Heres an List over the Major, and Minor members of the ASO.

Gablinus-Avis EmpireEdit

CRE Core Gablinus-Avis-0a908fc8 sml

The Gablinus-Avis

The Gablinus-Avis Empire, is an Empire that is both great and honorable. The Gablinus themselves are green, birdlike humanoids, who re-founded the ASO. They posses great Technologies and are even inventing Intergalactic Travel. They control more than 180 systems in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Quinals RepublicEdit

CRE Quinals-0a908fc9 sml

Quinals Republic

The Quinals Republic is a Interstellar Nation close to the Gablinus, they are very diplomatic and have made an an large interstellar republic trough their ways.

  • They where originally made by maxis i just outfitted them.
  • Rank 5 empire.
  • Empire Color: Purple

Fernikki EmpireEdit

CRE Fernikki-0a908fca sml

The Fernikki Empire

A small rank 4 Empire, the Fernikki are bards and always love to trow parties and coloring planets banana yellow.

They first met the Gablinus by asking them if they could eat them, but they became great friends anyway.

  • Empire Color:Yellow

The GrobitEdit

CRE Grobit-0a908fcb sml

Grobit Empire

The Grobit Empire, are diplomats, just like the Quinals. They have a rank 4 empire 5 parsecs from the Gablinus-Avis Empire. They where originally uplifted by the Gablinus-Avis.

  • Empire color:Forest Green

Gooplet Trade FederationEdit

CRE Gooplet-0a908fcc sml


The Gooplet nation is a rank 5 trader empire, the Gablinus-Avis met them 4.000 years after entering space. They are very small and thus very easy to frighten. The whole empire actually fainted when the first Gablinus ship entered their space.

  • Empire color:lime green

Kingdom of QuideeEdit

CRE Quidee-0a908fcd sml


The Quidee is another Empire of bards, rank 5 and neighbors to the Fernikki, these are a great empire to be allied too. They where one of the Empires that followed Captain Arian on his was to find the Grox.

  • Empire color: Magenta

Minor coalition of Planet protectionEdit

CRE Minor-0a908fce sml


The Minor is a small rank 2 Empire located in the first break of the Orion arm. They are very peaceful, and dont usually take contact, not much is known about them. They are ecologists.

  • Empire color: dark green

Wurbles Democratic nation of peaceEdit

CRE Wurbles-0a908fcf sml


Wurbles, the biggest Shaman empire in the area close to Noatlas, are very peaceful, they have a strong hate against the belivers of Spode, and will usually attack any Vessel from a Spodist empire.

  • Empire rank: 4
  • Empire color: light brown.

Trade Union of VulisEdit

CRE Vulis-0a908fd0 sml


A large empire of Traders, the Vulis are pretty happy to see anyone visit their extensive bazaars filled with rare items from all corners of the Milky way.

  • Empire rank:5
  • Empire color:Blurple

Aver MercenariesEdit

CRE Aver-0a908fd1 sml


The Aver is a small Warrior empire, very strong and ruthless, they are often hired as Merchenaries.

  • Empire rank:1
  • Empire color: pink


CRE Lonargoid-0a908fd2 sml


A recently uplifted race, the Lonargoid are a warrior rank 2 empire, they are very grateful for the Gablinus-Avis, and always try to help them in battle.

  • Empire color: dark green

The Taranik TechnocracyEdit

CRE Taranik-0a908fd7 sml


Another uplifted race, the Taranik are very scientific, and love to experiment

  • Empire rank:1
  • Empire color:Orange

Rydos NationEdit

CRE Rydos-0a908fd3 sml


The Rydos is actually a small nation still in the civilization/early space exploration stage, they live on the very last planet in the Orion arm, the only reasons they are a part of the ASO is that they serve as an outpost, and they need the Gablinus to expand in the future.

  • Empire color (although its only one system): Green

Empire of toothpaste eatersEdit

CRE tootpaste eater-0a908fd4 sml

The toothpaste eaters

This got to be one of the strangest bard empires in the universe, the toothpaste eaters, as their name suggests, eat alot of toothpaste. It is their favorite food. No one knows why they do it.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color: orange

Brish EmpireEdit

CRE Brish-0a908fd5 sml

Brish Empire

The Brish is a small empire, living quite close to the Galactic Core, they are constantly harrased by Grox spaceships that pass by, which have made them toughen up their defenses to max. The Gablinus-Avis usually use their type of defenses to efficiently defend their colonies.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color: yellow.

