No longer do gods alone weave the fate of all sapiens. That honour now goes to bankers, market leaders and media giants.

- Altaeon Basquor, Sarporian philosopher, 2801 AD

The Ambrosan Society is a clandestine social collective several noteable businessmen and politicans thoughout the gigaquadrant. Formed at the dawn of the twenthy-ninth century AD, much of the group's roster, leadership, extent and reach into gigaquadrantic affairs is so far unknown, with the few conspiracies that have emerged on the social fringe believing the group has at least a few connections to major media channels.

What is known is that the Society comprises of some of the more influential members of gigaquadrantic society - traders, stockbrokers, bankers, journalists and the like - for some as-yet unknown reason. Whether the rumours of media collaboration are true or not, the order has so far remained a mystery and governments that have caught ear of such rumours have acted quickly to quieten the matter.


When Volkarus Khaxvis was reborn in 2797 AD by the scientific effrots of Pyrak Yannor, he came to learn that while his own organisation had fallen into disrepair and fragmentation, the Draconid Imperium had only grown stronger and was entering a golden age of expansion and development. Determined to keep up, Volkarus organised for the Blessed Few to begin expanding the Khaxvis Resurgence's connections within the First Gigaquadrant's criminal underworld, leading ot an expansion in operations into the Milky Way Galaxy and Borealis Galaxy.

After creating a pact with the Mali'Nar Master Br'klakkon, Volkarus came to understand that his efforts against the Draconid Imperium would be even hearder then before as he learned about factions such as the Isio'Nar that dwarfed his own sphere of influence. Looking for allies in a struggle to prove his power, he realised was another avenue: With the golden age and the rise in prominence of the Katar Sector Alliance and Orion League, the universe's wealthy elite were becoming more and more wealthy, powerful and influential in gigaquadrantic business and politics. Using Vedrix and a variety of third-party contacts, Volkarus capitalised on profiteers and entrepeneurs caught withi nthe Great Xonexian Schism and offered them a new avenue to which they could gain power by using their combined influence pools to influence universal politics with the promise of greater riches, luxury and influence.

Guided by Br'Klakkon and Volkarus in a joint partnership, the Ambrosan Society was born as a largely-decentralised network of political and business connections that quickly spread thoughout the Draconid Imperium, but also gained mambers in locations such as France and the Farengeto Trade Coalition, connected discreetly so that members could not get mixed up in the politics of the Schism.

The Ambrosan control of the Draconid Imperium was sealed when Wolkarus, along with another Mali'Nar, managed to kidnap Uriel Ultanos and replace him with a puppet facsimile controlled by Vokarus but implanted with Uriel's own memories. The Ambrosan then used their connections to maintain the masquerade such as threatening to revoke the court doctor's medical license if he did not agree to bury the truth of the puppet's nature.



Despite it's vision of unity and control, the Ambrosan Society is a highly decentralised organisation save for the highest echelons. Members organise themselves into cells that capitalise the skills, connections and resources of each member, with the leader of each cell being the contact for a higher-level cell. Each cell has been described to hold "circles within circles" that become more pronounced the higher tier the circle as, many of the Ambrosan Society's members bear their own social circles that exist both within and beyond the fraternal connections of the organisation itself. For security purposes, it is encouraged that only cell leaders are aware of specific members of higher-tier cells and vice-versa, with the cell leader's task being ot mediate resoruces and assets up and down though the chain. Cell leaders are selected on a meritocratic basis based on history, connections and general operational competence.

At the top of the Society's heirarchy are the Cental Circle. These are a mysterious collection of individuals that answer directly to Volkarus Khaxvis himself, with each member bearing enough assets to control a small empire of their own. Due to the Society's age, the Central Circle is made up of the Society's original founders, each one is believed to know Volkarus personally. It can be assumed that the circle's roster is set up so that while staffed by the most affluent and well-connected members of the organisation, the Central Circle's membership is potentially prone to member changes. How members of the circle are selected hoverver, is still unknown.

The system is not flawless however as members of the Society - mainly in the highest echelons - play power games against each other in order to maintain a sense of impulse and competition and prevent the Society's leadership from stagnating.


As a clandestine collective, the Ambrosan Society lacks the assets characteristic of most modern gigaquadrantic militaries. Instead, military matters fall to a subsection dubbed the Houseguard (Dracid: Pavisag'fantorus; guard of the [familial] house). The duties of the Houseguard are to protect higher ranking members and engage in black ops such as extortion, assassination and sabotage. Houseguard are divided into two key tiers of operation: The exigarvorpii (literally "sell-sword") and the Hetarovorpii (Dracid: "honour-sword").

