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"I didn't sign up for this job just to help people, I signed up because I want to do something that matters. This is a screwed-up universe, and if there's anything I can do to fix something on a noteworthy scale, then I'll do it. When I die, I want the people I leave behind to remember me for that."


Andromeda, the Gravitic Warmaster, is a Quantum Genetic Hero from Zelem's Nexus. Crogenitor Zelem promoted her to a Genetic Hero after she used her engineering skills to save her home island, and she has since joined the Crogenitor Insurgency.

History Edit

Andromeda was born on the island of Mishima, one of the asteroids contained within Zelem's Nexus. Her father died 3 Earth years afterward, thus leaving her and her mother alone. After completing her education, she sought a career in engineering, and secured a position working on the gravity generators which kept the Nexus moving and stable. After one of the generators malfunctioned, several islands were sent on a collision course, including Mishima. Although she was ordered to flee her station, Andromeda broke into the primary operations complex and forced the generators to send out gravity waves which righted the islands. Thereafter, Andromeda was hailed as a hero for saving thousands of lives.

Zelem took notice of Andromeda's brilliance and offered her a position as a Genetic Hero, which she accepted. Andromeda then trained under Orion's tutelage for several years, eventually coming to view him as a father figure. She also became close friends with Zelem and his brother, Xylan. After the Darkspore attacked the Nexus, Andromeda became one of the first members of the Insurgency.

Biology Edit

Andromeda bears a combination of primate, fish, and cephalopod features. Her overall frame and facial structure are humanoid, save for her digitigrade legs and amphibian-like feet and hands, but she has a set of tentacles protruding from her scalp which superficially resemble human hair. These tentacles are prehensile, and can be used to hold and manipulate objects. She also has a prehensile tail and feet. Her "skirt" is actually a ring of enlarged scales which guard her upper legs and waist, and her "top" is actually a set of keratin growing over her otherwise vulnerable gills.

Personality Edit

Andromeda sees the universe as something broken which needs to be fixed. She frequently wanders around looking for problems she can fix, whether it be a dispute amongst her peers or someone whose life is at risk. She does this not solely out of virtue, but also out of compulsion.

Relationships Edit

Andromeda is close friends with Orion, Magnos, and Vex, who are long-time colleagues of hers. She holds Orion in an especially high regard, as he is her mentor. She also respects Arborus, Lumin, and Goliath deeply.

Andromeda is annoyed by Skar's narcissism and fanaticism, and avoids interacting with him at all costs. She also looks down on Zrin for his criminal history.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Andromeda is able to manipulate the fabric of spacetime around her such that she can effectively create gravity. She uses these powers to toss and pummel her foes in a similar fashion to Magnos; however, where Magnos prefers to fight in close quarters, Andromeda prefers to stay at a distance and throw her enemies about from afar. She can also use her powers to redirect enemy fire and increase the potency of her allies' projectiles.

Trivia Edit

-Andromeda's design is the most far-removed from her design in classic Darkspore of any hero in Mutations. While most heroes have little changes beyond their color schemes, Andromeda's original design featured human-like breasts. These were removed on account of the fact that such overtly humanoid features clashed with both the rest of her design and the other heroes' decisively alien designs.

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