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- The sage of Lusum.

Amasratheism is an widespread Religion in the Orion Spur of the Milky Way. But its already spreading to other parts of the Galaxy.

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Lusum Handing over the Scrolls of Enthynia.

Teachings of AmasratheismEdit

The EnthyniaEdit

Amasratheism is a polytheistic religion, all of its Teachings can be found in the holy scrolls of Enthynia. The Scrolls of Enthynia was given, by the God Lusum, to the Sages of Lusum, Jonajunn and Corenin. Lusum gave the Krazo Boid and Gablinus-Avis a mission to pass on the Enthynia to the coming Generations. Theres 15 Scrolls in the collection. Every Scroll Have atleast 7 Cors, which is another name for Chapter in Göteborism, the common language of the Krazo Boid and Gablinus-Avis (though the Gablinus speak Gablish, which is just another Dialect).


Lusum is the oldest of the Trinity of Amasratheism. He created the Earth for the Universe. He has several names which include:

Lusum, Deus af Lusum, Sporesauce, Aren and Optima Prime.


The Second brother, he created the Skies for the Universe.


The last brother, he created the Oceans for the Universe.

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An Optima


The Optimas are the Angels of the Trinity. They where together with the Krazo and Gablinus the First inhabitant of the Galaxy Vetus Vita. They went Extinct in the the Fight between Jonajunn and Corenin, and their Civilization was transfered to the Realm of the Gods.

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The Fallen often lack limbs, because their rotten bodies cannot stand the test of time, even though their Spirits can.

The Fallen of AmasraEdit

The Fallen of Amasra are unholy Spirits who got corrupted during the fight between Jonajunn and Corenin, filled with Hatred and a lust for Vengeance these Spirits inhabit the dark remains of Vetus Vita.

The SagesEdit

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The Three Sages.

The three sages are the ones who received the Holy Scrolls of Enthynia from Lusum. They Are elderly Krazo Boid who wandered Avenheimn in the early days of Vetus Vita, wondering about the Mysteries of life.

Sage of Lusum

The Sage of Lusum is the one who Gatherers Red Eco. Trough the power the Eco gives him, he gets super Strength, and is able to lift unimaginable Weights. He Carries a A old Herding Staff.

Sage of Jonajunn

The Sage of Jonajuun is the Master and gatherer of Blue Eco. The Blue Eco enhances his reflexes, and also giving him Electrical powers so he can activate Machinery. He carries a staff with a skull on it, which can canalize his energy.

Sage of Corenin

The Sage of Corenin, is a gatherer of Green Eco. His powers include Healing and Growing stuff. He carries a Round Staff, which has strange symbols carved in on it.



  • Myld- A ritual performed every 7 Months, it lasts for 7 Days (as 7 days is not always a week on all planets). Burks (firework like objects) are set up and fired one for every day.

Large parties where everyone gives gifts are set now and then during day. And Adrau's (monks) that spend their live in the Mountains. Come down to sell Hallucinogenic Örts that are supposed to help you come in touch with the Ascended.

  • Pud- A day when Young Tryd's (People performing an art of Spiritual Healing (New age stuff)) are sent to bath in Hot Springs to en-lift themselves and achieve a higher state of inner peace.
  • The Honorable Moment- Performed every morning, where people drink a liquid of choice and Watch the Sunrise.
  • Virtu- Performed every Autumn when people go out in the park and watch the Fyshnal Trees bloom (can only be Performed on planets which have both Autumn and the Fyshnal Trees planted on them.

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