When the Andromedan Grox began their genocidal campaign, the pirate lords of the galaxy found themselves under a great new threat- the Grox were too powerful to attack, too advanced to hide from and too numerous to flee from. They cried out for help from their allies, friends and rivals, but none would risk their precious few ships to help another who was likely to stab them in the back.

That was until one alien brought the great Pirate Kings under his banner. Admiral Kaios united the many great Pirate fleets of the galaxy into one single organisation, held together by ties of loyalty and trust. The Galactic Pirate Confederacy was born.

The Great Fleets Edit

The Galactic Pirate Confederacy is hard to describe. It consists of hundreds of different cultures, each of which only barely coexisting due to the iron will of the Pirate Kings and the great threat of the Andromedan Grox, as well as the new Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. As such, there is no real way to fully describe every member species of the Confederacy in any real detail. So, instead, the main fleets that make up the Confederacy will be described.

A Note on Fleet Composition Edit

Flagship: A Flagship is defined here as any vessel intended to lead a fleet in battle. As such, its systems are typically oriented towards controlling and co-ordinating other ships in the nearby vicinity, as well as having stronger shields and defensive systems, usually at a loss to offensive systems.

Carrier: A Carrier is defined here as any vessel intended to carry smaller vessels into combat, be it fighters, bombers, assault boats or escort class ships. These ships typically mount few weapons as the majority of the cargo space is needed to house shipping.

Cruiser: A Cruiser is defined here as any vessel larger than an Escort that does not fit the description of the other two types.

Kaios' Star Reavers Edit

The personal fleet of the legendary Admiral Kaios, the Star Reavers are among the most feared pirates in the universe. The most terrifying aspects of the Star Reavers fleet are their uncanny and unconventional tactics, the product of Kaios' own patronage; and their notorious ability to strike from utterly nowhere, leaving their victims stunned, boarded and raided before most merchantmen crews realise what is going on.

Pirate King:

Home Base:

  • The Arkangel

Fleet size:

  • Six Flagships
  • ~20 Carriers
  • ~100 Cruisers

Notable For:

  • Unpredictability
  • High discipline/morale

Farranohk Fleet Edit

Formed around a rogue Zazane Creed, the fleet bears the name of its creator, the rogue Zazane commander Farranohk. Once a leader of a minor Zazane Creed, Farranohk was displeased by Tyraz' decision to offer redemption to the various heretics and traitors brought into the Brood of War, and so reformed his Creed into a fleet designed to harass the Brood's forces, particularly those who had once been the very traitors and heretics Farranohk had fought against as a loyalist Zazane. Farranohk Fleet is notable for being one of the few Great Fleets to focus almost exclusively on boarding tactics, to the exclusion the typical long-range firefight.

Pirate King:

  • Commander Farranohk

Home Base:

  • Alkoreht Sector

Fleet Strength:

  • Two Flagships
    • Unending Rage
    • Burning Retribution
  • Four Carriers
  • 50+ Cruisers
  • 300+ Escorts

Notable For:

  • Boarding tactics
  • Political motivation

Standard Technology Edit

The ACP shares very little technology freely; when everything has a price tag, nothing comes cheap. That said, there are many types of technology that most pirate fleets have adopted, usually by stealing it from other fleets or the many trade routes that criss-cross the galaxy.

As such, most pirate vessels are equipped with basic energy shielding, sometimes even cloaking units. These shields are capable of taking a solid thrashing from most minor empires, but are unsuited to large-scale warfare.

The common missile takes pride of place as the most prevalent weapon in the Confederacy, mostly because they strike an effective balance of accuracy, hitting power and cost. What they lack in penetrating power they make up for in the sheer number of missiles that can be launched in a short amount of time, and the fact that the more expensive variants can be steered into vital regions of the enemy ship after firing.

As far as propulsion goes, all sorts of drives find use among the pirate fleets. Simple combustion engines take place alongside impulse drives and the rare hyperspace drive, in all sorts of configurations. This leads to pirate captains having to carefully plot fleet movements, or stow the slowest ships aboard faster cruisers to get the fleets moving at similar speeds.

Standard Tactics Edit

Admiral Kaios shared quite a few of his favourite tricks with his buddies over the drinking table, who passed them on to their friends, and so on and so forth until basically the entire Confederacy knew about them. Most are fairly simple, because the best ones Kaios makes up on the spot, and then quickly forgets. A few common tricks are slingshotting missiles, dropping off sensors and drifting through stellar phenomena to ambush pursuers/targets, and pretending to be crippled and in need of help to lure in prey.

Of these three, slingshotting missiles is the least obvious, but possibly the single most entertaining trick employed by the Confederacy. This technique involves aiming a missile so that it gets caught in the gravitational field of a star or planet, so that its trajectory arcs around the body and into the target. A particularly impressive display of this technique was when Kaios arced a torpedo around an entire star to crash into the stricken rear shields of the ship chasing after him.

Culture Edit

The Pirate Confederacy, essentially being a collection of large fleets made up of many smaller fleets, which in turn are made up of all kinds of races, has no real monoculture present. The only things that bring the fleets together on a cultural ground are the typically piratical activities of raiding, salvaging and blowing the money away on parties. In addition, there is no real central government, as each fleet governs itself according to however the Pirate King feels it should be done. In spite of numerous attempts to create a binding set of rules between pirate fleets, so many captains are so fiercely independent that no such set of rules could ever be accepted by all. So far, Admiral Kaios has only managed to put in place a very basic framework, which has managed to at least keep the Confederacy from tearing itself apart.

These basic rules are very simple: Don't attack other Great Fleets; If something of yours was stolen fair and square, you'll just have to steal it back; First fleet to the loot gets first share, no exceptions; If you get the attention of the Grox or the Commonwealth, you're not getting any help from us.

Of course, each Great Fleet maintains its own rules. Some, like the Star Reavers, have very strict rules of conduct that keep the fleet operating efficiently at all times. Others, like the crew of the flagship Anarchy, have about as much morality and discipline as they do Xhodocto hatchlings. That is, to say, none. This leads to the Great Fleets being highly diverse, and making efforts to put a full stop to their activities infuriating- many an alien fleet has tracked or been caught by completely the wrong fleet, and therefore have been utterly unprepared.

Relations Edit

Favourite Targets Edit

"It's nothing personal, you just can't do anything about it."

  • Anyone in Wild Space

Friendly Edit

"We won't give you any trouble, as long as you stay on our good side."

Neutral Edit

"Missing trade ship? What missing trade ship? Must have been a solar flare or something."

Cautious Edit

"Stay away from us, we stay away from you."

  • Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth
  • The Grox Meta-Empire

Enemies Edit

"That's a nice everything you have there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it..."

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