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Appearance and StructureEdit

Alphorium is a rare element found only on the planet Ascon. Alphorium normally appears as a solid at room temperature, and normally melts at temperatures around 5,000 degrees. Alphorium then evaporates at temperatures around 5,300 degrees. The metal weighs around 0.643 pounds per square inch and is usually white in color. The metal is fairly strong, able to slice through titanium and diamonds with minimal strength. The atoms that arrange the metal are tightly packed, therefore it is extremely durable.


Alphorium is considered a highly dangerous element. It has the unique ability to completely drain the Essence and even the life force of the target. Scientifically, the metal drains the electrical charges and/or draws the atoms away from the victim's cerebral cortex. Minimal exposure to the metal can cause temporary blurred vision, fatigue, and nausea. Prolonged exposure can cause nerve damage, temporary blindness, paralysis, and even death. The effects of the metal depend on how much mass and density is available. A four inch thick block of Alphorium can cause slow, but harmful effects on a person. a 8 inch thick block intensifies these effects. At 16 inches thick, the block would kill the person in under 20 seconds if they are within one meter of it. How the metal manages to do this is unknown. Alphorium also has the strange ability to nullify the abilities of creatures from the Omega Dimension. How it does this is also unknown.

The metal's effects are able to be nullified or completely blocked by another element found on Ascon, Asconium. Asconuim's atomic structure is able to cancel out the effects of Alphorium, and it is advised to wear Asconium gear when working with the metal. Alphorium is very easy to craft with. It can be forged into armor or weapons.

The Volver, a creature native to Ascon, has evolved to resist the effects of Alphorium. This race used Alhporium to gain the advantage in wars due to it's life draining effects.

The only known element that can negate and destroy solid Alphorium is Shattorium, a rare element found within the Omega Dimension.

History of AlphoriumEdit


Alphorium was created by the creator of the Volver and planet Ascon, Xizothano Ada. The metal was very abundant on Ascon, as well as other places in Tyris Major, a small star cluster within the Milky Way. The metal was created to be the bane of Xizothano's rouge servant, Lord Ne'yon. Ada also was the one who made the Volver immune to Alphorium's effects. He did this because he knew that one day, a Volver would challenge Ne'yon, and Ada needed Ne'yon dead. Years later, Lord Ne'yon found out about the metal's existence and had his men destroy all planets that contained it. Ne'yon, however, overlooked a swampworld known as Ascon. However, on Ascon the metal was rare.


thousands of years later, the Volver Tribe discovered the metal during a mining operation. The tribe's chief, Jorim Ta'raron, kept the metal to himself, as it was rarer than all other metals. He forged the metal into armor, heavy, but unbreakable. Jorim first discovered it's ability to drain life forces of other species during the Ascon Civil War. Jorim stepped out onto the battle field, noticing that the enemy soldiers within a meter of him began to stumble and fall into unconsciousness. Those who were closer than that, began convulsing and died after two minutes of exposure. Jorim believed that the metal was a gif from god, which it technically was since the Volver viewed Ada as their god at the time, and thought that he was invincible. The Volver's enemies, the R'thaar, discovered that Jorim was using Alphorium, a metal that they had already discovered counters for.

The Alphorium Blade is ForgedEdit

The R'thaar later attacked Jorim's village, clad in Asconium armor, immune to the effects of Jorim's armor. They killed him, striking fear into the hearts and minds of the tribal Volver. Jorim's son Holreb Ta'raron vowed to avenge his father, and knew that Alphorium armor would not affect the R'thaar anymore. He tested that the metal was able to break Asconium if enough force was applied. Holreb took this into account, and decided to smelt his father's armor. He later forged the armor's molten remains into the Alphorium Blade. Holreb later used the blade in battle, noticing that it was able to slice right through Asconium armor and other metals with ease. Once the armor was cut through, the Alphorium's ability to drain life force took affect.

The blade was later used in every battle and war to come. Holreb used the blade as a symbol of unity when he created the Volver Empire. His son, Zirux used theblade to free the Volver race from slavery and defeated their vile enslavers. Gartoom the son of Zirux, used the blade as a symbol of peace and democracy, as he ushered in a new era of peace. His son, Glnn, used the blade in many wars to show their enemies that the Volver meant business. He also defeated Lord Ne'yon, as Ada had predicted a Volver would do 10,000 years prior. The greatest feat that the blade had a hand in was defeating Xizothano Ada, the creator of the Volver himself. Ada was slain by the hand of Brygon, Glynn's son. The blade has earned such renown that it is considered a legendary artifact by even other empires.

Remaining AlphoriumEdit

Unfortunately, Lord Ne'yon destroyed almost all of the Alphorium in the known universe during his crusades. The only known object made of Alphorium now is the Alphorium Blade. The blade is composed of the remaining pure and solid Alphorium in the universe. Alhporim does exist as a pool of liquid beneath Ascon's crust, however it is now enough to outfit an entire army. The liquid Alphorium is kept as a liquid by Volver scientists who are trying to replicate the element. So far, the experiments have been unsuccessful.

The Volver are comfortable with this however. If there was more Alphorium out there in the Universe, many races would be at risk against its deadly effects. The Volver are in possession of the only known Alphorium left in the universe, and will die to keep it out of the hands of those who wish to misuse it. That is, if those hands are capable of holding the element without dying instantly.

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