Katar Sector nearly two decades earlier. Due to the means of their transportation, they had already left an anomaly zone in place of their former home, and their arrival only widened the hyperspacial fissures throughout Segmentum Exterioris. Meanwhile, Rael'nos had regrouped, only for the Aeoneonatrix to pre-emptively subdue those the Rael'nosi would like to claim themselves. This did not win the Aeoneonatrix any friends, but it did allow their masters to destroy the self-proclaimed god behind the Rael'nosi, and by extension Rael'nos itself.

Following this, the region was greeted with relative peace, until yet another power rose, aiming this time to destroy all other powers in the region. This new threat took the form of the Grand Teyan Empire, whom the Muaran Resistance have responded to in a brutal guerrila war that devastated the entire Segmentum. Even the Hegemony could not escape unscathed, for the Grand Teyan Empire brought them to their knees. However, the sacrifice of Marius Yecron shielded the likes of the Aeoneonatrix from devastation, and for this he joined the League of Patrons, their gods and masters. After a bitter stalemate against the Muaran Resistance, the Grand Teyan Empire retreated to its native universe. The war left whole regions of the Segmentum unpopulated, though it also ascertained the ascedancy of the reformed Hegemony.


A part of Segmentum Exterioris, circa 2825

Making up the "north east" of the Andromeda Galaxy, Segmentum Exterioris borders on the Xhodocto-controlled segmentum Adniliho, and segmentum Umbra. The Segmentum is currently dominated by a massive area of hyperspace-denied space known as The Chasm, which encompasses almost a quarter of the region, and covers much of the former territory of the Mithadorn Republic, and several parts of the Glow of Exterioris, which denies further hyperspace routes in the segmentum. The territories of the Aeoneonatrix, encompassing around five percent of the region, and the core territories of the Hegemony, encompassing a further fifteen percent, are likewise so suffused with hyperspacial anomalies as to have hypertravel impossible.


The Chasm

  • Predominant Affiliation: Grand Teyan Empire

The Chasm is a large section of Exterioris within which conventional hyperspatial travel is impossible, with Teyan Krasnikov tubes being the primary, and only, means of superluminal travel between systems. The Grand Teyan Empire dominates this region as a result, though the Muaran Resistance and Mithadorn Remnants continue to fight back throughout the region.
Hegemonica Sector

  • Predominant Affiliation: Hegemony of Exterioris

This sector serves as the heartland of the Hegemony, and is where the homeworlds of its three founding species are located. It is agruably the most populated and most economically prosperous part of the entire Segmentum, though too was scarred by the Grand Teyan invasion. The Hegemony have installed a functional network of Krasnikov tubes in the region, allowing for effective space travel between star systems -at least those that aren't off-bounds- and to regions held by their allies.
Muara Sector

  • Predominant Affiliation: Muaran Resistance (formally part of GTE occupation zone)

Serving as the region in which the Muaran Resistance operates from, the Muara Sector and affiliated territory is consider the forefront of the Teyan Subjugation War. Many of the Segmentum's empires have found countless civilians fleeing to the area to take refugee under Resistance protection. The entire sector is named after this fact, and it's prior name is very rarely used as a result. It is home to a significant portion of the former Yphreli Glaciation, whose occupied capital can also be found in the sector.
Exterioris-Adniliho Border

  • Predominant Affiliation: N/A

The border sector between Exteroris and the Dominion-dominated Segmentum Adniliho. It is unaffiliated with any major empire.
Exterioris-Umbra Border

  • Predominant Affiliation: N/A

Like the border with Segmentum Adniliho, the border with Umbra is unaffiliated with any major empires, though is more heavily trafficed than the other regional boundries of the Segmentum, due to the lack of Dominion presence.
Exterioris-Crepusculum-Draco Junction

  • Predominant Affiliation: Aeoneonatrix Empire, Amphibibot-Miperiors Diarchy

The third way out of Exterioris is the point where Segmentum Crepusculum and Segmentum Draco meet with Exterioris. The arrival of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, and the subsequent move of around half their systems back to their old home, has torn up the hyperlanes of this region as much as the Chasm. The region was once dominated by Rael'nos, though since their fall dominance has passed on to the Aeoneonatrix. The Amphibibot-Miperiors Diarchy, themselves clients of the Aeoneonatrix, possess some colonies to the north, where the hyperlanes once again become stable.
Silentium Sector

  • Predominant Affiliation: Eldarisian Empire

A noted dead zone, this region of space was once part of the ancient Hegemony, but any life within was utterly obliterated by its fall. The Eldarisian Empire has since colonised this section of space.
Antecedent Sector

  • Predominant Affiliation: Grand Teyan Empire

Home of the now-defunct Belphrim Republic and the site of a research zone jointly operated by it and the Yphreli Glaciation, the Antecedent Sector is marked by a high concentration of Synthetic constructs. Since the conquest of both states by the Teyan invaders, the zone has fallen under Grand Teyan control.
Kula'Tion sector

  • Predominant Affiliation: Grand Teyan Empire

Named after the primary pirate trading hub in the region, Kula'Tion was a noted zone for merchants to avoid in Exterois, prior to the Grand Teyan Empire's invasion. Now little remains in the sector, as the Teyan occupiers have razed many of the unruly pirate strongholds to the ground.
Shaluso Secotor

  • Predominant Affiliation: Grand Teyan Empire

Formerly dominated by the ancient Hegemony and, more recently, the Romanian Commonwealth's Andromeda colonies, the Shaluso Sector is one of the less pirate-infested regions of Exterioris. Though not significantly impacted by the hyperspace-denying Godspade, Shaluso is currently under the control of the Teyan, with Romanian remnants within the Muaran Resistance prioritizing strikes against them in this region. It is named for the fortress-world which spearheaded the acient Hegemony's initial forays into this sector.
Aniku Sector

  • Predominant Affiliation: Contested

Largely shielded by the Muara Sector in the Teyan Subjugation War, the Aniku sector functions as a back-line in the conflict against the invasion of the Grand Teyan Empire. Much of its territories, while without hyperspace due to the Teyan's actions, functional Krasnikov tubes still exist in the region, allowing outside aid into the segmentum, and providing crucial supply lines for soldiers, both local and foreign to the segmentum, fighting in the war. Within it are a number of systems formerly controlled by the Yphreli.

Notable Planets[]


Native Empires[]

Foreign Empires[]

Extinct Empires[]


Exterioris has little in terms of an economy. Without any major hyperpowers with interests in the region, excluding the one trying annihilate everyone else, and the overabudence of pirate raiders, little trade actually occours between the local empires. Much of what little economy there is, as a result of this, typically involves weapon sales and black-market slave trading between pirate factions.


The overall culture of Exterioris can be described as lacking. Excluding the few scattered states, the only factions common across the region are pirate fleets. As a result, Exterioris is commonly viewed as pirate territory, and a simple battleground between the invading Teyan, and their enemies. Culture within the Segmentum matches this approriately, with local civilisations almost unanimosly opposed to Grand Teyan rule.

To combat the pirate fleets, cults of the Judge, one of the League of Patrons, have sprung up. However, these cultists are often percieved to be as dangerous as the pirates they oppose, for they are very willing to impose their own punishments upon anyone they believe deserves them. worship of the Cleanser is spread by the Aeoneonatrix, but as the Judge and the Cleanser are part of the same organisation, those following the Aeoneonatrix' faith do little to reign in their counterparts. Lastly, worship of Cuth has spread moderately due to the activities of the Eldarisian Empire.


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