The Gigaquadrant will be free from the tyranny of Cognatus fundamentalists!

- Emperor Wormulus II

The Allies of the Intergalactic War were a loose coalition of civilisations which banded together in opposition to the militaristic conquests of the First Cognatus Empire during the Intergalactic War. Though not a formal alliance, the Allies shared a common command structure in some of the key battles of the war, organising their attacks against the Cognatus in tandem for maximum results. The three main civilisations in the alliance were the United Republic of Cyrannus led by President Apollo, Rambo Nation led by Empress Ramashe and the Delpha Coalition of Planets led by Emperor Wormulus II. Each of these three factions came to represent resistance against the Cognatus Crusades in Cyrannus, the Quadrants and the Plazith Rim respectively.

The allies are closely linked to organisations which existed before the war such as the Seven Starr Alliance and the Onuris Alliance as well as those which rose during it, such as the Cyrandia Alliance.




A gathering of many of the allied leaders.

URC Flag United Republic of Cyrannus: Cyrannus Galaxy

RamboflagII Rambo Nation: Quadrant Galaxies

AltDCPInsignia Delpha Coalition of Planets: Milky Way Galaxy

ThanatyrannusMini Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia: Cyrannus Galaxy

SylitFlag4 Sylit Republic: Ramvelkys Galaxy

Jovar Empire flag Jovar Empire: Milky Way Galaxy

Girdo Flag Girdo Empire: Girdo Galaxy

HumanRepublicSymbol Allied Terran Republic: Milky Way Galaxy

DoriacaFlag Doriaca Kingdom: Noiisqa Galaxy

Gjigantrox Gjigantrox: Siiralore Galaxy


  • Though the concept of the allies has existed since the original Intergalactic War, this page was created for the reboot in 2015.

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