Anciaddwia is a female Rambo Ancientia, who served onboard the ARS Kingdom before the “Great Disappearance”, a vessel of the Ancientia Kingdom. Seeing the demonic arrival of Artmyris and his demonic forces. Returning, she was given a new vessel and made first contact with the United Republic of Cyrannus. After the "Great Dissapereance" in 02 AQF of her kin, she settled down at Aegimi, becoming a citizen of Rambo Nation.


Ancientia Kingdom[]

The Impavid escorts the Kingdom.

Born in 22 BQF at the Ancientia Capital, located in Quadrant 21 in a commoners house, Anciaddwia was raised in poverty and hardship. Though her youth was not easy, she loved exploring nearby forests and often wandered away from home. Reaching the age of 16 in 06 BQF, she was brought before the temple of Horus, to receive his blessings for her adolescence, to her surprise the Atlantica saw greatness in her and took her as a pupil, giving her his blessing she was to be the first explorer of Ancientia kin. Given command of the Foray-class ARS Kingdom, they left Ancientia borders and travelled beyond it, a first in a hundred years that the Ancientia left their borders again after hostile encounters with the Andormaru and Icolian.

The ARS Kingdom exits the sudden wormhole

Find their way into a nebula, the escorting Impavid guided her to nearby wormhole when an anomaly drew the vessel in. After crashing at an abandoned planet, she witnessed the return of the Fallen Atlantica, Artmyris and his demonic forces, starting the Clash of the Gods. Saved just in time by the Impavid, she returned to the Ancientia Capital and gave her report. Send to serve onboard a new vessel, the ARS Protector to find aid against evil she entered the wormhole once again and made first contact with the United Republic of Cyrannus in the Cyrannus Galaxy. After formalities she met with president Apollo himself at Orbispira. Afterwards she was escorted by Willelmus Cretacea to the Rambo Capital where she met with Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation.

Ancientia Refugee[]

Afterwards she returned to exploring the Quadrant Galaxies, being absent from Quadrant 21 when the “Great Disappearance” took place. Left homeless, she took the remaining Foray-class explorations ships with her and with permission of the Rambo government the remaining Ancientia settled down at the ruined colony Aegimi.

Once there, she was given the task by Ramthas Coldbreath to re-organize the defense fleet. Living her life at Aegimi, she grew close with the knight Baladruil when he arrived at the colony around 07 AQF.

Personality and Traits[]

Anciaddwia is a kind and gentle soul, knowing what is means for people to live in poverty due to her own youth, she is sometimes naïve in the prospect that some still live in poverty in modern times, even in Rambo Nation. She dislikes slavery and would not hesitate to destroy slaver ships at sight. She enjoys exploring, even at the harsh frozen tundra’s of Aegimi, though also loves reading books and drinking a glass of Serindia Wine before a fire in her house.

At Aegimi, she lives within a house just outside the keep.

Ships Command[]



Green face.pngMy friends


Blue face.pngMay the blessing of Horus be with you!

  • Apolloan intriguing and great man
  • Ramashethe great Ramboidae empress


Orange face.pngReally?

  • Ramthas Coldbreaththough all the things you did for our people, I still don’t trust you


Ah, I remember her from the good ol' days! I'm pleased to see that she remains after the Great Disappearance.

- Apollo


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