  • The exigarvorpus ranks are made up of military contractors or volunteers under either of nominal or minor alliegence to the Society or on the payroll of Society members. Both sources are unified in that they serve as a public guard and strike force and can easily pass off as mercenaries. It is not uncommon for an exigarvorpus to have little or no awareness of the Hand's true operations, with most having a foundation-level understanding of their employers at the very best of times.
  • Hetarvorpii ranks are made up of sworn-in soldiers charged with high-profile missions and protecting key members during group meetings or during under-the-table dealings. The reasons for becoming a Hetarvorpus are many but i nmost cases the person in question has undergone modification of some kind - such as neurological therapy, mechanical augmentation or genetic enhancement - in order to maximise their advantages over their opponents. Hetarvorpus warriors are given subtle conditioning that allows them to live normal lives but, when needed, say nothing of their line of work, allowing them to blend in when they are not needed.

The need for concealement means that the numbers of total or even active members of the houseguard fluctuate wildly as contractors come and go and Hetarvorpii enter and exit a period of duty. This also carries the advantage that the Society can disguise its numbers until appropriate times. Most of the equipment used by the houseguard is either provided by either companies or black market dealers working secretly for the Ambrosan Society, but for the more trusted members of the Society is a line of weaponry and armour - believed to be developed from purchased technologies - that makes use of Essence.

Hand of the GrandasterEdit

An idea originating within the Khaxvis Resurgence, the Hand of the Grandaster are a division of the Society completely outside the regular chain of command. Directly answering to Volakrus Khaxvis and his Blessed Few, the Hands of the Master serve as his eyes and ears beyond the regular chain of command and as a means for Volkarus to uphold the Ambrosan's integrity despite the widespread power-games that take place within it. The Hand casts an odd shadow as in contrast to cell leaders, selection for the Hand appears almost arbitrary and is never though volunteering. The Hand recruits specifically on order of its commanders and Volkarus himself, cherrypicking from waning personalities and aspiring members of the Houseguard to create a shadowy side of the Society that answers only to Volkarus himself.

While their numbers compared to other sections of the organisation are comparatively tiny, stories within the order suggest that the method of either training or indoctrination changes those selected into something generally described as "less so", and casting an unnerving atmosphere when present.


As a collection of the gigaquadrants' wealthiest, the Ambrosan SOciety has extensive acess to advanced technolopgies bought off the universal markets, provided by patrons or developed in unknown research and development labs contracted thoughout known space. This gives members of the Ambrosan Society access to all but the most tightly-guarded and bleeding edge technologies used by state militaries of the greatest of the gigaquadrant's powers.

Less publically known, the Ambrosan Society holds access to technology based on the concept of Essence. These technologies - such as portal generators, life-enhancers, energy leeches ans space-warpers - are highly prized and serve to maintain the masquerade as well as give the Ambrosan's members a more level playing field against the Isio'Nar as well as further establish their hold on the goiongs on of known space. Despite the key advantage, much of the Ambrosan Society are limited to low-level personal gadgets or at most, a small firearm with enhanced functionality. Closer to the Central Circle however, Higher level members gain access to more sophisticated devices with rumours suggesting that the most influential in the Society have access to devices that create personal sanctuaries in folded space.

Known MembersEdit

  • Name: Tasoro Kathako
  • Position: Senior Patron
  • Species: Kaelar
  • Known Assets: 45bln Mimidian Credit estate
    • Unofficial Kaelar envoy
    • Renewal Biotech - Lead shareholder (68%)
    • Diamond Publishing - Lead Shareholder (55%)
    • Core Interbus Service - Lead Shareholder (72%)
    • Major Shares in at least twelve smaller comapnies

A member of a recovering aristocracy and one of the early applicants into the Society, Tasoro Kathako is considered a rising star among those of the AMbrosan Society. Unlike many of his kin in the Domain of As Radan, Tasaro migrated to the Draconid Imperium not long after it accepted Vassh'Drakonida and became a province of the Imperium. Not long after migrating he used what assets his empoverished line had to establish himself in the circles of the elite. After he was inducted into the Ambrosan Society, Tasaro used its shared pool of assets to eve nfurther rise in importance. He made his fortune buying and selling shares until eventually he came to own the majority shares of three major Imperial corporations and ammassing his wealth over the course of ten years.

Cunning, devious and highly manipulative of the truth, Tasaro today is considered a strong example of what one can achieve with the right resources and ingenuity. He has become a poster boy for aspirants within the Society and a major voice in Imperial business. Rising to become a senior member of the Ambrosan Society, Tasaro enjoys surrounding himself in the fineries of Imperia lluxury, indulging in a luxury he had only heard stories about in the Domain of As Radan..



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