The republic of GoopEdit

CRE Gooplet-0a908fd6 sml


These Gooplets are not like the Gooplet Trade Federation, these are rich peaceful Gooplets, they are a diplomat empire.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color: lime green

The great Corporatism of Wub Edit

CRE Wub-0a908fd8 ful


The TgCoW, is a small nation ruled by six large corporations, which each lead their own planet in the Wub nation. Most Wub colonists work as farmers on the Wub colonies.

  • Empire rank:2
  • Empire color:Pink

The Drox EmpireEdit

CRE Drox-0a908fd9 sml


The Drox, a rank 3 Wanderer empire actually do not live in the Orion arm, but in the Perseus Arm. Their exploration around the Galaxy made them encounter the Gablinus-Avis which they became great allies with, so they are now a part of the ASO.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color: light green.

Diplomatic society of CaterwairyEdit

CRE Caterwairy-0a908fda sml


The Caterwairy, a small race of blue humanoid birds, are very diplomatic and love to explore. They usually travel long distances to find stories to bring back to their great libraries.

  • Empire rank:4
  • Empire color:light blue

The Knighthood of DodoEdit

CRE Dodo Boidz 2-0a908fdb sml

Dodo Boidz

A small empire of sadistic Knights, the Dodo Boidz are a force to be reckoned with. Although their empire is small they are great fighters.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color:golden

Kloppeti NationEdit

CRE Kloppeti-0a908fdc sml

Kloppeti nation

The Kloppeti is a nice empire of Ecologists, they fight hard to protect their planets and will always travel around, picking up some plants or maybe animals.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color:dark blue

Yoyo nomadic divisionEdit

CRE Yoyo-0a908fdd sml


Even though they dont have any stationary homes the Yoyo's population is very large. They travel around in large country sized capital ships.

  • Capital Ship colour: beige

Scourge ShamansEdit

CRE Scourge-0a908fde sml


The Scourge is a small empire of Shamans. They look like Fernikki's but they are more social and herbivores. They are known to be great masters in mystic energies.

  • Empire rank:2
  • Empire color:Yellow

Kakuna EmpireEdit

CRE Kakuna-0a908fdf sml


The Kakuna is a simple empire of wanderers, they where recently uplifted by the Gablinus-Avis. Very social.

  • Empire rank:1
  • Empire color:yellow/orange

Kirby BrotherhoodEdit

CRE Kirby-0a908fe0 sml

Kirby Knight

The Kirby Brotherhood is a rank 3 Knight empire. They are very secretive, but like to battle.

  • Empire rank:3
  • Empire color:grey


CRE Kirby-0a908fe1 sml

Bard Kirby

The Bard Kirbies is a uplifted race of pink puffball shaped maniac bards. They love to destroy and party.

  • Empire rank:1
  • Empire color: purple

Indy Yod KingdomEdit

CRE Indy yod-0a908fe2 sml

Indy Yod

The Indy Yod kingdom, is a old Empire of warriors, it came to space a few months before the Gablinus-Avis. They have very advanced weapon systems and are at war with the Grox.

  • Empire rank:5
  • Empire color:Crimson

Spike BallsEdit

CRE spikeball-0a908fe3 sml

Spike Balls

A tiny empire of strange primates the Spike Balls are close allies with the Indy Yod Kingdom.

  • Empire rank:4
  • Empire color:Blue

Zamoron EmpireEdit

CRE Zamoron-0a908fe4 sml


A large empire, the Zamoron are primitive and fight alot. Not much is known about them.

  • Empire rank:4
  • Empire color:dark orange/crimson

Chibby NationEdit

CRE Chibby-0a908fe5 sml


Not a active Empire, as they work with the DCP a lot, the Chibby are peaceful and have a big empire. They also love to sell things at high profit.

  • Empire rank:4
  • Empire color:Pink

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  • Most creations are by Maxis
  • Gablinus-Avis where made by Sporesauce 95
  • Spike balls, Indy Yod and Kirby where made by Sporesauce's brothers.
  • Lonargoid, toothpaste eaters, Drox, Scourge, and Zamoron where made by Sporesauce
  • Dodo Boidz where made by Ragingconflagration on
  • The Kakuna where made by phdbot4 on
  • The Caterwairy where made by coracleboat on
  • Some outfits on the Maxis creations, where made by Sporesauce.
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