Amdír Windrunner is a male Carnthedain Elf druid and the son of Lourdes Windrunner. A powerful druid he pledged his services to the Rambo Loyalist to avenge the destruction of his planet.


Raven Team Assembled

Amdír Windrunner jwas born on Carnthedain in an unspecified time. Son of Lourdes Windrunner he was born with the gift of leadership and foresight. Yet the troubles of Carnthedain left a mark on Amdír who became resentful against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus for destroying him homeworld. As such, he joined General Jar'Dris Ravencrow in his efforts to join the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction to take up arms against the Empire. By March 2820, while on Plerax base Amdír met with the Creckel warrior Creckagni Shatterhorn who introduced him to the other members of Raven Team: sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera, corporal Anessa Ravencrow, corporal Oakster, private medic Phoebe Barask and private Yosh Vanderhoek.

In April 2820, Amdír participated in the successful battle of Umbrax when Raven Team arrived to reinforce the Loyalist forces under command of the Watcher cousins. During the battle Raven Team deployed guerillia tactics that eventually ensured the liberation of Umbrax with aid of the native Velocitar and the seventh legion under command of Judge Magister Ramhis. In July 2820, Amdír participated in the siege and liberation of Impaerusqiantia.

Personality and Traits[]

Amdír is a proud and noble Elf, stern and sometimes cold to others but deep inside he cares for those that recieved his respect. A capable druid with a powerful control over the elements he doesn't hesistate to unleash his fury and anger upon his enemies.



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!



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