Altus Mirea is Libertus and the former husband of Libertus senator Mer Mirea of Cruandai, a planet in the Inner Rim. A loving and caring husband, he gave up his job in the Republic Military to remain with his children to support his wife who led the life of a senator. His wife perished during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm together with is children. Heartbroken he went into hiding and joined the Rambo Loyalist, leading the effective Lusitania Squadron as its commander.

He is also the caretaker of Idris Vanguinar.


Early Life

Altus Mirea was born on Cruandai, a Inner Rim planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Coming of age Altus joined the URC military until he met his future wife during one of his duties, Mer Mirea. Falling in love the two soon married and upon getting children, Altus left the military to take care of his children so that Mer could continue her duties as senator of Cruandai. During one of his children and the so called Excelsior Incident, he found and saved the young Sinleri girl Idris Vanguinar from a terrible fate and showed her a differant path in life. He considered her an adopted daughter and she remained on his side ever since, beind well liked by his own family as well.

Lusitania Squadron

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Altus amongst various high ranking Loyalists

Visiting his parents after his father grew ill during the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm happened. Heartbroken by the loss of his wife and family the proud and humble Libertus turned into a broken and stern man. He found new purpose in life after he sought out Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, an acquintance of him and joined his Rambo Loyalist rebel cell, becoming the commander of the Lusitania Squadron. He assumed command of the blue colored Consular-class frigate and dubbed her the Mer Mirea, in honor of his late wife. In february 21 AQF he led the squadron to the "Rift" where they engaged the Imperator-class star destroyer Relentless to save the dissidents of the Finduila Sector. Altus was later present onboard the bridge of the Eendragt where Lord Ramannis invited the dissidents to join the Loyalists. Shortly after during the Valour of the Resistance-storyline he was summoned by Lord Ramannis to be present at the inquiry of Idris by him. He plead to give her chance, though the Serindia Lord rebuked and berated him though changed his mind after the young Sinleri pledged her loyalty to Lord Ramannis by blood oath.


The Dutch King meets the Loyalist leadership in Finduila, April 2820

Returning to his ship, he berated Idris for her rash action but smirked at her responses. However, he did wonder if the Serindia Lord would ever trust her and would not backstab her given the chance. He also wondered if their professional relation was damaged, he witheld information from the proud Serindia Lord after all. He later participated in the battle of the Rambo Capital during the Umbra du Elen'nathien-events though was forced to withdraw after the arrival of the Imperial fleet that ensure the fall and dissolution of Rambo Nation. Saddened and shocked he returned to the Loyalist fleet to re-organise.

By April 2820 (22AQF) Ramannis spirit lifted up when Idris Vanguinar saved the Dutch King Willem IX from Imperial captivity. Meeting with the Dutch King he was pleased when the King pledged the Dutch Navy to the cause of the Loyalist. Altus later joined and participated in the battle of Starbase 25 and witnissed and hailed the arrival of a Singularim Pact fleet that joined their cause against the Empire.

Later on in August 2820, Altus was horrified when his tactics proved ineffective at the Battle of Ramgotheria that resulted in the destruction of the Acceptance and a serious blow to the striking capabilities of the Lusitania Squadron. On the 5th of September Altus led Loyalist forces, elements from House Ramcelsior and House Ramelzen to victory at Ramgotheria and met with Lady Rayria, Ser Trasram and Lord Aethas on the surface.

In September 2820, Altus, amongst others of the Loyalist command structure attended a meeting at Ramsoria where they discussed their plan to siege Pauvenris and its prisoners while the Singularim Pact besieged Karzhamarhi-Nui. Later on, Altus commanded the Mer Mirea during the battle of Pauvenris and managed to survive the battle unharmed.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A once proud and humble Libertus, after the loss of his wife and children he turned into a broken and stern man. The Lusitania squadron personnel describe him as a by-the-books commander, operating his squadron using military protocols thaught during his time in the military. A keen strategist he realizes the Resistance needs to keep growing to ensure a free galaxy. He is described as courageous as well,

After losing his family, he considers Idris Vanguinar as somesort of an adopted daughter, a strenght and weakness of him. He took care of the girl after the so called Excelsior Incident, an event both refuse to talk about or comment. It is known however Altus saved Idris and showed her a different path in life, she now acts as his main advisor and second in command of the Lusitania Squadron.



LoveRelationThey are most dear to me!

  • Mer Mirea - My dear beloved wife, I miss you dearly and your absence pains me
  • Idris Vanguinar - I am so proud of what you have become

Blue faceI believe I can trust them

  • Ramannis Le Rambo - The Loyalist Lord, proud, friendly but sometimes stubborn and difficult

Orange faceBlergh!

  • Tyrómairon - I vow to see your rule to an end!
  • Deoclet Caesarius - Responsible for the Cataclysm!
  • Tector Decimius - "Grand Admiral", one of the masterminds behind the Cataclysm, I will see you brought to justice monster!



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